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Lightfoot grinned.
"No, I told them. But hey, the Rangers still don't know, so let's see how long it takes them to figure out."
She smirked and looked off toward the forest.
"On the way down, how was Mic acting?"
"Rather angry and frustrated, though I didn't talk with him. Last I saw, Mic was talking with Eth."
Lightfoot nodded, frowning.
"Mic...good lord, what will we do with him?"
Etharion was resting nearby, reading a book and taking it easy.
Hunter is watching Rue. He is still playing on his flute but now it is a sign called,"Dragon's Tears."
Rue see's Hunter looking at her,she smiles and picks up his tune,singing it softly. She looked through the trees at the faint flickers of the fires.
Hunter gets up and starts to dance around Rue.
Rue laughed some as she watched,she sang another song to match his dance and eventually joined in with him.
Hunter smiles and laughs as he dances. He dosent even know now why he is here.
(Peoples I'm going to be on all day tomorrow because I'm home sick with whooping caugh and can't go to school for a week,pretty pethetic!)

A few minutes later they settle down and Rue begins to think of the great threat they've come up against. She looked into the darkness...
Hunter sets down beside her. He puts his flute up. "Dont look in the darkness there is no evil right now." He looks up to the sky seeing it was still dark. He smiles then puts his left arm around Rue. After takeing his cloak off covering her up.

I cant stay home i have to go to school but ill be out for two weeks next week and the week after that. For chirstmas break.
"Theres going to be, and I can't help but think of the consecuences should we fail". She pulled his cloak about her. "What if our whole company fails?"
My Christmas break is around the same time then.
Hunter makes her stop talking for now. "Please nwe wont fail. And dont talk that way." He holds her there as the sets on the ground.
"If we only talked of the positive we would all be dead,thinking of every possibility is whats kept me alive". She hugged him and walked back to the others, hoping they would move out soon.
Hunter sets there looking at the sky. He thinks to himself I have thought of the negitave. What if Rue deads. What if i fail. What if i die. What if..... He gets up walking back to the others. He stops hearing a sound in the trees.
Rue saw that Hunter had stopped,she quietly walked back to him,"Whats wrong?" She asked looking around warily.

Gotta go it's 10:45 here
Eo sat talking to Mic. "Nice out here eh?" Mic asked.
"Yes," Eo replied, "it really is. And I want to keep it like that. It would be a shame if....." Eo stopped short and stood up, turning her head to better hear what she was listening for. "Do you hear that?"
She ran over to where the others were. "Shh... listen, there is something coming. Are we expecting anyone else? Lightfoot, more rangers?"
Hey Rue, that's too bad you're sick. I'm homeschooled so I'll be on all day today so come and chat with me...if you want to, of course, or if you have nothing to do.

When Eo called out to Lightfoot, Cal shot up and listened carefully, then turned to her friend.

"What's your analysis? Could more Rangers be here this soon?"
Thats so cool,my parents wanted to home school me but... I refeused

Rue looked closer into the forest her hand moving to her throwing knives.
hehehe, you're the exact opposite of me. I refused to go back to the public schools here, and I'm now going to college via the net and luvin' every moment of it.

Cal silently uncoiled her whip and prepared to fight, just in case. She waited for Lightfoot's response.
Cool,what college is it?
Rue saw a bit of movement and tightened her grip on her sword,ready should she need it.
Lightfoot remained still for a moment, closing her eyes. She suddenly whipped out an arrow, keeping it ready, as a Ranger came out, followed by some more men.
"Blasted Lightfoot, how many more men you want?" he replied. "This is all that's coming though."
Lightfoot laughed and smiled, "Good, good, thanks for coming."

Mic looked at Eo carefully and smiled, turning a shade of crimson.
"No need to worry M'lady, I'll protect you if it's any danger."
Mic placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, then looked over to the Ranger and frowned.
Just one of the local colleges, BYU. I get high school and college credit at the same time so if I really wanted I could have an associates by the time I graduate high school.
Rue walked back to the others,her dagger still in hand."More?, wow,you Rangers really do come in great numbers."

Mic bent over and picked a flower, not wanting to dwell on the situation. He gave it to Eo with a shaky hand.
" I know it's not as pretty as you are, but, uh, that's okay, because, uh, girls usually like flowers."
He smiled at her and looked back to the stream, gooseberry green eyes shimmering.
Hunter still stand in the forest. He sees more moving and jumps at it. He fights the shadow to the ground. He kicks him to the fire. He is tied up. Hunter has his sword pointing at his neck.
Mic managed a childish smile and kicked a bit at the water, looking down into the small stream. He smiled to himself, honored to be next to Eo.

Lightfoot smiled at Cal once again and stepped aside to the leader of the second group of Rangers, who stared at her in awe.
"What? Never seen a girl before?" she hissed.
"Just never thought of you as one," he answered. "Did my son come down as well?"
"Aye, he did. He's around here somewhere. Just, let him be Sir, let him be. He deserves a break."
"He's too young to be a Ranger, Lightfoot! I can't have him getting in the way down here!" their voices escalated.
"He'll be fine! Follow my orders! And go start a fire for yourself, get something to eat. Settle down!" those last words she whispered.
He grunted and went off, slumping down by a fire pit. Lightfoot looked back around, leaning against a tree.
Etharion wasnt seen for some time. He must have wandered off....
Hunter hears the man say,"I have samething to say so kill me." Hunter gets mad and statrtes to pull his sword up ready to kill.
Eo smiled shyly at Mic who was sitting next to her. "I just love it out here, it's so peaceful and, and, well... just really nice. And quiet... Hey, did you hear that? No not them talking" she said in answer to his questioning look. "It sounds like it's kinda far away."
Eo stood up and walked over to where she thought the sound came from. "Hmm... nothing. I guess i'm just kind of jumpy right now. Sorry Mic."
Hunter throws the man to the ground before acting on killing him.
Mic smiled at Eo admiringly.
"It's okay M'lady. Nothing will happen, and I'll be here to take care of you."
Lightfoot turned her gaze toward the forest again, shifting somewhat nervously. She looked back to the others.
"Stay here. That goes for everybody!"
She ducked down under a branch and w as not seen for some time.

When she returned, Lightfoot had a deer slung over one shoulder.
"Anyone in the mood for fresh meat tonight? Unless you're asking for Mic..."
She began the process of skinning and gutting, which she did quickly. She even had to go and fetch another deer, doing the same with it. Some meat was saved for jerky, the rest was eaten by the hungry mouths. Lightfoot herself didn't eat, she stood at the woodside, watching everything carefully.
Rue had retrieved her bow and had returned to the camp,seeing fresh meat she smiled.She walked over to Lightfoot and leaned against a tree."We can shure depend on you in times of hardship",nodding to the deer,"Not many others would show such loyalty to such a large group".
Lightfoot shrugged a shoulder, eyes still on the woods.
"Not many know what it's like to even take part in a group, take on responsibilities."
She looked over at Rue for a moment.
"You know how to talk to people, that I have seen. You make it seem so...easy..."
She shrugged a bit and looked back to the woods.
"If I didn't want to I wouldn't,and you just seem reluctant for some reason.I'll tell you now,that you could surpass me in many different fields with out even trying,I've never put much effort into anything".She turned away again,"It is a pleasure to travel with you anyway...not many others get that..."
Lightfoot shook some a bit with her laughter.
"Dear child, I am not so plesant as it may seem. And, how am I such a wonderful "travel companion?" I never even bother to talk to anyone. I know I am reluctant in that field, but I always have been. Never even had anyone to talk to."
She sighed, shaking her head.
"What's so great about a lanky Ranger, that's female, taller than most of the others, and sounds and dresses like a Man?"
"Think of everything you've done,and the fact that you survived it all,nobody knew who you were until you wanted them to thats something only a few people can accomplish with out losing thier lives".
Lightfoot shrugged a bit.
"Many people do encounter such that I have, take a look at my cousin. Orphaned, heir to Isildur, and he is now the King of Gondor, bless his soul. He also is betrothed to Elrond's daughter, Arwen Undomiel. He's one who is lucky. I know I am also, to be among such a friendly group. I...just don't fit in. It is a touchy subject."
She scanned the woods again, seeing it safe, then turned and watched the others.
"Well mabey when our journey is finished you will think differently,times reveal our true selves when we let it", She relized she was starving,so with that she walked over to the fire and retrieved a slice of venison.Walking back to lightfoot she smiled,"You shure picked a good one".
Lightfoot couln't help but smile, and laugh a bit.
"We shall see, my dear, we shall see."
She slid down the tree and sat, one leg stretched out in front of her, the other propped up, her elbow resting on her knee, pipe in hand. She smoked her pipe, watching the others.
Lightfoot smiled a bit to Rue.
"You just have to look at the deer carefully, judging whether they're good for eating or not."
She smiled again.

Wow sorry didn't see that last part of your post Rue!
"The last thing I caught was a rabbit ,and it was really Redwing's hard work...",She whistled and the raven came to her shoulder."Come to think of it we usually just eat vegetation,no time to hunt for me".

Thats fine,I forgot I wrote it!
Lightfoot nodded, taking in Redwing closely. She smiled to Rue again.
"Nice raven there."
She looks off into the woods again, eyebrows slightly furrowed.
"She was a gift from Hunter a few years ago,She's quite friendly",she said gesturing to the bird,it then flew to Lightfoots shoulder,and landed gently.Rue then noticed the girls face,"Whats wrong?" She asked looking into the woods as well.
Hunter is standing in the forest. Looking around he sees shaodws moveing ever were. He howls in the air and two of his wolves came. One went to Rue and stand beside her.
Lightfoot blinked a bit and shook her head, looking back to Rue.
"Nothing, nothing."
She managed a smile, a bit uneasy about the wolf, even though it was Hunter's.
Hunter stands ready to attack what ever cames. He sword and ax were drawed out. He was looking around. He wolf was to.
Mic smiled, looking down in the grass for something else Eo might enjoy as well. He growled lowly, not able to see anything. He sighed and sat up by her again.
"I could never think of a better way to spend the night M'aldy."
He smiled to her.
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