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I go back and forth inderjitsanghera. I used to always call them Kleenex, but when I moved to Europe, I realized that people there did not understand the term. Now it depends on where I am or who I am around.
"Kleenex" is the trademarked brand name owned by Kimberly-Clark and they alone had the rights for ever so many years without any competition whatsoever. And it came to pass, that the name "kleenex" (all lower case letters) was legally deemed a generic term for facial tissue. Now that they have much more competition, the generic term seems silly. This is the only case of this type that I know of, except possibly the term "fridge" for a refrigerator, may have come from the by General Motors owned brand name "Fridgidaire", but I doubt it.
It's sort of like calling Asphalt Tarmac. Tarmac a brand name, or Tanoy the boring and teedious list goes on.

Does anybody think Val sounds a bit too energetic to be in this guild?
I have one thing to say, Hoover.
I have one thing to say, Hoover.

why? Hippo is a much more interesting word. Along with Zeb.
oh brother
Who's anyone? Animated Wink Smilie

We call tissues kleenex and the other way around. Doesn't matter really. Oh and toothpaste is toothpaste or aquafresh. Got that? Animated Wink Smilie
I don't like smelly toothpastes. And certainly not if they're pink. Cool Smilie

Ok I'm really really lazy today. *note to self: make homework instead of posting here*
toothpaste is toothpaste cept when im asked wat kind i like, then its the "white kind"
We call tissues kleenex and the other way around. Doesn't matter really. Oh and toothpaste is toothpaste or aquafresh. Got that?

What about Euthymol toothpaste, you know the kind that old people use. It's pink and really strong smelling and no it's not for dentures.
Well I'm back here, back in my old spot again, and not planning to do much this weekend though maybe I should... Anyway... All I need now is a nice cup of hot cocoa and a warm fire in the hearth and a good film on video. Guess what: I have all three! Tongue Smilie
HOMEWORK'S EVIL HOMEWORK'S EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 MUCH HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATTACK OF THE HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NO! not the homework minions! nething but them! between them and the Uruk-Hai that r tryin 2 eat us, we're goin insane!
Nowt wrong with my sanity, apart from i'm like the Bursar from the UU!
Time for my Dried Frog Pills
No Homework minions look like a cross between a maths-teacher, a football shoe and a large pink bloumonge!

Woof woof woof, grrrrr.
As Johann von Neumann once said:
In mathematics you don't understand things. You just get used to them.

Luckily, my Math's nightmare is over, and since I'm now studying at university, I have to do my homework regularly, otherwise I will never ever pass. It's tricky enough already, believe me.
Maybe I'm wierd then as I understand maths perfectly. Mind you I am training to be an accountant so I must be wierd.
Maybe I'm weird too, but math is my favorite subject. I've always been interested in math and I really love it.
I always enjoyed mathematics until I hit Differential Equations, which I just barely passed. Ten years out of university, they suddenly fell into place and made perfect sense. Irrational numbers were something I could only visualize as happening in a different dimension so I just accepted them on faith. And after all that, everybody knows 2 + 2 = 5, because we learned that in 1984 and Six by Nine equals Forty-Two. 'cause we learned that in h2g2. Elf Winking Smilie
Forty Two isn't that the meaning of life the universe and everything. Oh no Ship B escaping from the mutant star goat just landed on earth mucking up the machine, forty two is six times seven!

'Thats why we are going to institute a policy of defolisation!'
Well, I am too lazy to think about Math right now. I am just going to have a soda, a cigarette, open a book, and read. Hmmm, Kris, Jen, could one of you bring me my Lost Tales book, and a blankey, please?
my math prof is actually the antithesis of your typical tweed jacket, elbow pad guy...died blond hair, t-shirts and sneakers...hehe...truly cool guy - the only reason I like math this year Cool Smilie

Diff eq next semester for me, I think, Grondy...should I be scared? Wink Smilie
It's cold outside, so I just made myself (yes, I made myself) a nice cup of hot cocoa (or how do you spell that?), lighted a nice fire and... pack my suitcase. Sad Smilie Gotta go again... So I'll catch up with you later I guess...
Well, since I have been in Alabama, I have done nothing except eat and sleep and take really long baths. It has been so nice. Unfortunately, I have also had to take quite a few pain pills just to do that much. In between the times of visiting the land of nod, I was reading parts of FOTR, Sil, and Letters, and Lost Tales I. Sounds like that could be some reading assignments. lol

I was informed by my mother-in-law that I was being anti-social. So, I stumbled out to the living room to chat with the rest of the family, and was promptly sent back to bed, within a few minutes.

It is so nice to be where people really do care about you. I have the best mother-in-law in the world. I am very blessed. She puts me back in bed and then brings me almost anything I need.

Mellie, sighs comfortably in bed, with the laptop sitting on the bed and propped up with pillows on a beautiful pink satin comforter. This really is heaven.

[Edited on 1/12/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
You lucky devil you! Gotta catch my train so I'll see you people next weekend again I hope. Haven't done much this weekend, so I don't think I'll be around much the next one. I do have to study sometimes. Boring Smilie
Mellie you should have replied with the correct answer when someone informs you that you're anti social, nobody will respect you if you don't stand up for your beliefs. Now I must go play my music at full pelt toget back at the people above who kept me awake until three by playing pants europop! Here AC-DC (sounds of whistling a pet dog) here boy. I'm on a highway to hell dur dur dur.

[Ross, there was some uncalled-for language that I deleted. - Allyssa]

[Edited on 3/12/2002 by Allyssa]
Yum cadbury's Animal cookies!

You can win a day as zoo keeper but you have to be under sixteen, that's ageism!
Ok folks this really is the last weekend you're gonna see me here. I mean, not forever of course, but I'm going to have my exams soon and I do have to study. So this weekend I'm gonna roll through the forum again, and then for the next three weeks I'm only going to come here to check my mails. If you do spot me around here, kick me out, cos I shouldn't be here, I should be studying. Tongue Smilie Wish me luck cos I'm pretty scared for those exams. Disturbed Smilie
Good job for Kris that everybody on here is to lazy to press charges
Ross, I know when to stand up for myself, believe me. (Especially when it comes to Margaret) I also know when she is teasing me and serious. I got up when because I did want to talk to them, I just was not sure that I could stay in the other room. I really get along with most of Matthew's family quite well. At least, now I do. Margaret and I have had a few rought moments, but that is all in the past now, and we get along much better.

For now, I just wanna sit in a comfy chair and relax with a good book and have a Coke to drink. Jennie, could you bring my drink to me, please. I left it in the computer room.

Oh, and Kris won't be with us any longer. He is fired! Actually he is in Jail until Dec. 27th.

He broke into our house while we were in Alabama, and my mom saw someone sleeping in my bed, so she call the police. To say the least he was arrested. There is a lot more to the story, but I don't wanna type it all out. (Too Lazy) He did not take anything of ours he just wanted a place to sleep. If he had called Matthew's cell number, we would have told him it was ok. but coming in without permisson just really bothered us.

So, ladies, no more Kris. Sorry.
Do all your guests finish up in jail, Mellie?
No, Val, not usually, but I guess I have been too naive as of late and just too trusting. I believe in giving people a chance, even if I know that they have had problems in the past. I am a pretty honest person, and say what I think, I expect the people to treat me the same way. I won't lie to someone. It goes against everything I believe in. So, since I don't lie, (in my little world or my little mind) no one else does either. Along with that I have a big heart and if anyone needs something and I can help I do. To say the least, people tend to take advantage of me on occasion. I keep saying I have learned my lesson, and I am not going to help anyone else, and then I meet some other poor wretched soul and trust them and about half the time I get burned. I know Kris did not mean any harm, and we did not press charges against him, but he was suppose to be on probation, and taking care of past problems. He had not done so. That is why he ended up in jail. I did get a letter from him, but have not responded yet. I was very disappointed in him, but not really mad. I knew he was having problems with living arrangements, and had let him stay at the house many times. I had also come to depend on him quite a bit because I can't drive very often, so, when I needed to go some place, he would drive me. Kris was also great with Robbie and Robbie just worshipped the ground he walked on. Robbie was very upset when he found out.

I guess that I just need to be a better judge of character and not be so naive.
and the moral of the story is....

Don't stay at Mellie's house unless you have a clear conscience. Wink Smilie
Perhaps I am still more naive than you Mellie but I really do feel pity for Kris. Not having a place to sleep in is one of the worst situations which may happen to anyone. Of course I agree that he should have asked your permission. But still, this is a very sad story. I really feel concerned abou him...
That is the problem, Eryan, I feel bad for Kris too, and I really do like him, even now. But the night he stayed in my house, Jennie's mom had offered to let him stay there, and so had another friend of his. The reason I think he chose to stay at my house, is that we made him feel like family, and welcomed him with open arms. I just wished he had called and asked, so that we knew it was him in our house. Then he would not have been arrested. I am not mad at him, just disappointed, but my husband is furious, and refuses to ever let Kris back in the house again. Even to just come by and see us. I am hoping when he calms down a bit, he will change his mind. Matthew is pretty reasonable when he calms down, but this really bothered him. So, I am not sure what he is going to do, if he ever sees Kris again. Matthew has major trust issues, and Robbie and I are the only 2 people in this world that he really does trust. Kris really messed up with Matthew.

Kris did send me a letter, I am hoping that Matthew will write him back, as well, and try to forgive Kris.
and the moral of the story is....

Don't stay at Mellie's house unless you have a clear conscience.

There are some people here at PT, I would invite to my humble little home, but; ......please, if I ever meet any of you take Plastic's words to heart. I don't wanna have to go thourgh this again.

[Edited on 14/12/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
I am just about to freak out! My husband is the laziest person that I know. In the 4 or 5 years that we have been in this house, trying to get him to do the basic day to day up keep on it has been like pulling an elephants tooth. Right now, he is up on the roof, cleaning out the gutters! He has not EVER done that since we have been here. There are probably 5 years of leaves and dirt and whatever... in those gutters. I have not even brought up the subject since the first year we were here.

I think I am concerned about him. Could he be ill?

I don't think your husband would fit in here Mellie he sounds as if he's not lazy, I mean why clean the gutters out when they will only get full of leaves again?
Perhaps Matthew is also stressed because of your problems with Kris and cleaning the gutters brings him some relax?
The problem with helping people like Kris is that they may have many endearing traits but they are unpredictable... and we can never be sure what will they do next. However, I think that the fact that he wrote to you from prison is a good sign. He really treats you like your family it seems...
Well Ross, he may not have been lazy this weekend, but it is the first time I have ever seen him clean gutters. We have been in this house for 5 years or so, and it has never been done before. So, I guess, I can expect him, to stop being lazy about once every 5 years. Well, I am not going to complain to much. At least, he has realized that is no use getting upset with me when I decide I need something done and hire someone to do it for me.

Eryan, I think you are closer to why he is doing all of this, Stress, from several situations, and Kris being the worst at the moment.

I know that I am not going to help Kris out like I did before, but I hope we can still be friends.

Well, I am too lazy to talk about Kris anymore. I want my book, and a blanket and something to drink, and I think I am going to take another nap.

I hope very much that you will all have wonderful Christmas in spite of all Mellie! Take care!
Thank you very much Eyran. I am sure I will. No matter how bad things get for a while, they always turn around later. No life is ever perfect, and it would be really boring if it was. It just adds a bit of spice to it all.

I am just going to sit back and relax with a good book and wait for Christmas Eve. We are going to my mom's and spending the evening with her and my sister and her kids, and boyfriend.
Merry Christmas (Baa Hum Bug(hey thats the name of one of my guinea pigs)).

I am slightly drunk(completely ratted) and need to eat some greasy food to soak up the excess alcohol before i get hung over. Do not drink eight cheeky vimto's as you only end up with vomit on your pants!

I'm not so drunk that i want a kebab though!
Ok. I'm back. I got so bored I decided to come over. Big Smile Smilie It's the holidays, right? I need something to relax. Big Laugh Smilie
Hiya I'm back and I'm bored. I only popped in because it was on the way. I haven't got time to be really lazy at the moment, d@mn lazy goverment making me have to do clients self assesment tax. Why can't they do it like they used too.
Fantastic finally a guild for the man who doesn't work very hard. Me I just like pipeweed and drink and the just chatting pure guff. Which I'm quiet good at. Today I have just came off night shift and I just can't be bothered
to go to sleep. Too much effort so I think I will just sit in all this flith and let someone else postThreadIDy it up. So today I think I will do naught. Maybe venture out if it takes my fancy to the offy and get more booze and sit and play my PS2. I could go get some food but its too much effort. People you know what I mean. So I think I just might.............................................................................................................................................................
You said Guff. That makes me laugh as it always reminds me of when Nelson Muntz in the simpsons says it and gets leathered of Jimbo and Gurney for it. Big Laugh Smilie
Just thought I'd pop in and say hello because I've just finished work and now am an officially lazy, plus it will also make me an elf friend. (hee hee hee)
Pary Smilie Ross made his 500 today, but it wasn't very hard work; he should thank Peter Jackson for making it so easy. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
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