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Originally posted on Wednesday 10th November 2004 (04:18pm)

OK - who wants to be in an EVIL RPG? I suggested it in the chatroom and a few people seemed interested.

A group of orcs, dwarves and men who deserted their armies during the war of the Rings have banded together as mercenaries and thieves. The time is after Sauron's defeat when King Elessar is trying to unite his people and clean up the mess left by Sauron and Saruman. They have heard about a vast horde of gold and treasure which lies in the depths of Moria and belonged to the Balrog which Gandalf defeated. At the moment they are hiding in the White Mountains between Rohan and Gondor. Someone has a map.....

The aim is to get the treasure before someone else does and to be evil.

Each character may have one item of 'magic' or one skill/talent. Keep the magic as close to Tolkien's world as possible - no lightning bolts, burning hands or cloaks of invisibility. We must depend on our own cunning, strength and fighting experience. And as Amarie pointed out, you might even get to step on hobbits! Do they squish or splat?

I would like to try my hand at being the Game Master but I will happily play a dwarf if necessary.

So if anyone wants to be evil sign up with your character bios here.....
I want to be evil and hoard treasure! Don't worry, guys, I read the FAQ's and rules this time, so I'm ready and is my character bio:

Name-Sevienul (suh-vee-null)
Race-Men, descendant of the old kingdom of Angmar, rumored to be a relation of the old Witch-King...
Age-unknown, but appears young
Skills/Experience-Raised by Corsairs, she is a skilled theif and quick with a blade. Was involved in many reconnaisance missions for Saruman at one time. Speaks many languages. Known to capture elves and hobbits for sport. Regarded as an expert in kidnapping and theivery.
Weapons-sword with lineage back to Second Age, two small knives, a small vile of Orc-made poison, and a quiver of sharp-tipped darts.
Philosophical affiliations-Worships Sauron and Morgoth secretly...

She stopped, short of breath. This was tiring work, making their way clear up to Moria. Ten days without food was taking its toll on her. "I cannot go any further without grub, and if I have to, I'll cut one of ya up and make dinner outta ya if we don't get some food soon!"

Will that do? My character has no "magical" qualities, but she can be very evil if needed... Very Evil Smilie
Yep! Fantastic! Evil is good. (?) You know what I mean.

Wiggle Smilie
Aaaaargh... don't have time just now. Later.. I'll join later. Please keep the drows away, will you Vee? They don't even excits...
(Cool! Dude, gotta be evil sometimes. I know I'm usually "Save the Trees" and all, but this...this is a rockin' good time. Now, if you don't mind...)

Name: Tolian
Race: Half-elven, half vampire
Homeland: Lorien
Gender: Female
Age: A few hundred years
Physical Appearence: Long blue-black hair, brown eyes with a hint of mischief, a few gold bracelets on each wrist, a deep green skirt and cloth over it with gold thread lining it, a black shirt that goes to the elbows, and a maroon bodice with gold lining on it also.
Skills: Trickery, horseback riding, directions, being charming, power of persuasion, and ability to pick-pocket
Special Items/Weapons: She travels unarmed, but has her dear companion Connor, a Gypsy Vanner Horse, and a little leather bag with all her provisions
Backround/History: She was born into gypsies, and was reared by a nanny in the caravan. After a century, she went solo, and wandered the land with her horse Connor. She never encountered much dangerous, save the occasional cougar, so she knows her way around.
Other: She can be very nice when she wants to, and very rude when she pleases. She's a very witty and clever person, willing to take a chance.

(Woo...hope that wasn't too long) Very Evil Smilie Pary Smilie Moderator Smilie
Name: Arthas
Race: human
Sex: male
Age: between 20 & 30
Looks: (Arthas from Warcraft) solid & lean built human with pale blonde hair, and fair looks. Clothed in heavy clothes and dark cloak, with silver,metal skull motives on knee's and bracers.
Abilities: fiercome and cunning warrior. Familiar with the arts of warfare and strategy.
Weapon: bastard sword named Frostmourne. Has a odd chill like ability. Freezing to the point of pain if anyone else except Arthas touches it. (and it looks soooo cool... So Angry Smilie )
History: comes from the far and frozen North. He is a notorius swordsman with a dark history. And now he comes to plunder the Balrogs riches and start a army of his own.

Where do we start?
Were there vampires in Middle Earth?
Thuringwethil was a vampire in the Silmarillion.

Are you sure you are all bad to the bone baddies? You don't trust anyone - not even each other.

Please remember - no all powerful can-do-anything warriors!


Any more?

Tomorrow we shall start.
OK. This is my first go at an RPG. But, I'll try. (Why not?!!!!!!)

So, here's me...

Name : Grom (Hellscream) *winks at Ethy*
Race : Uruk-Hi

Sex : Male

Age : Dunno. What's the normal fighting age for an Ork?

Looks : errr... Like a normal Uruk. Strong, tall, fierce and definitely not handsome! Clothed in, errrr... normal Orc clothes. Wearing a helm and a shield made of iron. War gear.

Weapons : A bent sword. A small blade in the belt. A sharp knife hidden inside the boots. A bow. Only 3 arrows left. So doesn't use it much. That'd be all.

War Abilities : Fierce warrior. Especially skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Doesn't really believe in stealth in combat. Relishes the face to face combat (Like Turin Turambar, reading that chapter right now Wink Smilie )

Other : Can run swiftly. Can go on without food for a week. Friends with wargs and can read the signs of the jungle. Doesn't trust anyone and hates women!! (I don't know why I said that really!! But, oh well!!!!)
Oh, Vee, don't worry-I'm going to let the evil flow! No sissy stuff here.

As for the woman-hater character, be prepared for some good old-fashioned verbal jousting-in character, of course...and all in good fun!

Yessssssssssssssss... I'm ready to eat some (wo)man-flesh! Bring it on and my sword shall cleave off thy head... Muhahahahahah. For I am the servent of the Eye of the Lugburz.....

Ok Ok. 'Nuff. Just put up with me! It's my first RPG, so...
OOh ! Yo quiero joino! (Wow that's some REALLY bad Spanish right there! And I tell ppl I'm Mexican.....for shame, for shame..... Orc Grinning Smilie )

Name: Eleveti (el-eh-veh-ty) ----Ev for short Big Smile Smilie
Sex: Female
Creature Reference: Bit like a vampire in appearance but like a barrow-wight as in the sense that she is rather ghostly and can draw from ppl's souls and bad memories. (For any of you that think this is like the dementors of Harry Potter, it's not meant to be like that it just sounds a little bit like them).
Appearance: Pale almost milk-white skin. Blood-red hair that is close to black but not quite black. Silver-white eyes and is usually wearing a tattered black cloak like that of the Nazgul. Underneath she wears an old-fashioned dark-elf dress. It has lots of rivlets connecting the pieces together and is either silver, black, red or gray in color.
Weapons: Her nails and her cross-bow
Special Abilities: Can draw power from the negative feelings of others.
Comments: A rather seclusive character. She tends to not connect with anyone and keeps herself as an outcast. Usually quiet but she can have a temper. It's always the quiet ones you have to look out for...... Disturbed Smilie

Hope this isn't too sci-fi or weird to be in this thread. I tried to make her original without straying too far from the creatures of Tolkien. Tell me if she's too strange! (I can't help that I'm slightly whacked!)
OK - we have a couple of characters which are very very loosely based on Tolkien - so you two vampire types be careful otherwise the GM will smack your wrists. No going off on power trips. As for any half-elves - make it more a corrupted mix of elven blood rather than a true born half-elven.

A note on Tolkien's 'vampires' from the Sil - Thuringwethil was the messenger of Sauron and was wont to fly in vampire's form to Angband; and her great fingered wings were barbed at each joint's end with an iron claw. She is also known as The Woman of Secret Shadow.

You are all the dregs of your races - you all deserted your armies and your commanders, you ran away from the King's armies and the shadow of Sauron. You are SCUM! OK.

You are all in a cave in the White Mountains overlooking Gondor. A large , flat rock has been dragged into the centre and a piece of tattered cloth has been spread out on it. On this cloth is the remains of a map - drawn in blood. It is a map of the caverns of Moria and it marks the place of the Balrog's Horde. There are other markings but it is old and faded.

Grom and Sevienul are arguing over who should look after the map.

Let the game commence!
A teeny-weeny question. Does this story happen before the fall of Sauron or after? I'd like to be sure of the time period when this story happens.
Dang, I thought I had included that in the beginning - thank heavens for th edit button.

It takes place after Sauron's defeat when King Elessar is trying to unite his people and clean up the mess left.
Yes, Thuringwethil could take the shape of a vampire bat. Not a Dracula-like vampire. When she was not in the shape of a bat, she was not a vampire.

Name: Mogath
Race: Half Uruk-hai (mom), half human (dad)
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Physical Appearance: A slightly more feminine version of Grom. Not as tall, but equally fierce. Shaves her head. Face, voice and eyes revieal her human blood, but the skin is though.
Skills:Strong, the typical Uruk skills. Can be mistaken for a human if the lighting is dim enough. A skill she has used several times.
Special Items/Weapons: Gondorian sword (stolen), cross-bow (stolen).
Background/History: Result of an attempt to make new and better (or worse, depending on how you look at it) breeds of Uruk-hais. The extra dose of human blood gives her a bit more of a 'think ahead' approach. Was wrongfully seen as soft and useless because of it. Decided to find out what she could do on her own, and ended up in this bunch of outcasts.
Other: Team-player if it suits her. Not much patience.
(Hehe, cool Floyd I .So from now on some good old evil....heh )

Arthas looks at the two squabling over the map "Enough you two. Ill take the map." and he stuffs the map in his pocket. He leans on his heavy bastard sword and says "Now lets get moving." he says in drawling voice. He looked at the taterd band of creeps that acompanied him this time. There were two oddly vampiric creatures, a orc, and the ugliest half orc female he ever saw. Of the rest he didnt care take notice yet...
Good start - Arthas takes control! So what are you going to do? Argue with him or something else. Think about where you are and what you have to do. You can fight each other but no killing - yet. There will be other things to kill as you go along....
"How dare you touch that map! No one shall hold it while I'm here. Keep it back where it was or I shall cut off your undeserving hands that dare hold it..." Boomed Grom and drew his sword...
Tolian approaches quietly from behind Arthas, observing him closely. She finally lets herself be heard and seen, watching Arthas.
"Who died and put you in charge, eh? Well, might as well let a lady join in on the fun, right? What's the harm in that? So, let's see."
Tolian watches him and smiles, a very charming smile.
"Say, handsome, what's your name?"
Arthas looked at the orc " No need for bloodsheed yet...take a look at the map if you want." and he layed the map down. He looked at the strange gypsy clad girl "My name is Arthas. Nobopdy yet died, but someone could.....And what is your name?" he said slowly.
Tolian tilts her head and smiles.
"Name's Tolian, sometimes called Tolly. Nice to meet you Arthas."
She extends a slender hand, as if delicate.
Great start!

I'd suggest that some of you know each other (you are a gang after all) but maybe some have joined because they know someone there. It is unlikely that you are strangers to each other.
Mogath rolled her eyes. "Oh give me a break." She shoved Tolian away to get a look at the map. "Where did this map come from anyway?"
Tolian emits a low growl and pushes back, turning to Arthas again.
"Now, where were we? Introductions, right?"
She extends her hand again.
I'll know Laurelindhes character then, it worked out nicely the last time. After all, we are two bad mamma jammas here too aren't we? Wink Smilie

Mogath gave Sevienul a meaningful glare. "Elves..."
(Oh yeah defiantely Amarie! char will be a stranger to these lands!)

Tolian glances over her shoulder quietly. She then looks back to Arthas.

(Yeah, party there! Rotfl Amarie Big Smile Smilie )
"Listen, you squabs. There will be no arguing over such trivialities as the map, or we will never touch the horde. And this ain't no tea party, either, so save the introductions. We know where we are, but how are we going to get all the way to Moria without your pretty hides getting scratched up? There are still whole units of Elessar's army moving all through these lands, and they wouldn't hesitate to finish us off." Sevienul patted her sword gently. "Though I'd like to finish all you lot off, but there will be time for that..." She took the map from the orc Grom and gripped it tight.

Agreed, we are scum! And we are two bad mamma jammas, Amarie, but this time we're REALLY bad... Wink Smilie
Ev cursed Elessar and his forces under her breath. Her voice was raspy and it almost made you shudder to hear that windpipe sounding voice. She glanced at all of them with a disgusted look on her face. Obviously she wanted to just get the treasure and leave these low-lifes in the dust. She said impatienly, "C'mon give me the map if you dung-heads are too dumb to see the difference between north and south." She tried to shove Sevienul out fo the way to get her hands on the precious map. After all it was the only reason she was hanging around these losers. When she pulled it out of Ev's grasp, she gave a stomp of her foot. "Do you ever want to get out of this god-forsaken hole? Just give me the MAP!" She screamed like a harpy and tried to tear the map out of Sevienul's hands.
In a swift motion Mogath pulled out her cross-bow and aimed it at Elevetis head. "Save it for later, Paleface. Ok, are there any more of you loosers who want to try and grab the map, or are we actually going to look at it?" She put away her cross-bow. "And I who thought this would be a step UP from working with orcs..." she muttered.

Why do you folks have such cute little nicknames? Aren't you suppose to be bad to the bone? Blood and soul suckers? "I am the Witch King, but you can call me Cuddles." Mogath will call you nicknames alright, but she'll think something other than Ev and Tolly. Too sugary sweet.
"Yes..." said Arthas as he retrived his hand from Tolian. He looked at the screching harpy trying to take the map. " Iv had enough..." he steps in between Eleveti and Sevienul and pushes them back roughly, nearly knocking them down. He looks into the map, stays silent a few moments, and then he tosses the map to the wind which carries it off down the mountain...."There. Now there is no map. If you want to find the treasure you'll have to listen to me! If are free to try your luck in the dark of Moria. Now, no more talking, just walk this way (Aerosmith)." and with no further waiting he trudges off.
"Hysterical women and idiotic men..."
Mogath follows the map with her eyes and grins as it flutters back and gets stuck in some bushes. She simply strolls over and grabs it. She rolls it up and and hides it in her jacket.
"Well you all heard the man. Off we go!"

She catches up with Arthas and opens her jacket to show him the map safely tucked away.
"You are not quite in your right element here, pretty boy. You should have burned it, the winds are tricky up here. And it could have fallen in the wrong hands. But I like a good initiative." She grins and glances back to see who follows and who decides to stay.

Power balance Ethy. Wink Smilie
Grom had been listening to the others fight over the map and went thinking. This wasn't just a party of Orcs he was told to command. These people weren't the servents of the Dark Lord. They had paid no heed to him when he had drawn out his sword.

"I'll have to be cautious here, if I have to get hold of that treasure. I'll need to get these people out of my way one by one. Hmmm. The usual hand to hand combat won't work here and I need to be careful as I don't know what powers the Elf woman and the Vampire has." He thought.

Just then Mogath got the hold of the map and he was overcome with rage. He had known her from his days in Gorgoroth and he hated her. "Drop it...." He shouted, spit on the rock and this time, pointed his sword at Mogath....
Mogath pulled her sword in reply. "You may be stronger, but my sword is lighter. You are powerful, but I am faster. There will be no gold for either of us if we start fighting now. It will end in death for both of us." She hissed in the tongue of the Uruks (whatever that is) "I should have known you would turn on your own kind first."
Name: Unkown - known only as Grism
Race: dwarf
Weapon: Great Axe , daggers and a slingshot
Skills: Good with the axe but relies also on cunning
Appearance: looks like a typical dwarf dressed in mainly animal hide travelling gear with light chain mail and thick boots.

"What's this, Arthas, my faithless friend? Leaving so soon? And without me? And after it was my blood and my gold that bought the map?"

Grism, a dwarf, stands before them, his axe gripped ready for fighting. His eyes glare at the group as they come out from the cave.

"You'll go nowhere without me.... and my friends..."

(Cue Gildor if you want to join now)

List of character so far....

Laurelindhe - Sevienul - woman of sorts
Adreia - Tolian - female half vampire/elf
Etharion - Arthas - Man
Floyd - Grom - male Orc
Acheron - Eleveti - Female something or other
Amarie - Mogath - female orc
Vee - Grism - dwarf
Ulmo - Gamfret - dwarf
Gildor - Legor - Numenorean male
Name: Gamfret
Race: Dwarf
Special Ability: None really. But he would be useful in leading the group thorugh Moria to find the riches.
Weapons: Sword, Hammer
(Yes, I am entering rather late)

And from what it seemed nowhere, a heavy-set panting dwarf came tumbling into Mogath, knocking her sword from her grip. "Watch where you're going, you good-for-nothing Uruk. Why were you not given brains when you were born?" He dusted himself off and turned to leave, but stopped. "Hey, what in the name of Mandos is going on here?" He stood with hammer in hand waiting for an answer.
Name: Legor
Race: Black N’menorean
Weapon: Staff and longsword
Skills: Persuasion, master in melee combat
Appearence: Legor is a tall, mysterious man, dressed in a black robe. His eyes have some kind of red glow.

"Yes, it would be... Impolite to leave without us." Legor said with a smile.
"This is Legor and Gamfret. Where you go, we go. Any objections? No? good, let's get going then."

The dwarf stepped back allowing the others to walk out of the cave onto the narrow track that led across the mountains.
"No one walks away from Gamfret!" He ran to catch up with them. Though his strides were short, they were quick. He dropped his hammer as he ran. He yelled something in dwarvish and picked the hammer up and caught back up with everyone.
Mogath hissed at the dwarf. "How dare you?" She grabbed him with ease, her strength enhanced by her anger. She threw him at Grom, causing him to loose his sword too. Her eyes were glowing with anger as she stared at the dwarf as he got back up.

"You nearly caused me my life, luckily for you that you fly so well. I'll let you live for now."
(Well, I kidna messed it up a bit. I thought my response was dumb, so I changed it, and apprenently there was replies to it. Haha. Woops. I would change it back, but I don't remember what I said. Sorry!)

"I'm sure you could have killed me. You Uruks thinhk you're so great!" He once again stood up, picked his sword up he dropped, and charged at the ugly Uruk with a growl that runed into a war cry.
I am away for the weekend so no killing each other while I am gone.

But Remember - if it doesn't have a bio you can kill it.

OK ......... send some scouts ahead - just over one of the mountain ridges is a group of Gondorion soldiers. 12 of them. 3 on watch and the rest talking in a group, seated on the ground. They are still quite a way ahead but they are in your way.
"You fool!" hissed Grism "They aren't walking away - we are going with them. Now get a move on you lump of lard!"

Grism pulls Gamfret away from the orcs.

"Get yerself killed now and you won't get any treasure."

Grism pushes Gamfret in front of him after the others. "Kill them later, if you must. But not now. Now we have gold to think about." His eyes gleam with greed.

(I moved my post so it makes more sense. Welcome aboard Ulmo and Gildor.)
Yep, welcome Ulmo and Gildor.
Mogath shook her head, picked up her sword and followed the others.
List of characters so far....

Laurelindhe - Sevienul - woman of sorts
Adreia - Tolian - female half vampire/elf
Etharion - Arthas - Man
Floyd - Grom - male Orc (Uruk)
Acheron - Eleveti - Female something or other
Amarie - Mogath - female orc (Uruk)
Vee - Grism - dwarf
Ulmo - Gamfret - dwarf
Gildor - Legor - Numenorean male
Oh, this is going to be, bad! No,...oh, I don't know. Welcome aboard, Ulmo and Gildor!

Sevienul picked up the pace with the others. She had backed away after being pushed, and started silently observing everyone; the weak ones were easy to spot and would be easily misled to her purpose, once they neared the treasure. She relished the thought of breaking their spirits. She had noticed the map's retreival and made a mental note to having a nice little chat with the current bearer of it. The group, whose ranks were swelled by two dwarves and a black numenorean now, was approaching a curve in their path and an incline, when Sevienul heard a distinct shout from far ahead. "We've got company, scum!" She shouted.
Tolian looked about quietly, just following whoever she could, lost among everyone to people. Yet she felt at home among the evil ones.

(Sorry I don't write long posts, I just get sooo lost)
Mogath moved to Sevienuls side. "Humans. I can smell them." She squinted her eyes and growled slightly.
He looks at Mogath"Yes...well, il be sure to burn it next time." Arthas said to Gamfret, Grism and Legor "Ah! So you survived. Its nice to know that. I though i wouldnt see you lot again. Well...whats done is done. Lets get a move on it. Those gondorians dont look friendly. And my sword is thirsty...." he sets of down the mountain slope, heading for the Rohan plains.
Hey, Guys, I won't be able to write until Monday evening again, due to moving and an interruption of service for three days. Amarie has permission to write for me if necessary until I return. Sorry! can't wait to be back on already...
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