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Hi! Here I am.... Someone yelled at me to come and post. Wink Smilie

"Yes, I'll be with you in a second." Legor replied. He walked over to Eleveti's body and searched it. "Heh, nice stuff you got there, remain silent if you want me to have it." Legor said and he smiled.

"Wait for me Grism, you low to the ground Dwarf!"
Grom, watching Thrall enjoying the horse-meat, merely snorted as if he didn't pay any attention to the others..
"Fine with me, Grom. You just stay here alone." said Mogath.

The others began to walk to the hamlet. Lagor caught up with them when he had finished searching through Elevetis pockets. Together they walked passed the farms to the inn. Tolian was hissing as she was pushed forward by Sevienul. People they passed on the road was startled as they came close enough to see Mogath and Tolian. "They didn't look so strange untill you got closer." they later told when they got home. "One was pale as death, hissing like a snake she was. The other was hooded, tall as any man, but sounded and appeared to be a regular woman untill you got close enough to see. Some kind of uruk I think, a deamon with cold human eyes!"

Mogath enjoyed the surpriced and shocked faces she met as she deliberatly said Hello and Well met to the passers by, so they would look at her and see what she was. "It is so peaceful now that Grom isn't here to stab knifes in my back, don't you think?"
Arthas walked into the Inn silently. He was used to being greeted with silence. He though people probably never saw a man in black armor. He reached the bar and asked the bar man "I need your attention. Tell me where i can find some travel rations and a good horse. By the way, have there been enforcers moving about recently?"

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Sevienul was greatly enjoying herself, as Mogath taunted the hamlet peoples. They all neared the inn, which appeared to be well-kept and a hub of commerce in the tiny place. She thought to herself, "This little stop should be quite fun. Perhaps we shall learn of other treasures to be plundered along our way to Moria." Tolian's hissing had finally annoyed her enough to do something about it, especially now that they were about to enter the tavern, so she quickly gagged and bound her tighter. "That ought to quiet you down some, eh?" She pulled her cloak's hood up over her head as they ducked into the door; she, unlike Mogath, did not care to be spotted.

Great avatar, Etharion, but it looks very familiar...congrats on your Comm. Supp. status!
Id just like to say thanks to Rhapsody who made me community supporter.How do you like my new Avatar?)

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I've changed mine too. I have tried at least. We'll see when/if our browsers decide to let us see them. Wink Smilie

Mogath grinned at Sevienul. "Nice, Sergei will never recognize you now." She strolled over to the bar. "Hey barkeep, remember me?" He didn't look too pleased to see her.

"Unfortunatly, yes I do. I see you brought more friends this time." Mogath shrugged. "Wouldn't exactly call them friends. One is for sale if you want her or know someone who might. Did you see a blond fellow in black armour? Quite full of himself, rather... never mind, the other have found him. Bring us beer and something to eat.

The people in the inn are all yours. But starting a fight in a tavern filled with armed men is not a good idea.Trade, talk, drink, eat, enjoy yourself. There won’t be many taverns where we are going.
Grism elbowed his way to the bar. "Ale, lots of ale and keep it coming. And food. Decent food, no scrawny horsemeat thank you very much. " He looked around the tavern and found an empty table. "You joining me Legor or are you mooning over one of those odd females?"
Arthas looked over and saw that the others decided to come as well. Fine. He took a ale, but didnt finish it. He tried asking his question elsewhere but nobody anwsered him. "Anyone have something interesting to trade? Hmm, this place is duller than a graveyard." and he sulked away from all the people, and found a corner of his own. He signaled to Sevienul to come over.
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Tired of me already? That's nice. Tongue Smilie She can take over again if she wants, I am drowning in school work and I feel I have been neglecting this thread.
I think Etharion was just checking I wouldn't be interfering. But if you want to leave it to someone else you can. Victi...... I mean volunteers? I think you are doing great Amarie - maybe a little more prompting but you are so evil......
I was hoping people would be able to make up their own conversations in the tavern. Plenty of strange folks to talk to.

Mogath found the crowd at the inn to be annoyingly silent and business to be slow, and stepped up onto a chair. "Folks of Riverside hamlet! Why so shy? It is not like you fine folks to miss this golden opportunity of making a real bragain! From this gorgeous cross-bow to this lovely lady here!" she waved towards Sevienul who pulled the hood of the girl. "You will only get one chance! We'll be gone tomorrow and so will our goods. Come now, I won't tell your wives nor your husbands!"
Sevienul laughed at Mogath, and people began to clammer with lively chatter, debating whether or not to trade with the strangers. Tolian struggled under Sevienul's hold viciously, trying to free herself, and almost succeeding, when Arthas motioned to her and distracted her focus from her slave. She slapped Tolian, then said to Mogath, "Could you hold this little wench while I see what the Blond Darling wants?" She thrust Tolian into Mogath's arms, then walked over to the corner where Arthas sat in the shadows. "What do you want? Want to make an alliance, eh? That would be most wise on your will soon need me, Arthas. We are still very far from the treasure."
"Let us join them. Let us not fall behind. I want the treasure. I cannot afford to lose those fools. Come Thrall. Let us ride..."
Arthas nodded to Sevienul. "If you wish so....I wont have any problems with that. Its always nice to have such....pleasant friends." he said with a wry smile. "Seriusly, what can we muster from these villagers? I already have some provisions, and we must get back on our journey. I shall be leaving soon, you can join me if you want. This hamlet is to tough for our poor numbers, so theres no point in trying to loot it."
Mogath finally got a couple of bids on the cross-bow and sold it at a nice price. There was no doubt it was a fine bow. All in all it seemed to be profitable night. No one seemed to want the furious half vampire though. Mogath could only curse the good taste of people in the inns, but it was had been worth the try to sell her.

A few more people came, soon she began to pick up talk about a big orc and a warg.
"Grom, that idiot." she thought. Then a familiar figure appeared in the doorway. She threw a piece of bread at Sevienul to get her attention. "Here comes Sergei!"
"Ai! Arthas, do not leave without at least Mogath and I...if I have to track you down, so help me, I will put you in the ground myself." Sevienul quickly put her hood back on and withdrew into the shadows before Sergei could see her. The trouble was, he already had. He began to advance on her, then stopped at Mogath.

Amarie, my brain hurts. Too many screaming Girl Scouts today(I am a co-leader of my daughter's troop). What can I do with Sergei, is anyone going to play his part, and how do we know him? I will try to come up with some inpromptu stuff on him tomorrow. And I think you were doing just fine as GM, neglectful or no. Wink Smilie
You can do whatever you want with Sergei (as long as it follows the website rule of course. *hehe*) Wink Smilie If someone wants to play him, go right ahead. Smile Smilie

"Good evening, Mogath." The tone wasn't all too loving, but neither was the response.
Mogath leaned back on her chair and folded her hands across her chest. "Hello Sergei, what a.. pleasure to see you again. How IS life treating you?"
He ignored the question. "I heard you had come back."
"Yes, isn't it.. wonderful?"
"It's been a while."
"Where is Sevienul?"
"You know where she is, you saw her." She started to drink her beer, taking forever to finish, clearly signalling that the conversation was over.

With a short 'hmf' he continued over towards Sevienul. Mogath leaned back over the table and glanced around to see where the others were.
Sergei sauntered over to Sevienul, plopping down on a bench opposite of her in the dark corner she had nestled into. "Sevienul. You know you cannot hide from me. You and Mogath are inseparable, so how would I not know you were here?"

"What do you want Sergei?" She placed one hand on the table and one on her sword, which was out of sight.

"Do not forget that you owe me. You stole from me, and I do not permit theives to live, as a rule. But, seeing that it's you..."

"You will not see one single coin from me, my dear. What I take becomes my own. Don't you have a wife to attend to?"

Sergei stared silently into her eyes for a long moment. "That is a dirty thing to say."

"Yeah, well, she wouldn't have been taken if you had cooperated in the first place! Besides, I was following orders from the traitor, Saruman. It was all part of the big plan to take over these parts...I care not of the outcome, only the pay, mind you."

"I loved her! You foul wench, that I had only killed you last year when I had the chance! And to think you posed as my friend!"

"I was your friend, but money and notoriety are far better friends, don't you think?" She had just about enough of the conversation. " Sergei, either try to avenge her death and kill me, or else move aside. I have more important business to tend to." She stood, collected herself and began to walk away back to the others.

"You cannot walk away from me, Sevienul! I will not let you leave this hamlet alive!"
"Bog off, you scum." said Arthas lazily as he pased him by. "Or youll anwser to ME!!" and he kicked a table over with his foot. In that same second he drew his sword and turned to Sevienul & Mogath "Its best that we leave now. Call Grom and tell him to come here. I need you all in Moria, so think of yourselves safe while im close by."

Mogath raised her eyebrows, that was an unexpected turn of events. Sergeis response was like she had expected. Arthas drawing sword was not.

"Grom? Grom the uruk-hai?!" Several people rose from their tables. Sergeis temper was known and he had many versions of his wifes disapparence, nobody really believed any of them anymore or bothered much with his arguments. But this stranger with the sword spoke a deeply hated name.

"No! No, not Grom, Grum! Grum the dog. Ugly as a troll, but harmless. You wouldn't wanna see him. And we were just leaving now, weren't we, my blond friend?" She grabbed Tolian and began to motion her to the door. She saw in the corner of her eye the barkeeper whispering something to Grism and Legor. She hoped they would listen to him and get out. People in the room began to stirr even more and mumble in a not so pleasant way. "Yet another lovely visit at the Riverside inn." she thought to herself. "I must remember to come here more often..."
Comon!!! Lets get this moving! Did you all forget this??
Grism scowled at the people in the tavern, downed his drink and made to leave. "Are you coming Legor?"

"Yes, I'm coming, I'm coming, after I finished my drink. You're always in a hurry, I never have the time to look around a bit." Legor replied.
"Well hurry up" Grism whispered. "I don't think we are welcome here. But then we are rarely welcome anywhere these days. Come on drink up. I don't want a knife stuck in my back."
An axe flew across the room and into the wall, quite close to the inn's exit. "I think we have more to worry about than knives, dwarf!" Sevienul said gruffly, as the group made their escape. Tolian was giving a terrible fight to Mogath as she held her and continued on, but she was last of their worries, having proved impossible to sell. As the group made a run for it, Sevienul stopped abruptly, bending down to the ground. She was rubbing her fingers in a very unpleasant substance, then smelling them. "Ah, yes, I had forgotten the one true resource of this place! Mogath, let us go see Xavier and get ourselves some transportation...anyone want to go to Moria on an oliphaunt, or would you prefer to keep walking? It may cost us, but..." A crowd began to pour out of the inn, looking very menacing and advancing quickly. "Follow me!" She ran off towards the eastern edge of the hamlet.
Gamfret ran into Sevienul. "Watch where you are steppinng, you filthy creature!" He looked up and realized who it was. "Well, hello! I thought I'd never see you again!" He wasn't planning on telling her that he was planning on going to Moria after he was separated from the others. Once he met the person who saved him, he fell behind and became lost, and he stumbled across a town and stopped there for a rest. "Did you miss me?"
"No." Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Tolian struggled some under Mogath's grio. but gave up after a while, seeing no point whatsoever. She was going to be sold, that's final. If there were any buyers. If not, then they might kill her. But that was not the biggest of her worries. Among her struggling she had seen a shadowy figure watching the group, almost as a spy.

((Erf...been so long since I posted here. If it's not okay to do the spy dude, just holler n I'll edit it!))
The spy dude is good stuff. could be anyone. Smile Smilie

Mogath glanced at Gamfret. "Oh it's you. Too bad we can't stay and chat, we are kinda in a hurry as you might see." She hurried after Sevienul and suddenly noticed Tolian stopped hissing and fighting back. "Well well, so even the queen of hissy fits gets tired of hearing herself whine and complain."

It made running while carrying the half vampire a lot easier and Mogath got the chance to wonder if Sevienul was joking or not when it came to the oliphant .
"Well, this looks like some excitement for me!" He ran along with the group, occasionally having his heels stepped on. "Watch where you're going, fellas!"
Actually, Amarie, I was half-joking and half-not, but the fellow we're about to go see is a very shady one and keeps lots of different creatures on his property on the edge of the hamlet, so you never know. Really I thought we could try to trade what we have left for horses or something, or at least one for baggage...but an oliphaunt would be nice, too. Does everyone want to hoof it ourselves(pardon the pun)or get some temporary transportation? By the way, we cannot be evil only part-time, and I know you are all busy little bees at this time of year, but can we all please post at least once in a while? Thanks. Wink Smilie

Adreia, I love the spy. Throws a good old cog in the wheel...isn't that what you serious writers call a "plot-bunny"? Anyway, I hope you stay on and continue with Tolian...she may find herself free soon, not to be sold...Then again, you might make a fair trade for the transportation! Very Evil Smilie

Sevienul also saw something in the bushes as she ran along the road and promptly let one of her arrows fly in the direction of the suspected guest. "Once again, we have company, Mogath. Ready your blade! Tolian, if you want to be free, you will cooperate and use whatever battle skills you possess now for us, we may need to fight our way outta here. I'd rather die a hundred deaths before I'm bested in this old hamlet." She turned and waited for the others to catch up, and motioned for them to hurry.
Im fine with the oliphaunt and all.

Arthas finished a few boring and rather dull lives of some villagers and then ran for it. He was heavily outnumbered and he knew it. While he ran he yelled "Where the heck is everyone?? Oy!!?"
I really like the idea of running away on a oliphant! But I don't think we can keep it for long, imagine trying to sneak unseen across the large grassplaines of Rohan on such a huge beast like that. Wink Smilie *hehehe*

Mogath let Tolian down in a not so gentle fashion. "Fine, whatever keeps you from screaming in my ear. No one in their right mind would buy you anyway. Too skinny for food and Morgoth knows if you have proper blood or not." With a sigh she gave Tolian a knife she had 'picked up' at the inn. "Might as well give you something to fight with. But don't try to use it on me. Now hurry and follow Sevienul."
Ulmo? V? Are you two asleep?

Cool, then oliphaunt it is...and I agree Amarie, that sure won't last long at all! Much too imposing to blend in with the bushes, wouldn't you say? Hey, Eth-that bit about killing a few hamletarians on the way out is great! Very, very evil...

As ready as they were, no battle came; Sevienul saw nor heard anything more from the suspected spy, so she began to run again as the Hamletarians caught up to them, complete with pitchforks in hand. Xavier's land was not far from where she, Mogath, Tolian, Arthas, Gamfret and Grism were. As they were running, a horse ran up alongside them, their rider concealed by a dark hood and cloak. "Quickly, put the dwarves on the horse. And do not get confused, I want your money, I care not of your lives."

"Good to see you, too, Xavier. Tell me, how did you know we were here?"

"Look behind you. How could I not." The angry mob was fast approaching.
Tolian readied her blade, facing the oncoming crowd. Out of the corner of her eyes she could still see that spy disappear around a corner. She growled, ready to take her anger out on the mob.

That's really a good idea?! Yayz, I feel special! Smile Smilie
"Ride on a horse...with him? He's rather scary," said Gamfret.

Oh, I've bene here, but I was with Icefangs somewhere other else, and he wasn't posting, so I finally got out of there and found my way back here. I always seem to show up in random places, running into people. I've been posting the past two days I think.
"Shut yer mouth Gamfret. What would you prefer - a bumpy ride on a large horse with a dangerous looking stranger or to be stuck with pitchforks and roasted? I'm with the horse and stranger." Grism ran to the horse. "Someone give me a leg up onto this beast! "
"Such a nice place this is. I am glad Arthas suggested we come here." Mogath readied her cross-bow. Without the weight of Tolian hanging over her shoulder, she could move around more freely. She turned around while running and sent an arrow into one of the men infront. He fell over like a bag of potatoes causing a small chain reaction as others behind him tripped over him.

She turned around again with a grin. "They are as dumb as sheep. And speaking about dumb, where is Arthas?"
Arthas had just arrived, and he knocked Mogath on the floor from behind. He spoke to her with a despising look on his face "Really? And you being the pinnacle of intelligence have the right to insult me, orc hag?! If i hear you once more i shall tear off that ugly face of yours and use it as my banner! Just try and see if im serius.." he started joging off into the gathering darkness and then turned back at the rest "Anyone with more brains than orc barbie here, can follow me. The rest can stay here. I see that those gentlmen are ready to put some meat on the barby. Farewell." And with a smile he troded off.
Um, Eth, as far as I know, there was only one horse present, and Xavier and now the two dwarves(I think both)are on it...I'd like to see a man of Arthas's girth fit onto one regular-sized horse with all three of them...That would be quite entertaining! Poor horse...

Sevienul hoisted the dwarves onto the horse's back and called to Xavier as he rode off toward his homestead "You better not try anything funny with those dwarves, Xavier, or Mogath here will be eating your liver for dinner!" She resumed running, along with everyone, and with the crowd behind, ran off of the road into the forest that bordered it. "We cannot be seen going to his place...Mogath, I don't remember the shortcut...will you lead us on? We'd better hurry, though, I think Arthas may not last much longer without being able to bark out some orders, stupid male."
Tolian glanced around at everyone. They were all busy fighting. She retreated and took off after Arthas, seeing his leadership good, and potential for being even more powerful than he already is.

Meanwhile, the spy came up to Mogath from behind, then swirved off the the left some, fighting alongside her.
Mistake fixed. No more horse.....
Hahahaa! Very amusing post, Ethy. You might want to change 'rode off' at the end too. A few other things though.
1. We are outside, running towards Xaviers land. No floors.
2. Barbie was invented only a few decades ago. Wink Smilie

Mogath quickly got up from Arthas push and continued running, giving him an odd look as he shouted after her.

"Blondie seems to be a little upset." she said with a grin to Sevienul. "Hope I didn't make him cry." A few quick hamletarians (love that word, whether it exists or not) had to be fought of. Suddenly a man appeared at her side, his face was hidden under a dark hood, but he made sure she got a glimpse of his face. Probably so she wouldn't kill him.

"You??" she asked in surprise. "Yes, it's me. Not a word. I've got a life to live you know."
Mogath nodded then shouted to the others. "To the right! Through the big gate to the right!"
Together they all managed to get through the gate and close it.

Tall stonewalls and a strong gate separated them from the bloodthirsty horde of people outside. They would either have to run around, or break down the gate or climb over the wall. A few women and children on the courtyard ran screaming inside the house. It would be a great place to plunder, but there was no time. "Xaviers land is just through the gate at the back!"

The spy suddenly took of in another direction. Mogath threw him a small pouch. "For the fall of Gondor and its king!" "For the rise of the New Power!" He called back and vanished between a few buildings.
The spy tucked the pouch away as he ran. He kept going until he was a few good miles out of the hamlet. Then, he stopped, getting a drink of water, and decided to open the pouch.
Now see, we're getting somewhere! Great posts, everyone! Amarie, nice advice to Eth. Wink Smilie

As the group ran past the women and children, Sevienul noticed a large, dark-skinned man standing just beside the entrance to Xavier's property. Even from a small distance he looked quite imposing. "Ah, I see the place has new security...from the looks of him, a pirate murderer. Best watch you skins, all! Xavier, where did you get this guy?" They got to the entrance, the man standing at attention, not even looking into any of their eyes. Xavier hung back behind the others.

"Step aside, tiny man. We're here on business." Sevienul said arrogantly.

"You don't get in until I say so." The man answered her, picking her up by the neck with one hand. "If I was not on someone else's time, I'd send you gift-wrapped to your ancestors."
He threw her down and said, "You filthy vermin will wait here until Xavier tells me himself that you have his leave."

Xavier pulled off his hood slowly and stepped forward. "Easy, Menua. Here I am, and if you insult my business partners so rudely again, you'll be wishing you could see your ancestors by the time I'm through with you." They all walked through the entrance and were approaching the great stone door of his castle-like home. "Brush off and get up, Sevienul. Oh, and don't taunt Sergei so much next time...well, actually, go ahead, taunt him more! What, have ya gotten soft on us? Back to work, wench!" He yelled at a cleaning woman of his that was standing by the entrance to his property.
How amusing of you. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
"If you are done with arguing with your workes, could we move on please? I can hear the villagers are moving quite fast."

"Yes yes, this way..." she turned to Sevienul. "I got her ready when I heard you and Mogath had arrived. She's been about as nice as one could expect I guess."

As they hurried on, a huge grey beast could be seen towering over the ground. As they got closer it sounded a joyful (but very noisy) trompet sound. Sevienul ran straight over to it.

"Dwarves, Legor." Mogath grinned and nodded towards the huge thing. "Meet Baby the oliphant, Sevienuls litte pet and our way out of here."
"Well, she's not mine anymore. Traded her to Xavier for some mithril before the War. Can't say I don't miss her. But, alas, here we are." Sevienul pulled out a pouch made of a strange black cloth. "Xavier, how much?" She turned to the others. "Anyone have anything they'd like to exchange for this pretty oli?"
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