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Grom was an Uruk of few words. He was taken aback by the sudden appearance of the Dwarves and that stopped him from killing Mogath. He kicked the Dwarf that had been thrown at him hard, and out of his way. Then bent and picked up his sword, without taking his eyes off Mogath. With the increase in the numbers, his task was made even more difficult. He could do nothing right now. He held the sword with both hands and followed the others at the rear.

At the cries of spotting the humans, he suddenly jumped up and went to the front and growled,"Let's kill them, those humans" and impatient as he was, he dashed off to fight the humans... "I'll kill them all..."
I would so very much like to join this. It's great fun to be evil Very Evil Smilie . I'll wait 'til Vee get's back to post my character though, so she can tell me when to come in.

Sounds good Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Arthas dashed off after Grom. His sword was now terribly annoying. He had to silence it with blood. And these Gondorian scouts seem the perfect thing for it. He yelled as he ran. " What? Are the rest of you just going to stand there? Bah! Me and Grom will take them on ourselves. They wont know what hit them! Arrghhh!!" he screamed as the swords bloodlust took place. His blade shined with pale white light, and frost seemed to etch it self over its lenght.
Mogath and Sevienul had already started running, armed and ready for action. "The fat one is mine." called Mogath. Sevienul laughed. "Only if you can get to him before I do!"
Icefangs - post your bio and we'll introduce your character asap.

The sentries hear the shouts and alert the others. Taking up weapons quickly they move to defend themselves. Three stand against Morgath and Sevienul, blocking Morgath's sword, while another slashes at her arm, leaving a gash from elbow to shoulder. The third soldier moves to attack Sevienul with his sword raised.

One stands against Arthas and blocks his sword. Behind him a soldier lets loose an arrow that strikes Arthas in the shoulder.

The other soldiers move together towards Tolian, Grom and Eleveti while Legor, Gamfret and Grism stand back and watch. Grism loads his slingshot.

"Dunno about you, lads, but I'm not rushing to get slaughtered. Let the others thin them out first."
A soldier dashed from nearby brush and snuck up behind Grism, ready to slit Grism's throat, but just before the soldier did, Gamfret heard a twig breka behind them. "Jump!" he told Grism, and Gamfret swung his hammer below Grism's feet, causing the soldier to fall due to a broken leg. "It's about time I got some action. Look at them, showing off, thinking they can take on the soldiers themselves. It is better off for us if they do the work. Then there is less obstacles for us in getting this treasure," he told Grism after he smashed the soldier's chest with his hammer.
Name: Trethila
Gender: Female
Age: unknown, but she looks to be in her early thirties
Race: Human, of the Numenorean variety
Appearance: Long, dirty blod hair tied back into a long braid. She wears a scimitar strapped to her side and a long, two handed sword across her back. She has lavender eyes, and wears a black cape, along with black leather boots. Her pants are light grey, as is her shirt.
Abilities: She is an excellent assassin, and can almost disappear into shadows; only those with night vision can see her, and even then, they have to know where to look.

Fixed, now?
Mogath roared at the men. She got a new chance to swing her sword and the man that had blocked her fell with a odd gurgle, cluching his neck. The last thing the second man saw in this life was a really up-close look a cross-bow arrow. She grabed the arrow and took a few steps back and let Sevienul get better room to swing her sword agains the third man. She looked at her wound. How annoying, but she could take care of that later.

She turned towards the dwarfs and Legor. "What's the matter? Scared of a litte blood? Awww, poor babies. Maybe you all should go back home to your mama?" She looked towards the others to see if Grom had been killed yet then charged after a solider trying to get away, while she called him "Dinner" in a sweet voice, knowing how it creeped men out to hear a human voice coming from her.
Icey - only one thing - either a witch or an assassin but not both. How's that?
Oh yeah, let me go fix that...
Another idea - how about taking turns at being GM? Well, Assistant GM? Nobody *has* to do it but if anyone is interested at having a bash we could have a couple of weeks each maybe.
GM says:There was a sound of a horn blowing. The alarm was sounded. From nearbye an answering horn sounded. Reinforcements were on their way.

Grism aimed his slingshot at the soldier attacking Arthas.

"I don't like the man but we need him."

There was a twang and the soldier fell clutching his eye, giving Arthas time to pull the arrow from his shoulder.
Grom killed off two of the three soldiers that were talking in two swift blows.. He was about to cut down the third but just then Mogath slew him. Rage came over Grom and he tried to attack her from behind. He would have succeeded in killing her if it hadn't been for another soldier that charged onto him from the right.....

Grom looked up as he heard the alarm go off. He had just slain the third soldier, who turned out to be tough nut to crack. "More of them... Those rats. Bring them on...." He shouted.....

I think fleeing would be a good option here or we can have Ice to help us deal with the reinforcements
"Now would be a good time to disappear, so we can reach the treasure first," Gamfret told Grism and Legor. He held his hammer in hand, ready for any more soldiers to come his way.
"Unfortunately Arthas stole the map. And without the map we have no chance of finding the gold in Moria. Damn my love of ale..... he wouldn't have got the better of me if he hadn't drugged me, the snivelling coward. But I shall have revenge....... soon..... I say we get out of here before the others get here." Grism shouts to the others "Too many, there are too many of them you fools! Run! Leave them!"
Mogath looks at Grom with disgust, turns her back on him and returns to Sevienul. "I think it would be a good idea to get out of here now." She said to her while finding a place for the knife and the money and other goodies she had taken from the dead men.
A thought has just occurred........ We travel at night because of the orcs.

Ice - do you want to sneak up and follow us or what? Your decision. Join us however you want. Does your character already know any of the group?
We are uruk-hai, daylight is no problem for us. But I don't mind that it is night, easier to hide from those pesky human soliders who are coming. Wink Smilie
Arthas pulled the arrow out and slashed the mans belly. "Arrghh!! Damn cowards. Never mind, its not serius. He nodded to Grism with a little sarcasm. He then cut the horn blowers hand clean off with his chilly bastard sword. "No more sound from you eh? Lets fall back! We'll lose them in around that hill. From there we can keep low over the plains until we reach Isengard and the mountains! Lets go!!" he yelled in a strong voice. He was a good spokesman, so people tended to follow him in combat.
"Looks like we're heading off anyway!" said Gamfret. "I know those caves live the back on my hand. Hey, when did I get this wart on my hand? We needed no map. It's better we didn't flee. We probably wouldn't have made it far in front of them anyway. They didn't last long in the fight. They are weaklings! Grow some beards!" Gamfret laughed. He was picked up by a soldier, and his weapons were taken from him and left on the ground. Every so often, he tore off a piece if his clothing and laid dropped it on the ground for the others to follow him. "I hope they find me before I am naked," he said to himself, as he was being carried on horseback through the forest, to a place where he was to be interrogated, or else he would be dead where the others were left to fend off these soldiers that have no clue how to really fight. If only they had a chance to see what a dwarf could do to an army.
Icey! Do you want to rescue this sorry dwarf and drag him back to the others?
You're going to expect some unexpected things from this clumsy dwarf! I can always manage to somehow get out of this pickle if for some reason you all leave on your own.
Tolian walks around, being bumped and bamboozled by all different people in the havoc among the area. She soon finds herself at the feet of Arthas. She smiles innocently up to him.
"Sorry about that, some people don't know how to say excuse me. Now excuse me..."
Tolian rises and takes a few steps away.
Sevienul and Mogath fights and finishes of a couple more soliders before they get a chance to retreat into the dark and to safer grouds. From there they heared Arthas barking out a command. Mogath frowns. "Not sure how much more I can take from this groupe of retards, but the dwarves know the mines and that will make things alot easier."
"Yes...but the others, they are planning a getaway, I can feel it. They will take the treasure out from under our noses; their minds will be easily dealt with, though. For now we must pacify them and allow them to make their own mistakes-who knows, maybe we won't have to do anything, Mogath! They'll likely get killed off by their own stupidity and greed!" Sevienul laughed deeply, and she and Mogath ascended the hill with the others, bloody and enraged.

Thank you for being patient with me while I was away, and especially thanks to Amarie for filling in for me! Now let's see who's evil!
Arthas took no heed of the rebellius mutering behind him. He just kept on walking. They had some more way to go until they left the white mountains, the others were(probably) close behind. "So, now we have to pass these damned mountains, and then the Rohan gap. We dont have time to waste. Lets get moving."
"I wonder what Lord Hermth will do to this thing?" said the soldier carrying Gamfret. He had thought Gamfret was sleeping, but Gamfret fooled him into thinking that so he could get information out of the soldier. Gamfret thought to himself, Thing?! If I had my hammer, I would show you what this thing could do! He calmed down and thought, Wait, Lord Hermth...the name sounds familiar. Isengard? Hermth is the lord of Isengard. Oh, great! Isengard! I hope those fools pass through Isengard. I don't know why they would though. They would be attacked immediately. I better get out of this mess by myself. I can't trust any of those clowns!
Dark lavender eyes stared out of the darkness as the Gondorian carried a limp dwarf. Soon after, the silent gust of air from a flying dagger pierced the sky. The Gondorian was caught in the back by the deadly blade.

Trethila rushed from her hiding place to catch him; she lowered him quietly to the ground and nudged the dwarf with her foot. "Get up you," she whispered harshly. "I know you are not asleep," she said, and dragged him back to her hiding place.

"Now tell me why those useless idiots had you caught? What had you been doing?" she asked, her lavender eyes focused on him.

Why are we in such a hurry of reaching Isengard? Why this early? And anyways, there's the gap of Rohan still to be passed over. That could be very much dangerous...

Grom, disappointed at not getting a chance to kill off some more soldiers, followed the others...
Yeah, Floyd's right - We should still be struggling down the mountainside. Etharion - can you edit your post - we aren't on the plains yet. Mountains.......... mountains and more mountains first. No skateboards allowed.
I hope you guys think I'm not in a hurry to get to Isengard. I was just saying that's where they were taking me coincidently. Then we could have possibly met up there.

"I was just talking to my friend, and I was picked up by a soldier," the dwarf babbled. "They took my hammer and sword. Besides, they were taking me to Isengard...I could have had an easy ride there if you hadn't killed him." Gamfret looked about for his weapons.
Trethila grinned. "And why did you need a ride to Isengard?" she asked. Not waiting for answer, Trethila ran back out to the path and snatched a sword from a fallen soldier. She was about to rush back to her hiding spot when she saw a warhammer laying on the ground. She picked it up and ran back to her spot.

"Would this fine warhammer be yours" she asked, her lavender eyes flashing.

(Sorry. I am in no rush. I just presumed that we were almost on the plains already its fixed.)

Arthas trudged up and down, up and down. And so for some time, for the White mountains streched a long way. There was no sight of any other people so far.
The mountains proved harder on the troupe than they had estimated; Sevienul noticed some of the others seemed almost tired after a few hours' march. She thought they'd need water and food soon, but she decided to hand out some of her flask of orc draught among the needy ones. There was no sense in letting them weaken-yet. "Oi! If any of you needs sustanance, I'll give you some of this 'ere draught, for a price, of course. You must give me one of your weapons." She said with a wry smile, looking at Mogath and chuckling.

Hey, Amarie, Sevienul and Mogath know each other, correct, perhaps from their service to Sauron during the war? Just a thought...but how long have we known each other? And do we have any evil intentions for the treasure ourselves? And am I acquainted with anyone else?
Gamfret snatched his hammer from her hands with a sneer on his face. He said to Trethila with overconfidence, "It would have saved me the walk! I would have all my strength to find the treasure with you all. We dwarves need our strength, for if we do not have strength our eyes grow weary, much like other species. Then I would not be able to help you through the caves. You need me, even more than the map. I know the traps. I know Moria like a mother knows her babe."
Who are these "you all" you are talking about, Ulmo? You are alone with Trethila far away from us., and she is a stranger (unless you know her from somewhere).
And do we have any evil intentions for the treasure ourselves?
Don't we all? Wink Smilie And Grom hates us, so I don't think he is part of the 'team' even if we have known him for along time. (Unless he stops trying to kill us/me, then maybe Tongue Smilie ) Army buddies sounds good.
Trethila grinned mysteriously as he snatched the hammer from her. "And just who are you all? I don't believe I've met you, wait, what is your name, dwarf?" she asked.

Mogath nodded with a smirk in Groms direction. "Hey Sevienul, I think Grom might need some of that. He hasn't tried to stab me in the back for several minutes, he can't be feeling well."
OK! I'm good now! I was confused for a bit!

Gamfret became worried. He thought Trethila had met the group, and they went off loooking for him in different directions. "My name is Gamfret. I don't know what you're talking about..." he said quietly. Trethila would kill him if he did not tell what he was really doing and who they are.
Sevienul poked Grom with the butt-end of her sword and shouted at him "Hey, Grommie, ya need a swig of this 'ere hogwash, you seem a little down and out, not trying to kill Mogath and all. Ah, if only we were back in the army; your laziness would not be tolerated! And if only this were the old kingdom, too, that your head would have been severed already..." She forced the flask to his lips roughly, spilling the draught on his face more than in his mouth. "There ya go, Big Boy. Drink up."
Could someone fill me in for some time? I'm not in a good condition right now and won't be able to post here. Anyone wants to kill me is welcone. Sorry and thank you.
Sorry for not being here for so long. I'm probably going to drop out of this thread just because of lack of time. Sorry Vee! You guys can "dispose" of me or just leave me somewhere. Which ever your evil little hearts desire...... Very Evil Smilie
I don't mind killing Grom. Sorry you can't stay Migsy, come back soon! *hugs* Ok, so many people to kill now.... Where to begin? Very Evil Smilie Guess we'll leave that for the Game Mistress to decide.
I'm going nowhere. Just that I won't be posting for a couple of days, because if I do right now, I'll mess up the whole thing, that's all.

Edited by Amari’, watch what words you choose please.
Oh ok. I (or someone else) can write for Grom if you like, to make sure he isn't left behind. Or do you want to stop playing?

Mogath laughed at Sevienul feeding Grom.
I've spoken to Migsy - he wants us to 'look' after Grom for a few days. He'll be back. Which means no killing Grom. Feel free to write for him Amarie.

But Acheron's character........ any chance of coming back with her? If not, she can died horribly somehow....

So we have two characters off to one side and the rest running through the mountains....
Grom snarled and shoved away both Sevienul and the bottle. "Grrr Laziness?? If this had been the old kingdom, you both would have been killed and eaten long ago. Weaklings! Females! The only positive quality human blood has, is that it is mighty fun to spill and it makes a nice drink. And it would be most satisfying for me to drink yours, woman. But that half-breads blood is only for spilling!"

"It seems he's had enough to drink for now." said Mogath hatefully. She glanced around at the others. She wondered about the dwarf that was missing. It had been a while since she had tasted dwarf flesh, it would have been a pity if he had gotten killed without her getting a slice.
"Yes, it seems as though drinking this has made him forgetful of his place! Drinking my blood...all that would do to you, Grumpy Grommie, is make you mighty ill-I'm poisonous clear through! But one thing is certain:No more yum-yums for you." Sevienul gave Grom a harsh push, making him tumble into some nearby shrubs, but just before she did, she took a small knife from his sheath as payment for the draught. "Shouldn't we stop to check the map? We have turned too much to the east now. We'll end up in Mirkwood with you lot leading, and with all those bloody elves taking over there, we'll be surrounded and killed like flies." She yelled at the miserable brutes.
Arthas looked sternly at the females. "Stop your damm babling. And leave Grom alone! Or youl anwser to me! (seeing that he's not able to post for a while)We'll not stray anywhere if we keep going this way. Im certain that we are headed towards the Rohan gap. We just have some more trudging to do. Now lets go!!" he snarled at the half orc and the others.
Three large riderless and hungry looking Wargs suddenly leapt out from behind some rocks and stood in front of the group, snarling and baring their teeth. One leapt at Arthas.
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