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Eruheran, look up the page and look at your planning post. There is a rough idea of what you should post next. Thanks!

Oh, and to anyone in this thread, here's what ten thousand looks like (in dots, couldn't find people).
Doesn't look that big but thats coz its dots or something. Don't I go to the Uruk/Orc/Goblin Commander or anything?
Ummm... Eruheran? That post was good, but can you edit 'a few hundred trolls' to 'around twenty''? Only we'd have absolutely no chance in the final battle against that kind of power. Thanks!
I knew you'd say that. (I just made up numbers to shove there.)
Sooooooo.... What Happens Now? And Where has the Dwarf been the last few weeks? Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie When he Returns he needs to also post in my thread aswell. (He Started a Conversation with me then vanished Shocked Elf Smilie )
Th dwarf has been rather busy the last few days/weeks. I will try to find a bit more time to post here!
Cool. Big Smile Smilie
I'm thinking that Thorin should post first with a description of how things have progressed in the camp since my last post, and waiting for Wazt's message to arrive. Also waiting for the six hundred more dwarves to arrive, and a growing sense of fear about the orc army coming closer.
Then Eruheran posts, describing the Orc army leaving camp and seeing the massive dragon flying over (Wazt is terrified at this point). He then marches out of the camp (the army is vast, black, evil. The trolls are dragged on chains by tens of orcs). Then Wazt gets the pidgeon out (which he's been feeding with bits of meat and bread). He scrawls a message about the dragon and the army across it, then throws the pidgeon into the air and it flies off southwest. Wazt shouts something like 'Don't get eaten by the dragon!'.
'You Bird, Not Dragon Food! Be Careful Stupid Bird!'

Popped into my head as soon as you said that.
Thorin, heads-up! Can you do your post?
Fornac, before I do my post about the Pidgeon, can I do Wazt meeting 'Big Goblin Boss' dude. (He was on the Guards List of 'Major Uruk Captains', so he needed to meet up with the boss about his role in the invasion.)

Also, is the Black Dragon Neutral, One of the Bosses personal weapons* or the actual Boss. If he is the Boss, I have messed up.

*= I mean Like Sauron was for Morgoth, or The Witch-King to Sauron,
Black dragon is the boss! Read one of my early posts in ADTFTN, the part about the dragon is in italics.
EDIT: I don't think Wazt really needs to meet with the goblin captain, the main decisions are all made by the dragon anyway, so any captains would be controlled by the dragon.
I'm good with my part. Will post tomorrow morning. It's 1.05 am here Wink Smilie
So a meeting of all the Head Goblin/Orc/Uruks and the Captain before we set off (with orders and stuff), then the message?
No! What I said a few posts back (the large post). Since the captains are all controlled by the black dragon, they can't make any descisions on their own (this will be pivotal in the final battle. If the dragon is killed, then the orcs won't know what to do and will scatter.).
So he has full control then? Ok.

I have a cool Idea for the Final Battle. Where in the North-West of Arda is there any cliffs? Have it there. Near the start of the battle, Wazt and Fornad 'fight', and Fornad secretly says something about Wazt needing to help them, so Wazt then runs to the cliffs, and from there, he uses his Bow/Crossbow to secretly shoot some of the Tougher Goblin/Uruk/Orc. Then when the Black Dragon realises that Fornad caused one of the Uruk Captains to rebel against him, he is enraged, and begins to attack Fornad. Fornad is taken by suprise, and knocked onto the floor. The Dragon raises his wings as he lands, and Wazt jumps from the cliff onto its wings, The Dragon rises into the air, and they fight.

This bit might Sound Stupid.
One of Saurons Servants suddenly appears, who was controlling the Dragon invisibly from some weak Ring of Power, and secretly controlling the Entire army. They fight, and Wazt is fatally injured. Thorins dude (forgot his name, sorry) realises Wazt is actually Good, and shoots the Servant of Sauron, who falls from the Dragon and vanishes in mid air.

This bit would still make sense without the Bit above this bit.
Instead of the Servant injuring him, Wazt got hit in the Stomach by a Goblin's arrow.
The Dragon, Enraged because of Wazt and Fornad killing his best Soldiers, begins to dive straight for Fornad, and Wazt uses his last bit of strength to fire an arrow straight into the Dragon's head, and it flies out of control, and crashes into the mountain.

This bit is just all of the Above Simplified.
The kinda Stupid bit will be in italics

Fornac/Fornad Orders his Army to charge, small bit of battle.
Eruheran/Wazt "Fight"/Talks to Fornad, runs from battle-field to nearby cliffs.
Thorin/??? Fighty Stuff
Icefangs/King Elessar More Fighty Stuff.
Fornac/Fornad Final bit of Fighty Stuff
Eruheran/Wazt Reaches peak, takes down a few strong Goblins/Uruks
Fornac/Fornad Sees this, Smiles, and realises the Black Dragon knew about what was going on, and the Dragon flies at him, knocking him down.
Eruheran/Wazt As the Dragon raises his wings as he lands, Jumps onto the Dragon
Thorin/??? Fighty Stuff
Icefangs/King Elessar More Fighty Stuff

Eruheran/Wazt Lh’gohtar [Dragon Warrior in elvish] Appears, makes a speech about his weaker ring, puts ring on, and jumps at Eruheran. They begin to fight.
Thorin/??? Shoots Lh’gohtar with bow, realising Wazt was on their side.
Eruheran/Wazt As Lh’gohtar is about to fall, he throws Hatheld’r [Dark Sword in Elvish] at Wazt, hitting him in the Chest, and Falls, slipping on his ring.


Eruheran/Wazt As Wazt prepares to shoot the Dragon, an Angry Goblin jumps onto the Dragon and sneaks behind Wazt, and Stabs him.
Thorin/??? Shoots the Goblin, Dragon gets annoyed because the Goblin was one of his best warriors, dives for Cliffs, trying to kill Thorin.

Icefangs/King Elessar Sees the Dragon heading for Thorins Dude, and runs up to help Thorin confront the Dragon.
Fornac/Fornad Same as Icefangs
Eruheran/Wazt Fires his last Arrow into the Dragon's neck, the Dragon/Wazt dies, seconds before he reaches the cliffs and crashes into the Cliffs, underneath where Thorins Dude/Fornad/Aragorn are stood.
Anyone (Apart from Me) Describes how the Goblin/Orc/Uruk Forces are fleeing after the Death of their only chance of winning.
Icefangs/King Elessar Says that they should make a giant City and Statue based around Wazt and rename Gondor Waztland.
Anyone (Apart from Me) Describes the 'We Won!' Party.

All bits in Italics can be Removed if needed to.

Is a Sequel possible? And Is it possible that you realise I was just in a mild Coma after the battle, and I revive, then die.
I think the battle going somewhere along those lines would be O.K, though we may have to change things around a bit later.
Thorin, noticed you were online. Can you do your post?
I noticed King Elessar and Thorin didn't do enough, so we could change it so you all fight the Dragon at the end or something. (When I am dead)
I've thought about how the basic plot should go up until that point, and here's my conclusion:
Thorin, Fornad and army stay in North Downs, spying on the evil army and planning, until the evil army gets too close for comfort and they move further southwest. They could be killing forward patrols of the evil army, making the dragon realise that there is something dangerous out there, and therefore slowing it's armies advance.
Meanwhile, Wazt is still sending messages and trying not to be found out. To make his posts more interesting, we could have a few orcs discovering him sending a message, and Wazt having to kill them.
Also, King Elessar will have gathered his armies together in Anorien and set off north (can somone find out how long it would take to get to the Downs from Anorien, passing through Rohan, the Gap of Rohan, and northwest?).
It will then basically become a race, with the evil army moving southwest towards the Shire, Fornad, Thorin and their armies borne helplessly before it, and King Elessar desperately trying to get to confront the evil army before it's too late.
Sound good? We might have to have the battle on the northern borders of the Shire to make it seem like it was close.
Do the Northern Borders have any cliffs? and nice idea Big Smile Smilie

How will the Dragon divide us? Keep us as a group, or split us up like 1 group For Attack, 1 group For Counter Attack, 1 group for Defence, 1 group for Assassins Etc.
Are we keeping Lh’gharath? (whatever his name was)
Where on Middle-Earth is Thorin? He'd better post soon, or I might have to invoke my earliest promise of taking over other people's characters to keep the story going until they get back.
Anyway, back to the subject of the final battle. Having it around cliffs would be more exciting and original, and it would provide a huge tactical advantage to whomever got on top first (imagine Gondorian trebuchets firing down at the evil army from on top of the cliffs).
Now, about the location. Either we make up some cliffs on the northern borders of the Shire, or we have the battle northwest of there, in the Hills of Evendim near Lake Evendim. There could quite easily and naturally be cliffs there.
It all depends really on how long King Elessar would take to get from Anorien to there, and how long Thorin and Fornad could keep up the illusion of a much greater army hiding away amongst the hills, to keep the dragon and evil army wary.
To answer Eruheran's last question, I think the evil army should just stay in one big horde for the fianl battle. To be honest, they're not very tactical.
Kool. How close to the lake is it? Is there a cliff near the lake? We could change the bit at the end with the dragon if it is in running distance.

Normal stuff Jump on Dragon, Lh’gothar fight etc, Dragon gets mad, flies over lake. Goblin Archer follows, shoots me, Thorin/Elessar kills Goblin, You Lot meet up on cliffs, I die, fall into lake
Dragon Charges at You lot,
Thorin Screams Dwarvey Battle-Cry
King Elessar/IceFangs Says something about facing worse before, pulls out And’ril
Fornad/Fornac Screams watching Wazt fall, saying he was the Perfect soldier
Dragon Flies away
King Ellesar/Icefangs Hears a cry behind them, 50 Great Elven archers run to the cliff-top, saying something about the leader of the Elves getting their message too late, and the forces of good are now winning.
Fornad/Fornac Says something about the Great Dragon, angry and badly wounded preparing to slaughter them, saying they have no chance until the Dragon is dead.
Thorin Sees the dragon returning over the hills,
Everyone Fires arrows
Dragon Hit by fatal arrows just before he reaches the cliff, falls into the lake, screaming and breathing fire until he hits the water. Elvish Boats set out almost immediately, recover the Dragons body.
Anyone Notices Wazt's body, who is still half alive,
Eruheran/Wazt Dies,
Everyone Returns to the battle-field,
King Elessar/Fornad/Elven Leader holds up the (Large) head of the Dragon, enemy flee, but the archers shoot them down as they run.

If we can do the thing with the Mirkwood Elves arriving just after my death, may I play as them?
There roll is taken; by me!
Captainduck: Do you want to join?

Eruheran: We're not keeping Lhughotar. The dragon is intelligent enough on it's own (think about Glaurung/Smaug).
Let me put forward my own battle plan:

Fornac/Fornad: Fleeing along the shores of Lake Evendim with Thorin and their armies; the evil army is gaining on them. King Elessar and his army are waiting on the cliffs, they will not go to help them; they have to get there first.
Icefangs/King Elessar: Wants to aid them, but his captains are telling him not to, since it would become a tactical disadvantage (the two armies would be on level ground). Archers and trebuchets are being readied along the edge of the cliffs.
Eruheran/Wazt: Charging with a battalion of Uruk-hai, hears the dragon's terrible voice in his head telling the orcs to head north and to reach the point where the cliffs end. He can see the Rangers and dwarves in the distance.
Thorin/Thorin: Reaches the cliff-face with Fornad and their armies. In the distance, they see a huge legion of one thousand orcs and goblins break off from the main army and come towards them. Thorin says 'It has been a pleasure fighting with you, Ranger,' to Fornad. They are sure that they will die.
Icefangs/King Elessar: He sees the evil army come within range of the trebuchets, and orders them to let fly. Huge boulders fly from the cliffs and crash into the evil army.
Fornac/Fornad: Sees these boulders, knows the battle has begun. The legion of orcs coming towards his and Thorin's army comes within firing range. The Rangers unleash a veil of deadly arrows, and the dwarves charge, roaring battlecries.
Thorin/Thorin: Describe battle with orcs and goblins. The dwarves are outnumbered (4 to 5) but they are much better fighters. Lots of beheading, guts, blood, pain. Awful reality of battle. Sees his captain Bain fall to an arrow, goes beserk (means become extremely strong and fearless, caused by an overload of adrenalin).
Icefangs/King Elessar: Sees the battle below him, can do nothing. Arrows and boulders still flying into the evil army, but the orcs are quickly getting out of range. The Gondorians assume that they are fleeing in terror. Big mistake.
Eruheran/Wazt: A boulder flies over him, and he hears the crunches and screams as it hits the army. He keeps on moving with the army, and they begin to chant in Orcish 'Death to Men! The orcs have risen! Death to Men!'. They are out of range of the trebuchets now, and the cliffs have become more level, and possible to climb up. They charge up the slope, and come out onto the top of the cliffs. The dragon suddenly appears out from behind a cloud, and dives towards the Gondorian army, steel armour glittering in the sun. The evil army charges southward along the edge of the cliffs towards them.
Fornac/Fornad: They have been forced to the bottom of the cliffs, each man and dwarf fighting desperately for himself. They have no hope.
Thorin/Thorin: Feels that the rock behind him seems strange. He places his hand on it, and suddenly the rock moves, juddering aside to reveal a passageway. He shouts to his soldiers to retreat, and the Rangers and dwarves run in, fighting off the orcs who try to follow them. The doors shut, plunging them into darkness. There are only around a hundred survivors.
Icefangs/King Elessar: Moves his army into ranks, archers at the back, soldiers at the front. The huge mass of black that is the orcs moves towards them, covering the cliff-edge and the hills to the west. The trebuchets are almost in position, when the dragon comes, breathing fire and roaring, and destroys them all. The archers manage to hit the dragon a few times, wounding it. All the men are terrified, even Aragorn feels his heart quiver in dread.

Phew! That's all I can do for now, what did you people think?
Check this out! I manged to get this MS word document online, basically showing the relevant sizes of the different armies, and images of different things in the RPG.

Here it is!

You might have to zoom in a bit for the individual dots not to look messed up, but it's pretty good otherwise.
Cool. And the KDI looks like I thought it would Big Smile Smilie.
Fornad, nice word documant. Yeah, I would like to join if possible. (I appear mid battle with a small army of 200 Mirkwood Elfs.)

Your idea is kool. Have that then the stuff where the Dragon attacks. Maybe Ereherun/Watz could still do the bit with his crossbow.
And at some point in the battle, drag a dead Ranger into a bush, and swap our armour.

"ME GOOD URUK NOW!!!" or something Big Smile Smilie
Captainduck, that's brilliant that you can join! It would be better if you could start off in the Grey Havens, as an Elven captain. You get the message that Fornad sent out (you should read the thread all the way through), then amass around two hundred elves to march northeast. Time that so that you arrive around halfway through the battle (so unfortunately you'll have to start posting quite late).
Also, here's a tip for everyone: Write your posts in Microsoft Word, then copy and paste them on to the site. That way, you can see typos and grammatical mistakes and can correct them easily.
Haven't seen Thorin or Icefangs for a while. Hope they can get back soon enough to keep posting.
Or we could just download Google Chrome. (Or press the Green Tick next to the smileys button.)

Google Chrome doesn't recognise Google as a word Elf Confused Smilie Orc Going Huh Smilie
xD Ereherun

Thorin recently PMed me, says that he'll do his post soon.
I'll continue the rest of planning the battle scene later on today.
I'm posting this again as a reminder for Thorin:
I'm thinking that Thorin should post first with a description of how things have progressed in the camp since my last post, and waiting for Wazt's message to arrive. Also waiting for the six hundred more dwarves to arrive, and a growing sense of fear about the orc army coming closer.
Watz, if you're being Evil then you must be so until the end unless a "good" role suits the story site. So far so good.

I think that we should leave thoughts of the final battle away. It's way to early. Aragorn in still in Minas Tirith, The dwarves haven't been reinforced yet and so on.

At this point we should develop our characters and talk dwell a bit on the "peace" before the battle starts. There can of course be skirmishes here and there but nothing or great importance
You're right, Thorin. We've got a basic idea of what happens between now and then, but nothing concrete. So here goes...
We stay in the North Downs, spying, recieving messages, planning, training, etc., until the evil army can be seen on the grey horizon. Then we start to spread out all over the Downs. When the evil army's forward patrols of quick-moving goblins begin to scuttle into the hills, we kill them. Wazt will be with the other commanders when they realise that the goblins haven't returned, and they know that there are enemies in the hills (Again, any developments within the orc army will cause Wazt to notify Fornad immediately, giving the Ranger a huge advantage.). The orc captains (helped along by Wazt) imagine a force of at least three thousand in there, which males them give the order to move the entire army through there all at once, for protection. Bigger armies move more slowly, and this becomes vital later on so that the Gondorians have enough time to get there.
But as the evil army comes out of the North Downs and heads southwest, towards the Shire, it becomes clear that they will get there much before Aragorn's army will. In a desperate bid to save the lives of the innocent hobbits (yes, I know this is beginning to sound like a movie advert), Fornad sends a message to Wazt telling him to tell the orc captains, and the dragon, that King Elessar, his queen and son, and three thousand men wait on the shores of Lake Evendim. Wazt does, and this proves too much of an incitement to war for the orcs and dragon. The evil army turns west.
Meanwhile, King Elessar has just crossed the southern Brandywine. He has been urging his men on at a quick pace, and they are all weary. It is 900 miles from Minas Tirith to Annuminas, taking the North-South Road, and that would take a month and a half to walk. Providing that Ice started off with Three Weeks earlier..., that should keep it in good time.
The two armies meet at Lake Evendim at the cliffs, and the rest is history (or prophecy, depending on which way you look at it).
Right, the next person who needs to post is...(drumroll)... Eruheran! With this:
Then Eruheran posts, describing the Orc army leaving camp and seeing the massive dragon flying over (Wazt is terrified at this point). He then marches out of the camp (the army is vast, black, evil. The trolls are dragged on chains by tens of orcs). Then Wazt gets the pidgeon out (which he's been feeding with bits of meat and bread). He scrawls a message about the dragon and the army across it, then throws the pidgeon into the air and it flies off southwest. Wazt shouts something like 'Don't get eaten by the dragon!'.

The message should be something like (misspellings included) this:
BIG blak drgon fli arond!!! lots lots orcs trols gblns sam nuhmbr as whit wizzrd force.... nice ranger i goood i send mesage i good. from wazt.

Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie OK?
Yeah, doin it now.
Wow! We've had a few weeks of nothing at all, then suddenly four posts in one day and one already today! Thanks Thorin and Eruheran, Smile Smilie.
So the next post can be either Thorin or me, though preferably Thorin as he can speak Dwarvish. We meet the six hundred reinforcements in the valley, who are led by a captain (not a lord, as Thorin is). He is supposed to hand over all control to Thorin, however when he sees the Rangers he starts shouting at Thorin about distrustful Men and their cunning, sly ways. Thorin says that he is a lord of Moria and will not take such insubordination. The captain (call him Barhun) will become important later on in the story, perhaps when he tries to attack Fornad/generates mutinous thoughts amongst the dwarves/something else that will threaten the mission and their survival.
That sound good? Though actually, looking over it now, it's going to have to be Thorin. I'll write about arriving at new camp and recieving Wazt's message after.
Sounds good. I will think about my post and do my part again in a few minutes.
OK, thanks Thorin. Glad you're able to post regularly now. Big Smile Smilie
That post was well-written, Thorin, and I've just done mine too.
I think you should post next, starting off with your response to my question, then looking at the work going on as well. Then say 'A few hours later - Nightfall'. Describe men and dwarves finishing off the camp, with your and my two tents in the centre. I give the order for the funerals to begin, a few hundred metres from the camp edge (you can control my character for that and this part). Men and dwarves bearing torches and the black-shrouded stretchers walk down the centre of a long space formed by the armies on either side. They slowly lay the stretchers into fifteen pits in the ground (eight Rangers, seven dwarves), and then smouldering herbs are cast over the bodies. A Dunedain shaman and dwarf priest both give their blessing and hope for their safe voyage over the Western Seas, and then they are buried. All the men and dwarves' faces are hard and grim. Wooden markers are driven into the earth for each body, then they return to camp.
Once you've done that, I'll do one receiving Wazt's message about the army and dragon.

Wooooo!!! 100th post! Woooo!!! Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie Birthday Smile Smilie Dunce Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Well Done Fornac. Say the feather the napkin is inside is dark black, so it stands out but is hardly noticeable.
Thanks Eruheran, and I will say that. By the way, Icefangs hasn't been around much. Hope that she can post when she needs to (that might be some time, but still).
Post in the Khazad-dumish! There's a bit of a situation beginning to develop...
Already Posted, I'm going to search the cellars.
A little knack here! Dwarves are buried only in stone! Pixie Smilie
Good Point. Say something like as a sign of alliance you will follow their customs?
Buried only in stone? Hmmm... That could be a problem. But it's impossible to bury, or entomb, any of the dwarves in stone at the place where they are. I suppose they'll have to make do.
If you leave earth for long enough, after millions of years of geological pressure, it becomes stone!....OK, not a good excuse Smile Smilie.
Just don't mention it in the RPG.
Where did you get your Avatar? Its cool. Is there any other volcanoes in ME apart from Orodruin?
Someplace on Google Images, and thanks, it's how I imagine Fornad to be. And to your other question, no. Why did you ask?
The goblins could have fled to there, and brung back a larger army or something.
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