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l think only one thing: Yugh! Shocked Elf Smilie
He lives alone

And are we surprised at that? Noooooo.

I've just hit 3000 posts, which is plenty for one night's work, so I'll just sit here for a while with my feet up and sip a beer.

Nah..... that's boring. I tried...

Gotta do things... My fingers won't rest. Gotta go....

Your a busy little fellow, you dont belong here, hehehe. Just kiding.
I have an exam tomorrow and I'm too lazy to study... How's that for being lazy eh?

But I'll have to start studying now if I don't want to fail. Juggling Smilie
Catch you peoples again later!
I finally broke down and washed all the dishes today and then baked a devil's food cake. I suppose I'll be thrown out of the Guild now. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I have a lodger to wash all my dishes, however I have to shout when he chips my plates so i'm using energy!
My famly is more lazy than all of you put together.

We were sitting down eating dinner. On the couch of course. Mum is energetic and non-lazy until she sits down. "Mum, where's my cutlery?" said me and my brotehr. So Mum said: "In the drawer. it's the one that's open. I was too lazy to shut it." But we were too lazy to get it. "Ew, it's that yukky ad we all hate!" we said. "Thren mute it." said Dad. "Henry, mute it!" "Where the mute?" said my brother. "Right beside you, male!" said me. "he was too lazy to pick it up nd press the button. Then we finished the film. (The World is not enough) after many incidents in which henry would not put up the sound because we c oudln't hear it, because he couldn't be gbothered reachignn down beside him for the mute. And it finished. Then it was time to go to bed. But we were all too lazy to move. All too lazy to put the TV off. All too lazy to put our finished dinners on the ground. All too lazy to do anything. Excepty Dad, who yelled at us to get up, even though he was too lazy to get up himself.

SO THERE!!!!!!!!111

(And by the way, I ahve sixz pseudo-silmarils!)
I didn't really like this motto
"Couch Potatoes of the World, Unite!"

How about

How's this for lazy (or perhaps just brainless? Ha Ha Ha Smilie ): I got up really late this morning and managed to eat some breakfast (which almost did not get eaten becasue I was too lazy to think out a decent sounding meal) then went downstairs to my room and flipped on some music. (I LOVE music.) Then I sat down on the floor and lsitened to a couple songs go by, determining that after "the next one" I'd get up and go take my shower. The next song does the next one...then the next one...until an hour later, I'm still sitting there, trying to figure out exactly how it is you make your legs move to lift your body upwards. Finally my sister walks by the door, asking what I'm doing. I look at her, and too lazy to actually explain, I lift an arm, which she uses to haul to my feet. Then I couldn't figure out how to make those same legs to move back and forth. It was interesting. Big Smile Smilie
I think you guys/gals all need a job.
Hey all of us true lazy bones have jobs. We need them to have food, it's much easier to live than to starve to death. So we go about our jobs in the safe knowledge once we get home after falling asleep on the bus we can start to slob.
This afternoon while the boat was dried out on a sandbank I took the opportunity to catch some sun/have a snooze on the galley roof. After a while the sun went behind the radar on the wheelhouse. It would have only meant moving a few feet to get back into it, but I really couldn't be bothered. Let the sun do the walking.... after twenty minutes it came back out again.
Too lazy to do my homework so I came here
don't worry,
I just need a little bit.
Perfect place for me!

I've got a mound of laundry that needs to be folded about a mile high, I'm moving in sixteen days, but haven't done one single thing to pack, I haven't shaved my legs in about five days(yikes!), I still haven't repaired my son's skeleton costume, and tomorrow is Halloween, and I haven't turned in my daughter's Girl Scout fall fundraiser items to the people that ordered them, even though it's been about four weeks since I got it all.

I hereby nominate myself for a charter membership to this lovely club...any other takers?
*Looks at L with stars in her eyes* I'm gonna be just like you when I grow up. A couple of kids and I'm there! Got the pile of laundry, pile of dishes, things to sow, home to tidy, things to deliver, did just like you are when we moved, shaving legs are for when I am going to wear a skirt or something and when the gorilla look is threatening to take over. Wink Smilie

I'd challenge you to the title. But not now, maybe tomorrow...
Ah i forgot about this thread. I think i am still fit for it though. *sigh*
I had company this afternoon so I had to wash two weeks of dishes that had been piling-up in the sink. Usually I just wash what I need by hand, when I need it; and when the sink gets too full, I empty the remaining clean dishes from the dishwasher washer, and run the dirty ones through it. That way I have fewer clean dishes to put away. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Hey, Grondy, I'd gladly come up there to the beautiful northwest to do your dishes...but I'm too lazy. And definitely too talentless to be able to do it anyway!

**blushes** Thank you, Amarie! Though I'm not sure you want to pattern your life after mine-I've done PLENTY of stupid things! Dunce Smilie But thanks for the love anyway. It's not telling you anything you don't already know, but you're the best! However, as to the challenge:

Today I elected to ignore the laundry again and stuff it back into the dryer rather than fold it, I once again spent a good part of the day at the park with my kids instead of attempting to pack, and I only today realized that it has been over four months since I called my father last-isn't that horrible? Top that, Miss Amarie!
I'm the biggest lazybone here. Whatever you people say, would not be able to convince me otherwise.
Hehehe, you are definitly not.... I recently deleted some posts of myself with no text in it... Who's lazy?! I AM! Tongue Smilie
You atleast take the pain of deleting your posts.....
Today I was so lazy that I: 1. Did not fold the clean laundry again, 2. Watched the weather channel for about two hours because I had lost the remote and the hubby and kids were at the park, 3. Never even made the bed...I tend to agree with Jennifer Anniston's character in some movie where she says..."What's the point of making the bed? You're just going to get into it again later, besides; no one will even see it made.", or something to that effect...ugh....typing...becoming...difficult...
The Talentless Lazybones Guild??
Sound just made for me.

Didn't do anything today except watch tv in the morning and sit in front of the pc all day long!!! Orc Grinning Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
This thread on this illustrious forum! eeeeeeeeghadd.
You guys are priceless.
Well I could not join as I am meticulous, start my day around three thirty or four and work work work and love discipline and order and schedule.
Howe Smile Smiliever, even the worst lazybones out there needs a beautiful meal now and then and fresh pajamas and bedding, to walk into a clean smelling orderly house.
So........if ever you tire of wearing crusty pajamas or laying in bedding that has lost its former color and not because it was th rown in with the dark things, if your tummys are wailing and you would like a substantial tasty great meal, if your relatives are coming to stay and would not be able to make it past the door.............
I am your girl. No cost to you.
Your hired Leelee! Does all that come with fortune cookies? Elf Winking Smilie
As long as it doesn't come with misfortune cookies... which should be made. Although, strangely enough, fortune cookies often are warnings. Which makes fortune cookies misfortune cookies as well. In theory at least.

I'm so lazy that I let Count Dracula drink my blood just to make myself lighter, thus making walking far less painstaking. I leave the porch light on for him and the door unlocked, but he insists on flying into the window in bat form. The thud usually wakes me up, but I just go back to sleep. When Vlad finally breaks the window, I'll probably be far too lazy to replace it. This will lead to a draft in the winter time. The combination of the lowered temperature of my sleeping chamber and my loss of blood will probably result in hypothermia. Basically, I'm so lazy that freezing to death seems likely despite the fact that I live in a fairly warm climate zone. Fast Asleep Smilie
1 1/2 cheers for being lazy!
I would cheer, but I'm too lazy Orc Smiling Smilie

*Attempts to raise finger in acknowledgement but gives up* Orc Grinning Smilie
I'm so lazy I type to spare my tongue muscles.
im to lazy to clean up my room that all i did was striaghten it up.

I finally had to empty the dishwasher of the rest of the clean dishes today so I could wash the dirty ones; my kitchen sink couldn't hold any more dirty ones. I'm so lazy I keep the clean dishes in the dishwasher until i need them and put the dirty ones in the sink, rinsing out any that I need right away; then when the sink gets full, I only have a few dishes to put away in the cupboard when it is again time to do the dishes: about once a week. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie This is one of the few living alone perks. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
i am way to lazy to get up of a morning at the time im supposed to so i get up 30 min later.

I am too lazy to go to bed in time. Maybe it would work out better if someone was in it.
I am lazy because I live alone.I take my own epoch to get dressed,get the pad cleaned up,do the laundry and the dishes.Which happens around once a month.And I sleep like the dead unless it is exam time.Not even the multiple alarm clocks gifted for my own good can save me.I sleep entire Sunday's occassionally dragging myself to the fridge and the bathroom.I hate working days and I love sleeping.
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