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Nak lept off the creature, clutching her arm and watched as the captain hacked at it until it was a crippled pile. She turned around and sliced the bite in her arm to empty the venom, squeezing it before it could spread farther. She sheathed her blades and went to stand over the creature, "Let's hope that was the only one, okay? These things creep me out."
"I know, this was a last resort, we shouldn't have come this way." Curucam climbed the rubble and looked over. " I SEE GONDOLIN!, in the distance, Turgon's city, come on we are only a mile or two away!"
The Cloveress laughed in the face of the enemy. "Die, foul Orcfilth! And Freyr, come out! I dare you to face me in the fury of death!" Her laughter boomed out and echoed across the land, over the crackling fire. But her poison had done its effect. Orcs were falling, and the Guardian of the Woods, the Cloveress herself was not unaffected by her own poison. She laughed and stood her ground strong, though each moment she faded away a little and her spirit was diminished and sent West. Her last glance was one of satisfaction. I have killed Freyr's army now. Walk safe for the moment, Gondolindrim friends. And then her body was nothing but a patch of newly grown clovers in the grass.
Freyr looked on in horror as half of her army had been decimated. The ground was stained with the blood of orcs. Anger mounted in Freyr. She let out a scream and the the remains of that elf was decinagrated in to nothing. Now they had to go and enlist new trops. This would make it take twice as long to get to Gondolin. Freyrs army set off to a southerners city, to enlist troops leaving the dead to the birds.
The echoes of the Cloveress' laughter boomed out to mock Freyr, and it was so loud that it could be heard even in the deep valleys of Gondolin.
Curucam was running to the city as fast as he could, he was getting closer and closer when suddenly he tripped. A tremoundous weight of stones fell on him, laughter echoed round the valleys, mocking him, why can't anything go right?
Nak sighed and bent down to lift the rocks off, "Chill out Captain, you're going to kill yourself before you even get there". She finished and pulled him up before pushing back off into the air, "I've done what I was ordered to do, I don't need to go any further. I'm off to see what Freyr's up to, maybe I'll see you all later", she turned around and began flying back towards the pass
Curucam blushed with embarrassment as Nak flew off, he was acting like an greedy, energetic child who had had too much sugar. He pulled himself up and brushed himself down before strolling off down the path to the city.
After every one has gone Calin sneaks out and pulls out the clover and earth around and takes it back to the cloveresses lair where he sets to work healig her and working on brining her back to another body.
OOC: Thanks Cal!
OOC:Wait I destroyed thoughs, but ohwell.
Nak landed in a set of trees just outside of Freyr's army. She'd decided to stall them just a bit longer, setting a few fires, cutting some heads off, whichever came first really. She smiled to herself and drew her blades with anticipation as she made her way closer.
FReyr was angry, she has gotten reports that the group which had stopped her the first time, was approaching. She levitated over the camp. "No one is getting in here" She yelled out and raised her hands. And with her hands an impenterable wall of earth rose from the ground.
Nak rolled her eyes and unfurled her wings. "Flashy", she said rising up behind Freyr, "But you're slipping", she drew her bow and fired a series of lit arrows into the camp. She smiled fondly as the fire began to spread, and looked back up to Freyr, "Surprise, surprise, happy to see me?"
Freyr was stunned, how could she be here. She died. Freyr went over Naks death in her mind. She looked at the fire witch was quickly dealt with. "No I'am not suprised, I knew you had some tricks up your sleeve, Since I cant kill you I guess I will just have to keep you prisoner forever." Freyr held up her hand and a cage of energy appeared around Nak. "Get out of this one." Freyr enjoyed having that crow caged up.
Nak looked around the cage hastily and moved herself to the edge, glancing down to the camp, "Fine, have it your way". She fired more lit arrows through the bars, aiming for the tents and provisions. When her arrows were gone she slumped back against the bars, arms crossed, "You do realize a floating cage is hard to miss. The others won't have a hard time getting here, and when that's done, we'll thrash your army just like we did before."
"You think I will keep you floating? Well if you did your stupider then i thought. I can't believe i worked with you!" Freyr made the cage follow her. She opened a trap door in the ground. "This is what i had planned for you." Freyr smirked and allowed the cage to fall into a very deep dark pit. "I dont think your freinds will be getting you out of there" Freyr yelled into the pit. She closed the trap door, leaving nak alone with the echoeing of Freyrs voice.
Nak sighed as the darkness engulfed her, "Yeah, they probably won't", she said to herself. She unsheathed one of her blades and ran it along the bars, cursing herself for being caught off guard. No one knew she had actually entered the camp. And even if they got that far, it would be next to impossible for someone to find her.
Curucam crept through the forest as quietly as possible, he had marched all the way from Gondolin in just a few hours. Figures cloaked in shadow were creeping all around him, a tall figure crept up next to him, "Sir, what should we do?". Curucam held up his hand and it seemed like nothing happened, he dropped his hand, hundreds of arrows sped silently through the leaves into the camp. Turgon had lent him a whole legion of warriors. "CHARGE!!!"
"Fire" Freyr yelled out. The surronding wall came alive and the orcs all had framing arrows. They fired there arrows into the forest causeing it to light. The fire forced the elves to come out of there cover where they were open targets. "Fire at will" The orc and southener archers kept a steady flurry of arrows coming.
Sadly the elves were trained at ranged combat and slung there shields over their shoulder so that it would protect them but also give them movement of their arms so that they could fire. They fired arrow after arrow at the orcs. They fell like apples at a tree. Curucam looked around at the burnt forest, "Where's Nak????"
"Pull back you fools I order you" Freyr yelled out. The orcs ran down fromt he walls. "Dont think your shields wills top this." Freyr lifted three bolders and flund them straight at the elves.
I havent posted in a while so ive me a quick summary.
When you guys were on your way to Gondolin, I left and got in a sticky situation, then Calin started to heal the Cloveress after she died and is working on getting her a new body. Now you're attacking the camp with Gibbon.
sounds good
Iess ran at the camp and he whipped out his Alsouda Katana."Here we go!"he shouted.
Freyr swirled her hands and a great obstical appeared. There was now a thick layer of spikes sticking out to slow down the enemy.
Freyr swirled her hands and a great obstical appeared. There was now a thick layer of spikes sticking out to slow down the enemy.
"Woah."said Iess as he jumped around to avoid the spikes Freyr had made."You think a couple of pieces of sharp metal will stop me?"He yelled and then he snickered at Freyr.
"Do you think that you will stop me, your army will crumble before my fist. I'am Freyr and you are nothing!" Freyr smirked back at him.
"Nothing!You will die for that."shouted Psy slicing an orc in half.
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