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Arthas had just turned around when the big warg pounced at him. "Arghh!!" the warg squashed him to the ground. But a second later he digged himself out. The warg had impaled itself on his bastard sword, Frostmourne. "Wargs!!!" he had a sligh scratch on his chest, but the thick cloathing was enough to shield him from the shallow claw swipe. "Dang mut. Where did they come from?? Never mind that, lets get some dog meat." he wiped his blade on the tall grass, which withered and cracked as the sword passed it. He then stod ready for any more sudden attacks.
Ok.... Never mind me being away. I'm back and how!! Thank you people for filling in for Grom, but I think I'm ready to take control... and take control I shall. Now, speaking of the Wargs, they're suppose to be my friends.. Kill another one and leave the last one for me. I'll take care of him....

Grrrrrr. I feel good. I feel good. Let's rock on people.......
Not wanting to be caught in the jaws of a warg, Grism moved to one side away from his companions. He wondered were Gramfrel was. Probably dead somewhere. One of the remaining wargs saw the movement and instinctively leapt towards the dwarf. In a split second Grism had his axe ready and had ducked away from the warg's charge.

He swung the axe up and over bringing it down and cleaving the warg's head from its body.

"phew! That was a bit too close for comfort. Don't any of you lot have weapons or did you think a dwarf might make a nice snack for it. You selfish load of stinking scraps!"
Grom stumbled into the bushes and Sevienul taking his knife from him didn't go unnoticed by him...

Just then the three wargs jumped in. Two were killed immediately but one of them jumped upon Mogath, who was caught unawares and was thrown to the ground. Grom took the chance and as Sevienul tried to help Mogath, Grom grabbed her from behind and pinned her to the ground. Grabbed her both hands behind her back as she was pinned down face first into the earth. Some of the arrows she had got scattered on the ground....

The vile of poison she possessed caught his eyes and he immediately took it.... Then in a swift movement he relieved her of his own knife and with a mind to finish her off for good, tried to cut off her head.

But just as he was about to do so, he heard a growl from the warg and looked up in surprise. Just then, by a chance his eyes met that of the warg and suddenly the warg stopped in his charge on Mogath.

Grom, distracted, didn't kill Sevienul, but still holding her pinned to the ground, he stared straight into the warg's eyes. They weren't strangers to each other.......

I'm giving a chance to the others to fight back. Just don't kill the Warg and Sevienul doesn't get her poison back so soon. I have her in complete control... Arthas, wanna shake hands here? I'll have to warg on my side now Wink Smilie

Also, I'll suggest Laurelindhe to not fight back. Please, just once, let me stamp my authority here Wink Smilie. Amarie, get in a position, where you're nearly able to kill the Warg!!

Erm, hope I'm not too intimidating Wink Smilie. I'm not trying to play V here, just that I have something in my mind. You're welcome to have it your way of course...
"Looks like you have a friend, Grom. And if you two are going to kill each other, hurry up - more gold for the rest of us, I say!"
Sevienul was muttering into the ground; an old chant that her great-grandmother, a high Priestess in Dol Guldur, had taught to her. It pleased her greatly to have a challenge, and this orc was assuredly one. She had not had fair game in a long while. After all, if he wanted to play All-Powerful, it would only lend itself to her ultimate plan and would eventually leave him in a vulnerable position. She ceased struggling under his weight and lay limp, expecting him to kill her, when the remaining warg began to charge at Mogath again. Even though Grom was distracted and she could have easily overpowered him, she remained lifeless on the ground.

Just so you know, Migsy, I never allow a man to gain total control over me, but since you've got a plan, I'll let you have your fun for awhile...but I hope Grom will be ready for the retribution to come!
Hey, got time after all! Can I ask what a bastard sword is anyway? It's mom was a nice, clean sword but it's dad was a big, dirty kitchen knife? Wink Smilie Grom is being bullied by the women and needs Arthas to 'potect him'. Stand your ground Migsy! Grom is a big, ugly uruk-hai, not some tiny hobbit we can push around. I tried to thoughen him up in my post.

Mogath got up and got out her sword. "So Grom, is this creature your pet or are you his pet? He sure has a lot more personality, and I am sure he doesn't need a human to protect him from being teased by the girls."

She growled at the warg, compying his own growl. It charged again, but this time she was prepared and laughed as she sliced his side. The warg jumped sideways, with a howl.

Why can't I kill the warg, Migsy? You'd better call him off or jump in and save him or he will die.
Well, that Warg is my friend and is going to accompany me Wink Smilie

Grom quickly threw his knife at Mogath. Its sharp blade dug right inside her right thigh....

Oh, and speaking of "dectating" your character Amie, I'm sorry about that. If you get that feeling, I'm really sorry.. won't happen again. As I said, this is my first RPG, so I'm still learning....
It's ok, I had just deleted that post when I saw yours. Think I misread something earlier on so I thought you were more 'controlling' that you were. I am a bit touchy about that. Wink Smilie
Mogath swiftly drew out her cross-bow. The arrow sang as it hit Groms shoulder, close to the neck right where the armor didn't shield him, knowing very well it wouldn't kill him." So you are fond of this warg are you? That might come in handy later. Attack me again and he dies." She looked at the warg. "I guess you are the intelligent one here, attack me and you'll die, is that understood?"

She pulled out the knife from her thigh, it had pierced her leather leg armour, but together with her thick uruk skin, it had done little damage. At least not enough to slow an uruk down. She went over to Sevienul, keeping an eye on Grom and the warg. "Grom sure is generous with his weapons today... At least he didn't have time to poison it." She wiped off the blood and placed the knife in a strap on her foot.
Where in blazes is everyone? All of the other characters are too silent to be truly evil-they must be pseudo-evil instead...that will make for easier disposal...har har har.

Sevienul had been waiting to see what the Uruk would try to do with her, but seeming as he had been distracted by Mogath and the warg for so long, she saw her chance and took it. He had been holding her down with one leg, so grabbing Grom's thick, sinewy calf, she forcefully twisted with all of her physical might while simultaneously punching the back of his kneecap, rendering his leg helpless, which caused him to topple to the ground with a shudder. While he was down, for the breif second that he was unaware of what she was doing, she roughly grabbed her vile back from his hand and returned it to her pack at her side. "You forget that we are no typical females and that we have fought brutish men for ages now...we are not simple maidens, so what would give you the idea that you could gain control over us? We have battled men and creatures far beyond your skill or comprehension! We have seen the Dark Lord and fell at his feet and he accepted us as his own...are you in the favor of the Lord of Barad-Dur? For he was temporarily defeated, not destroyed, and he will come back for those loyal to him. Now, either we set aside our silly squabblings this minute, or we abandon this quest for the treasure altogether! For we are almost to the Gap, and we shall do well to stick together for a bit to defeat any resistance we may meet...then, after we get to Moria, we shall have a sporting time of killing one another! For now, back off." Sevienul had been dipping an arrow into her vial as she said this, then aimed it at Grom. "Are we in agreement?" She asked as she aimed the arrow at his face.
Arthas suddenly came from behind Sevienul and picked her up by the scruff of her neck. "I think that you shall lower that bow if you want to keep your pretty head! Iv had enough of you monstrously stupid bunch of fools!! If i was any smarter id let you kill each other and simply stamp out the survivors, letting you live this time."he then turned Sevienul around while stil holding her in the air and said quietly "And you better remember that, witch girl" he then droped her. Turning to Grom he said "I see you have a friend there. Im sorry to say i killed its brother." he said with a smile. "Now, if your finished having fun with the girls, we should head on. I dont want a rohan patrol to come sniffing around."
Turning around Artheas saw Mogath standing with her cross-bow, aiming at Arthas head out of reach of his sword, but too close for him to duck is she had shot. In her other hand she held a knife. In case anyone else tried something. "Clever of you to let her go, or you would have been dead by now. Not that I don't think Sevienul here can take very good care of herself, but I really am getting quite fed up with your 'I am the leader, hear me roar' attitude, Pretty Boy." She saw that Sevienul had moved out of his reach. She lowered her cross-bow and blew him a kiss.

"You really have angered her now" She said, nodding towards Sevienul. "You should sleep with one eye open from now on, blondie. We don't need you. We are letting YOU live. You remember THAT. Now can we please get moving or is there someone else who would like to get their egos crushed by two 'girls'?"
Ooh, feel the burn on that one? Orc Grinning Smilie
While Mogath, Arthas and Seveinul were busy threatening each other, Grom pulled out the arrow from that bit him and snapped it in two and threw it away. Thinking it better to let the situation be, he got up and went to tend to his Warg friend...
Ooh, feel the burn on that one? Orc Grinning Smilie
Yeah, you liked that one didn't you? Bad girls bad girls, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?Very Big Grin Smilie

"Great, that is settled then. Now let us try not to attack each other too much untill we get at least a litte closer to Moria. We have Gondrians behind and the Rohirrim infront of us. I don't know what you had in mind now, Arthas, but we will bring along some of this fine warg meat we have here and find a place to eat it, it will be a long run."

When she got the time she whispered to Sevienul. "I like a clear, honest attack. I worry more about the other two females. Either they are dumb as trolls or they are up to something. They are too quiet."
I'll catch up properly when I've had a cuppa and relaxed after my journey home. But in the meantime.....

GM says.... ahead of you, about a mile, is a small hamlet with a few farms and an inn. (Could it be the Silver River Tavern? Hehehehehe!) The people are peaceful but used to orc raids. They are well armed but would prefer to serve beer rather than fight. They are also happy to trade and will keep quiet if they are not threatened or harmed. Do you go through the hamlet or round it?
Through it

Arthas looked at the orc woman and laughed. "Mwhahahahaha!! Thats a good one! You think im interested in leading this group?? Think again....if you can that is. Im only trying to save as much of you as i can, because ill need some cannon fodder for the Moria goblins." he said with a nasty smile. "Now, if im not mistaken, there's a small hamlet nearby. Me and some of the rest shall go to get some provisions, but you two orc blokes have to stay behind. We dont have time to stop by and watch them hang you. So, any objections?"

If anyone is interested in how my character looks, send my a PM of your email adress. I found a great picture of him with all the details i described in my bio. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

PS- i think someone asked this before: A bastard sword is a sword between a onehanded short sword and a twohanded longsword or great sword. That is, it can be wielded easily with one hand, but is also made big enough for a powerfull two handed swing. I think that covers it.
Mogath smiled at the 'blokes' remark. "Sure, if that is the path you insist on using. We have been there before, the beer is ok. They may not like the warg and his pet, but if they are able to keep quiet, they might be allowed to live."
"Yes" said Arthas. "Maybe they should act as our orc slaves. For their own protecion of course. Or maybe they would like to wait outside of the town." I
Mogath laughed. "You do have some bright ideas occationally, blondie. But you are telling Grom!" She laughed again. "Grom as a slave... yes I like that."
Does anyone know where IceFangs is? I can't do anything without her, unless....I kill her...muahahaha! Kidding!
"I volunteer to play lookout while you go into the village;besides, I might have fun staying behind with Grom here. Mogath, will we have fun staying with Grom?" Sevienul winked at Mogath, then looked at Grom with a mad gleam in her eyes. "I think so...we can find lots to do..."
"Hehe, I am sure we could, but I'd rather spend as little time possible with Grom, I am quite sure he feels the same. I don't think it would be healthy for either of us. You just don't want to meet that Sergei again. Besides, we might be able to sell Grom when we get there!" Then she added in a hushed voice. "Maybe these chicks start talking when they have got something to drink. You and me and Grom are obviously the muscles, Arthas probably sees himself as the brain, the dwarves may have been his link to get the map and they knows their way around in Moria, but the girls..."
Tolian glanced about uneasily, leading her horse behind her.
'Good grief!' she thought. 'I feel so small and unnessecary here! Perhaps I should go, no one will notice anyhow.'
With that thought, she got up on her horse's back and rode away from everyone.

((Yeah I think I'm headin' out here...not much for me to do heh..))
Grism starts walking in the direction towards the village. "There had better be good ale there otherwise there will be trouble. Come on, you lot, we've a few miles to cover before we can relax. And were is that strange one off to? She might sell us out to the Gondorians. Should we kill her?"
She barely had heard it, but when the word "kill" reached her ears, Sevienul giggled and loaded her bow with a dipped arrow. "I say aye, kill the traitorous wench." With that, a soft twang sung from bow, and her aim failed her not again, for her arrow embedded deep into Tolian's steed's throat, leaving the odd female on foot. "Now the fun starts!" She said, chasing after her prey not far from the others.

Amarie, nice bit about Sergei...interesting...Vee, can we please oh please kill Adreia's character, since she has become expendable? That would be up to evil par.
I don't know where Sergei came from, but it could be fun to find out who/what he is. I saw Adreia asking Vee in chat not to kill Tolian, but Vee was away and we are evil. It is not logical to just let her ride off. Who knows who she might talk to? We don't exactly trust eachother in this group. Wink Smilie
Yep - anyone leaving is fair game. sorry Adreia - nothing peronal but we simply would not let someone ride off. KILL KILL KILL!
"Horse meat too as well as warg! Great!" Mogath hurried after Sevienul and Tolian. "Leave some of the traitor for me! She must be dumb as a troll after all to think she could just ride off like that."
No offence, Adreia, but Tolian is going down.
OK - to give others a chance to GM I have decided to offer the post of Assistant Game Master to anyone who wants to have a try for a few weeks. Anyone want to control the game...... you decide on who lives and dies etc, where you go, what challenges you face etc. Only power mad megalomaniacs need apply!
Me first! Me first! I've thinking this temp GM would be fun, get a chance to try how it is like. I think I can come up with some ideas for the village, not so sure about the other areas we will be passing through. So I though I'd just hurry and reply now before someone else did. When do I start? Wink Smilie
A cry was heard from Eleveti as she saw what was going on, she ran to help her friend.

Kill them both! Or drag them along and sell them as slaves in the village. Or kill one and sell the other. Your choise. Acheron said on page 10 that we can dispose of Eleveti any way we like.
What?!?!?!?! That's so unfair!!! You never even asked!!! And you don't know what she's going to do!!! She's going to come back!!! Sad Smilie Shocked Smilie Wow...just my luck...She was only going to refill her canteen!
Tolian ran down to a river, dodging arrows. She knelt down and quickly refilled her canteen, then headed back toward thr group.
"Is it a crime for someone to get water?"she grumbled. "My goodness, people got no respect anymore."
Adreia, you said you were leaving and Vee said you were going to die. Are you staying or are you leaving? Make up your mind and speak more clearly in the future. You/Tolian acted highly suspicious just taking off like that. And you could have filled your canteen in the village, you knew we were going there. Is that an explanation Sevienul and the others will belive? Hmmmm.....
Okay, okay, I'm staying. Sorry if I'm not clear-hard time right now for me. And they went through a village? Wow I have to pay attention more...
No, we are heading to the village now. Paying attention is a good thing. Keeps you alive and things like that. Wink Smilie
Lol thanks Amarie! You're a great help! *hugglez* Smoke Smilie
At least we know that Acheron really has left and that we can do whatever we want with her character. Very Evil Smilie

Mogath turned around and snarled at Eleveti. "Mind your own business!" Then continued to run towards Sevienul and Tolian. Eleveti stormed towards Tolian. "Nooo!" Mogath slowed her pace as she heard her come closer. As the woman were about to pass her, Mogath streched her arm out, hitting her across the chest. Eleveti fell to the ground gasping for air, clutching a knife now firmly stuck in her chest, the same knife Grom had trown at Mogath earlier. "I said 'mind your own business'!" Then she turned her back at her and walked over to Sevienul.
Oh no you don't, you have to deal with Sevienul first. Please delete that post, or post it later if it fits in then. Eleveti is not that close to you and between you and her body, is Mogath. And the others might follow or just enjoy the show at a distance. You think you are getting of the hook that easily? Think again, my dear. This is an evil RPG.
Lol, okay
Thank you. Smile Smilie
Ok, this is where we are at:
Everybody was heading for the village when Tolian suddenly turned her horse and rode away from the others, an act that was very suspicious. Sevienul killed Tolians horse, followed Tolian (now on foot) and has now caught up with her. Tolian is standing there with her canteen, not looking very belivable even if the canteen story was true or not. Mogath is following not too far behind. Eleveti came running to help Tolian. Eleveti was stabbed in the chest by Mogath as she passed by her after ignoring Mogaths call about staying away. Mogath is nearing Sevienul and Tolian.
Grom, who all this time was tending to Thrall, his warg friend, looked up as he smelled (!) blood. "Ah, we have some food for you right here Thrall... GO!! Feast on the flesh!!!" Thrall roared and jumped upon the fallen....
Arthas looked upon the sudden changes suprised yet amused. With a odd smile he said to himself "Well well. I guess orcs will be orcs. But the "lady's" are very amusing. Such bloodlust...hmmm. I think ill go to town myself." and he sets of towards the small hamlet.
And soon he was there. so a small description would be nice, mr.current game master Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Mr?? Then a big bear falls from the sky and eats Arthas, burps and leaves. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie j/k I see Vee never said it was a village, but a hamlet. I'll stick with that.

Arthas finds himself passing by some small farms, well kept by busy hands, but with clear traces of repeated orc raidings. The people he met on the road were armed and cautious, but greated him back as he raised his right hand as a greeting.

The road leads to a small cluster of houses. One of them is bigger and looks like it has been there forever. A stable stands nearby and you can see people walking to and from it. A big sign saying 'The Riverside Inn' hangs above the door and is swaying softly in the wind.

The hinges of the big worn wooden door protes when you open it. A small hall with a couple of doors on each side. The end opened to a big room where several people where drinking and talking merrily. The room is dim. The bar is placed to the right when you enter. The murmur of voices changes as Arthas enters and goes to the bar.
Sevienul approached the seemingly-unsuspecting Tolian. She grabbed onto her wrists forcefully and began to bind them with thick, black Uruk rope. "There may be better uses for you than to become warg chow yet. Be still and silent, pretty vampiric darling, and you may soon be free of us to prey upon the naive hamlet inhabitants, after you are sold to someone who is willing to pay for your wretched hide. But just so we are clear, you right now belong to me." She snarled into Tolian's ear quietly, standing just aside her. Eleveti's small dying gasps were sweet music to her ears. She looked at Mogath and said "Lookie 'ere, Mogath, we have ourselves a pretty little meal ticket! Let's go to that inn in town and see if we can fetch a loot for her!"

Amarie, I think it would be so neat if a bear really did fall from the sky and ate someone!!! That is a great visual!
Yes it is, isn't it? Wink Smilie

Mogath grinned. "Sounds like a plan. Now I am quite looking forward to entering the hamlet." She went and pulled the knife out of Elevetis chest and broke her neck. "Be quiet." She grabs Elevties cross-bow and arrows, leaving the rest for others to find. Extra arrows were always good to have, and the bow she could always sell or trade for something later.

"Right then, are you coming?" She looked at Grom, Legor and the Grism the dwarf.
I think there is only one dwarf now - Gamfrett is off with Icey's character somewhere.

Grism looked at Legor and shrugged. "Oh well, what do I care..... I didn't even know her. Come on Legor."
Ahhh... Thought there were three dwarves who joined, but there were two dwarves and a man. Gildors Legor. Are you in chat Vee? Go yell at Gilly if he is there, he hasn't posted since he joined!
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