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This is my first roleplay so dont blame me if its bad Big Smile Smilie

The Nirnaeth Arnoediad was gruesome, The Orcs were pushing forward and Hurin was trying to hold them back while Turgon retreated. Suddenly a Balrog leapt out of no where and seperated a small company of Turgon's Elves during the retreat. The Balrog's whip came crashing down but the elves escaped through a small brink in the cliffside that they were cornereed against. They came through to Taur-nu-Fuin but they were lost and leagues from Gondolin. To add to their trouble their captain Curucam was carrying Turgons Gauntlet. Whatever weapon was held in that gauntlet would slay all that it strook. Morgoth would send a mighty force on them if they didnt get back to Gondolin.

I am...
Name: Dairuin Curucam
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Rank: Captian
Age: 1080
Height: 7'
Favourite weapon: Faved Sword Anganaur (iron fire)
Special skill: A great leader, all would follow him where-ever he went

Be whoever you want, human/beast. man/elf, good/evil, male/female.

Have fun Wink Smilie
Hey cool, I'll join.

Name- Nak (Nakhile)
Race- Larhean
Description- Long dark hair, dark eyes, & a 18ft wing span ( Wings: Raven black
Clothing- Black leggings, high boots, long gray shirt, large belt.
Weapons- Bow'n arrows across back & twin blades on either hip.
Personality- Too stubborn for her own good, rebellious, & moody
Im gonna join if a dont mind. Big Laugh Smilie

Name: Iesseus Reyndous
Race: Dunedain
Currently living in: Osgiliath
Age: 24
Height: 6'0
Description:A young brave warrior and bartender.He inherited the Crouching Hobbit Inn after his father Reagous Reyndous died courageously fighting off orcs near osgiliath.He has Blond hair mixed with black hair.His weapons are the sword his father gave him which he called Alsouda Katana and throwing knives.He will do anything for his friends and family.He never gives up.He is very recognizable with his black chain mail and long hair.When he works in the bar he wears black leather pants and a White short-sleeve shirt under a leather vest.He also wears a leather wristband on each wrist with nails driven through them that are about 9 inches long.
The Elves were wounded in the fighting, "We stop here," shouted Curucam, "Nak, scout the area from the skys, we dont want any unwanted guests while we're healing the wounded" . Just then Curucam noticed a small being creeping among the troops, he drew anganaur and held it at his neck "What have we here? A dunedain? What business have you in this battle, are you a spy of morgoth or just a young fool?"
Uhh... yeah, first, it's Nak. Second, you can't control other characters actions. And third, Iess wears chain mail & stuff, in battle, disguising his second trade. I know you're the GM, but you appear new all the same.
Sorry rue, ive changed all the problems, and Im learning all the time
Before taking off, Nakhile smiled as the captain began questioning Iess, "He's not a spy, but some could call him a fool at times". She unfurled her dark wings and quickly pushed off into the sky, circling over the company until she was sure it was safe.

No problem, it's wicked someone so new attempted an RPG, I'm convinced it'll go great. And anytime you need help, just ask Iess or me.
"Your gonna pay for saying that Rue."said Iesseus laughing."Nice to meet you all Iesseus Reyndous at your service.Im sure I could help you out and Im not a spy trust me."
Yo, Iess, I'm Nak.

Nak landed beside him laughing and flapped a wing in his face, "The day I pay is the day you can take me in a duel, so I think I'm safe for now". She turned and rummaged through her bag a moment before pulling out a bota of aqivi and sipping slowly, "Can we pick up the healing? I mean, time is life, and we're running out".

Bota-Stiff water sack. Aqivi- extremely bitter desert ale.
"Almost done, we can leave as soon as we know where we're going" Curucam stood still for a minute staring deep into the north."I see something," A look of shock crept across his face, "It's Sauron and his orcs head for the hills!"
Nak pushed off and hovered a few feet above him, shifting her gaze, "Bummer".

Sorry for the short's early..ish.
"Lets go get those orcs."said Iesseus drawing his Alsouda Katana."Theyre gonna be so cut up after im done with them it wont even be funny."
"Yeah, but watching you do it will be hilarious", muttered Nak above them, still watching thier anticipated target. "But I still agree, come on Captain, it's time we had some fun with this whole thing". She rose a bit higher counting the numbers in the group as they waited for an answer.
"You know what Nak .Im gonna get myself a trophy from those orcs and youll be begging me to train you."Iess almost thought she might say Train me to what be an idiot like you.
hey gibbbon im lovin this rp itz great if u have any questions just ask
ok Moderator Smilie
She looked down at him and flapped her wings, sending down a rush of air. "The day you train me is the day you can beat me", she almost smiled then. "And if you can, than I will be more than willing to be trained by an underestimating, overconfident, smart mouthed, man like you. Deal?"
Whatever.And will you stop flapping those wings in my face!?"said Iesseus sounding almost agitated.
Dudes, more people needed?

"Ooooh", she said flying higher, a satisfied smirk on her face. Then, looking down to the captain, "If you don't decide something soon, I'm going anyway, I haven't killed anything in ages".
I will join i'am just waiting for the rigth moment, and i know when it will be.
Sorry ive been away for 2 days

"Alright, Nek, I want you to take the small company of archers and hide in the hills to the left. On my signal send down a shower of arrows and in the meantime less will bring half the company round the back and his company and mine will sandwich them and massacre the orcs." Curucam was surrounded by his two fellow captains drawing a diagram on the floor. "Everyone get into their positions"
I think i will join now.

Name: Freyr
Apperiance: A dark looking pale girl who wears a long blue cape and a hood.
Weapon: A long metal pole, and a Knife
Power: She has telekineses
BIo: Because she has spent so much time in her room she has been able to develop telekineses. SHe is not very social, and does not smile much.

As the army of orcs approached the company of heros could see a hooded figure moving in the front of the line.
"Wait everyone. At the front. Thats not an orc." Curucam started thinking, "Continue with the plan but keep that figure at the front alive..., I'm curious"
Hey captain C can I get the hooded dude pleaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee"begged Iesseus.
"Knock yourself out"
"YYYYeeeeesssss!!! Hes mine Im gonna get him so fast it wont even be funny."said Iesseus cheerfully."Lets do this."
Nak grinned to herself as her raptor vision landed on the hooded figure, "This is gonna be fun to watch, hey Iess how are you goning to feel when the ground opens beneath you?" She pointed, "That's Freyr the girl we escaped from Sayah with, she's got those telekinetic powers".
"Sure it is Nak Nak and even if it is im still gonna get her or him"taunted Iess playfully."Killin the orcs and capturein hoodie over there is gonna be no problem for me"
"You know", said Nak, smiling but still watching the figure, "Your tough-guy cockiness is gonna get you killed someday".
Freyr spoted the figure up in the sky and remembered how that figure helped her escape from savah. I guess i can keep her alive she said to herself. "Whatch out for the lady with wings she is a strong one and could take a whole battalion out herself in one fell swoop. And make sure you dont kill her." Freyr finished her orders to the army. "Yes mam" they answered.
Thanks Freyr! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
ya your lucky i'am saving your life, all your frends will die. JK.
Iesseus grabbed a rope and and charged like a raging bull at the hooded figure yelling.Just as he was 5 feet away from the figure he was lifted in the air,"Hey what the heck what are you doing!?"Just as he said that he was dropped and hit the ground and then went back up and the same thing happened over and over again."Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggguuuuuuuhhhhh."Iesseus let out a moan and he was covered in blood and dirty and bruised."Please stop...."
"You challenged me, and wanted to kill me or at least capture me, what is wrong with defending myself?" Freyr held The man up in the air. "You were also there when i escaped form savah. I could rip you apart right now but i will spare you. This plan of yours was horrible, go back and talk with your friends and try again. And next time i may not be so nice!". Freyr droped him on the ground and he ran back.
"RETREAT!" Curucam ordered his forces back to cover behind some large boulders. "less, Nak! Why didnt you tell me you knew her! We're gonna have to change our plan. less, nak, you 2 work together take half our force and pretend to surrender. Let them take you and keep the brain girl busy while the rest of us creep up and kill the orcs secretly one at a time until theres only the girl left. Now do you know any weaknesses of hers?
Nak landed nodding with the plan, "We don't really know anything about her, we worked together as convicts and escaped from a rather seluced city, that's it. It's gonna be kinda awkward surrendering to someone we've worked with". She shook her head looking at Iess, "Hey, are you alright? You hit the ground pretty hard."
"Ya I think so im just a little shook up from the falls."said Iesseus painfully
sorry bout the short post i have to go
"Ok soldiers i want you to kill all of them exept for two of them. The one with wings, and the arrogant one who tried to charge me. If they cause a problem then kill them, but try to capture them." Freyr finished her speach and turned back to the enemy.
Nak nodded slightly and turned around, "Well, we'd better get going then, I want this surrendering thing over as quickly as possible".
"Why dont you guys start the plan ill be right there."said Iesseus sitting on the ground.He then got up and walked away from the group and sat down.He had started meditating when he felt himself get lifted up again."Oh no not this again!"he cried and then he saw himself soaring towards the enemy face first and he saw an orc holding a sak."AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"he screamed as he fell into it and it was closed shut."Lemme out lemme out"he screamed but then he was hit in the head by what he thought was a club and got knocked out...
Freyr looked at that fool once and snorted. "You have tested my patience!" Freyr raised her hand and the figure was lifted into the air. With a flick of her wrist he was sent flying into a sack were he was nocked unconciece. She couldent help but gigle. "I want archers to be ready to shoot that woman/bird out of the sky." she ordered.
Curucam drew his longbow and said something quietly. The arrow he was holding suddenly became very hard to focus on. " Dont worry this arrow is enchanted. They wont see it coming" He drew back the arrow, aimed, and fired. It flew through the air heading straight for the hooded figure when a gust of wind blew it off target. The orc standing next to the leader suddenly fell with an arrow through its neck.
"Well so much for enchanted arrows", muttered Nakhile to the captain. "I'm gonna go up for a better look", she unfurled her wings quickly and pushed back off into the sky.
Freyr immediatly saw the man who killed the orc next to her. She truned and raised her hands. The ground infront of him suddenly rose up untill it was a wall. "Thats got to slow him down, now to deal with these other pests." Freyr said.
Nak, seeing her friend was in a sack and captain cut off from attacking, flew forward, Bow drawn and notched, "We helped you! You got out of there because of us and the others and now you're the enemy?" She fired repeatedly, but only aiming for the orcs.
Is it too late for me to join in this one? o.O Sorry for the one-liner
Freyr turned around and faced the orcs. "Give me the sack!" The orcs obeyed. She raised her hand and the sack was floating infront of her. Then she flicked her other hand and an endless pit opened below the sack. "Flee now or your friend will die, I will give him back if you obey." Freyr waited for a respawns.

Is gondolin still around?
"Give him back or I'll shoot you", Nak answered in a bored tone, she pulled the string tighter and moved just over the pit. "I'm not letting you endanger anyone else from that company", she nodded behind her to the captain and troops.
ooc:no adreia plz join it would be great to have along for this one srry bout the 1 liner. Wiggle Smilie
"You insult me by think that an arrow could stop me! It would not be hard tp stop one of thoughs arrows. I have seen them in use before." Freyr shook her head at nak.
Nakhile smiled in satisfaction, "I don't waste my time with enchanted arrows that miss thier targets, I like it the old fashion way". She began firing again, even though her arrows were cast aside, she was able to advance with each shot until she was just above the floating sack.
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