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Curucam saw Clover working her way to Freyr. He drew a dark green cloak from his shoulder-sling and through it over him while climbing a tree and working his way over the overhanging branches towards Freyr. No-one saw him as he was almost invisible to the naked eye wearing his cloak.
Freyr saw that all her enemys where approaching her. "Ahhh i see you guys fear me" Freyr lauphed as she raised her hand a picked up a tree that was beside her. All of the sudden a man fell out of the tree, she did not pay attention to him. She raised the tree above the elf. And ddropped it.
Iesseus saw it."Errrrr crap!"He jumped up and tackled Cloveress out of the way."That was way to close for me."
"Grrrrrrr! Thats the second time that annoyance has got in the way. I guess i will have to end his life." Freyr lauphed. Freyr looked at the fire, it was spreading. "Hey you fools your forest is going to burn down if you dont get to it soon."
Freyr's words reached the Cloveress' ears like a blast of cold air. "Nooooooo!!!" She felt fury rise so fast within her that without even knowing it, the rumblings of water began to reach the mountains behind them.
Curucam had hit the ground hard and was still dazed when he saw Freyr as a laughing figure towering above him. He braced himself and then ran full pelt into her legs as she crumpled over.
umm its time to go says calin as he dives down on hid griffon. nak you can carry gibbon right. i got iess and clover. he then lands his griffon. clover turn into the lightest form you possibly can. iess get on behind me. there is a flood coming.
"No thanks Calin I can handle myself."said Iess to Calin.Iess pulled out a small rectangular object.He stabbed it into himself and he immeadiately grew 20 foot long wings."Told you I could handle myself."
Freyrs legs were in pain. It felt like a really bad charlie horse. Her army of orcs surronded her so she would be protected. She managed the get up.
"Nah, I'll just stay in the flood. I can manage. Fightin's going to be over soon anyways." The Cloveress let her Ent form come back. "I'll have to supervise this flood, though you guys better go quick. My fury can get out of control." She waved them off as they flew towards the mountains... Freyr seemed to be in some sort of pain, the Cloveress could see her doubling over...
Curucam was being carried over the forest by Nak. He could see Clover still down with the orcs in her ent form. He held on tight as she flew him over to the plains.
'Ents are made of wood, oh this will be good.' Freyr thought to her self. She grabed a tree that was on fire, she droped infront of the ent. It started to spread.
"Oh no," thought the Cloveress, "there's gonna be some trouble... but there's still the flood...that idiot of a Freyr can't possibly hope to defeat me with fire!" But her branches were already caught on fire, and she felt the scorching heat race up her arms...
Curucam looked down and saw the Cloveress was in trouble. "Nak, swoop me in low over the Cloveress and pass me one of your knifes, I've got a plan."
Nak nodded and began dropping until they were in reasonable range of the Cloveress, "Hurry", she said handing him a knife, "I'm not staying around to get shot back down".
Iess to saw the ent was in trouble.He hoped he still knew how to use a small water spell he had learned 10 years ago.He swooped down and shot water at her.It put out some of the fire but not all of it."Darn it!"
As Nak flew him over the cloveress he drew out his cloth canteen of water and at the perfect moment split it wide with the knife which sent a spray of water over the clearing it put out the fire on the Cloveress."I couldn't of done that without less's water spell." He then passed the knife back to Nak and asked her to take him back up.
"Freyr saw them swooping them in. "Shoot them down now." Freyr made her order and watched as a wall of arrows was fired.
The Cloveress heard what Freyr had said. Quick as lightning, she swooped at Nak and pulled her down holding her close to her and shielding her from arrows with her giant wooden body. Iess too was thrust behind her. "Thanks guys," she muttered, brushing ash off her arms. "Now stay close. I feel the flood coming."
Iess heard a noise."Wait a second.EVERYBODY GET TO THE GROUND!!!"he yelled"ORCS FLYING ON DRAGONS!"He waited for everyone to get to the ground and he threw down another rock.It made a huge forcefield "Quick get in!"
The water came with great wrath. And washed a lot of the Orcs out of the way, but the Cloveress held her ground and hugged the others close to her. Then suddenly she felt as though her leafy head was on fire. "Oh no! Dragons!!!" She quickly plunged down into the water, letting the fire go out. "Sorry guys for making you all wet," she grinned.
"Thats alright Ijust hope the flood did the trick." Curucam looked round and saw soaked orcs stuck up charred trees, luckily all the fire had gone out. "Damn dragons they'll just set everything alight again. He picked up his longbow and started shooting arrows at the dragons, one hit an orc and it's dragon flew straight into a tall tree.
Iess flew up and hovered right in front of a dragon.He still had the protective barrier so it would reflect it back.The dragon shot the fire and it blew itself up."Score 1 for me!"said Iess laughing.
The Cloveress silently admired Iess' ability. But she had no time to stand there gaping. The dragons were coming, she did a quick count. "Oh no," she groaned, "ten dragons'll take a great deal of Turin Tarambars to get out of this mess alive..." The flood was already losing its force, and she had almost no other power other than her natural fighting skills. "Oh dear," she said, and turned back into the Elf, letting everyone back onto the ground and taking her bow.
As every one seemed to have frogoteen about calin. he flew down from the clouds with arrows raining around him he took out one orc with a rock, 3 with arrows and then launched himself off of his griffon onto a 4ths back sword flashing. his griffon pulleed another orc off a dragon and dropped it on a 7th orc. meanwhile he threw his 2 knives at the last to orcs. hius aim was off because he was on a dragon but he managed to get a shoulder and a leg. he then slammed his sword into the weak spot on the dragons neck and launched himself out into the open where his griffon caught him. he then had his griffon fly straight at freyr while he turned around and got ready to stand in front of the fire. meanwhile he yeeled down. hope you can take out the rest because i am all out of brilliant ideas.
The Cloveress looked up with surprise. "Calin! Are you trying to get yourself shot up there? You're makinga perfect target for Orc archers! Be careful!!" There was no time for her to be worried though. She was already seperated from the others, and Orcs were surrounding her, trying to press her down. She fought like mad, killed five orcs and wounded a dozen others, but in the end she also got slashed by a dragon's tail swooping low. However she thrust her sword up and parried a blow from the nearest Orc, stood up again and fought, though her left side was bleeding from the spikes on the dragon tail. "Awww...who cares about death?" she muttered as she swung her sword around, feeling weaker every moment...
Curucam swung round as he saw the Cloveress and let fly an arrow into an orcs neck. He drew anganaur and sprinted straight at the Cloveress. He chopped and heads and limbs went flying. He was in a rage and slew all he saw while protecting the Cloveress.
Freyr saw the flood coming. She Spread her hands and a huge ravine opened. Then she raised her hands and a large wall made of earth came up behind the ravine. "Release the dragons" Freyr yelled as a roar was heard. She rasied her self above the wall and watched the orcs outside its boundries, well inside all was safe.
Calin was having his griffon fly as fast as it could, while he was trying to protect it from the flames. he then realised that he was coming over the armiess and had his griffon fly above the range of their arrows.
Nak, who had been absent for a time, appeared behind Freyr, just inside the walls. "Well", she said conversationaly, "This is going quite smooth, don't you think?" She glided back and fourth slowly, "I've always wondered, what's one life, to hundreds, or thousands of lives? Not much right?"
Freyr turned aaround and saw Nak facing her. "Nak it was a bit of a surpirse when i first saw you with thoughs big ugly wings of yours. I laphed a bit when i first saw you that night in Savah. Uhhh thoughs time were intresting" Freyr looked at Nak.
Nak nodded understandingly, "Yeah, they were my punishment, it's what I got for acting like you before my first death". She grinned to herself, "But they're not just here to teach me a lesson, as you might know, nothing is without an opposite. If you kill me, more than half your army will fall with my death, and after that, the others will take you down".
"You are more follish then i thought. This is not the only army, i'am a mercinary. The one i work for has dozens of armys at his disposal. This one dies i get another and so on and so forth. And he knows my worth, so he will give me another. You all will die." Freyr smirked at nak.
Calin heard this last bit as his griffon flew around the wall with the dragons still following. Trying to make his attentions clear to Nak while not getting shot down or roasted.
"Thanks, Curucam." The Cloveress straightened up painfully. "I think I can fight what's left." Not much was left after Curu's little outbrust. Then she cought a glimpse of Freyr and Nak and the griffon in a secluded corner, where few orcs were. The Cloveress grabbed Curucam's arm. "Look! I think someone is gonna be killed over there..." She smirked when she saw Calin waving frantically at Nak behind Freyr's back.
Nak nodded again, looking to Freyr. Seeing Calin suddenly, but not understanding his actions, she kept her expression blank to avoid others noticing. "If you're really that insistant..." She looked over the army, considering her decision, "I place my bond upon you, something I wanted to avoid, you will take your army's place at death". She looked around herself nervously, hoping Calin would take the hint to shoot her.

Nak's died before, and will be reincarnated later, if shot. Freyr's powers may save her, though she won't be as powerful, she can live, that way the story doesn't end...
The Cloveress finished off what was left of the orcs on her side, and none dared come near her for the moment, even though she was hardly standing. Yet she could see far off where a host of orcs were gathered, ready to charge out at Freyr's command. But Freyr showed no sign of letting them go. In fact she was talking to Nakhile. "I don't understand what's happening...yet I feel as if something similar has happened before? If I could see my books again..." she murmured and slumped unconscious to the bottom of a tree. Her body was immediately disguised as grass and leaves and a fallen tree trunk. Nearby, Curucam was watching Freyr, so he didn't notice.
"Nak if only you would understand that evil will revail, you and your elf friends cannot possibly think of deafeating us. I would not like to kill you, becasue you did help me out, but you have given me no choice." Freyr held out her hand and rasied a huge bolder.
Nak smiled and spread her arms out, "Do it, you'll loose more than I will. It seems you don't understand, the moment I die, you will be within an inch of death. Though your life will not end, it will take your stength from you, your only hope will be escape from the others".
calin motions to Nak to fly up and away as fast as she can. he then points to the dragons flying at him and pantomimes spitting fire. then he pantomimes the griffon flying up. Then he fires and arrows at the dragons heading straight towards the back of freyr. then when the start spitting fire in his direction he has his griffon fly straight up. so that te fire goes straight towards freyr.
Freyr sees all the camotion and sinks into the ground, she reapears behind nak. And throws the bolder straight at the griffin.
The Cloveress inhaled deeply, smelling the reeking orc blood and also, her own blood and her friends' blood. She detested it all. But war was war, and it had arrived more and more frequently in these days. Blood. The Cloveress was conscious again. But she did not want action so soon, not yet. She had seen something between Nak and Freyr. She had seen something that only she could see. And now she needed to think...
Calin sees the boulder hurled at the griffon and him and has his griffon dive straight towards the forest.
Nak sighed in irritation but smiled as she turned to face Freyr, "I've never understood how you bad guys always convince yourselves that you're going to win". She displayed a confused expression before turning around and gliding arcoss the field to the Cloveress. She landed and spoke hurridly, "Okay, I know you know something that I didn't tell you, I just don't know what it is. So....It won't be a suprise when I ask you to shoot me, cause you know it'll be to our advantage, right?"
Curucam saw Nak fly down and start whispering to a fallen tree. He looked around and saw Calin zooming around on his Griffin. "Hey, where's the Cloveress?", he turned around and walked over to Nak. "What's happening Nak, is there anything I could help with?"

Soz for not talkin, I've bin busy
The dragons chased after the griffon and kept him busy, but held three dragons back. "Who said i would kill you?" Freyr wiggled her hands a bit and a jail made out of energy locked her up tight. The jail raised up into the air. "Kill her" Freyr ordered.
The Cloveress was surprised Nak could see her in her disguise. There must be more to this Nak than she thought... So she shed her disguise and stood up straight again, watching with amusement the look on Curucam's face when he saw her seemingly materialize out of a log. But Nak's words brought her back to earth. "Shoot you?"She looked at Nak dubiously, but there it was again, that thing she had seen earlier between Nak and Freyr. And she knew what to do. "Why, no problem...I can shoot you. Just tell me when and I'll let my arrow loose."She tossed away a leaf hanging in her hair and took our her slender bow.
Nakhile nodded greatfully, "Good. Alright, once I'm dead, a bond I forced to Freyr will basicaly strip her strength from her, you'll all have time to heal and whatever in the time it takes for her to recover. I'll be back by the time night falls, hopefully the odds will be evened by then". She stepped back slowly, "Okay, right in the heart if you please".
Freyr was not paying attention, but when she heard shoot me she paid attention. "Call in the second army now! Dragons attack the lady next to the tree, hurry."! Freyr ordered as she began to pull back a bit.
Curucam choked when he saw the Cloveress jump up. She drew her arrow and aimed straight at Nak, he was going to stop her but then he saw an army storming. "If they dont like it then it must be good for us.", he drew his bow and fired at the front row, then pulled out his sword and stood there protecting the Cloveress.
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