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Wait, Odo was in Star Trek? That means this [b:304252hh]is[/b:304252hh] a Sci-Fi thread after all! :P
Oh Mr Banks, I must say, I can but agree with you about Mr Tyrant and Mr Beard, but we must forbear. We who were born more fortunate than them. Lucky ones indeed! Please remember that at all times!

I have sympathy for the chaps, in spite of their mean spirited intellectual vulgarity. I fear Mr Tyrant's work with the Mentally Ill has caused him to see everything though a Mental Health lens. This happens quite a lot in his trade. Everyone, in time, appears to them to have a Mental Illness. (Indeed, sometimes I almost agree with him). As to any person who thinks himself a Beard! Should we really greet such a person's views with anything but tolerance, kindness and gentle patience?

What I suggest is: listen to their silliness, nod your head wisely, in this way suggesting to them that their silliness has relevance of some kind, (which it does, but not in the fashion they think it does) and smile quietly, being thankful that [i:2lknpzj5]"there but for the Grace of the Universal Scientific Force, go I."

yours patiently,
Wise Odo

NB Hello, Eldo. Tourette's is it?
snorts and splutters awake............. utters the obligatory..............''fight you'' rubs eyes etc
Morning team, anybody reading any good books ?
Well, there you are, Old Stray. Now where did you get off to? Whose doorstep have you been sitting on? Whose dish lapping milk from?

Wise Odo
Actually Wise Odo I do see the world as being mentally ill and the best sort is when someone invents an entire other world, complete with peoples, cultures and languages and then decades later other people write their thoughts on it down on a board such as this and argue about it- is that sane? I get confused please help.
p.s. I would also like to start a new thread, to further my insanity, dealing with the more fanciful creatures and events in the Hobbit and look at them one by one to see how they might be done on film, but I know not how nor whether I even have permission to do so. Being new to this sort of thing can you advise O Wise Odo?
Mr Tyrant,

I know a person [i:rx7vkyzb]quite[/i:rx7vkyzb] well who over the years in his role with the Constabulary (no, not a science fiction one) has crossed the path of many mentally ill people, and while there are those who are extremely disturbed, most are quite normal most of the time (as I am, I hope) and indeed rarely exhibit mental illness, at least in their behavior, most of the time (I trust you know what I'm getting at). I also have met a lot of folk who have no (diagnosed at least) mentall illnesses, but I have found to be most queer, if I can put it that way. You are no doubt more knowledgeable on these matters than I am, but I think mental illness has often as much to do with [i:rx7vkyzb]viewpoint [/i:rx7vkyzb]than it has to do with any clinical assessment. I'm going on about this because I agree that Tolkien in his way was a bit mad, though I guess his saving grace was that he knew he was a bit mad (or I assume he did!) The imagination is a mad kind of thing in my opinion. Anyway - just a few off the cuff thoughts! <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' />

As to studying characters in Tolkien I suggest you just [i:rx7vkyzb]do [/i:rx7vkyzb]it! (It's exactly the kind of outlandish behavior people indulge in on the less respecable threads!)

Wise Odo
Deepak Chopra would agree with you Petty, Modern Society is Pathological. And to a large degree, it would seem Tolkien was of a similar opinion. <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />

Financial markets prove beyond doubt mankinds insanity!
Still want to start a new thread and still don't how or if I can, perhaps GB if you read this you may prove on this matter to be somewhat more useful than the wisdom of Wise Odo was! I really am new to this forum malarky.
Alrighty Then Petty :mrgreen: .

On the upper left corner of any subforum, above the topics, is a button called "New Topic". Click on that and you're on your way.

Thanks GB- as with most things the answer is obvious, once you know it
I held a great hope you would find the answer yourself, Mr Tyrant!

Wise Odo
If I had time to find out all the answers I would have no need of questions. And without questions what is the purpose of Wise Odo?
Wisdom takes time and care, Mr Tyrant. It is not some modern commodity you can just go out and purchase (and at a discount).

Wise Odo
Well that would explain why there is only one Wise Odo. <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' /> Although it must take greater wisdom than mine to comprehend [i:1qhtxifb]the[/i:1qhtxifb] Odo, from which the multifarious little Odo's seem to spring.
Because I am an Enlightened Modern Human, I seek inside the [i:2rq4hjzx]other[/i:2rq4hjzx] Human's head, so as to understand, to empathize better. But in the process of my restless seeking within the [i:2rq4hjzx]other[/i:2rq4hjzx], I have ceased truly to be myself! Indeed, I feel like I am but a collection of fragments, a series of personality traits, a set of atoms (little Odos all!) shooting about colliding inside a jar, a cacophony of voices on a forum, no longer a Unique and Completed Organism!

I am reminded of those perceptive words of Robert Frost:

[i:2rq4hjzx]I thought so much of everyone,
Everyone but me,
That I forgot indeed who I was,
That total entity.[/i:2rq4hjzx]

[i:2rq4hjzx]Now a Sage, then a Cad,
At night a Petty Tyrant,
After sleep, I awoke to find,
I was A Fire Hydrant![/i:2rq4hjzx]

Wise Odo
Well that being the case I hope there are not too many dogs around your neighbourhood when you wake in the mornings!
Constable Odo, have you been in the evidence locker too long recently? I think some fumes must be getting to you. :lol:

A hot greeting to everyone!
Hello to all,i am a new fellow member of this website and trust to have a very good experience here
Welcome WhitakerThrasher! Feel free to come over to the New Members forum to introduce yourself, or just jump into one (or more!) of the many discussions we have going on. :mrgreen:
Yes, yes, yes... Good old Lore Master, you have, as (almost) always (or, at least, sometimes) got it right! Mr Whittaker Thrasher, off with you to the NEW MEMBERS THREAD!!!

(Nonetheless, thanks for the HOT GREETING! What warm blooded individual could respond negatively to [i:2emuzj8y]that[/i:2emuzj8y]!? :oops: )

Wise Odo

NB I've been offline since Saturday thanks to Telstra Bigpond (I also suspect a Scottish Conspiracy!) I am busy busy busy just now, but I will get back as soon as possible to scrutinize all the views you've come out with since i was technologically indisposed - with a view, of course, to correcting your views, for your own betterment! Cheers! :ugeek:
Damn it he might be on to me! Wise indeed - retract the device from OZ! Retract!
Dialogue VII from "The Hero and the Scot."

[i:33od8t0q]"Oh my fine eagle, with tuckus a'wagging,
Keep your eye out for the canny old Scot!"
"Oh he's there in that cranny, but what is he doin'?"
"He'll be doin' exactly what he should not!"

"He seems suspicious! His eyes slant away!
And is that a sword he doth bear in a hilt?
But e'en that sword may not be the worse danger:
For I fear something is hidden beneath his fine kilt!

"Oh is it a modem, a flash disc, a hard drive,
Or is it some cunning controlling device?"
"Ne'er mind that, wind gusts through the cranny,
Turn away swiftly, that's my sage advice!"

Poet? Prophet? Our Alfred was both it seems!

Wise Odo
Whitaker Thrasher..............that was my mothers name
Odo, you are just and fair.
Where do you see the sweaty, pulsating money pit ending?
How many films can they make, linked to Tolkiens spinning corpse?
..... 2-3?, excluding "Beard" the 70's musical derived film, "Hobbit bites Orc" the uncomfortable, gritty, bloody film, "In Bree" the hitman, pathos laden comedy............etc etc etc bored now.
[i:184azgll]Odo, you are just and fair.[/i:184azgll]
Yes, indeed (though I only agree with you, I don't say so myself, far too humble!)

[i:184azgll]Where do you see the sweaty, pulsating money pit ending?[/i:184azgll]
A poetical way of putting things, I must say. I know what you say though! For me your comment is crystal clear. The money pit is full to overflowing - and more pits - many many more - are waiting. (They have been built in readiness by the Wealthy).

[i:184azgll]How many films can they make, linked to Tolkiens spinning corpse?[/i:184azgll]
The spinners would say, "We'll make only these two, to finish the cylcle, that's all!" But... forced by public demand, they'll make another... forced again... another... forced... just one more... force... another... Cycles of Spin Doctors will spring forth: "Where do we begin, where do we end? We are just part of a circle sent revolving by the force of demanding popularity!" You know, Old Cat, I must ask my Electrician friend for clarification on this. And if not a question of 'physics', perhaps Mon Beard, who is wise in the way of Pantheonic Circles, may cast his metaphysical eye upon the problem! Spinning Corpses, you say - but no, for does not Tolkien live on as the Spin Doctors flap their mouths and purses while actually Dead themselves. Dead, that is,to every Art except the Art of Moneymaking!

[i:184azgll]..... 2-3?, excluding "Beard" the 70's musical derived film, "Hobbit bites Orc" the uncomfortable, gritty, bloody film, "In Bree" the hitman, pathos laden comedy............etc etc etc bored now.[/i:184azgll]
If only they were to make these confections! They sound delicious! A Beardian Musical? I'd pay to see that! If GB is involved, we'd have fine entertainment that would lift the spirits of almost everyone, though his taste for Adaptability might be a little too powerful for the less Liberal among us!

Have I satisfied you, Old Cat, Pert Pussy, Profound Purveyor of Pure Perfection?

Wise Odo
Oh Wise Odo,

I've heard a horrid rumor that Gandalfls Beard is now a Purileist. Could it be true?

Odo Banks
Dear Odo Banks,

Yes, it's true. <img src='/images/smileys/sad.gif' border='0' alt='Sad Smilie' />

Wise Odo
Dear Kitty in My Avatar,

Is it true that Odo Banks and Wise Odo are rumourmongers?

- Eldo
Dear Eldo,

'Tis true, 'tis true. You must deal with it as best you can.

- Kitty in Your Avatar
:lol: Touche! :lol:
Is that supposed to read Purist or Puerilist ? :? <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />

I think Puerilist - someone who wants Tolkien-based movies to be puerile. I [i:luln032a]think[/i:luln032a].
Odd, isn't that what Odo wants? A Juvenile--i.e. Puerile--version of the Hobbit (as written). I thought I was supposedly an LotRist, i.e. a Maturist.

That's what I thought you were, but according to Odo you were trying to trick us with reverse psychology (or something like that :roll: ).
Get off my thread - that's all I can say! :x Don't you know how naughty it is to tease people? :x

Wise Odo
Dear Odo,

You are right to be annoyed. Why doesn't some Moderator pull these naughty people into line? I came here to this forum to escape exactly the kind of nastiness the two above have shown. Pretty much the same reason I love The Hobbit - to escape, to have an adventure, to have fun, to meet interesting friendly people. But now some of those very same people have reared like nasty rattlesnakes (or badgers). Is it just a sign of the times, do you think?

Odo Banks
Dear Odo Banks,

You hit the nail on the head. It does not help either - indeed the situation is made worse - when you realize one of the [b:1vns1d8r]Powerful Ones ([/b:1vns1d8r]i.e. a [b:1vns1d8r]Moderator[/b:1vns1d8r]!) is himself behind it all!

What next? Placards at the door with "[color=#BF4040:1vns1d8r]Puerilism Rules[/color:1vns1d8r]"? I

t's the [color=#BF4040:1vns1d8r]Brownshirts[/color:1vns1d8r] all over again, I feel. :|

Wise Odo
[quote="Odo Banks":3fxyuiwj]when you realize one of the [b:3fxyuiwj]Powerful Ones ([/b:3fxyuiwj]i.e. a [b:3fxyuiwj]Moderator[/b:3fxyuiwj]!) is himself behind it all![/quote:3fxyuiwj]

I hate to add to your miseries, but it's not just [i:3fxyuiwj]one[/i:3fxyuiwj] of the Great Old Ones but in fact [b:3fxyuiwj]the only[/b:3fxyuiwj] Great Old One! Eldest and fatherless is he, and he has no peer.
I'm not sure Mr Durin would agree with you, Eldo. Isn't he a Moderator too? In fact, GB's got it coming, because I'm going to find Mr Durin and dob GB in!
We were ships again! Wow!
I don't know, Durin is green but he doesn't have the Moderator title. Actually an awful lot of people of green (including someone with about 8 posts :shock: ), but only four or so have the Moderator title. :?
We need foghorns to alert each other when this happens. :P
I immediately thought of [i:tzbpx6vy]Electric [/i:tzbpx6vy]Foghorns - but perhaps[i:tzbpx6vy] Magic [/i:tzbpx6vy]Foghorns would be better!

Which makes me think of something Lord Byron penned during his Mists and Fogs phase...

[i:tzbpx6vy]The foghorn resounded of a night!
On seas of foggy briny washy white!
The Captain stumbled in his cabin, panted:
"My God! That foghorn sounds Enchanted!"

The great poets knew everything!
Just curious Wise Odo, you said in an earlier post

"now some of those very same people have reared like nasty rattlesnakes (or badgers)."

Just wondering what you got against badgers?
Edward Lear, 'tis true, is not the most reliable source I know, but...

[i:23hokmxj]wary yee o the badger,
turn ye back, it will be adger,
don't be fooled by his friendly smile,
the badger's said to be full o wile,
yes, he's fluffy, and so's his gal,
(she's fiercer, truth to tell!)
just look closely,
and morosely,
you'll see his vicious accoutrements,
(he's evil to the roots, I meant!)
with gnarly teeth
and clawry feet,
poisnoss tongue
i know e seems quite harmless,
take care! you'll soon be armless!
e'll eat ya head
and then ya legs
he'll burp and fart when e's adger,
oh fear ye the fearsome badger![/i:23hokmxj]

I'm not sure, but Lear seems very credible here.

Wise Odo
[quote="pettytyrant101":10v9uny3]Just wondering what you got against badgers?[/quote:10v9uny3]

I'm confident [url=]this[/url:10v9uny3] has something to do with it, at some level. :mrgreen:
Ah! Explains the Edward Lear connection... I think Eddie was fond of mushrooms from memory, and suspicious of badgers when he was on them! Yes, now I see why! (Thanks Eldo!) You know, that must be how they get you, Mr Tyrant. They dance up all gay and frisky, and then... crunch....munch....gobble.... I always wondered how they managed it!

Wise Odo
Wise Odo,

I've heard a rumor (somewhere or other) that people on the Common Threads are calling you a buffoon, and also that your poetry (pretty much) stinks. What do you think I should say to defend you?

Odo Banks
Oh Dear Mr Banks,

I do appreciate your loyalty! But all I can say about my myriad foes is, say nothing at all on my behalf. They are fools, all of them (now that's between you and I, my loyalest of friends, but [i:3pmvaku6]of course[/i:3pmvaku6]!) Keep up that pecker of yours (but careful you don't take out someone's eye with it!)

I'm minded of an old Nursery Rhhyme:

[i:3pmvaku6]Sticks and stones,
And pointy bones,
Might pierce the skin,
And slice the shin,
But names and blame
Shall be put to shame,
When all the Purists
Go marching in![/i:3pmvaku6]

Wise Odo
[quote="Odo Banks":2avjuz3b][i:2avjuz3b]Sticks and stones,
And pointy bones,
Might pierce the skin,
And slice the shin,
But names and blame
Shall be put to shame,
When all the Purists
Go marching in![/i:2avjuz3b][/quote:2avjuz3b]

Yes, fear the Evil Purist Conspiracy (TM)! :twisted: :lol: :twisted:
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