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Cool. Should I stay as Wazt or can I be the captain of the scouts. (Wazt is sat in a tent eating Oliphaunt legs ATT, so I don't have much to do.)
You should stay as Wazt, and perhaps your main role in the story could be finding out the dragon's weakness (i.e. Smaug had a small hollow in his left side). Do you have any ideas for weaknesses? They might not be physical.
Reminder to Thorin: You now have THREE days to post on ADTFTN, from the first notification on the 23rd of March.
Well, unless you tell me what you plan to do about the annuminas thing I can hardly put in a coherent post! What type of generals would hold council for war and leave a major city out of their calculation? Wink Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie

@ Thorin; Plan to have a large camp a few miles from Ammunias, and to also send out scouts in all directions to confuse them.

The Dragon could be deaf in one ear, and slightly deaf in the other, and have had lost an ear in a fight with A Nazgul*, so if they could get an arrow in the wound, it would make the wound sting badly, causing it to be badly weakened and confused.

*- Or anyone else who has swords with the same effect as the Nazgul blade did on Weathertop.
Well Thorin, we will be planning for the immediate future - what to do about the forward patrols - so a short post (what you say back to me and maybe what one of the dwarven captains says) will not include musings about Ann’minas.
Still, the final battle may well result in a siege when you factor in the city. We'll have to see, but the final battle is a long way off and it is still too early to think about it, in story or out.
So do you like the idea for the dragon?
The idea about the dragon is on the right track; however lizards don't have ears, or at least ones that can't be cut off - they have holes in the sides of their heads. Though on second thoughts, it's probably still to early to have thoughts about how the dragon will be killed.
Thorin, I've posted for you. You should now either do the same post for yourself (then I'll delete then original) or you can simply copy and paste (ditto).
Everyone OK with that?

BTW, I'll post next.
So, are you and Thorin going to continue this for a few more posts, before the stuff with the First set of scouts happens, then a bit more talking, then the Second set of scouts split up, and guess at where the main camp is, and the Survivors of the First/Second scouts drive you back to Ammunias, where the final set of scouts will attack, causing a bit fight, the Scouts almost win but then you some how win? Then more talking.
Ann’minas is the correct spelling (prevents any mess-ups later on Smile Smilie).

Yes, I suppose that's how it will go, though obviously there'll be more than talking between the battles!

This is copied from the main thread, for Thorin:
OOC: I have posted for Thorin, as he has not after ten days. Thorin, you are free to do you own post now, and I will delete mine, or you can simply copy n' paste mine onto a new post, then I will delete the original.
Waiting for Thorin... he last logged in three days ago, but this has needed to be done for far longer. I'll PM him again, wait for a few more days, and if he doesn't show up we'll just continue with the story.
Continuing then?

Also, I have overtaken you in my post count Cool Smilie
It's been that way for quite a while now. Cool Elf Smilie

Yes... *sigh*. I suppose we'll just have to go on. Who knows when Thorin might return? We must continue the story, even if Thorin's name isn't on the posts (and I won't bother with the ten-day rule - if Thorin is clearly absent, then I'll just post for him straight after my or your posts).
Is that OK with you?
Yeah. Where has the Icey one been lately?
She's been gone for even longer. Smile Smilie
I am sure that Thorin has posted after the Return of the Grond, welcoming the Grond back.
He last logged in on the 18th of April, which is a fair while ago.
I'll do the next post on ADTFTN tomorrow.
You aint posted yet Sad Smilie

Thorin has a journal entry about not posting.
Well, I didn't post because Thorin returned. I've PMed him as a reminder, so hopefully we can start going again soon.
He says he will be back near the end of the month, so that might not work.
Well, he's just posted! Smile Smilie
I'll do my next post soon.
OK, I've done my post.
Thorin, before you do your next post, can you edit your last one the way I've said on the thread?
And when you put forward a plan, have it along these lines:
’ We lure them to the base of our hill (letting them catch glimpses of Rangers and dwarves).
’ Launch the ambush, with Rangers firing, and dwarves attacking.
’ Then we scatter and retreat back up to the camp.
’ The orcs obviously follow us, and when we're inside the camp the Rangers fire at them until they begin to retreat.
’ The dwarves go out after them and finish them off.

Maybe when the Dwarves go after them, Fornac could butt in with his lot and shoot them down with arrows? And are going with the 3 Scout parties, this one, then 1 sends them back to Ammunias then a 3rd larger one seiges the place?
That seems like a good plan. And then, afterwards, King Elessar's (Icefangs?) army will arrive and the final battle will take place.
As a reminder, it is currently Thorin's turn to post.
Good with me. But my next post will be after tomorrow. I have exams tomorrow and will not be free to do so Sad Smilie
That's fine, Thorin. There's hardly a deadline. Smile Smilie
Thorin, before you do this new post, can you edit your previous one to the way I've said on the thread? You've just made a few mistakes with spelling and things like that (spelling 'Fornad' 'Fornac' for instance), but I would like this to be (as you know) a high-quality RPG, so making those changes will just make it better.
Oh, and by the way, how did your exams go?
3 papers done, 3 remaining. 5 of my papers are 3hrs one and the other 2hrs. I'll do the necessary as soon as I have sufficient time.
It's just a quick copy and paste! Big Smile Smilie
I think he has sorted it Big Smile Smilie
Yes, he's done it. Thorin, when you put forward the plan for countering the first scouting party, have it like this (yes, I know this is the second copy, but I just want to make sure you don't miss it!):
’ We lure them to the base of our hill (letting them catch glimpses of Rangers and dwarves).
’ Launch the ambush, with Rangers firing, and dwarves attacking.
’ Then we scatter and retreat back up to the camp.
’ The orcs obviously follow us, and when we're inside the camp the Rangers fire at them until they begin to retreat.
’ The dwarves go out after them and finish them off.
Can I post soon? Maybe some Uruks get annoyed about something, and start a fight, and Wazt gets involved in some way?
The council scene should be finished in a few posts' time, so you can do that then.
EDIT: Just thought of something! Perhaps the army are getting hungry, and need food, and you do a post describing Wazt gnawing on a bone and describing this (cannibalism breaking out amongst the orcs...). Then, the dragon spots a huge herd of wild elk moving across the plains, and sends many Uruks, including Wazt, on wargs to kill the elk for food. That would make the story more interesting and give you something to write about. Big Smile Smilie
Cool. Smile Smilie

Would their be any small tribes of Nomads in that area, that could be herding the Elk? It would make it slightly more dramatic if there was.
Yes, it would, though they'd probably run away fairly quickly. Imagine seeing 500 Uruk-hai, armed to the teeth, and riding massive Wargs coming towards you!

Quick update: Yes, I have changed my name, from Fornac to Fornad, seeing how it's always caused a bit of confusion in the RPGs. I prefer Fornad anyway.
But they would put up a fight. Maybe it could be a large tribe of them, and if the Uruks lost against them, it would be a big loss to the Dragon?
Realistically, a wandering tribe of nomads that Tolkien never even mentioned (stretching the rules a bit here...) aren't going to be in large numbers, or even have much knowledge of war and fighting. If you mention them at all, have them run away screaming about demons, or something. Smile Smilie
So a small tribe of around 7-12 Nomads? And most of them run off, leaving 2 to defend the Elk. The 10/5 others are rounded up, and the Elk and 10/5 other people get slaughtered in-front of the 2 men, before they get tortured.
What do you mean by 10/5?
5 to 10 Nomads are killed, the other 2 watch.

I was wondering how far along you are in your RP, and wondering if you have room for a Ranger woman in your company.

I have been playing my character (Revenwyn, of Rohirrim and Dunedain descent) since 2000 and have been trying to find a home for her since my normal RP sites have somewhat fizzled. I can post a bio later, I have a detailed one on my flash drive but that's at home. This fits right in her time scheme.

If the answer is no, or you are too far along, I understand. I just thought I'd ask.
Again, I apologise for what I said in the Khazad-d’mish Inn.
Of course you can join! The actual problem with this RPG is that the member who was taking the role of King Aragorn seems to have disappeared, and since you have a high quality of writing you could easily take that role.
Revenwyn could fit in, but we really need someone as Aragorn.
Would you be willing to take this role?
I talked to my husband, and if you'll let him join, he'll play as Aragorn; I think he'd do better in it as I'm actually fairly feminine when I post. I think it would be better for a guy to play the role. Smile Smilie
It would be cool if we had Aragorn back. For this RP, you could be an Ranger, leading a small army (500 Men) that reinforce Fornad and Thorin.

While you are joining RPs, I have one you could join. Thorin vanished Orc Going Huh Smilie and Ashwyn hasn't been around lately either.
OK! That's fine with me, as long as we have someone. Smile Smilie
I made a possible role space in the first post of the thread, of an Elven captain in the Grey Havens who receives the message and takes 200 highly-trained warriors to fight. That could be a perfect role for you, if you had Revenwyn as an elf.
Of course, if you want to have Revenwyn remain human, she could be a commander in King Elessar's army, or something along those lines, whatever you prefer.

P.S: I recommend you read all the way through the thread, to understand the plot and characters better (and it's pretty good on its own, if I say so myself).
Maybe for the battle at Annumias, I get sent with the siege party, who retreat after a while and meet with the main army at that lake place? Or shall we keep it the same?
I think it could be interesting if you were in the attack on Ann’minas, since your true allegiances are with the good side, but most of the good side don't know that, and you don't want to let the bad side know, because they would kill you for it.
I would be more than willing to take part in the role of Aragorn. I haven't read through it, so where would I find a synopsis of the story up until now?
I would prefer that Revenwyn remain "human" so to speak, as she's not really if you read her bio, but nobody else (not even Shadow) knows that.) Being a commander of a large force is not something I've had her do yet, but she's led many smaller companies. I could do a small force within the large one, or bring in a few reinforcements. Take your pick.

Edit: I just had an idea. Revenwyn could bring some of the Rohirrim with her, maybe an army of four or five hundred or so. Let me know.
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