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The goblin forward patrols are big enough, Eruheran. Orc Grinning Smilie We'll ambush them later on.

Is it possible that I get picked (unwillingly) to be part of the scouts or something?
Better if you stay with the main army, because if you went with the patrol, I couldn't be responsible for what one of my men or Thorin's dwarves might do if they saw an Uruk in the middle of a fight...
Carry on in the KDI! It's getting interesting.
Fornac, dwarves are buried only in stone, though we have learned that they may be burned in emergencies like after the war for the mines of Moria. Any idea how to get pass that little snag?
I know I'm away a bit, but I'll post when I can...this is still quite good, and I cannot WAIT till King Elessar and his men join the fighting Big Smile Smilie
The dwarves will have to make do with being buried in earth, I suppose.
And Thorin, your most recent post in ADTFTN was about a speech you made for the dead rangers, even though seven of your dwarves are dead. Can you edit it to a speech about them instead? Thanks.
Let's keep the banter here. So how do we develop the story from here Fornac? Do we plan to relocate the camp and ambush the scouting party of the orcs?
Can I be a dwarf until Wazt is needed?
I think that we should stay in the same place, as the dragon wouldn't risk going out and getting shot at. So here's the battle-plan, assuming that the defences are built:
’ We lure them to the base of our hill (letting them catch glimpses of Rangers and dwarves).
’ Launch the ambush, with Rangers firing, and dwarves attacking.
’ Then we scatter and retreat back up to the camp.
’ The orcs obviously follow us, and when we're inside the camp the Rangers fire at them until they begin to retreat.
’ The dwarves go out after them and finish them off.

EDIT: Eruheran, it would be confusing for readers. If you stay in the camp and write about what's going on (plans of the dragon, describing the army leaving camp and beginning to move, etc.)

Sound good?
Sounds Good.

Would there be any other armies that might attack my lot with out contacting you? 2 Posts of that would show our strength.
Well you can:

Write about the plans of the dragon, describe the army leaving camp and beginning to move, etc.

I think that, as to the other army question, maybe not. There are enough fighting scenes already, and you can provide the intrigue and sense of dread (besides, a random second army wouldn't make much sense).
Oh K. Should I post about hiding the bodies, before getting involved in a fight of most of the goblins vs most of the Uruk-Hai over food or something?
I think you're a bit obsessed with fighting, Eruheran! Very Evil Smilie
Describe (a bit later on from now, though) hiding the bodies, then the dragon returning the camp (vast, black, terrifying), and ordering all the Orc captains to come to the centre (through an impossible-to-disobey voice in their minds. The dragon tells them that they are going southwest to destroy the land from which The Great Enemy (Frodo) came from. It also orders them to order their companies to be ready for marching by nightfall.


And to make this thread less violent lets just kick the poop out of each other in the Barad-D’rish inn. Big Smile Smilie
For once I would agree with Eruheran. We need a couple more skirmishes here and there though not too soon or the thread will be over in 2 or 3 pages if we allow the main host to leave so sooon
Of course, Thorin, but what I said before still stands. When the host leaves to go southwest, after a while they realise that the scouting party hasn't returned and something must be out there. So they stop, and send out scouting parties all over the North Downs, trying to find out where the threat is coming from. However, we will be making attacks all over the Downs, with no real centre to them, so that we confuse the host and dragon.
That will mean many more skirmishes and plot development before the final battle.
Good Idea Fornac.
Thanks, Eruheran. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Can you start posting on the KDI with me? Bring it back to life, you know.
When can I post about the three 200 Soldier scout parties leaving?
Once Thorin replies to my lastest post on ADTFTN, finishing our discussion and going to sleep for the night, then you can post 'The Next Morning', and describe the 300 (not three 200) orcs, uruks and goblins going out of the evil army's camp.
That will take a while. It's Thorin...
I suppose. Wink Smilie
I'll PM him so that it'll grab his attention whenever he logs on.
Good Idea.
Right... I haven't seen Thorin online for quite some time now, so I'll give him a few days but if he doesn't post by then then I'll post for him. Is that O.K with you, Eruheran?
EDIT: New rule: If a participating member in this RPG has an important post to make, and does not do so after ten days, then the GM will post for him/her.
Sorry people But I have been busy lately with revision. The following week is the test week at my university. Will try to post later tonight.
Thanks, Thorin. Wink Smilie
Just look up the page and check what you have to do. It isn't that much.
The New rule is Fine.
Thorin, you're online... can you post now??? Very Mad Smilie
EDIT: I'm a bit unsure of what to do. As it has now been ten days since I posted what Thorin had to write, and as he hasn't written anything, by the new rule I should now post for him. But he posted yesterday, saying that he should have be able to do it last night (reflecting that he is still active). Should I post for him or not?
You are already thinking about breaking your own rules xD
Fine, fine, I'll post for him later. Smile Smilie
Keep your cool. I will post in a hour or so before I go to bed Wink Smilie

Edited to add this:

From now on I suggest that we add our location and the time in our posts. This will make it easier to follow the story without having to constantly go back as we take some time to reply these days. Remember than sometimes a conversation can stretch for several posts.

I suggest we use this format, in bold:

Thorin's Tent, Night or Weathertop, Midday
Good suggestion, Thorin. I think we should only write something like that at the beginning of a scene (i.e we've changed place). If it was on every post it would leave the reader thinking 'O.K, I've got it, I know where you guys are!' all the time, and perhaps make them frustrated.
By the way, nice post! I'll follow up later on, then Eruheran can be free to describe the scouts leaving the camp. Remember to start with 'The Next Morning', Surivan!
Whoever is next, please take you turn I want to play!Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie The other RPGs seems to have cooled down. Oh and fornac, when Cheesy describes his scouts leaving the Camp, do we create an event or describe our fort in more details?
I think it is Fornacs turn. You should create an event, and describe your fort slightly. Like a meeting between the dwarf and human leaders, planning or something
O.K, I've posted. Eruheran, you're free to post about the scouts leaving.
Start with 'The Next Morning', and Wazt waking up in his small, cramped tent, since he has heard shouting and roars from outside. He grunts, and crawls outside to see what's going on. His tent is on a slight knoll, so he can see a few regiments of scuttling goblins, armoured Uruk-hai, and bickering orcs moving out of the camp. He realises that it's the scouting party leaving. End with the dragon sweeping overhead and releasing a jet of flame into the air (or something dramatic along those lines).
EDIT: Eruheran, nice suggestion. We should do that in our next posts, Thorin. Add a bit of tension when Barhun comes in, or something.
Can I make the Dragon do a small speech thing, saying that this is the first of 3 scout parties (of 50-300 soldiers each) and then that if they are all success full, the invasion will begin, but if they fail, they will send all 10,000 against the resistance?

(The confusing us would work better this way)

Also, can I send a second later to you, saying there is a couple of Trolls with them?
Perhaps the dragon wouldn't say that (as he would want to keep his soldiers ignorant of the overall strategy). Wazt could grab a passing orc, and after a few insults Wazt would ask him about the scouts. The orcs says that he heard that two more scouting parties would leave, one week after the other.
Then (later on) Wazt sees the pidgeon flying around near the camp. He goes to it, calls it down, and quickly feeds it and writes another letter to Fornad.
Sound good?
Done, who posts next?
I've just posted, so we need Thorin to reply now.
Thorin, we'll keep this planning conversation up for a few posts (each one fairly short) until our basic strategy is formed. Then we'll be ready to send out the scouts and continue the building of the fortifications. I'll talk to the scouts before they leave, telling them what to do, and then after a few more posts (we might need Icefangs at this point - gulp), we'll have the battlescne with the scouts.
Possibly the next few parties will take us at unawares and force us out of the Downs, advancing the plot.
EDIT: Hey Eruheran, I was just looking at your avatar, and wondering if you could possibly change his armour to a dark grey/metallic colour, since that's the way it was in the films. Did you use MS Paint or some other similar program?
It was grey like in the films, but I made it have a red tint to it. I used paint, and then
OK, so just a remimder:

Thorin is posting next (see above,Thorin)
Again, Thorin, you need to post. It can (or should) be short, since we are discussing tactics and that involves both of our characters in the same place at the same time.
However, to make our posts more interesting we can have free rein over what the assorted captains in the room say.
This meeting is basically going to decide on our strategy for dealing with the scouting parties, how we are going to combat the main army (i.e. where on earth are we going to get more men from, since we don't know about King Elessar), and any other important issues.
Just been doing some research, and it turns out that Ann’minas, the former capital of Arnor (near to where the final battle will be), was made so again during King Elessar's rule. Though I didn't find what kind of size or population it had grown to by the time of our story. I do know, however, that Aragorn and Arwen have a kind of 'holiday home', similar to Balmoral in the real world, on the shores of Lake Evendim. Again, I do not know its position relative to Ann’minas.
Any thoughts?
Set up a base there, and fortify it until King Ellessar and his men arrive, I think.
Reminder to Thorin: You now have FIVE days left to post, since the 25th of March when you were first notified that you have to post with this:
Thorin, we'll keep this planning conversation up for a few posts (each one fairly short) until our basic strategy is formed. Then we'll be ready to send out the scouts and continue the building of the fortifications. I'll talk to the scouts before they leave, telling them what to do, and then after a few more posts (we might need Icefangs at this point - gulp), we'll have the battlescene with the scouts.
If I remember correctly Aragorn and Arwen lived in Annuminas when they go to the North. This can be an interesting point. We could use that part in our plot.

A possible suggestion: You can a message from Annuminas saying that Aragorn will be there is so much days and we have to hold the host for as long as possible. We use Fornost to destroy all scouting parties and remain secret until we are discovered by misfortune.

Then we are attack by a large force (not the main host) and we retreat to annuminas where we are besieged or something like that.
So the first scouts split up, and 2 survivors tell us that you are near Annumias, then the second splits into 2, and one finds you, and the second makes you retreat. The Final lot then attacks Annumias, and you somehow beat us. A few survivors go back and tell us where you are, and that ends up in the final battle?
Both of those sound like good ideas. We'll talk about those later on.
Reminder to Thorin: You now have FOUR days left to post, from the 25th of March. See above for instructions.
Just read your back story thing in the character profiles thread. Are you going to put Alydara, Elva and Darnor into this in someway, if they live in Annumias? Like if we do have the Mini Helms Deep style siege on Annumias, have Fornad suddenly run from the battle to save them or something?
Yes, I'll definitely include them. I think it adds an extra dimension to the story when you know that Fornad is fighting for his families' as well as his own life.
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