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Freyr laphed a bit and held out her hand. The arrows were thrown aside by an enerygy shield. She raised her other hand and the arrows in Naks holder were lifted up and thrown behind her. "What you going to do now. Orcs attack now! archers fire but stop when infantry get there.
Nakhile dropped her bow and quiver and began retreating back as the arrows were fired. She tried to rise higher but was shot in the back by a very lucky orc and her left wing by another. She hit the ground a moment later, on the other side of the pit . "Well", she called across painfully, to answer Freyr's question, "I'm certainly not gonna do that again".
I think this is a good time to join if any.

Race: Elf
Weapons:bow, a long sword and dagger
Clothes: Earthy brown and green clothes that help him blend in to hus surroundings.

Knowing he has not been spotten yet, Calin has a quick debate on wether he should risk his saftey to rescue nak or to report it first. All of a sudden an elf appears sprinting the 40 feet to Nak and then doing his best to carry her out of the range of the archers. While he is running away from the army he pulls out a horn and blows it three times, hoping that the elves will hear it.
Nakhile looked up the elf carrying her and panicked a moment, "Who the heck are you?" she asked quickly, trying to determine what side he was on. She closed her eyes and winced as the arrows shifted slightly, before looking over her shoulder to the army.
My name is Calin and i hate orcs. I alsoo figured you didnt want to die today so i saved you. I am also a scout of the elves.
Okay! I have finally got it, hehehe

Name: Garet Jax
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Race: Human
Height: tall
Description: A Weapons Master, Garet Jax dresses in all black, with flint grey eyes. He isn't very talkative, but is (usually) unmatched in battle, and carries numerous weapons.
Weapons: Many daggers, knives, a short sword, and a long sword

Garet was walking through the shadows quietly, watching all the commotion. He had been following them all along, and not a soul had noticed them. Smirking to himself, he finally decided to let himself be shown.
"No more returns to Sayah from you, eh?" he asked as he stepped into their view like a shadow.
Nakhile turned to the sound of the voice and maneuvered herself onto the ground quickly, "Not in a million years", she said leaning heavily against a tree. Her hand reached out to her wing and slowly began pulling the arrow out, "Took your time showing up, hmm?"
Garet nodded, making his way swiftly and silently toward Nak.
"Need help with your wing?"
He sheathed his knives as if they were never in his hands, and he glanced up at Nak quietly.
Little did the orcs know that while they were being attacked by useless arrows Curucam drew out his companion in arms a sly man who was as wise as he was skillful. They crept slowly by the cliffside and drew ever closer to the orcs.

Feel free to take this man character
She may or may not. I will keep watch while you two catch up on the escape from the prison.
"No", said Nakhile said quietly, sliding it free and smudging the blood from her feathers. "I've got this one, but the one in my back really hurts, could someone pull it out?" she asked nervously, lowering herself to the ground in exhuastion.
Iesseus was in the sack and it was open he was looking out."Hey can one of you guys save me please?"said Iesseus.He realized he could move again so he grabbed his sword and slashed the sack.It was like solid rock."What the!?"
Sure said Calin as he gripped it and pulled it out so that it provided the least amount of pain. he then wraps the wound after treating it with a paste from his bag. There you go, hopefully you will be able to fly again soon.
Nak stood gingerly and nodded in thanks, "Yeah, then I can be shot down again". She sighed and put her hands to her sides, drawing her twin blades, "Now we just need to get Iess down".
That shouldnt be too hard. Just because fryer is immune to arrows doesnt mean the sack is. we may be able to sneak up on fryer.
Curucam dragged the orc body over to some bushes and went for the next one. Bang. He didnt know what hit him. They know had a small pile of bodies. They stripped them and him and his companion dressed as orcs. They drew through the ranks. No-one batted an eyelid. They drew up behind the Freyr girl.The man jumped out and tried to grab Freyr while Curucam swung round and killed three orcs where they stood. The orcs finally figured out what was going on.
OK, I'm gonna join now.
Name: forgotten, known as the Cloveress
Age: unknown
Species: crossover between elf and ent
Home: Lives alone in a little patch of trees over the edge of the mountains of Gondolin, but her domain is very wide
Description: hermit, doesn't like to be with people much, but friends with all sorts of wild animals.

The Cloveress was disgusted with the reeking Orc carcass the warriors had put in her bushes. All greens were hers, of course, but you'd think the Elves would know that the brightness of Gondolin had drew her to make her home near here. Apparantly they didn't. She glared after them for a moment. "Oh well," she muttered under her breath, "I can take care of an Orc carcass easy enough, disgusting thing it is..."

Nak smiled, "I don't think that'll be a problem", she pointed to the armies where the disturbance was becoming larger. She stepped back and leaned against another tree, "So, what do we do? We've got two people attacking an army, one guy in a sack floating above a hole, and three of us standing here watching".
thanks, I'm happy to join

"Hello." A pair of glowering eyes shone from the trees behind Nak.
Nakhile turned around slowly, blades at her side as a precaution, She raised a brow as her eyes landed on the speaker, "Uh, hello".
The Cloveress emerged from the shadows. She sniffed a little, then, seeing the others eyeing her in a queer way, explained. "I've been watching you, ever since you flung that great big lump of an Orc at me, knocking me right out of my sleep." She paused to straighten some leaves on her woody fingers and to look irritably at them. It lasted quite long. Ans the Cloveress could see them becoming impatient. "Not so hasty, younglings. Patience..." She glanced at Nakhile, and gave a queer smirk. "Patience...I'll tell you in time."
Nakhile tilted her head and displayed an uncertain expression, "I'm confused on many a level, tell us what?" She then glanced to Calin and Garet, "A friend of yours?"

Yeah, Naks' never seen an ent before.
Ha! Not to say a half-ent...

"Really, your ignorance astonishes me." The Cloveress smirked a little. "Tell you what? Tell you about what I'm going to do about your rudeness, tell you what I think of you, tell you what to do about your little friend tied unceremonously in the sack, tell you..."

I'm sorry I made Cloveress smirk. Ents don't do that, but then, she does have elven blood in her...
Nak smiled to herself, "Well, you can tell me all about my rudeness and what you're going to do about it later". She rolled her eyes and pulled out a bota of aqivi, after a long sip she spoke again, "And I'm sure whatever you think of me or us wont help in defeating Freyr, so you can save it until then".

Yeah, sorry, Nak's rather rude too...
The Cloveress, however, remained unaffected. The Ent inside her allowed her to do so, but the Elven blood was also rising. In one quick swipe she grasped Calin, imprisoning him with her branchlike arms. She turned her cool green gaze on Nak, a flicker of impatience on her face. "Something tells me that you'd do good to listen to me, impudent wretch, because we're running out of time."
"If you don't put him down, this impudent wretch is gonna kick your butt, by doing that you're not much different than Freyr". She gripped her blades loosly, "As for time, we've got all the time in the world. Freyr wont kill Iess because she knows we need him, he's just gonna sit there until we get him".
Curucam was being overwhelmed. He had no idea where nak had got to and the freyr girl had sent his friend flying over the tree tops. He made up his mind and ran full pelt away from the orcs. He wasnt looking where he was going and ran straight into an ent that was attacking an elf near nak. He was knocked out cold but put the ent off balance.

IM going away till tuesday so look after me and keep me knocked out Dead Smilie
Alrighty Angel Smilie
Sure, are you guys following a specific storyline?

The Cloveress was surprised as something hit her suddenly. She toppled over a bit, but was careful to let the struggling Elf reach the ground safely. Fortunately, she fell head on to a tree, and it supported her. "You are rude, immensely so. And foolish, if you think I am like Fleyr." The Cloveress' green eyes flashed at the name. "Very foolish."
Jeez, I hope so... Dunce Smilie

"Call me what you want", she said stretching her wings subconsciously , "But the way I see it, I'm not the only one wasting time here, you could have ended it much sooner and saved yourself an argument". Nakhile looked down and pushed up with her wings, the wounded one was straining but she was able to lift herself back into the air briefly. "Jeez, this stinks", she muttered to herself as she hit the ground.

And it's Freyr
Cloveress shook her head as she helped the birdlike woman up. She glanced at Corcurum unconscious at her feet, Nak lying with her feathers in a bundle and the sack which was wriggling feebly. they won't be able to manage without my help, she thought. "I'm not wasting my time, " she said. "I've been waiting for a chance like this for a long time now...those filthy orcs have harassed my home many a time, burning the green grasses, cutting the, my prayers have been answered, and I have met you."
Nakhile sighed and rubbed her forehead angrily and shakily got to her feet, "Well, your prayer may not be what you expected". She grabbed a tree branch to steady herself and blew out an irritated breath, "Let's just get this thing done with before Freyr gets bord and drops Iess anyway".
"Hasty again, I most birds you are...oh well, all right. first we must heal you and your friends. I daresay you're in no shape to travel anywhere or fight anyone now.and i see you haven't got a healer travelling with you, but luckily for you, I am acquainted with all the herbs and trees in these parts and I can heal you. you'll need to rest a bit, and then, we'll talk about how to wipe those orcs out." The Cloveress gazed into their eyes, one by one. "I should think you need a person like me who knows much about the orcs." She broke off her gaze and began to walk back through the woods. "So, are you coming?"
Curucam woke up he was being carried through the forest by the ent he ran into. "Ow, my head," There was a deep dent in his helmet. "Nak, nak! Where are we? My head hurts." Curucam looked around they were heading for the deep of the forest. "I need to sleep"

Sorry, I got bored and needed to make a post, im still going away
Calinb decides he has had enough of being carried in this half ents arms and starts creating little flames dance among his fingers as a ring starts to glow. He then politely asks. "can you please put me down know or else i will be tempted to start little fires so i can get down myself. Thank you very much."
You're already down.

Nak turned her gaze to her captain, "You'll be fine, just rest, everything's gonna get taken care of". She stumbled slightly but quickly regained her balance before speaking again, "Where are we going?"
Iess saw everyone go into the woods.'Awww crap he thought to himself.This isnt good theyre ditching me.
sorry i didnt read it yet. li guess im halucinating so just knock some sense into me.
i believe one of the best thing to do is to try and put some fire into their midst that way we give confusion.
*Knocks sense into Robbin*

Nakhile nodded in agreement, "Yeah, anything to frazzel 'em before we wipe 'em out", she shook her head in the direction of the army.
The Cloveress shifted Curucam gently so his head could rest more comfortably. For the first time, she looked round and nodded approvingly at Calin and Nak. "Yes, revenge for all the fires they mounted upon me." The her keen green eyes picked something up just on the edge of the woods. It seemed to be some rock jumping around ...
Sorry i was gone so long i was at a place with no computer

Freyr managed to deal with those two annoying fools and was reorganizing her army. "its good that those fools have not discovered my weakness, i think it would be obvious." Freyr snorted and walked right next to the sack. "How does it feel now that your freinds have ditched you?" Freyr asked the man in the sack.
Nakhile turned to Calin, "Do you only have fire magic or whatever you call it? Or are there other elements you can control?" She put a hand to her head, "I only just figured it out, fire may rattle the orcs, but Freyr wont be phased, I think water can defeat her".

Is that right Freyr? Is water your weakness? Well, at the War, it said that in your bio.........
"My friends didnt ditch me!!!"shouted Iesseus at Freyr."They never would.Would they?"Iess questioned himself .
"Thats what they want you to think, well they dont care about you. You mean nothing to them. So why do you work with them? They will only batray you." Freyr was trying to convince iess to leave them.

I was thinking something else that was not an element that would work too.
"No!No!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!They didnt betray me.You liar.Im gonna kill you you you you filthy liar!"screamed Iesseus at Freyr.
"You are in no position to make threats, notice how you are in a sack and i could just drop you anytime i want to. Ya and you will die so dont mess with me. I may spare your life considering your friends will never come and get you." Freyr gigled a bit and looked the trees. "They will never come back".
The Cloveress decided that she was getting hallucinations. She looked at her companions and urged them on, speeding their pace. "We must get outta here quick! This is no longer safe for us. we're at home. C'mon." They were in the depths of the forest.
yes a little of each but fire is probably the best. and i dont know if we should try cause i doubt that a stream of water that you could get by slowly emptying a bucket would help much. or a slight shock or even a slight breeze would be enough. and then there is the making a crack large enough in the earth for a lizard and deep enough for a pice of hay and freezing water badly. so yeah fire is that best and that is due to thie ring here. but one thing i was thinking... there has to be some limit to the telekinesis...mabye if we use something too heavy to block. so my powers wont be able to help much... its barely anything at all. I guess thatr comes from quitting wizardry school after 2 months. but there must be something else...

have you given a hint as to what your weakness is or is it something we have to guess...
Nakhile chuckled and looked over with a puzzled expression, "Magic, I don't understand how anyone could give up learning it". She began kicking a rock every few steps, "But Freyr, she can open the ground beneath us, lift boulders, deflect arrows, and hoolies knows what else. Even if we did find something too heavy to block, what good would it do us?"
The Cloveress now showed them her home, which was very tree-ish. There were lots of herbs on the walls she had collected, and poultices and herbal remedies she had made. But she led them past all these, and straight into her more civilized home, which was a fair little cottage of of living silver wood. In it there were chairs and hammocks, and lots of books of Elven lore and some that her guests didn't recognize but all percieved that they were books that held great secrets.
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