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Here's the thread, Shadow. It's better if you read all the way through it to understand what's happening (you'll see that the person who had the role of Aragorn made one post, then disappeared). Your first post will be after the council scene we're currently doing, and will probably be about Aragorn's army gathering in An’rien, in a large camp. Aragorn will be worrying that it's taking too long, and that the North may already be overrun.
Is that good for you?
What about the idea had for Revenwyn to bring some Rohirrim? She was raised in Rohan, although she made her home in Gondor for a while with her previous husband.

Yeah, so she can bring around 500-1000 Rohirrim or something, maybe during the battle at Annuminas.
Well, along with King Elessar's army. I really don't want to turn this into a mini-Minas Tirith, if you see what I mean. But of course, you can muster around 500 Rohirrim, after receiving the message in Edoras, then ride to meet and join with Aragorn's army.
Oh certainly, I was thinking of that myself. Smile Smilie
Which scout party are we on now? And is the 3rd scout party around 2/3 of the full army, who retreat back to the others and then the final battle?
We're still in the council debating about the first party... and a scouting party would never consist of roughly 6'500 troops. Each only number around 300, and the reason for them going ahead of the army is to scout out the terrain and check for danger. Their lack of return (i.e. we've killed them) will make the dragon and army stop and wonder what's out there, therefore buying us more time.
Ah K.
I knew this day would come... this thread's envelope is on fire!

Thorin, it's your turn to post. Can you do it soon, please?

EDIT: That's strange. It's not on fire in the Forums bar to the right, but in the Roleplaying Guilds section it is. Wonder why that might be?
Okay just let me know when to join in.
Whenever you want. We are still in a council meeting, so it might be one of the best times to pop up.
I don't know if I've said it explicitly, but I'll take the part of Elessar.
It's been mentioned somewhere and yeah, you can. Orc Grinning Smilie
Thanks, Shadow! Smile Smilie

And I'd prefer that Revenwyn joined after the council scene is finished, to avoid interrupting the flow of the story.
So this is probably how it's going to go in the near future:
’ Council scene finishes, Fornad sends off many of his Rangers to keep an eye out for the orc scouts.
’ Shadow posts as Aragorn. He's in Anorien, in a camp where the seven thousand troops are gathering. He's watching men marching past his tent, then turns back inside, where Etharion, his son, is standing (remember that's he's half-man, half-elf, so his features will be finer and his ears slightly pointed). Aragorn says that he's worried that it's taking too long for the troops to gather, then he and Etharion have a conversation (the result being whatever you want).
’ Eruheran posts as Wazt. The army is beginning to get hungry (Wazt is chewing on a bone, and cannabalism is breaking out), and the dragon arrives in the camp. It orders many of the Uruks (roughly 500) to go out from the camp and hunt a large herd of elk that it has spotted a way off. Around half of the Uruks, including Wazt, mount Wargs, and the other half run behind. They leave the camp, and travel to where the elk are. The Uruks and Wargs charge at the elk, knocking mamy of them down, and the ones on foot shoot the fallen animals with crossbows. End post with Wazt shouting 'Fresh meat!', or something.
’ Revenwyn posts. She's living in Edoras with her people, when King ’omer recieves the plea for help from the north. She is summoned by him, and he tells her that he cannot leave Edoras, but asks her if she would lead seven hundred Rohirrim as his representative. She accepts it, and sends out messengers to the region of Rohan near Edoras for men and horses.

That's all I'll write today, but I'll keep on outlining it tommorow.
’ I post as Harnol, who is hiding in the woods with some other Rangers. Further down in the valley, he spots the 300-strong orc scouting party, and relays a message back to the camp about them. The plan immediately swings into action. Harnol and a few others’lure them to the base of our hill, by showing themselves and then retreating. Once the hill is reached, the ninety Rangers begin to fire, and hundreds of dwarves charge out of the forest and begin to attack. However, the plan that was put forward by Thorin (i.e. retreating back up to the camp to minimalise injuries and deaths), is not followed (due to Barhun) and though the orcs are defeated, twenty of the dwarves are killed.
’ Shadow posts as Aragorn. Seven thousand troops are gathered, and though he had hoped for more, the king knows he must move on. The army leaves the camp, and begins to set off northwest towards the Gap of Rohan. Lots of description of the army here (foot soldiers, archers, cavalry, the seven huge trebuchets, the shine of the sun on the silver Gondorian armour, Aragorn and his son riding at the front with their elite vanguard of Tower Guard, the huge noise of tramping feet and clanking metal, etc.).

Again, I'll do more tommorrow, since I'm on a roll! Big Smile Smilie
Sorry if it's been my turn to post and I haven't been. It's been a hard week for me. Is it my turn?
We need to get this council scene finished first - so when we're done I'll alert you.

It's still Thorin's turn to post, so we're waiting for him.
Sorry to inform you all, but I had hoped to be in an active RP during my time off from school. Unfortunately, Shadow and I are back in college now, and it's proving more difficult than we originally thought it would be, so we're not going to be able to join the RP after all.
That's OK, Revenwyn, Do you think that you'll be able to join once again when your college finishes for the summer (it's June, so I would have thought that would be fairly soon)?
hey fornad im really new but i jus read this thread n wanna b a part of this war(tho i don get all of it).so do u need a rohirrim?
We need more people on my side!
Well Odette, if you want to join this RPG you'll need to read all the way through it (as you need to understand it fully to participate), and if you do post use correct spelling and grammar (since this is a high-quality story we're making here).

We're STILL waiting for Thorin to post......
Fornad, have you received my PM?
Yes, I have. Big Smile Smilie

I've got exams coming up in a week, but once they're over I'll be able to continue writing it.
Same here about the Exams. Already done 2 of them though Smile Smilie
Good luck to you. Smile Smilie

Do you think I should post for Thorin now? It's getting a bit ridiculous that he's taking so long (I can find a reminder for this long-awaited post on the 9th of May, for example).

Actually, we're just restarting college, and are taking summer classes to get ahead of the game.
I think you should Fornad.
Right, I've finally posted for him.

I was just on the chat with Grisn’kh, and he says that he would like to take the role of King Elessar. Since Icefangs and Shadow have both gone, I think this is fine.
Any thoughts (if any of you are still there)?
Don't replace me, even though I am hardly posting ATM. I still read the site and stuff.
hey er... im ready to post Smile Smilie
I'll post soon (as Fornad), and finish off the council scene.
Then it'll be time for your first post, Gris.
okay Smile Smilie
All right, I've posted. Gris, it's time for your entrance!
Quick guide to what your post should be about:
Aragorn (call him Aragorn when you write about him, but his men will address him as 'King Elessar' or 'your Highness', and Etharion will address him as 'father') is in Anorien, in a camp where the seven thousand troops are gathering. He's watching men marching past his royal tent, then turns back inside, where Etharion, his son, is standing (remember that's he's half-man, half-elf, so his features will be finer and his ears slightly pointed). Aragorn says that he's worried that it's taking too long for the troops to gather, then he and Etharion have a conversation (the result being whatever you want, though it should be along the lines of how long it will take to get to the north and how they will defeat the army).
Where were we with ADTFTN? Elf Confused Smilie
Yes, there was a long period where we weren't working on it, wasn't there? But I'm back on the case now. Are you still around enough to make posts, Eruheran?

EDIT: I'm thinking of getting someone to replace Thorin at least temporarily, as he hasn't posted on any of the threads for ages now. Does anyone have a better idea?

I could always replace that missing Thorin guy Very Big Grin Smilie Wink Smilie

Glad you're back. Wink Smilie

Hi Fornad, I was just on chat with Thorin because I wanted to join this thread, and he said come here.

So here I am! Smile Smilie

I've read the whole thread and its really good, and I'd like to join as any character that you say I can, I don't mind as long as I have a place.

So... that's it. indecision

Yes, Arann, of course you can join! We've been needing someone to be Aragorn for ages, so as the latest contender for the character seems to have vanished into the ether you can have his place.

Look up this page a bit, and you'll see my instructions to him. Is that role fine with you?

Yes, thats fine. I'll try and do the post later on. Smile Smilie

Done it! 

Is it OK? I'm sure about the Etharion/Eldarion thing.

Wow, yes Arann, that's very good. And I'll go back and edit Icefangs' previous post to change the name, I'm not sure where I got that preconception from.

The next post should be Eruheran. Eruheran, you'll describe the army destroying their camp and moving southwest. It's around 200 miles from the westernmost tip of the Ettenmoors to the North Downs, and at a solid march every day that would take about 6-8 days. At the present (remember, at ’the moment Aragorn is posting 3 weeks earlier), King Elessar's army is crossing the southern Brandywine and entering the old kingdom of Arthedain, so that should time things nicely. ’

Fornad has a fancy "Beware of Fornad" Sign.  wink

Who do I ask to become Moderator of the Barad-Durish inn?


Anyway, So I am just destroying the Camp and setting off?

Well, the army will, but yes, that's the general idea. Orc Grinning Smilie

I just got these four threads for moderation given to me in an email by the Council, so I imagine you have to get in their good books first. Big Smile Smilie

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