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Oh dear, oh dear. Who in their right mind would even think of squashing a poor unsuspecting faerie between pages of a book. It is unthinkable. What next, mommies, or pets, or millionaires, really how dreadful! Shocked Smilie
Leelee: Read the disclaimer in the quote of my earlier post. No fairies were actually damaged in the making of the book; besides which they can shift dimensional planes prior to the pages turning them to a yucky mess. It is not what happens when you smash a fly inside a book.
(after a long absence)

Do I indeed detect some annoyance on the parts of certain elders in this council at my long absence?

I shall retain my bit of humility and not think thus.
I am convinced of it nevertheless.

And here's a note: On the last awards, I gave one award out to Virumor, in which I indicated that Vee came as a close second. Well, here I recant my choice and pronounce Vee as the winner of that award, for Virumor has shown a remarkable aloofness to fairy-trapping upon reception of that award.

But here are the MAY AWARDS.

Most Alluring: let's leave that up to everyone's imaginations, shall we?
Best sense of humour: Grondy
Serves Tea with Cookies (whoops, sorry, biscuits): Mellon
Stab-you-in-the-heart: Vee
Punch-you-in-the-nose: Fingolfin
Blow-you-a-raspberry-and-then-headbutt: Loss
Whack-you-over-the-head: Gandalf-olorin
Wring-your-ears: Amarie
Hemlock-in-your-wine: D-rob
Hellebore-in-your-ear: Virumor (always one for the classical)
Valkyrie: Maydmarion
High-kick: nope, no one here yet.
Kiss-people-to-their-deaths: Leelee (you are so kind)
Staff-twirler: Rafael
Peace&Love's Messenger: Laurelome

And that is all poor Clover has in her pocketses to dish out for now.

Wring-your-ears: Amarie

Ha Ha Ha Smilie That's me alright!
I resemble that. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Blow-you-a-raspberry-and-then-headbutt: Loss

Orc Smiling Smilie Slap-stick comedy I'd say Orc Smiling Smilie

Thanks Clover, and nice to see that you flutter in everynow and again!
Thanks Clover, and nice to see that you flutter in everynow and again!

If this thread is locked, maybe she'll stay away? Very Evil Smilie
hah! you wouldn't want to lock this thread where then would you get your awards? Big Smile Smilie
I In Love Smilie this thread! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
And I love this thread, too!!!
I don't!
liar Big Smile Smilie
clover! I'm still anxiously waiting for my christmas presents Big Smile Smilie!
Careful, or it will be sticks and lumps of coal for everybody. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
hmm... perhaps i could make flaming arrows whit those Big Smile Smilie

Reading post from this thread nearly made me cry .where are all of the old members ? Vir .Amariee. Loss. Leelee  I remember sweet Clover did this Smile Smilie  Maybe someone in the council should make new awards to the new members as well .anyway .I would like to give one to Oreath for his wonderful poems and to Brego for his knowledge .

Yes, it would be wonderful to see some old members back. And leelee, I would love to see you posting again. And yes, someone should give awards again. I only have no idea who!? Clover, please come back!!!

My goodness! I feel extraordinarily guilty for dropping off like that! I owe dear Arath a Christmas present, and oh dear, dear, Mellon, and Arwen, and Amarie, and Grondy! Oh Valar, reading old Grondy's posts (and all our old frivilous but fun posts!) from back in 2008 and earlier... that does bring tears to my eyes too Sad Smilie

I miss you all as well (haha, Vir, we had some good times on this forum, and Loss my dear I hope you're doing well! Leelee, you are a delightful presence<3), but it's so gratifying to see that so many new members have joined our happy PT family, and that the discussions here are just as lively as ever! 

Unfortunately, I probably will not be a constant presence here in the future. Ah, how I miss being a teenager without work and other obligations :/ But as I have said before, PT always holds a special place in my heart; it's the only online forum I've ever participated in so fervently, the only place where I've actually felt so at home with complete strangers, and even if I cannot wax poetic on the perennial wonders of the Professor on as constant a basis as I used to, I do like to check back here every once in a while, just for nostalgia's sake. 

I love you all and wish you all the best <3


Tell you what mates and ladies... Balrogs needs a hand. That blasted fire demon has done alot to keep this beloved site going... and don't forget the Lady Undomiel and Cur. You guys are great! I lift my glass in your honor!smiley

Welcome back, Cloveress! It's always good to see some older members return, and well, even if this is a quiet place today, I know what you mean. PT is forever and timeless. That's just how it goes. Smile Smilie

May the magic never fade.

- Oerath.

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