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OOC: I'm not sure how Elven ages compare to human, but Eowiodith would be in her late teens if she was human.

IC: Eowiodith sat on a makeshift seat in the dark forest and listened for any unusual foresty sounds such as loud rustling of leaves or ecssesive breaking of sticks and twigs. She was supposed to be watching out for orcs, who were supposedly going to be attacking sometime soon. Just recently a small group of warriors from Rivendell had gone out and spied thousands of orcs coming over from Isengard. The city was immedietly on alert, and the younger Elven warriors were set up in watches so as to warn the city of their coming. Eowiodith was nearing the end of her watch, and getting tired of sitting for so long, decided to shut her eyes for a minute.... She was jerked awake by a rustling of leaves behind her. Sliding off of the log/seat, she silently slided up against a tree and watched to see who is was before she sounded the alarm. It didn't sound like to many people, but she couldn't be too careful. The ruslting stopped and an erie silence followed.
"Eo? You there?" A voice broke the quiet. "It's me."
Eowiodith smiled. It was her one of her friends.
"Yes, it's me. Are you here to take over the watch?"
"Yes, but first have you heard or seen anything unusual?"
Eowiodith and her friend sat talking, and were so involved in their conversation that they didn't notice that there was a small rustling behind them....
Another RPG? How nice. But i dont have any time now, sorry.
This sounds cool.I have a bunch of others but I'll still join, as a good guy
Name-Rue Auburn
Appearence-red hair,bright green eyes,fair skin,high cheek bones,slightly pointed ears.
Clothes-forest green tunic,baggy brown leggings,soft leather boots,grey forest cloak
Weapons-broadsword called Diresong,quarter staff,throwing knives,daggers,bow'n arrows
Back ground-for years she has traveled and fought along side others for the side of good, she has recently been turned an outlaw for being accused of a number of crimes,and is now on the run.
Ill join as will
name:Hunter Chism
race:half human half elf
desc:he wears a black cloak and he has long midnight black hair that is tied in a ponytail. He wears armor for his chest and leg. He wears gloves to. He has alot of scars all over his body. Plus his eyes are a dark red. The way he looks looks like he knows alot.
weapons:a sword and bow and arrows. Plus ever thing that he gets his hands on
background: Was born in a village called Horn Village. He was left alone for many years intell a pack of wolves came and food him and give him what he needs to live. Now he is a master hunter plus many other things.
Alright Bradly this should be fun!

Rue emerges from the brush and stands facing the two people,they seemed harmless but she was always careful,bow in hand she looked at them.
"Who are you?", she asked notching an arrow.
Hunter looks at her pulling his sword. "Who are you?"
"Hunter?...That can't be you." She looked closer.
Looks:Fair looking elf, with long,light brown hair. Clothed in heavy dark robes with a brown backpack. Wields a silver staff and a bastard sword straped to his side.
Background: How the heck are you supposed to know that?? Sorry, but im not telling.

Etharion was close by in a tree, listening at the others talking. He had just arived to Lorien from a long trip of his, somwhere up north.
It looked to him as if some of the people nearby he had meet before. He was thinking about coming out and greeting them.
Rue tuned away from the others,hearing a twig snap,She scanned the forest but saw nothing,she looked back towards the other two.
Hunter puts his sword away."Yes mit is me."
"What are you doing here?" She smiled and walked up to them," Last I heard you were out west, helping with that little war thingy." She looked to the girl,"Who's your friend?"
This RPG does sound fun! And welcome to PT! Smile Smilie

Name: Althea
Race: Dunedain
Homeland: Gondor, but moved up North
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, looks in late twnties
Physical Appearence: Fair complexion, long dark hair, grey eyes, wears more masculine clothing, dressed like a Ranger
Skills: Good equestrian, good with a blade and bow, has good war-mind as well
Special Items/Weapons: A longsword and bow with quiver
Backround/History: Grew up alone, no family or friends, but it doesn't seem to phase her at all. Althea lives her life like any normal Ranger would.

Althea silently sat in a tree, not moving, not uttering a single sound, unnoticed. She glanced at the others squniting some, studying them and taking mental notes of their words and appearence. Apparently one was named Rue and the other Hunter.
Hunter looks at Rue,"I was but the war ended about a week ago. So i came here. And im not really sure who she is yet."
" Well it's wonderful to see you all the same",She says stepping forward."Are they your friends up in the trees or just others?" Rue points to the two people watching them.
Hunter looks up."There just same peolpe i guess i dont know them."
Althea moved silently moved down out of the tree, nothing disturbed around her. She stood at the bottom of the tree, watching everything a better view, blended completely in her enviornment, not noticed by any. She kept still as before, watching carefully.
Eowiodith stood up from where she was sitting quietly, listening to the others. "Hey Rue, how are you doing? And hello to everyone else. I'm not sure that we've all met before. My name's Eowiodith. I'm not sure if you know, but you might want to keep an eye open. Apparently, we are expecting an attack or invasion of some sort by some Urak-Hai from Isengard."
Althea turned her sharp eeys to this new lady and studied her, making mental notes of her appearence. She remained quiet as ever, listening to her steadily, taking in the information.
Rue turns to the girl,"You havn't seen anyone else around have you?" Asked Rue nervously,looking around.
"Other than you guys, no." Eowiodith looked over her shoulder into the darkness. "What are you all doing out here anyway at this time of night? You are not all supposed to be on watch right?"
Hunter looks at Rue."Whats wrong." He walks to her then puts his right arm around her.
"Good",she said relieved. "Well,once you two get down here mabey we could have a real conversation." She says looking up at the two figures.
She turned to Hunter,"A few days ago I became a wanted person".
Hunter looks up starting to pull his sword. "Why? Dont worried i will pertect you."
"I really didn't do anything,but some one decided to pin a bunch of robberies on me so now I'm on the run".She looks at Hunter than smiles and hugs him," You've always protected me."
Hunter hugs her."Its been to long i pormes not to leave like that again."
Althea shrugs to herself and steps forth quietly, sitting a little way from everyone. When she spoke, her voice was husky enough to be presumed a boy. Her appearence also gave her the thought of a male also.
"So I heard Uruks were on their way down, and I wish to help stop them, if that be your wish."
She placed a gloved hand on the hilt of her sword to show she was very serious, a hint of a smile shown behind her hood.
"Good, it would be a shame if you did",She turned to the girl,"I agree with the stranger", she stated.
Hunter says,"Well you can but you need to ask the leader."
" I know, I just want to get started,time is life these days."
"We have plenty of warriors already, and we are not fearing an attack, just preparing for it, but...." Eo pulled Rue and Hunter aside, "What do you say about it? Should we let heimstay with us? No, wait, I'm going to ask him something" She turned to the boy, "Why is it you want to join us. I'm presuming that that is what you want to do right?"
Althea nodded once, hood of her cloak staying up.
"Many thanks, good fellows. And yes, having people around would be a big change. And do call me Lightfoot."
She lowered her head and looked to the ground, as if to study it.
Hunter listens. Still haveing his right hand around Rue.
Rue smiled,another battle for the side of good,she leaned against Hunter and listened. She looked over to the other Eo wanting to see her reaction.
Hunter waitrs for it as will.
Excuse me, don't forget two things people!
1: Call her Lightfoot
2: She is assumed to be male! So, if you please, could you fix that?
Thanks, you're all great people!
"If I may ask, Lightfoot, could you tell us a little about yourself?" Eo didn't want to seem rude, but she wanted know about this boy before he started spending time with them. He could be a spy for all Eo knew.
i know i dont say taht you was a female i thought you was a bi at first
Althea, or Lightfoot as to now be called, looked up some.
"I am to be called Lightfoot. I'm a Ranger from the North, an ally to the King of Gondor himself. I enjoy a good battle with orcs or Uruks, whichever comes my way. And being around people is something I am not used to, so pardon me if my manners are rude."

And I noticed that Bradly oO's don't worry she's just feminine
Hunter says,"Will you are around friends."
"Yes", agreed Rue,"friends".She extended her hand to the stranger,"welcome".
Lightfoot looked at the extended hand, still for a moment, before extending her own partly-gloved hand, skin rough to the touch. She smiled some and shook it firmly.
"Nice to meet you...nice to be among friends."
Hunter on the safet side. Puts his left hand on his sword.
"With us,thats all you're going to be around".
"The King of Gondor? As in Aragorn, the long lost Heir of Isildur? Well, in that case, I guess that you are welome here!" Eo got her voice back and held out her hand.
Hunter sees them shake hands. He then moves his hand.
Hunter walks to Lightfoot. Then puts his hand out,"Not many peolpe have my trusted be since you are a ally of the king i saved once save then you have it."
Rue walked to the circle of new friends and smiled,it was another glorious day for the side of good.
Just realized that i never gave a bio or anything of my char. Here it is:
Race: Elvish
Age: in human years 17
Gender: female
Appearance: Dark brown hair, deep blue eyes, about 5'10", elvish ears (slightly pointed)
Clothes: Earthly toned loose leggings and shirt, forest green hooded cape.
Carrying: Long bow, quiver of arrows, sword, couple of knives attached to waist belt
Oh thats right
Hunter looks at Rue then smiles.
"What are you two smiling about?" Eo grinned at Lightfoot, "Don't mind them, they are always like that."
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