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O.K, this is how I think events should roughly proceed, but I'm completely open to suggestions from those concerned.

For Eruheran Surivan: Look at the post below, which I will edit continually for what you have to do. Stick to it!

For Thorin Oakenshield: I'll make another planning post for you.

To Icefangs: You should receive the message from Fornad and immediately begin gathering the seven thousand troops for the march north into Angmar. Your force should consist of basic foot soldiers, archers, cavalry and a few catapults. I'll make a planning post when you join.

I will take the point of view of Harnol until he reaches the North Downs and delivers the news, then Fornad will be my character for the rest of the story. Once they meet with the dwarves, they will plan and wait for more reinforcements, sending Rangers out to spy on the army. Once King Elessar arrives, they will go out to battle. That will be epic!

Again, Thorin, Eruheran, and whoever else joins this thread post any suggestions or ideas below.
I will happily kill the Black Dragon Orc Grinning Smilie

EDITED - Changed all of my Posts Orc Grinning Smilie

Eruheran's planning post: It would be a lot easier and simpler to simply start in the Misty Mountains and go from there, instead of starting in Mordor and destroying villages in Mirkwood which is completely irrelevant to the plot. I'm the GM of this thread, and here's what you basically need to do with the amount of posts you already have up there (have a detailed map of Arnor out while you're reading this):

First post: Start by saying: Two Weeks Earlier (two weeks before Thorin and the dwarves reach Bree). Wazt is in the Misty Mountains south of Rivendell, near the start of the Gladden River, hiding out with around two hundred other Uruk-hai in caves. Then they capture a goblin who tells them about the massive army in Angmar. They kill the goblin and Wazt gives the order to move north.

Second post: Start with One Week Earlier (one week before Harnol talks to Thorin). I liked your idea about killing the pony; it makes the Uruk-hai seen more evil. But this time, you and the other Uruk-hai are by the Bruinen (Loudwater) River. You kill the pony and cross the river. Then you go north to the Last Bridge.

Third post: Start with Present Time (i.e now you are in the present with everybody else). You are in the Weather Hills. Some men see you from far off and run away, but you and the Uruk-hai hunt them down and kill them, apart from one who gets away.

Fourth post: You know that they are going to find you because the man got away to Bree, so you wait in the Weather Hills. The next day, a hundred and fifty men come with swords, wood axes and spears. You charge at them in an ambush, about fifty of your Uruk-hai are killed but you win.

Fifth post: You travel west and reach the Northern Greenway.

Sixth Post: You go north, and reach the most southerly hill of the North Downs.

Seventh Post: You've done the fight scene already.

Eighth Post: Done this already too.

Ninth Post: Wazt is on his horse, northeast of the North Downs. He's been travelling for a few days, going quite fast. Right now he's in some low hills, barren, dead trees, boulders. It's cold. Wazt comes up over a hill and suddenly he sees the encampment of the army. The dragon is away hunting, so Wazt doesn't see it or know about it in this scene. He comes down the hill and comes to the edge of the massive camp (about four sqaure miles would hold ten thousand troops). He is stopped by two orc guards, and he tells them that he is an important Uruk captain from the south. They believe him, and then he rides into the camp, ties up his horse, and walks around the camp. Describe the smell, the dirt, orcs roasting some unidentifiable animal over a smoky fire, trolls tied to massive tree trunks in the ground, hundreds of orcs everywhere. He cannot believe how many there are.

This seem better. I will move to the shire and stay there until I am reinforced by the other dwarf army. Have a few ideas to make it cohesive.
Thorin's planning post:
Edit your sixth post, leave all others the same. Describe waking up, taking down the camp and marching all day to Fornost. Is Fornost a town?

We will be just ahead of Wazt and his Uruk-hai, and once we reach Fornad in the North Downs we will see them and there will be a battle which we will win. We take Wazt hostage and he later joins the big army as a traitor/spy. But don't write all that! Just my second sentence.

Thorin, your sixth post should describe the morning after my post before that, not nightfall. We need to keep the timeline coherent.
It used to be a town, I think when the North Kingdom Split into 3 - Cardolan, Arthedain and Rudhaur. Was the capital of one of them.

Edited By Thorin to add this:

So we're considering that the events at Bree did not happen? We walk straight from the camp to Fornost?
Yes. Hopefully Eruheran will follow what I have told him to write above, and Bree will not get destroyed.
I have edited my post. Take your turn again and I will follow the story.
Will edit the posts with your ideas in about an hour, when I have time

EDIT: Begun Editing
Who is going to be King Elessar? We need someone to take that role about now.
Thorin, can you think of anyone that would be good for the role (good writer, knows about LOTR well)?
I know of plenty of Good PT RPG-er but haven't seen them here for a while Sad Smilie
Done The First Post how you wanted it, Doing Second Now. Orc Grinning Smilie

Also, I have Dumbed down my Uruk-Hai. (Wazt's Uruks Speak Like This Now. Uruks No Clever. Big Dummys.)
Well done, Eruheran. It made me smile Smile Smilie.
Keep on going like that, and we'll have a brilliant RPG!
Just remember in future to make a new paragraph when anyone speaks, and another one when they've stopped speaking Teacher Smilie.
I will, And I have done the Second Post like that.
Ahhhh! I just noticed you skipped a post to edit! You went from your third to your fifth!
Did you notice? Are you putting in your fifth what you should have in your fourth?
You can always delete your fourth and make your fifth your fourth instead (keep up, please!), that would work.
I think I understood that.

I will check. (I put --Editing-- in 2 Posts, so that could have confused you Tongue Smilie )
Haha yes...
I might have been a little confused at the time... Very Mad Smilie Wink Smilie
Edited all Posts Big Smile Smilie
Well done.
Just remember that in the battle, you lose and all your Uruk are killed, but you don't die.
Here's how I think the battle should progress:

I have a post with Fornad's POV (point of view). Then Harnol comes on his own, since he went ahead of the dwarven host, and tells Fornad about Wazt's force. Fornad summons all the Rangers to an ambush. They wait for Wazt and his forces. Then they come, and I describe the beginning of the ambush (quite a few Uruks get killed).

Then Eruheran, you post with Wazt's POV, and describe shots coming from the forest but you don't know who's firing. Then you and the uruk-hai charge into the trees, and you kill about ten Rangers before the rest of the Rangers go back up the hill to another position. The Uruk-hai keep on going up the hill, you lose a few Uruks to arrows but not too many, and say that you catch an arrow on your shield before it hits you.

Then I post (Thorin, your part comes soon), and say that we keep getting driven up the hill by the advance of Uruks (Eruheran, Uruk-hai use crossbows, and these take about a minute to reload). Then Fornad comes out of the trees and sees to his joy the dwarven army coming very quickly towards their position, coming up behind the Uruk-hai.

Finally, Thorin posts, and all his army charge into the trees and hills and kill many of the Uruk-hai, who were completely unready for an attack from behind. Remember (and this goes for everyone) only state what your character does and sees (i.e he cannot see the entire battle because they're in a forest but knows they're winning). Thorin, you have amazing battle skills (imagine Gimli from the movies). The uruk-hai are all rounded up, but...

Eruheran, Wazt pleads for his life and eventually becomes the traitor/spy.

EDIT: After this battle, we really need someone to take the role of Aragorn. Really, really, really need someone. Start asking around, I'm sure someone will join in.
Can I kill Azhug to prove my alliance and can 20 Odd Uruks Escape so I can find out stuff. (Until we get to Angmar, when I will send Pigeons with messages)
That's a good idea. Write the second post that I wrote above, when you can (where you charge into the trees, kill ten rangers and get shot at).
I could double post for Aragorn until we get another player if you would like. This could help the flow of the story
That would work, but try to find another person first. Here a list of possibles:
Can't find any more at the moment.

Icefang's planning post

Start with 'Three Weeks Earlier'. Aragorn is sitting in the court at Minas Tirith on his throne, with Arwen and his son Etharion, now a young man, at his side . There are courtiers and nobles in the room, and a general air of calm conversation. Then a messenger bursts into the room at the far end of the hall, crying 'A message for the King! It is urgent!'. Aragorn stands and runs to the messenger, who is tired. He gets the note from him, reads it (it is the one that Fornad has sent out all over Middle Earth, copy on the first post in 'A Dark Threat from the North'), and becomes grim. he announces to the court what has happened, then summons his captains. They meet in another, smaller room for a council of war. Aragorn orders them to gather soldiers from all over Gondor to meet in Anorien. They rush out. Arwen comes in, and asks what has happened. Aragorn replies 'Something is stirring in the North.'

EDIT: Just worked something out. Aragorn is 125 at the time of these events, but he has Numenorean blood and does not die until he is 210, so that is fine.
Miruvor is now known as Virumor and I haven't seen him for some time now. Moreover he doesn't play in RPGs, same as Cloveress. Etharion also hasn't been seen in a while
Done the Post, (Tell me if it needs changing)

We Could Mention it in the Khazad-D’mish?
That could work, Eruheran. But we three seem to be about half of all active people in the Inn at the moment Smile Smilie.
Good Point.
Concerning Eruheran's latest post, why would we let an uruk leader run away? We have no certainty that he would do our bidding. Any idea about solving that.

Also Fornac, I think we could have a little argument here. Dwarves never liked orcs and after the battles for the mines of Moria less so. We want him dead you, want him for info. What do you think? Wink Smilie
But I'm a Uruk, Filthy Orc are Stinky Men. Wazt NO like Stinky!!!

Mad Smilie

Anyway, you could secretly send someone to Hunt Me down, because you don't trust me, but Fornad won't know this. And Me and Fornac agreed we would do that btw.
I don't argue with that Wink Smilie But we need something else to make your going away seem more plausible!
Maybe Wazt didn't want to join the Gathering of Orc and Uruk anyway, and his army fled to the Mountains from the stuff that happened with Ent's at Isengard? They were investigating or something like that? They are cowards and stuff, who want to look tough.
I'm thinking that Wazt should have some kind of special thing (maybe a lesser Ring, with very weak power) that he would do anything to get back. So we bribe him. Sound good?

EDIT: I've just read Eruheran's post... and... well I'm starting to get to like Wazt, for all his faults, and I think readers will too. Maybe if he just kills Azhug to prove he's completely on their side. This doesn't have to be 100% serious, and Wazt makes it more fun!
Something he won in battle? (By Lesser Ring Do you mean it isnt fancy like the 1, 3, 7, 9 or anything?)

Something he won from beating a Great Elven Leader. Could edit the post I did when we ambushed them people, and Wazt got the Artefactey thing from Tirbens Dead Body (A Symbol of Power) or the Chieftain (Symbol of Victory)

Also If we do the Getting it from a Elven Leader, we could use that to make you look more powerful.

Also, I just added in a bit killing Azhug Orc Sad Smilie

EDIT: Just Read what Fornac put above, and I agree.
Just something he happened to find. Change the bit about killing Azhug to in the clearing, because you don't describe it when you wake up on your horse.
Eruheran, can you edit your post so that something like this happens:

Wazt slowly began to revive, and looked up. Thorin and Fornad turned around, hearing his heavy breathing.
"You stinky Man! You made things go black!" Wazt shouted, "No stinky Ranger make boss Uruk go black!" Wazt continued. Fornad pulled out his sword and swiftly swiped at Wazt, knocking his scabbard to the ground, and picked up Wazt's sword.
"You wouldn't try that again, 'boss Uruk'. I am Fornad, I am not just a stinky Ranger, I am a strong one." Fornad muttered, and held up his sword.
"Uruk, if you don't want us to kill you like the scum you are, I ask something of you. Go north and join the army, and when you reach it, send us secret messages of its location and number of soldiers. Then you will kill orc captains in the final battle.'
'Wazt won't help stupid Ranger!' the Uruk growled. 'Wazt kill Ranger!'
Wazt began to get up, then felt a cold sharpness at his neck. The Ranger's sword.
'Then you die,' the man said coolly. 'But you can help us and live. If you do what I ask of you, then when you return to us we will brand you with the Tree of Elendil, and set you free. But if you do not, I swear to all the Valar that I will find you and make you suffer until you wish you'd never come out of your birth-pit. Do I make myself clear?" Fornad threatened,
"Yes, stinky..." Wazt began, before Fornad punched him.
"You will do as I say!" Fornad shouted,
"Yes, Master Ranger. Wazt will help people now," Wazt agreed, before Fornad swung another punch, knocking Wazt unconscious.

Wazt woke up slouched over his horse's saddle. He pushed himself up with his arms, and saw Fornad standing beside him, sword ready.
'You will do one final thing for me to prove your loyalty,' said Fornad. He ordered two men to come forward with Azhug. 'Kill your comrade.'
Wazt thought for a moment, then shrugged, pulled out his sword and lopped Azhug's head off.
The Ranger looked faintly surprised.
'Very well,' he said. 'Ride north, and send messages with this pidgeon.'
He handed Wazt a grey, speckled pigeon, which Wazt looked at, confused.
'Wazt no eat?' he said, showing Fornad the pigeon.
'No,' said the Ranger. 'You write messages and tie them to it's leg. Can you write?'
'Wazt writes,' said the Uruk proudly. 'Wazt one of old white Wizard's favourite Uruks.'
'Good,' said the Ranger. 'Ride north, and join the army.'
The Uruk kicked his horse's sides and rode away, amazed that he wasn't dead.

I'm tired and can't be bothered writing atm so i'll just use that. Tongue Smilie The Bit about the 'Old White Wizard' is funny.

So I dont post for a bit, (You 2 say '1 Day Later' a bit, etc) then Wazt arrives at the camp, and explains to 'Big Boss Orc' that Wazt's soldiers had been slaughtered, (Maybe Azhug Escapes, he slid down the hill unconscious He could have survived?) and becomes Secondary Captain of the Orc Gathering, gives some false information, finds out about the dragon, then sends his letter?
Those are all really good ideas... except for the one about Azhug. You don't survive long when your head has been chopped off. Orc Going Huh Smilie Exploding Head Smilie Dead Smilie
O.K... I'm going to wait a few more days, and if no one takes up the post of Aragorn I'm going to do it.
PM all the good RPGers (or something like that)
Thought I would pop in say that this sounds VERY interesting, and wondered if someone would update me on the story, or if I might as well go read the other thread...I would be honored to join, as this seems epic...

As long as thats alright with you guys...I'd like to join in...
Big Smile Smilie

Basically Fornac and Thorin have been travelling about and doing stuff, and so have I (and killed a tribe of travelling elves Big Smile Smilie), until we met in the Weather Hills, had a fight, I surrendered and set off as a spy for Fornac and Thorin (because they killed me army. Mad Smilie )

EDIT: Nice Avatar!
Very Nice Icefang! We were looking for someone to play the character of Aragorn, if you have a mind for it Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

For my part, I've been busy these last few days. Will post when I have more time.
Won't be able to post from Monday-Thursday. May be able 2 on Friday Night.
Icefangs, that would be brilliant if you could join in as Aragorn/King Elessar. Go up this page and look for your planning post, then do your first post on ADTFTN. Thanks!
And it would be better if you could read everything all the way through, so that you can understand the whole plot more deeply.
Big Smile Smilie AWESOME! I'm so excited! Big Smile Smilie
Alright, cool, I know I don't have time right now to read everything fully, but I should be able to tomorrow about this same my first post should be tomorrow afternoon.
Icefangs? Can you post, please? Only that I don't want this RPG to go cold, the way so many others have done.
If you need to know what to write, scroll up this page and you should see 'Icefangs' planning post' somewhere. Thanks!
oh you Big Smile Smilie
planning haha Big Smile Smilie
In the old days we just rolled with it Wink Smilie
Pretty good stories we got out of that even so Wink Smilie
Yeah, but this RPG started off making absolutely no sense at all (old EruherantheCheesey's magic) so we had to correct things. After, it just kind of expanded Smile Smilie.
S/he's* Posted. Where do we go from here?! Big Laugh Smilie .
Arath; Atleast The Khazad Dumish Inn Doesn't need a planning thread.
"Bill, Now you walk in and ask for a beer."
"Thorin or Whoever, moan at him coz he aint sang yet'
'Bill, Sing'
"Cheesey, Do some stupid dance to the song"

[That joke sucked]

*= The Icey One
The Icey one is a SHE Big Smile Smilie
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