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Nakhile glanced around herself hastily, waving her arms at the Cloveress and trying to dodge the fire as it rained down on her. "Hurry, if one of them kills me, it won't work".
The Cloveress chose one of her poisoned arrows. She didn't usually use these, but she still carried them with her at all times. The tip was smeared with deadly nightshade that grew near Angband. She looked up and saw dragons coming at her, and then Curucam protecting her. "Thank goodness," she thought, "Just don't hate me for shooting Nak..." She pulled her bowstring back, and fitted the arrow into it. Nak was jumping with impatience now. The Cloveress took her careful aim, and let the arrow loose, straight into Nak's heart.
In a last attempt to save herself from haveing to spend all that time recovering, Freyr made an energy shield around her, but she was running out of energy and the shield was weak, hopefully it would at least weaken the strike a bit.
Curucam winced as the Cloveress loosed the arrow. It flew straight into Nak and he felt the impact. He let out his emotion on the incoming wave of orcs. He killed three with one swift stroke and turned to look at Nak.
'As Nak lay dead on the ground, the tips of her wings began to burn. After a few moments her entire body was engulfed in flames which soon died out, leaving nothing but the arrow. Freyr had also suffered, but her powers prevented any fatal results.'
Freyr saw Nak burn up. "No' She yelled! all of the sudden a force hit her and most of her power was drained from her. 'Oh it will take much meditation to recover' She thought to herself. "Dragon take me back, give the order to retreat." Freyr was picked up on a dragon and flew off.
The Cloveress leaned over and peered at the pile of ashes that lay where Nak had been a moment ago. She had really gone. The Cloveress' cheeks were hot with emotion, and her hands were slightly trembling. The Orcs had gone back a bit when they saw Freyr leaving. Coward! The Cloveress clenched her fists.
Curucam looked at the ashes of Nak's body. He drew his bow and fired arrow after arrow at Freyr's dragon, one hit the dragons hind but it flew off unhindered. He sat down and wept for his dear friend, he had known Nak for ten years, they had worked on various operations together and he loved her like a sister.
Calin flew down on his griffon and started pulling all the orcs together and then he light the pile on fire. he then went and picked up the ashes and put them into a container. He then told them that tommorow at high sun he was going to spread the ashes on the wind to put her old body to rest because she was coming back in a new one.
Freyr made it back tot he kindom of the man she worked for. She entereed his Chamber. "What happened to you" he asked. "They have a company of heros who are powerfull, one of them sacrificed herself to take away my energy, it will take two days of meditation to recover" Freyr said. "Ok i see that this will not be so easy, go take your rest, but dont fail me next time." He finished as freyr departed.
The Cloveress was glad to hear what Calin said. It would be good to have Nak back. "When will she come?"she asked.
As the sun finally went down and the moon rose into the sky, a familiar voice came from behind the group. "Leaving the team behind", said Nak smiling, "That would be going against orders, wouldn't it Captain?" She stepped forward revealing her new body, her hair was just as dark as before, only shoulder length and with white tips to match her new ivory wings. She was rid of her past scars, blood and dirt from thier battle, and was now dressed completely in black. She smiled again and flapped her wings happily, "We've only got a few days to rest, recover and figure out how to beat Freyr. She's gonna come back just as powerful as before and almost certainly with a new army, and we can't handle that a second time".
Freyrs recovery was moving along at a steady pace. It is very long and requires meditating for four hour intervals. With only half an hour brake between. This is required for her to sustain her powers. When she was done she would take an army and atatck again. This time heading straight for the city.
"I'm so glad to see you again." The Cloveress hugged Nak. "But now I don't really feel like resting. One moment we wait is a moment longer for Freyr to recover. I say we go at once now." She looked at Curucam, "What do you say?"
"Freyr is our main priority." Curucam stood up and addressed the company. "We need some way of stopping her before she, or her boss, does something earth-shatteringly evil. Let's get somewhere more secret and think of a plan."
"Send out the bats, i want find out what these little annoynaces are doing at this moment. They could hinder our plan. SO we need to find them" Freyr ordered.
"Sir", said Nak walking over to him, "What about your main priority? That Turgons Gauntlet thingy, wasn't it supposed to have gotten to Gondolin by now?" She lowered her voice, "You, Iess, and I are the only ones left out of your company, look at what's happening. What if Freyr got a hold of it? I don't know much about it, but don't we need to get it somewhere safe?"
The Cloveress was feeling impatient, and she didn't want to sit around and listen to the three Elves talking secretively all day. "Let's go somewhere, then. I suggest we hide back in the trees. There will be a lookout system arranged so we will be alert of any danger that comes." She glanced at the three of them again, and saw that they weren't really listening to her because they were in deep conversation. "Fine, then." She sat down and sulked.
The bats reported back. They told Freyr that the group had gone into the forest and they could not track them any more, but more imoportant the citys that they planned to attack did not look fully defended. "This is turning out to be in our favor". Freyr said in a sceeming voice.
The bats reported back. They told Freyr that the group had gone into the forest and they could not track them any more, but more imoportant the citys that they planned to attack did not look fully defended. "This is turning out to be in our favor". Freyr said in a sceeming voice.
"Well we need to get that artifact to Gondolin before that creep Freyr gets her filthy hands on them."said Iess in a hushed tone.

srry i havent posted in while my computer crashed.
I cannot realy be ready for an attack for a little while, because i also need to recharge my powers how little they be. says calin from where he is sitting.
The Cloveress forgot to look sulky for a moment to glance concernedly at Calin. "Don't worry, With my herbs and medicine, you'll be fully healed in no time. " They were back at the Cloveress' place now, and she had started to mix a potion for Calin, as well as some refreshing brew for the others.
"There is a secret trail through a pass to Gondolin," whispered Curucam, " It is dangerous, Ungoliant left many children in these mountains,but if we stick together we could escape Freyr and get back to Gondolin." Curucam stood, "Who's with me?"
Nak smiled and raised a brow, "Sir, you're telling us that you've had this passage in the back of your mind this whole time, and only bring it up now?" She looked at him questioningly, "This is the stuff you're supposed to tell your company. I mean, we could have avoided most of what happened today". She sighed and shrugged, "But hey, when the other's are ready, so am I", she turned away and started sharpening her blades at the entrance of the cave.
"This passage was a last resort, I never thought we'd run into much trouble so I didn't think about it till now." said Curucam, he stood up and drew his blade. "I'll scout shead and see if I can find the entrance, I'll be back in an hour."
The army bagan marching at dawn. They faced no confrontion, untill they ran into a group of scouts who were easily delt with. They made it to the first city, which was small. They set up camp a mile away tor rest a bit.
The Cloveress looked up to find the Captain gone from her cave. "Where did he go?" she asked Nak as she placed a cup of her herbal broth in Calin's hands. She walked over to Nak and gave her her cup of broth, looking straight into those deep eyes. "Look, Nak, you've been a perfect friend all the time and everything, but there's something you guys are hiding from me, and I wish you would trust me."
The army approached with Freyr at the head. The archers ont he wall fired a volley of arrows, which was easily stopped by Freyr. She thurned the arrows arround and sent them straight back at the archers. She lifted up a bolder and flund it straight at the gate, then another. The gate broke open as the army rushed in. Freyr levitated herself over the walls. She landed on the wall and watched as the enemy was devoured. And man ran at her, but was quickly cut down by a bolt of energy. No one approached her. The city was destroyed with only 15 causuties for the orcs.
Nak smiled wearily, swirling the broth around, and looked down. "Captain Curucam, Iess, and I were part of a company meant to transport an artifact to Gondolin, I don't really know that much about it. We're the only ones left and now he's off to find a route to get us through safely to Gondolin". She shook her head almost angrily then, and her voice became hard, "But if we leave to follow orders, we leave all those cities and the people inside to Freyr. That's sending countless people to thier deaths. I don't like neglecting people if I have the opportunity to help them, but I don't like disobeying orders either".
"Huh," snorted the Cloveress. "I don't know what you're so worried about." She smiled, the thought becoming clearer. "You have to obey orders. But I am of nobody's company, and nobody is my captain. I can fight Freyr, long has she tortured my realm. And you can still go on your mission without such a heavy heart."
Curucam strolled through the cave entrance up to Nak. "I found the passage, it is dark and dangerous. We will be risking our lives but it'll be worth it, this artifact has powers uncomparable powers that we could use but if we do we will be in more danger. I heard screams on the wind, I'm guessing Freyr's attacked but there's nothing we can do alone. If we make it back to Gondolin we'll gather a new company. It'll only take a few days marching and how many cities can she destroy?."
Nak smiled to the Cloveress, "When you've given your life countless times to save others and end up only prolonging thier death, your heart becomes very heavy. She stood up slowly and sheathed her sharpened blades, turning to the Captain, "She can destroy as many cities as she wants, so let's get going". She stepped out of the cave and looked around, "It would be a shame if this place was ruined as well".
The army was marching again. Soldiers would join the army, so the army grew. They came apon another city. Like the last city it was easily taken care of. And the army contiued to grow. They were making it to gondolin quite fast.
The Cloveress watched them go until they were out of sight. And she sighed deeply, clearing away the empty cups they had left. Then she rummaged in her wardrobe for her armour and put it on. The mailshirt glittered in the light and she put on her helmet, her eyes hardening as the battle spirit was awakened. She picked up her sword, her hands as cold as the steel. The wind was blowing softly, carrying the soft trilling of birds and the rustling of trees into her ears. Moved, the Cloveress began to sing a song. It was a beautifully heart-breaking song that told of the wonderful trees and grasses, of the days when sunlight was unsullied and shadow did not exist. And as she sang she left her cave, striding purposefully toward the sounds of screaming where Freryr was.
The group had been walking for quite a while in silence, but Nak thought the time would pass quicker with conversation. She glanced up to the sky thoughtfully and addressed the Captain, "I've worked under you for many years. Yet I cannot remember a time when you have disobeyed an order". She drew one of her blades and swung it around lazily, "You have carried out every mission and done whatever asked of you, even if you believed it should have been otherwise. Did you ever think about what you were doing and if it was the right thing?"
Curucam looked up, he had been in deep thought about Freyr. He spoke, "What I am ordered to do, I do. I respect my superior's judgement and any moral dilemas, if they ever happen, are over-ruled." Curucam looked ahead at the path, it was narrow and stony. Up ahead it suddenly veered right seemingly into solid wall. He turned to the whole company, "Up ahead lies Cirith Nathron, the pass of the webmaster, here Ungoliant's children breed and multiply. I have only been through here once and barely escaped with my life. Tread carefully." Curucam swept round the corner and up the path heading high up the mountain.
The Cloveress flashed her green eyes and looked towards the burning city Freyr had left behind. The smell of smoke and dead bodies urged her to run towards it and save the people trapped inside. She got to the city and rushed through the fire into the houses. Poor children were trapped inside one of them. The Cloveress rescued them and many others, though even as she laboured through the flames, she could hear screams as people died or watched others dead. The Elf bowed her head. "Alas, but I cannot save all. Alas!"
Freyr and her army moved along at a steady pace. No one could stop them. They were on the road to Gondolin where they would join more armies and start a seige. That was the plan, and so far all was going well. Untill a scout reported that an elf was follwing the army. Freyr knew who that was. It was stupid of that elf to seperate from everyone else, no she would have to die.
Iess had been quiet lately but he decided to speak."I remember 1 time he dis obeyed.Remember the time we were told to watch out for pranksters in the city and arrest them but it was actually me.You didnt arrest me now did you?"said Iess freshly.
The Cloveress marched on alone, leaving the people behind to rebuild their city. Their population would probably have decaesed by half or more because of that Freyr! The Cloveress' eyes flashed at that thought. So she marched on boldly, not even trying to hide herself from Freyr's eyes. The grasses bowed to her as she passed and the birds would still their songs is they saw her. She had already found two more cities and villages that Freyr had destroyed along the way. Her plan now was simple. She would go into the orc camp, plunge a knife into Freyr's heart, and then not care whether she lived to tell the tale. As long as Freyr died.
Freyr continued to watch the elf, she seemed to be keeping her distance. Freyr made the plan in her head, crush her like a bug. Freyr then just to test her powers out lifted a bolder. She clenched her fist and the bolder shattered like a pane of glass.
Curucam was alone at the front scouting the path when he came upon a blockage where a rockslide had blocked the path. He poked around the cracks in the wall of wreckage, his hand brushed past a small silvery thread. "Oh no," A spider creeped over the rubble, Curucam slowly drew his sword, suddenly it POUNCED! It fell on him and went with deadly accuracy towards his neck. He swung his sword round hilt first underneath the monsters jaw. It was stunned but was getting up. "NAK, lESS, CALIN HELP!"
The Cloveress walked on, oblivious to the danger that awaited her, her wrath rising slowly but steadily with each step she took. She thought of everything Freyr had done, the poor screaming people, the silently crying trees, and all those eyes with pain pouring out of them. And as she neared the orc camp, she saw the sheer numbers, and deep inside, she knew that the day had come for her to give up her life, though by now her sense was clouded fully by wrath and anguish and she thought of nothing but doing as much harm to the enemy as possible. She drew her sword.
Freyr walked outside off her tent. She changed into a dark blue leotard and a dark blue cape with a hood. She looked around for the elf but could not find her. 'We need to enrage her', Freyr thought to herself. "Send orcs to burn and chop down the forest now she ordered. The orcs started their task. "That will bring you out of hiding you pest" Freyr said to herself.
The Cloveress was alarmed by a sudden smell of smoke and ashes. And in her head a thousand silent voices were crying in agony. "The trees! Oh no, not the trees here as well..." She could now see a flickering red light somewhere not far away. Birds and beasts flew out of the forest hastily and screamed as they fled. "Cloveress, Cloveress....our homes are ruined, our dens trashed... Cloveress... avenge the trees..." And her friends' voices died in the crackling of the fire. The mighty trees were falling ablaze now. This was it. The Cloveress took a deep sigh. The spirits had called to her, she was their protector, and now was the time to fulfill her duty. She slipped like a shadow in the night and swiftly slew two Orcs nearest to her.
Freyr levitiated a ways behinde the orcs. She could see all of them. 'Know your place trees, your only meant for firewood", Freyr thought to herself and smirked. Her eyes scanned the line of orcs, all of the sudden two orcs fell, then another. It went on, Freyr knew it was time. She lifted a bolder and headed toward the area of action. This was it.
Nakhile appeared above the captain and spider, trying to get a clear view of them in the darkness. She drew her blades slowly, muttering to herself; "Of course, what sort of mission would it be without a giant spider? Ick, I hate spiders". She hesitated a moment, eyeing the monster and making sure she wouldn't hit anyone, and dove down on top of the creature.
The Cloveress felt the trees burning. And each moment a great tree wuld fall with a great crack. She was wrathful now. And she rushed out in the midst of the Orcs and whirled her sword around in all directions, roaring her battle-cry, "For Yavanna and the Mighty Earth!!!!!" Twenty she now slew, but the Orcs were gaining the upper hand and they were closing in on her. She took out her poison powder now. "Now, comes the time when Nature has her revenge for all her mistreatments. Let those who think Nature is a weak slave of theirs think otherwise now!" she cried as she flung the deadly herb powder into the air.
Curucam was slicing the monster but wasn't making any headway. Then Nak pounced, he finally had enough room to draw a knife from his belt and stabbed up into the beast's belly so hard it swallowed up the knife and almost his hand too. The beast stopped and started gurgling, Curucam carried on slicing it with his sword.
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