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My redoubtable brother, Odo has agreed to write the Hobbit Movie script. Indeed, I am so pleased, I have agreed to make this broadcast (Odo is far too humble to broadcast it himself). Now, Odo has not decided exactly when he is going to start, but I'm sure all you Sailors of the Vulgar Threads will be clapping your hands for joy. I have agreed to channel Tolkien directly when text and film cannot meet eye to eye. Some communing with JRRT to get his advice will be necessary. Even Purists know that - and no doubt expect it of me! Further: Mirabella will design costumes and Biffo will look after the stuntspeople. At this stage, Pettytyrant will Direct. (((((Erm... You'll be directing, Mr Tyrant!)))))

Bravo, I say. Bravo! :mrgreen:

Why on earth did I agree to do this....? Oh well. Where to start? Oh I know! Where's my dog-eared beloved venerated much read Hobbit now? Mmm... Oh, here by my side like it has always been... Let me see... "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit..." Can't do better than that! Glad the Spell of Encryption's on - Bracket-5, good! A brilliant mind needs to protect his brilliant thoughts from thought-thieves. Can't be too careful. Where was I? Oh yes: "In a hole in the ground..." So great for the voice-over... Sam's voice... Yes, perfect... just the kind of thing the Professor would approve... Aerial shot maybe as Sam narrates...over Hobbiton.... Bywater... doesn't really matter... The Water. Of course. Must have The Water - the fans will be looking for that. I know I will be. Yep! Coming along nicely already... The Hill... even the Party Tree...why not? It's just a tree and should be there...down the hillside somewhere....Yaaaawn... Hard work this..... I could do with a beer... "Hey you idiotic children! I'm going to the fridge! [b:1c3oor7b]I'M STILL ON THE COMPUTER! [/b:1c3oor7b]Don't touch it while I'm gone.... Bloody kids...."

Excedllent plan Odo. Of course I will direct and shout a lot free of charge! This is all the work of the Valar you know. Wheels within wheels.
Shouldn't you be editing your book ODO? :P

As well as getting PT to Direct, may I suggest you ask him to Edit too, as he made several re-edits of PJ's efforts in an attempt to bring them closer to the Original Story. considering he only had the released films inc Directors Cuts then I say he did a fair job.
Shush, you guys... Odo is deep in contemplation... I will let him out to play with you on the Vulgar Threads on his breaks, but I can't let you bother him while his creatively adaptative juices are flowing! Script writing is a serious business. Zillions of fans rely on him doing a brilliant job! Sticking to the book text do simplify to some degree...!

....nice brew this.... "Hey! Primmy! Why did you have to pick these Shire Holidays to look after your niece and nephew...? Oh will you tell them to be a little quieter! You know what I'm doing is seriously important! I am NOT SHOUTING at you!" ... Can't think... but nice brew... and the Longbottom Leaf is peculiarly strong... maybe it's the beer and the pipeweed together making me drowsy...or the stress.. Mustn't let the fans down... Now where was I? Oh yes, here we are: Gandalf walks up as Bilbo is opening his letters, casts him in his shadow... Ah! We only see him from the back to begin with! So we have him standing in the sunshine now... Camera pans up from lower part of the wizard over his grey gown (what is it called now? robe, cloak... simple word too, can't think of it just now...oh the agonies of being a great scriptwriter...)... First we see tip of Gandalfs beard. Pan on up. Gandalf seems enormously tall. We see Ian McKellen's face, his keen amused gaze bearing down... Flash back to Bilbo as he looks up in surprise... Back to Gandalf: "Good morning...."... Empty again? Mustn't rush things... "PRIMMY! CAN YOU SHUT THOSE KIDS UP! Bloody Shire Holidays!" I must send out for more beer. However am I going to keep going without refreshment? OhI can't remember the typeface of my dog-eared beloved venerated much read Hobbit being quite so blurry...

HOLD ON!!!!!!! This shouldn't be a "BANKS FAMILY ONLY" project! And if it is the will of the Valar, then i have a mind to change it!!!! IIII will direct the Hobbit! hahaha! :twisted: AND IT WILL BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Bloomin' Valar!


Oh hello Tin. I don't know, but it was me who AGREED to do this. I mean, Wisey channelled the Professor and as far as I can tell the Professor wanted me, and as the Professor invented the Valar... well, do you know what I'm sayin'? This is going to be a 'Right' Script - not any of that Liberal (Wrong) rubbish! <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
Got a suggestion Odo from reading the open pages- how about you start with the narration of the opening paragraph as you suggest- but camera ends up right outside the door of Bag End on the words-"and that means comfort". The door opens and the camera enters like an invited guest. Growing louder as the camera moves through Bag End is Bilbo humming an early version of the Road goes ever on. Bilbo is in his kitchen- drying his breakfast dishes, hinting that he is comfortable and a little boring. He goes out into the hall, selects his favourite smoking pipe from the rack (that goes all the way down to his toes) and looks a little wistfully at a map of the Shire on his wall (beyond the Shire it is just white) Mutters "Maybe one day" and then he stands on his front step to take in the morning air and have a pipe- then Gandalf appears.
All this leaves out is the bit about his mother and Tooks- it keeps the 'description' of Bag End intact. And all it adds is the map bit to hint at the adventurous Took lurking within which the actual opening text deals with. What you think?
My God! Mr Tyrant - has the taint of Liberalism seeped into your brain!? Shame on you! We must trust the audience, surely! "

[quote="pettytyrant101":2be1hcja]humming an early version of the Road goes ever on[/quote:2be1hcja]


[quote="pettytyrant101":2be1hcja]Mutters "Maybe one day" and then he stands on his front step to take in the morning air and have a pipe- then Gandalf appears.[/quote:2be1hcja]

... I must go and lie down... my world has been thrown upside down... :shock:

I'm not sure Odo is going to like this, but I'll pass on your suggestions... oh my... oh my....(((((and the poor hobbit under so much pressure already - from no less than the Valar!.... oh my....oh my...oh my....)))))
Well short of exposition it would be difficult to convey that Bilbo was full of potential for adventure in his younger days but got soft and a bit fat in his middle years and the idea of adventure was buried- that is canonical. And as to the road goes ever on- there is I don't think anywhere it says when this was composed- that it is an early version is the reason its hummed not spoken and its main purpose is to provide a sound for the 'viewer' as the camera to home in on.
So no liberalism here- just film making. <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
Perhaps Odo I should take you through the process to calm your worries. The book and film have to open with the opening paragraph- that's agreed.

The very next thing in the book is a description of Bag End and its interior-hence the camera entering the hole and going through to the kitchen and revealing Bilbo. I don;t see how as an opening this could be any closer to the text.
The humming is merely to add a sound for the audience and camera to home in on. The tune can in fact be anything- a dish washing song if you prefer. But as I believe Bilbo composed the road goes on I thought it might be a nice touch to have it in.

The next thing in the book is an aside by the narrator on why the Bagginses are boring and dull but Bilbo might not be- he has a bit of Took in him. Specifically the wistful looking in the map is to cover the lines on page 2; "although he looked and behaved exactly like a second edition of his solid and comfortable father, got something a bit queer in his make-up from the Took side, something that only waited the chance to come out."

Having read that back I feel the line Bilbo mutters should in fact be "Maybe one day. Don't be a fool Baggins." to show the two conflicting sides in his makeup.

So you see nothing I present is in anyway at all liberalism- its all sourced in TH itself.
If you have a better way of conveying the aside Tolkien gives about the Baggins/Took makeup I would be glad to hear it. But in film, time is of the essence remember and this way is short and to the point.
I don't know, Mr Tyrant. You're having trouble convincing me, and so what chance have you of convincing those [i:3exwcvgq]other[/i:3exwcvgq] folk... :?


Mr Tyrant, what say I get Mirabella to go that [i:3exwcvgq]extra [/i:3exwcvgq]mile ( <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> ) with GB - and when he's at her mercy, she can get him to edit out your incriminating post... Folk on this Forum have short memories surely. We'll play dumb. Say we never saw it! That might work! GB's a Liberal, he'll surely do anything in exchange for the right [i:3exwcvgq]benefit[/i:3exwcvgq].... Mirabella won't like it, but we must think of the[i:3exwcvgq] bigger [/i:3exwcvgq]picture... our quest is poised on a [i:3exwcvgq]knife[/i:3exwcvgq] edge!

Sorry Odo I stand by my post and my insistence that it is canon based entirely.
The only way I can see of having information- such as Bilbo's mother being a Took and all that potentially means for Bilbo is to create a conversation between somebody or maintain the narrator as a character- although given as Bilbo wrote it but speaks in the narrators role of himself in the third person this might be confusing in a film and I am not a fan of over use of narration- its not really a film technique.
Yet as a purist I do think at least some of the information about Bilbo's mixed personality with regards adventure should be conveyed to the audience, its important. Which is why Tolkien chooses to give it before Gandalf arrives and therefore some reference or hint of it also should be given in the film before Gandalf arrives. This simply keeps the information presented to the viewr in line with that being given to the reader at the same point-the opening.
So until I hear a better suggestion from you I stand by my opening suggestion.
We were at cross-postings, Mr Tyrant. Your explanation eases things a little I guess. I know this will sound out-there as films go, but I honestly think we can have the narrative all the way through to Gandalf saying "Good morning." While this is all going on, we can have the opening credits and the camera examining (for want of a better word) the things it describes. We would see Bilbo and his hobbit hole and The Hill and The Water - but Bilbo would be doing normal domestic Bilbo things while the narrative would be hinting (as it the book does) at what is probably buried inside! It would work fine as cinema. Once Gandalf arrives at Bilbo's door, the story really begins. Simple but effective! I still hold to the idea of the voice-over. Yes, I'm a little Liberal to suggest that it is Grandad Samwise's voice - but a voice-over I think is important in setting up the whole atmosphere and point of the tale. It also must be distant in time from the events themselves. A story is being told and then shown in film. To me it's actually Tolkien's voice talking. This is how we can make The Hobbit like The Hobbit, but explain without explaining it, how it differs from LotR. TH as a legendary story [i:2x5j70v4]from[/i:2x5j70v4] hobbit family History, while LotR [i:2x5j70v4]is[/i:2x5j70v4] History. It's not Bilbo's book as such, but the story as Sam knows it. (Shudder! A tiny bit of Liberalism might be required. Don't tell the Enemy though!!!)
My problem with that Odo is that it seems a bit of a cheat. Narration is used in films either to save time or because the script has failed to find a way to convey the information using film techniques and has resorted to just telling the audience direct.

I like film to be filmlike, and going right through the entire narration until Gandalf's opening words (2 and 1/2 pages of dialogue in my copy) is quite a long winded opening to a film.

I'm happy to feature the Water, the hill etc whilst the opening paragraph is being read and under the credits but I feel an overuse of narration is not the way to go. Its a film after all, its a visual medium and as much as possible should be conveyed visually.
I would tend to agree with you in a general sense, but what we are talking about is some superb writing which will not take long to recite. It could be just a male voice (to suggest Tolkien himself) and once the story starts with Bilbo on the doorstep and Gandalf's arrival, narration would not be necessary. This would give the beginnng of the movie a sense of freshness, I feel, not usual with narrations, purely because of the idiosyncratic way Tolkien introduces the story. Idiosyncratic may not be the word I'm really looking for - but there is a distinctiveness to at the beginning which is a joy to read and hear! It would work. By the time it is over we already feel we know Bilbo as he knows himself - from then on both he and we get to know him better through events. Later in the story I think we can readjust text narrative into conversation where necessary. Yes, we'll need conversation that is not in the book.

As I'm being all serious at the moment (not that I'm not always serious, mind!) I'll state now that I agree that the book can't be filmed exactly like the book. It's impossible to do so. Where Purism is involved, it is in staying true to what is in the book as far as possible. That's why things like The White Council must be mentioned (before the Battle of Five Armies) but not filmed as scenes, and the songs MUST stay in, though handled thoughtfully - and with voice only not musical instrumention, except for the dwarves song in the Unexpected Party which is actually accompanied by their own music. These things can be done.

The idea of a family film is important too. Overplaying the 'adult' side of things just won't work, as Tolkien found out himself when he tried to rewrite the book. The Hobbit has a flavor that MUST be retained. The comical and the dangerous go hand in hand (without the use of hackneyed jokes, verbal or visual!) Example: Bilbo's buttons bursting as he squeezes through the goblins' back door is amusing and exciting at the same time. (I imagine this scene as the door moving slightly, a weak shadow cast outside the cave, and brass buttons popping out of nowhere suddenly accompanied by appropriate noises of clothese being roughed and torn, then the sight of the weak shadow hurrying off away from the door).

My post is going funny. So I'll stop for breath...
I understand your point Odo, I'm just not convinced the entire opening pages are required. There are only so many shots of the Shire you can show under it all before it becomes dull. And whilst I agree its a beautifully written opening, I would argue all the narrators asides have that same quality and sense to them, but it would be a mistake to include them. On the page the narration helps to immerse you further into the story, to become a part of it, in film (usually) lengthy narration has the opposite effect, it brings the viewer out of the direct experience and reminds them they are merely observers. I think this would be detrimental to drawing the audience into Bilbo's world and adventure.

Speaking of the opening shots I think there are a few locations which should be in it, the Hill obviously, the party field with tree, the Green Dragon, as it sets it up for later, and it would be nice for the final shot to be as close as possible to Tolkien's own illustration with the Water and the Mill in foreground and the Hill rising behind.

I still think visually going through Bag End from front door to Bilbo is a better way to cover that bit of the book than to continue the narration describing it. Visually its just what is described and it gives the opportunity to show the domestic, home loving side to the Baggins character- and if he's drying dishes and say putting them in a cupboard but still on display it imparts a sense of pride that makes the "smash the dishes" song even more funny later. And as film should be, combined with the map idea, it conveys information about Bilbo and his world without needing hardly any dialogue- its done visually and without either wasting time or creating new scenes to explain it.

I think its important to keep at the forefront of the mind that it is a film, what can be conveyed visually should be done so before resorting to narration or even conversation.

But its your script- I merely suggest.
I agree with Mr. Tyrant. There's a reason books are books: they're meant to be read, and nothing more. When you make them a movie, you have to alter them to fit movie standards. For example, certain emotions or thoughts ect. that are explained in the books can't always be interpreted on the screen. Also, you want to sell your product, so that means attracting as many customers as possible. You need to create a story that is relateable to audiences who have never heard of the Hobbit, which can include explaining, plot twisting, and character changing (I mean personality wise) to make the movie more... mundane? Personally, I think PJ did a great job of hooking in first time veiwers (like myself) to the trilogy, which is what REALLY matters, right?????
Oh you guys, I think you have managed to persuade me. (I don't know, young people and their precocious wisdom! :roll: ) All right. I think I'll have to change tact - as I always seem to have to do on this forum btw, it's the trouble you have when no one will just blindly follow my lead. Oh well! What must be must be I suppose. ['sigh' smilee anybody??) Let's get down to business. We need outlines first. So what do we have? Let's talk our way through a few things first...

Shots of Hobbiton... Mill is good. Then move into Bag End, have a look around. Watch Bilbo fussing around his living room, everything in place (for the dwarves to make look untidy later??...mmm), and then he dusts Belladonna's picture? Focus on Bilbo's prim and proper middle-classedness (no, not prim, he's not a Gay bachelor!) Puts duster away, moves to front door and out to his letter box? Sits down lights pipe starts opening mail. Engrossed in a letter (?) when a large shadow is suddenly cast over him....

Visuals so far show a fussy respectable bachelor in his haven. Then the less safe outside world arrives with Gandalf's shadow! What if a puff of wind ruffles his hair and [i:2kvovelu]then[/i:2kvovelu] the shadow falls on him? Bilbo looks up in surprise... A minute or two of film time has elapsed - and then we're right into the story! We've formed a view of Bilbo. Suddenly we've met Gandalf, just when Bildo does!

How are things going so far mon critics? (Like my French btw - I thought not! <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' /> )
I'd keep the dishes just cause of the song later- no problem with picture of his dear old mum. Bilbo is standing at his front door in the book not sitting in his garden although he does sit by the door after Gandalf arrives- I think we should keep that. If we keep the map bit he could kind of snatch up his pipe as he goes out- as if its both a comforter and a reminder of the 'safe' world of the Shire.
I like the shadow idea- not quite sure on Gandlaf appearing in a 'gust of wind' as it were, might be a bit to blatant.
Could have Bilbo lightning his pipe as Gandalf arrives, so the shadow falls over him and his pipe lighting attempts then as he looks up the camera also pans up to reveal the dark silhouette of Gandalf against the bright sunny morning beyond. Then straight into the dialogue as is.
Not sure about the going to get his mail idea Odo- a mailbox is not a very English idea and therefore I feel not a very Shire idea. Besides from the bit about party invites in FoTR the Shire post service is rather good and delivers to your door. Plus its not in the book- Bilbo only goes to his door and stands on the step before sitting on a seat next to the door, presumably on the porch.
Cool. No letter box. Btw the puff of wind is in no way magic... just a natural puff of wind.. the merest hint of movement... [i:35909awn]outside[/i:35909awn] movement. A very subtle thing. Let's have simplicity but also nuances as well, what. I like nuance compared to obvious exposition, always. I trust adiences to go along with what's happening. Fantasy should always bring out that natural childish habit of following wherever life leads. And, yes, we MUST have the dishes. Good you reminded me. Perhaps this is what he finishes tidying away NEATLY before he goes off to do a little dusting...

Shall we wait for Tin to get back before proceeding? And I suppose GB and even that new interloper will want a say too :x . And Noom! Where are you? Fingolfin? Joseph Dwarf? Halfwise? Hail Manwe? Where have all those stout Forumers disappeared to I wonder???? Oh well, at least we should wait for Tin - after all, dishwashing and dusting and general tidying are involved, so we shoud have a Lady present! <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' /> (Mirabella is busy with the costumes at the moment... :? )
Well, Odo and pettytyrant, it seems you must confront the reality of making a movie! :lol: Sometimes your strident cries make some of us think you are more pure than you may actually be. :shock: At the risk of sounding like we agree on something, I like your initial ideas. I take it we all may join in the discussions? :? Even recalcitrant Liberals like me? :roll:
Far as I am aware GP this one is free for all with Odo at the helm- so suggestions are welcome, even liberal ones I suppose! But the idea remember is to keep it as close as is possible to the source. So keep your copy of TH to hand.

I've been reading over An Unexpected Party and I foresee some trouble with the songs Odo!!! Mainly its the positioning of them- the chain of events goes- everyone eats all Bilbo's food, then they sing about the dishes as they put them away- then they go get their instruments, then they sing the 'break of day' song. Then they get down to actual planning. To keep it canon we will have to have 2 songs very close together, I'm not sure we shouldn't move the 'break of day' song to the end of the night and have Bilbo drift off to sleep listening to it- then waking with a start in the morning to an empty room.
:lol: GB this is what I mean by adaptation!! But join in with suggestions- you never know what might be adopted.
Ideally as many members of our community should discuss it till we have the official The Hobbit Movie Forum script!

As to the the songs- I would alter the order of the party scene a bit I will admit, purely for cinema reasons. The break the dishes song is in my view (on film not the page) crying out for some musical accompaniment. So I would have the dwarves arrive with their instruments without leaving them on the porch. This way as most of the dwarves clear away the dishes others can be playing the music. And as a bonus when they all fall in the door and land on Thorin there's the excuse for a humourous musical sound as someone's instrument gets squashed. Oh and keep Thorin's harp under a wrap so its still kept for the reveal for the break of day song which I still think would work better on film coming later in the scene, although as its canon to have them next to each other I am prepared to be persuaded otherwise.
Oh I like the dusting by the way- it set things up nicely (which I assume was your thinking Odo) for when Gandalf says "you are not at all yourself this morning- you have never dusted the mantelpiece!" with regards Bilbo failing to notice the dwarves letter.

But alongside the dish washing and stacking it would imply what we are talking about some sort of montage here of Bilbo in full domestic bachelor mode. Is a montage what you have in mind?

On another issue, hobbits have some rather 'futuristic' gizmos for ME- like pocket watches and grandfather clocks- would it be too much to have a clock which also has the day?- the reason I am thinking this is the book goes from Gandalf scratching the secret sign on Bilbo's door straight to the appointed time for Gandalf to arrive for tea. A clock with the day on it would be a simple and easy way to handle this transition. And if the clock/calendar is on the mantelpiece then it gives us something to stick the letter behind so its visible but not blatantly obvious.
Shifting the songs, because they're too close together???? Sacrilege :x !!!

How you can call yourself a Purist is beyond me Petty :P . What on Middle Earth is wrong with an acapella work-song followed immediately by the grabbing of instruments and a segue into the "Break of Day". Now, I can certainly imagine echoes of the "Break of Day" song tumbling around poor Bilbo's brain as he wakes up the next Morn with the impossible hope that the preceding night was a dream.

I'm glad I have been able to contribute some wisdom <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
Can we keep the tune from the animated Hobbit for the dishwashing song???? IT"S SO CATCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just MUST be an old fogey here, guys - just like I hope Bilbo would be! <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' /> I think the songs can go close together. They should be handled differently. I feel no music except the music of voices for the dishwashing song. I imagine something along the lines of a group of blokes (Aussie = "guys"Wink Smilie singing in a pub with a few ales in them. The cleaning up occurs as they sing. Very male. Very chiding. Hanging sh**te so to speak - but it does NOT have to be nonsensical. Boisterous male behavior, yes, but not silly as such, for teasing Bilbo would still be done kind of macho. How Rednecks would tease a hobbit, sort of (don't take that further than you need to; I'm not suggesting American dwarfs!!!) Remember at this stage the dwarves have a fairly low view (in my opinion) of Bilbo - save perhaps Balin who always seemed a bit more open minded to me.

Sorry Tin - I don't want anything particularly catchy. This song is about bullying - it might be fun for the dwarves, but they're picking on poor Bilbo. The audience can think it funny but they must also feel genuinely sorry for poor Bilbo. Remember, they'll be standing watching the bullying, possibly enjoying it, but deep inside thinking it a bit nasty of the dwarves. Don't we all feel a bit that way about this scene? (Bloody 'ell, I sound like Grey Pilgrim now!!!)

Once we get to the Over the Misty Mountains song, we have the dwarves in a solemn mood and they can show their musicality. This is the dwarves as they would be in their deep cavern homes. Let's use the instruments Tolkien mentioned. Nothing more. Beautiful music but folklorish, simple, deep throated and manly (dwarfly?? :? )

Guys, I still hold to the view that the songs are not as silly as people think. The dishes song is humorous, but not as light as one thinks, nor should it be too dark either. It should be a nice contrast to the second song - but they share something at their heart: dwarvish self-identity - they take themselves seriously - even when bullying hobbits for fun or singing with broken hearts!

Anyhow, your views. (I have much to say but I must not try to dominate... much as I'd like to. :mrgreen: )
I agree entirely that the instruments used should be those described and with your general sentiments regarding the handling of the songs.

I think there are key visual bits of the party which have to be retained- Gandalf sitting beneath a glowing cloud of green smoke rings looking every inch the wizard. And the changes in the light from evening to night and the firelight casting the nodding shadow of Gandalf's beard against the wall. (In fact that last image could be used to fade out on and then pack in as another song ends to imply the amount of time that passes- the dwarves play for quite a long time in the book- that or the old fireplace fade to fire burning low).
We might go further, Mr Tyrant. In movies they do little scenes - a pastiche of single shots - of people doing things - you know the girl and boy buying cotton candy, then walking down the beach, then him opening a taxi door for her, then him giving her a lecherous grin ...ahh romance...You know what I mean, snapshots to indicate them getting to know each other over time. We could do a similar thing.

As they settle down with their instruments after the boisterous dishwashing song, music can strike up suddenly - play over snapshots of individual dwarves playing - interlaced with imagery of caverns brimming with the signs of prosperity (please, realistic underground city-caverns!!) This can happen over a little bit of time with each snapshot of the dwarvish players including a subtle dimming of the light ("[i:6tw2j33y]Lighting!!! Verse three now. Fili and Kili playing now...Yes, we want TWO mega-lites down thank you!" [/i:6tw2j33y]Yep. I won't be asked to do organise the lighting! :lol: )

The music itself can be sweet then seque into bitter-sweet then into melancholy (no fixed idea here. The music will have to be carefully and thoughtfully composed and arranged, of course). Suddenly the deep throated singing begins. Single voice here, several voices there, the whole troop in between... you know what I mean. An Oscar winning song is what I'm suggesting (nothing less!) No SHOWSTOPPING tune! The scene must seem REAL! We don't need Pavarotti here! Nor is this is a musical!

How are we going?
hey, just for my muddled brain, can we try not to write so much at once???? My mind is pretty focused on school at the moment, so its hard for me to keep up, mentally. Which also could be because of my ADD...
I'll do my best, Tin, it's just we're talking about THE HOBBIT! So it's easy to get excited. Stuff just gushes out!
alright. I'll come back from time to time, and someone just give me a quick sum up. ONWARD MEN!!!!!
Hail !!
[quote="Odo Banks":ue0n9eo6]Cool. No letter box.


Oh well, at least we should wait for Tin - after all, dishwashing and dusting and general tidying are involved, so we shoud have a Lady present! <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' /> (Mirabella is busy with the costumes at the moment... :? )[/quote:ue0n9eo6]

I recall Bilbo Using his mail to turn away from Gandalf (hoping he'll leave), so won't the letters have to come from somewhere ? Perhaps Bilbo takes them as he's dusting the mantlepiece before going outside ? we'd see the clock as Pettytyrants scene describes ? establishing the time/day right from the off ! (sorry to go back)


.... I sense an incredible list !!!! <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> :lol: Hail !! Gandalfs Beard ! I Hope your birthday was joyful :P

Not so 'stout' i'm afraid Odo. :oops: I've been lurking a while after a wee absence, hope that's ok with everyone ? This is my TV ! :P .. only much, much better. <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />
Hail, Hail Manwe- good to hear from you again.
You're right about the mail ,don't have my book to hand but I think he has them in his waistcoat pocket when he goes to the doorstep for his smoke- he pointedly sits down and reads them in the hope Gndalf will go away.
I had though to just have them on a table by the door but I like your idea better of havng them behind the clock as an excuse to show the time an day
All good. All good. I read it last night. Bilbo stands at his front door having a healthy puff in the healthy sunshine. Gandalf arrives. Bilbo decides after a brief conversation that it's time Gandalf went, so he starts going through his letters. Let's find agreement as to him having letters and where he draws them from. Maybe he did pick them up when he went out to have a puff in the sunshine.

What say, (if we're going to have his front door and yard set up in the same fashion as the LotR movies) we have Gandalf arrive at the front gate. The sun can still maybe cast a shadow. If not, Bilbo can see him coming and stopping at the gate? Not far away. Their conversation could be across the little front yard? Bilbo takes out his letters. At the end of their conversation - which can be pretty close if not exactly the same as the book - Bilbo can dart inside and slam door. Gandalf can laugh, enter gate, scratch his mysterious sign, and go off chuckling down Bagshot Lane. (Sorry, Mr Tyrant, but I think we have to accept continuity between movies - though we still keep a proper The Hobbit atmosphere and close adaptation. Cinematography was generally fine, I feel, in the LotR movies btw. But I don't mean that at all in a Liberal kind of way! :lol: ).

Guys, we may have to stay at this point in the story quite awhile. We will be writing the Classic script. Pedantry of the highest order is required. Remember, the devil is in the detail. (Not this one: :twisted: or is it??? :? )

(Hail Manwe, so long as you're still around, I'm happy. But you MUST pop in and say a word or two here and there, or how else will we know you ARE still around?! :x And... what's a TV??? :? Sounds like something the goblins would make - along with weapons of mass destruction and explosives??)
Are you propsing we do away with the Bag End porch and the seat Bilbo sits on to read his mail and address Gandalf? :shock:
Surely there can be continuity still, the Bag End of the LoTR films is more than half a century in the future- surely even in the Shire there might be minor changes to the Bag End garden (if for no other reason than for the Gamgees to justify their jobs!)
Yes, perhaps the seat was thrown out sometime in the years that passed between Bilbo's adventure and Frodo's. Even in the scenery from LotR there is room to put a seat near the front door. (And what a nice place for a seat in the sunshine. Oh why, why, why can't I live at Bag End? Henry makes me feel young again...I'm a pathetic case really, though I'm sure none of you have noticed that before... :? )
Well Odo, just visit Tolkien's childhood home, because that'swhat he based Bag End off of. And also, what if the Hobbit movie is so completely lost that they just throw a bone to the dogs to be ripped apart (meaning, post the script online for fanatics like us, and we rip it apart and make it right!) That would only happen if the Hobbit REALLY falls apart and MGM is never sold!
Ha! maybe we should just raise 4 billion dollars to pay off their debts...
If you guys do this well, you might get an offer to script the movie itself in the end. You never know. :ugeek:
Hail !! Grey Pilgrim.

I trust you mean us ? <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> You will be joining in won't you ?
I shall keep a sharp eye out and perhaps offer an idea or two when the mood is upon me. I will leave the serious writing for those who have the imagination. Sadly I lag in the area of imagination. :cry: I will do my best to help if and when I can though. <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
Never mind your lack of imagination, Grey Pilgrim - I have more than enough for both of us! <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' /> (Of course, I say it very humbly! I'm not all puffed up like a certain brother of mine :roll: ).

Where are we at, btw?

Intro: Overhead shot of Hobbiton showing the Mill and the Hill and the Water - moving down through Bilbo's front door to show all his rooms (some rooms totally devoted to clothes and several pantries?) and Bilbo himself fussing around, at last dusting the mantelshelf? Mmmm... Might he take a small pile of letters stacked on the mantelshelf or a table? He goes out to stand in the porch with pipe in mouth, his letters still in hand but forgotten for the moment as he enjoys the sunshine?

Listening now! [size=150:s53gpmq6]Hey everyone! [/size:s53gpmq6]I'm listening...! :x
I'm tying to decide whether your shadow idea- which I like- is the way to go for Gandalf's arrival or whether he should be in frame but in the background as Bilbo goes out onto his step. The shadow is more dramatic but the Gandalf walking up the hill is more canonical.
With regards the dialogue between Gandalf and Bilbo I see very little need for change. I would remove the word 'tobacco' from Bilbo saying, "a very fine morning for a pipe of tobacco out of doors" and just leave it as " a very fine morning for a pipe out of doors."
And some cuts from Blbo's longer speech where he remembers who Gandalf is, reduce it to something like this;

Bilbo: Gandalf, Gandalf! Not the wandering wizard who who used to tell such wonderful tales at parties, about dragons and goblins and giants? Not the Gandalf that used to make such excellent fireworks! I remember those! Old Took used to have them on Midsummer's Eve. Not the Gandalf who was responsible for so many quiet lads and lasses going off into the Blue for mad adventures? Bless me, life used to be quite inter-I mean, you used to upset things badly in these parts once upon a time. I had no idea you were still in business."

Other than that I would leave that scene as is.
Oh one other change I noticed we will have to make. As our script makes no reference to Bilbo's mother by name the line "and for the sake of poor Belladonna" will either have to go or be changed to "for the sake of your poor mother Belladonna".
How about this for the first part of the party scene.

[i:2rbjjrkt]Bilbo is nodding into sleep, the remains of his late afternoon snack are on the table before him. A loud ring at his door awakens him and his eyes snap open.[/i:2rbjjrkt]

Bilbo: Gandalf! Oh dear I had quite forgotten.

[i:2rbjjrkt]Bilbo rushes into his kitchen and comes back with a pot of tea, an extra cup and saucer and a plate of seed-cakes. The door rings again and Bilbo rushes down the hall to answer it.[/i:2rbjjrkt]

Bilbo (opening door): I am so sorry to keep you wait....

[i:2rbjjrkt]There is a dwarf with a blue beard tucked into his golden belt, and very bright eyes under a dark-green hood standing on the doorstep. The dwarf immediatley walks in as if expected and hangs his hood up.[/i:2rbjjrkt]

Dwalin: Dwalin at your service!

Bilbo (lloking confused): Bilbo Baggins at yours!

[i:2rbjjrkt]The two stand and stare at one another for an awkward moment.[/i:2rbjjrkt]

I am just about to take tea: come and have some with me."

[i:2rbjjrkt]He leads Dwalin into the parlour but no sooner has he done so than the door bell rings again.[/i:2rbjjrkt]

Excuse me.

[i:2rbjjrkt]Bilbo hurries back to the door and opens it.[/i:2rbjjrkt]

So you have got here at......

[i:2rbjjrkt]On the doorstep is an old-looking dwarf with a white beard and a scarlet hood. He too hops inside as if expected and hangs up hs hood.
Balin: Balin at your service! I see they have begun to arrive already.

Bilbo: They!

[i:2rbjjrkt]Bilbo leads Balin into the parlour and once more the door bell rings.[/i:2rbjjrkt]

Balin: Fetch some more seed-cake whilst your out there.

[i:2rbjjrkt]Bilbo hurries back to the door.[/i:2rbjjrkt]

Bilbo: Gandalf for certain this time.

[i:2rbjjrkt]He opens the door to find two more dwarves, with blue hoods, silver belts and yellow beards. They walk straight in and hang their hoods beside the others.[/i:2rbjjrkt]

Bilbo (wearily) What can I do for you, my dwarves?"

Kili: Kili at your service.

Gili: And Fili.

Kili: Dwalin and Balin here already, I see. Let us join the throng.

Bilbo (as he leads them to the parlour): Throng!

[i:2rbjjrkt]Again the door bell rings, louder this time. Bilbo scuttles off again to answer it. This time there are five dwarfs. Each one enters, hangs their hood, gives their name and walks passed the stunned Bilbo to the parlour.[/i:2rbjjrkt]

Dori: Dori at your service.

Nori: Nori at your service.

Ori: Ori at your service.

Oin: Oin at your service.

Gloin: Gloin at your service.

[i:2rbjjrkt]Bilbo follows them into his parlour which is now full of dwarves.[/i:2rbjjrkt]

Dwalin: More cakes.

Balin: and beer.

[i:2rbjjrkt]Bilbo hurries off into the pantry and comes back with several plates of cakes but no sooner has he given them to the dwarves when there comes a loud knock on the door. The sound of someone banging hard with a stick.
Bilbo rushes back to the door.[/i:2rbjjrkt]

Bilbo: This is the most awkward Wednesday I have ever had!

[i:2rbjjrkt]The door is thumped agan and Bilbo pulls it open, much to fast for in onto the mat falls three more dwarfs. A fourth, very fat dwarf teeters behind the others then falls on top, there is series of loud groans from those beneath and the squeak of a musical instrument being squashed. Behind the pile of Dwarfs Gandalf stands, leaning on his staff and laughing.[/i:2rbjjrkt]

Gandalf: Carefully! It is not like you, Bilbo, to keep friends waiting on the mat, and then open the door like a pop-gun! Let me introduce you,

[i:2rbjjrkt]Gandalf helps Bombur up from atop the groaning others.[/i:2rbjjrkt]

This is Bombur, Bifur, Bofur

[i:2rbjjrkt]With the rest standing the only dwarf still on the ground, and at the bottom of the pile and not looking happy about it, is an important dwarf with a sky-blue hood with a long silver tassel. Gandalf helps him up.[/i:2rbjjrkt]

And especially Thorin Oakenshield.

Bilbo: I am so sorry.

Thorin (grumpily) Yes, well don't mention it.

Gandalf: Now we all here! Quite a merry gathering! I hope there is something left for the late-comers to eat and drink!

Bifur: I'd like some rasberry jam and apple-tart.

Bofur: And mince-pies and cheese.

Bombur: And pork pie. ([i:2rbjjrkt]everyone looks at the fat Bombur[/i:2rbjjrkt])And a salad.

Dwalin (from the parlour): And more cakes-and ale- if you don't mind.

Gandalf: Put on a few eggs, theres a good fellow.

[i:2rbjjrkt]Bilbo, thrown by the evenings events, just nods and heads to the pantry.[/i:2rbjjrkt]

Gandalf: And just bring out the cold chicken and pickles.

Bilbo: He seems to know as much about the inside of my larders as I do myself!
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