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Ethy, you and Tolian aren't there. You got grumpy and ran away (post 1 on page 20) and Tolian followed you. I don't know where you went, but it wasn't with us...

Mogath didn't like the idea of parting with her money or possessions. She pulled Sevienul aside for a moment.

"Though I know better than to come between a oliphant and its rider, but you do know we can't keep her? We have to cross the gap of Rohan, you know they aren't too fond of Babys kind there. But... If we bring Xavier as a hostage, he can bring her back to safety. You get to ride her again, we all get out of here alive, Baby and Xavier can come back and live their lives."

She grinned evilly. "Not only will it be great fun, it won't cost us anything at all... And to make sure he acts like a believable hostage, we won't tell him about the plan."
Sorry Elf With a Big Grin Smilie . I got a bit sidetracked.
Grism looked up at the Oliphant.

"Riding a horse is one thing but it would take all the Balrogs of Middle Earth to get me on that!"
Gamfret added, "Yeah, that's....a lot times the size of me!"
"Well, dwarf, seeming how there aren't any balrogs left in Middle Earth that we know of, looks like we're going to have to find another way to get you up there." Sevienul lifted the dwarf and put him on her hip like a baby, holding him very tight. "There. Looks like you're coming with me." She began to climb the ladder that hung down from Baby the oliphaunt's side. "Xavier, you'll have to wait for your payment until we're ready to go, seeming how you're so busy with your maid anyway. You lot, if you're coming, get up the ladder! Else you'll just be run over when we leave." She tossed Grism into the basket high atop Baby's back, then climbed in herself, amid grumblings from the dwarf. She adjusted the harnesses and secured the ties, then looked over to see who was climbing up. "We need to make haste, for no mere gate will hold the hamlet folk for long!"
The spy peered out from behind a building, watching the three of them get on the oliphant. He gripped the reins of his horse (thankful to be riding one), ready to ride forth at any moment.
I should rejoin you people now... what do you think?But I haven't read this thing for some time now.....
Lol! Floyd, you should come back! You're a fun person to have around!
Pary Smilie
"Now how do you suppose I will get up there?" asked Gamfret. I can't even reach the first step in the ladder!" Gamfret paused. "Hey, can I hang on the tail?"
Ummm, should i post what Arthas is doing? Cause i was planing that he gets a horse somewhere and rides on. Is that ok?
Tolian still tumbled along, following Arthas at a distance. Somehow, he seemed to have gotten hold of a horse, and was quickly on his way. Tolian robbed the nearest person of a horse and rode off after him.

This thread must be brought back!
Grism stood looking at the oliphant. "I'll climb up on your shoulders and pull myself onto him," he said to Gamfret, "and then I'll let down a rope and pull you up."
I think the current GM should give us some more info now. There's nothing much to do now but travell...
Oh yes, the horde. I've been busy, and now it is Christmas. Am I still temp GM, oh Top Game Mistress Vee? Or does someone else like to play god now? It's fun! And it's evil!
Mogath rolled her eyes and mumbled something that should not be repeated here. Xavier tried to hide a grin as he barked out a command to Baby the oliphant, who kneeled down on all four legs as elegantly as an oliphant can and whirling up quite some dust in the prosess.

"There, my short beared ones. " Coughed Xaver. "Now you can reach the ladder. But first, give me my money."

Sevienul shouted something to Xavier from the oliphants back. As he turned to hear what she said better, Mogath knocked him out cold. When he woke up he was tied up and gagged. Mogath had carried him up on the oliphants back.

Now that everybody had finally climbed up, Sevienul set Baby in motion and Xavier roared in protests as they barged through his gates and trough the angry mob outside, who were helpeless agains such a big creature.

Now let us just get out of this place and meet up with Grom and the warg, send Xavier and Baby home and then head out to the gap of Rohan. Where I hope someone else will be GM since I have no ideas for that place. Wink Smilie
Um, okay, if I am to be GM for awhile, like I had asked Vee about, should I begin now? Yes? Not that you weren't a terrific GM, Amarie, I just wanted a try! Okay, well firstly, are we east or west of the Entwash River? I agree that soon we should ditch the oliphaunt...

So everyone has found their way onto the oliphaunt or is coming by other means, right? Etharion, do your thing with the horse. Anyway, I thought we could skip ahead a bit geographically on Vee's suggestion. Our oliphaunt ride was uneventful, so let's just say that we have passed the Gap of Rohan successfully and had released the oliphaunt and its caretaker in the Westemnet. Now we are on foot and heading north on the western side of the Misty Mountains, bypassing Isengard as it is no longer evil territory and we would be likely to find trouble in the Entwood and most of the surrounding lands west of the Anduin and east of the Misty's. So ahead of us comes a horse and rider. Is it Arthas? The spy? You guys, if you're participating, add some nice touches of your own...

Will that work, guys?
Erm, guys? Hello? Some evil villains you turned out to be! Why, you could probably get more evil out of a watermelon! SOMEBODY POST ALREADY!!!!!!!!
Evil? During christmas? I will when I get the time, but there is always something going on. And you'll be a great evil GM, L. I am better at writing reactions than actions.
Ay ay ay, this poor neglected thread almost passed over to the next page. I haven't had time to write anything, and I am going away for a week to Tenerife (Yey!) on Sunday. I think I have some more time when I get back. Lady L, I hereby give deliver Mogath into your evil and capable hands untill I return and claim her back. Now you can at least have a conversation even if you are alone in here.
It does seem to have got a bit lost somewhere. OK, L is now GM and can start by determining where we all are, whether we keep the oliphant or continue on foot. Remember the treasure is waiting for us in Moria. Let's get going.
Thanks Amarie! Hopefully I won't have to linger in here too long alone... Sad Smilie
**Cue everyone else.**
**taps foot**
Vee, Etharion, Adreia, Migsy, SOMEONE???????
Oh well, I guess this poor evil thready-poo will die off...It's my darn journal entry, isn't it?
Christmas is over, you ninnies!!!

Oops, Vee I see you've posted since I was writing my response to Amarie...okay, read my last post to see where we are and stuff, but just let me know if that will do, I am a GM novice!
Ok ok.....i think we should continue now. No no.....WE MUST CONTINUE!!!

Arthas was traveling for some while over the open plains, going north-west. Just then he heard booming foorsteps and felt the earth shake. "What the.........."
can i join? Smoke Smilie
Just let me know when to join and mabye this thread will be started back up again.
Well, I was supposed to be GM temporarily for this poor thread, but it seemed to die out because it was Christmas and all(and that time of year is not inherently evil), so you can join if you want, but we will need the other people to reoccupy their characters also if we are going to revive The Balrog's Horde.

Well, what do you say, guys? Have you all lost your evil touches? Do you all want to participate again? Anyone? I'll refresh my memory as to what's going on and give us all an idea of where the heck we are story-wise, but then I'll pass along GM duties to anyone else who will be consistent enough to handle it, unlike meself. Sound good? Guys? Very Evil Smilie
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