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Rue see's Hunter smiling,she pushes him playfully,"What?" She asked not being able to keep a strait face.
Hunter pushes her back,"Nothing really. Well i have samething for you from the westside."
"What do you mean?" She asks.
Hunter takes out a ice rose. Plus he takes out a hunter cloak like the one he wears. He hands them to her.
I got a question, u guys are just friends right? like ur not married or anything?
Rue hugged him, "They're beautiful",she says looking at the gifts,"I don't have anything for you sadly but"... She walked forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
No not quite married
Well were kinded of hmmmm......
Hunter wishpers into her ear,"no need to get me samething. Just being able to be here with you is greater then any thing."
She hugged him closer. Not really caring if anyone else saw.
Eo walked over to Lightfoot, "So have you actually met the King?" she asked in awe.
Hunter hugs her closer. Dosent care to.
She looked up to him and smiled,she didn't know what else to do. "It's been so long..." she said quietly.
Hunter looks down at her."Yes it has."
Rue starts to laugh,"Look at us,we're probably the most skilled warriors here and yet..."
Hunter says,"And yet were.....loveing each other."
"And if i can interject, this might not be the right time for it."
"Yes",she said smiling,"exactly."
Sorry Eo, do you want us to stop now?
Hunter look over to Eo. "Im sorry. Your right,your the leader so...."
Rue add me to your buddy list.
Rue steps away and picks up the cloak and rose before gathering her things,"Right sorry."
Duh, Already done,read your message,would you still let others on it?
"I'm not one to jump inbetween people, especially when they are my elders, but in the middle of the forest when there is threat of an attack, just doesn't seem like the right time." Eo smiled.
Hunter looks around. "I dont think they will fight us here. We do need to make a camp though." He makes a fire then puts two tents up.
" I know...just for old times sake,but we're back now."
Hunter go into one of the tents. Then lays down on the ground.
Go to Defenders of Osgiliath,both of you
i know about it but i dont want to be in it inlest sameone tells me samething differt
Haldir told me he needed people though
I gotta go,it's past midnight here,see you peoples in the morning!

Rue sits down on a stump and smiles,watching her companions.
Hunter lays in his tent praying for the power and strenght to help. He prays also for the love and friendship to be with his friends.
Rue got up and walked into the woods,wanting to make shure she wasn't followed from the village. She came to a clearing and sat down to think. She decided to get some archery practice in and began pinning trees,humming softly as she did so.
Hunter gets up and walks into the woods following Rue. He finds her. She is practiceing. He sets down on a rock beisde her. "Rue you need to be faster."
" I'm already faster than anyone I can think of,but fine,I'll work on it" She looked to Hunter,"What are youy thinking?"
Hunter looks up at Rue. "The fight that we are going to be in. I think there is going to be alot of speed fighters."
" We've both with standed more before,whats the difference now?" She walked over to him.
"The differes it now we are with peolpe that havent even been in a fight before. I think they need to train but......" He look into your eyes.
"Then it's our job to look out for them,and don't underestimate ones skill if you don't know them well". She sat closer to him. "Everyone has a strong point."
A light rustle was heard from s clump of bushes nearby, but it turned out only to be a disturbed fox.
Eth you going to the evil one in this one all so.
Hunter puts his arms around Rue. "I think we should do more but what can we do but help." He looks upo at the full moon.
Are you ever going to come out?!?!?

"I know",she said looking into the night. She began to fall asleep.
Hunter feels her fall asleep. He just lets her sleep there.
Rue wakes up a few minutes later."You could have woken me up you know."
"Well i wasnt aware i had to wake you up!" said Etharion smiling. "How are you?"
Hunter looks at Eth. "How are you Eth."
"Oh hello!", she says getting up,"and accually not that great when you think about it..."
"Im fine, thank you. What's wrong with you then?" he looked around at the forest. It was nice and calm, no orcs to be smelled.
Hunter stands up. He looks around.
"Have you ever been outlawed before?"
Hunter makse sure that there is no one around.
"Me? Eru no!! Why would i? I dont think anyone could even do that to me if they tried. They would miss me!" Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
" I wish it we're the same for me",she says sarcasticly.
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