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Thread: Invasion of the Urak-Hai

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Lightfoot kept hacking through the orcs.
"Hey, Cal!" she called out, cutting off one's head. "I haven't had this much fun in a long time!" She cleaved the gut of another while laughing, still shouting out numbers.

Mic was desperately trying to usher Eo off the battlefield.
"You have to get out of here! You're injured, go!"
His gooseberry eyes glittered with worry at her.
"Mic" Eo said, swinging her sword at the throat of a charging Orc, "I can't just stand there and watch you fight, while I'm not even injured very bad. I'm going to fight until I need to stop or until this is ended..... And that's that." She ended as an after thought.
"Yes, my dear friend. That would be what worries me. It's usually when you get caught up in your excitement that you tend to get injured the worst."

Cal laughed, but still kept focused on simply killing and moving on, there were too many to attempt to count and fight at the same time.
Lightfoot laughed heartily, sword whizzing, unseen almost. She glanced to Cal happily after hearing her comment.
"Rather go down enjoying myself..." she grunted, decapitating another orc, "...than go down in vain!"

Mic sighed and shook his head lightly. Women. He returned to fighting, staying by Eo in case she needed help.
Is this thread still alive? Ah,hoolies I hope so.
I'm doing the best I can Rue! I just need the support of my fellow PT members. Who's with me?
i wish i could but im lost and what happen
yes, we can't let this thread die too, there's been so many deaths lately...
"All I'm saying is not to let your excitement go too far...I'd hate to have to rescue you again, seeing as that would mean yet another point in my favor."

Cal grinned back at Lightfoot as she finished off another orc.
Is it too late to join?
Not at all!

Lightfoot grinned as well, rather enjoying the battle.
"Oh, Cal, you know my lust for battle! I can't stand not enjoying myself in the fight. I'll be fine!"
She took down a couple of orcs at once.
"Hunter,there isn't anyone here,the others attack must have gotten the Orcs attention,We need to find Lightfoot". She turned around and quickly began making her way back into the brush, motioning for the rangers to follow.
Cal groaned good-naturedly and moved closer to Lightfoot's side.
"If you won't excercise some form of caution, then I guess I'll have to play that side of you. At least this way I don't have to keep looking around and making sure you're okay...or having to run halfway across the battle field just to save you this time."

Cal grinned and continued to fight.
Lightfoot rolled her eyes.
"Better to take the blows for the team! And I can take care of myself! You are just going to have to learn to trust me."
She smiled, from enjoying the fight and having this debate with Cal.
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