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Hunter puts his arms around Rue. "I told you Rue i will not let any one hurt you."
" I know", she says hugging him,"but you wont always be there..."
Etharion sits back and lets the other two have some privacy.
" Oh Etharion it's fine...,I havn't seen you in ages,what have you been doing all this time?"
Hunter whispers into Rue's ear."Ill try to be with you forever."
She smiled and kissed him on the cheek again,then turning back to Etharion,"As you can see I'm not my old rebelious self anymore."
"Because of me." He smiles.
Rue laughs and shoved him playfully,"Ya thats right". She looked around at them, smiling.
Hunter laugts a little. Then smiles at her.
sorry guys I got disconected for a minute!

Rue looked at Etharion,he seemed a little surprised at this. She gets up,"we should probably get back to the others."
Hunter says,"Yea maybe we should."
Rue gets up and starts to walks back to the camp.Wondering when they are to begin,she decided to ask later.She whistled and Redwing landed on her shoulder.
Etharion looked lost in his thoughts for a second but he snaped out imediatley "Oh iv been traveling around. Iv been looking for Ice but i canot find her anywhere. And i havent seen Arwen for a long time as well! That struck me as odd so i began searching all around. Maybe i catch some news of their whereabouts. And i see that you two are very happy with each other." he smiled.
"It's a bit of a shock isn't it?" She said looking at him."Not many others would have believed it."
Hunter smiles then askes Eth,"Will were comed Ice and Arwen be?"
Lightfoot's eyebrows went up under her cloak, in spite of herself. She had nodded when Eo had asked her, awestruck, if she indeed met King Elessar. Of course you should know him, especially if he's your cousin! She had failed to mention that, keeping it on the down-low. Lightfoot kept an eye on her surroundings, watching everything carefully. When the one called Etharion stepped in, she took mental notes as with the others about him. Lightfoot silently crept back aways from the others, lighting a fire for herself, where she ate some of her provisions, then sat smoking her pipe.

Wow...everything's all so interesting and fast, kinda helps you keep up!
Rue turned back to Hunter,she takes his hand."What will you do after this is over? That is...if we walk out of it,Will you leave again?" She looks at him waiting.
Lightfoot quietly started to sing a lament to herself in that lovely husky voice, actually musically. It was in elven, so only elves would know it. It was the one Galadriel sang upon the swan boat in Lothlorien the day the Fellowship left. She ended quietly, wandering if anyone else heard her. Lightfoot shrugged to herself and looked around the area quietly, still feeling somewhat shy. Lightfoot soon reached a decision: she would soon show the others that she was really a female Ranger named Althea, cousin of King Elessar. She watched with bright eyes, waiting...
Rue walked away before he could answer,turning toward the boy she looked at him.
"Who's is the face that lies hidden within? Show yourself."
Lightfoot's eyes flickered up to Rue. With a sigh, she stood up, a full 6'3'' slender frame, and pulled back the hood of her soiled cloak. Her face was stern but fair, sharp grey eyes with an icy gaze. Her long, dark hair cascaded down her shoulders in an avalanche. She stood still for a moment, not uttering a sound.
"I am Althea, cousin to King Elessar himself. I prefer to be thought of as Male, considering my ranking, and I am tougher than many, male or female, you'll come across. My temper is pretty good, but upset, I am a force to be reckoned with. I also prefer being called Lightfoot, especially in front of the other Rangers, who are, by the way, on their way down. And have no fear!" Lightfoot suddenly drew her sword. "I will protect you, life or death, sickness or health." She sheathed her sword again. "I will be here as long as I can be. The other Rangers will be here by nightfall tomorrow."

Don't worry, I'll take care of the whole Ranger coming thing, long as it's okay with Eo. Now I shall see you all later!
Hunter walks to Rue and wishpers into her ear. "When thi is over and we walk out of this. If i have to leave ill take you with me."Hunter then walks to Lightfoot. "You dont need to pertect me. For i am more powerful then alot of poelpe. Just aks any one. Go a ready ask Rue."
wow, you guys certianlly did alot of talking! yea bring in the rangers!
Eo looked at Lightfoot with a new reverence. A ranger and a lady! "Well you and the rest of the rangers are certianly welcome here! If i may ask, how were you informed of the coming of the Urak-Hai?"
" Have I ever needed protection?" She said smiling,"I think not." She turned to the stranger,"I am honored to be traveling with some one who bears such loyalty to others".
Lightfoot kept a straight face when Hunter talked. She gave a polite nod and laughed some at Rue's comment. Lightfoot then turned to Eo and grinned.
"Nay, not so much a lady. And word travels quickly through the forest, by mouth of the animals, especially when vile, noisy creatures are passing through."

Alrighty then...that post on the Rangers is coming soon to a thread near you!
Lightfoot suddenly tensed and immediately dropped to the ground, putting her head on it's side, ear listening intently. After a few moments, she stands, slowly coming to a grin.
"Here they come," was all she could whisper.
By they, she meant the Rangers.

A couple of hours later, some rustling came from in the woods. Soon, a line of about thirty Rangers stood in front of Lightfoot (who flipped the hood of her cloak up) and bowed. She bowed in return, looking them over.
"Thank you very much for coming," she said clearly in Quenya. "Your help is much appreciated."
All but one scattered about, settling in. The one remaining was the leader of the group, named Migelnath, Mic for short.
"When are the Uruks expected Lightfoot?" Mic asked, for Mic didn't know Althea's true identity.
"Anytime soon, Mic," she whispered in return, sitting down by her fire.
They sat together and conversed about the situation.

And a profile for Mic...

Name: Migelnath (mic)
Race: Dunedain
Homeland: Up North
Gender: Male
Age: About late teens
Physical Appearence: around 6'7'' high, stands tall among his men. Has dark hair and strange gooseberry green eyes. Wears Ranger clothing
Skills: Good horsman, swordsman, bowsman, also good with wood and making weapons
Special Items/Weapons: Long sword, short sword, bow, arrows, knife
Backround/History: unknown
I'll join..for the sake of what remains of Eth's sanity, tho do u want me to enter as "Arwen" or Cal or what? I would have posted earlier, but everytime I leave for a coupla days like 4 new threads magically appear!!!
Lol Arwy, RPG is getting popular!!! And you enter as who you please to. It's your decision anyway. And hey, if you want, play a Ranger too! ^_^ I know that's a lot to ask for, so don't do it if you don't want to
yes, that would be fun...Cal as a ranger and an elven one at that^^ hmm, I think that's about as improbable as one is likely to get so nvm...we'll go with a very close friend to Adreia and most of the other Rangers as well and long time associate of Adreia, etc...

Name: Calenia(Cal for short)
Race: elven
Gender: female
Description: curly copper hair, green, golden-flecked eyes. She is dressed in dark greens and has on a dark grey cloak. Her weapons are a whip and short-sword.
History: unknown, except to those who know..if they even remember, seeing as I don' we'll keep it a secret.

Calenia quietly appeared at Eth's side as he walked away from the two lovebirds. After going unnotised for a couple of minutes, she tapped his shoulder.

"So we meet again. Tell me how have you been? It seems like ages since I saw you last."
I was just reading back in the thread and something took me suprise! Nearly made me fall out of my seat! Bradly, you can't just say you're the best warrior in the group. No intentions of being rude, but, Bradly, isn't that a little harsh? We haven't even gotten into any battles yet! o.O
Etharion nodded as he noticed Cal. "Oh sorry, i was a bit lost in my mind. And that dosent happen often!" he says smiling. He then gave her a hug "I havene seen you in so long. Where have you been? Its nice to have oyu back."
Rue turned at the sound of the knew voice and saw Calenia standing beside Etharion,with a smile she walked over pulling Hunter by the hand. "Oh, hello!", She said smiling,"I havn't seen you in quite a while..."
Cal hugged back and grinned.
"I've been wandering again, with some Ranger friends this time. All in all, I've been wasting time again for the sake of nothing better to do."
"Well there's plenty to do here", she says looking over to the others, "Come sit by the fire for a bit".
Hunter says to Cal,"Hey Cal its been a long time."
Rue waved and walked back into the woods for some more archery practice,singing an old elven tune as she went.
Hunter followed her. He pulls out his flute and plays the sing with Rue.
Lightfoot waved Mic off after their discussion. Still not sure of being friends with everyone, she stayed in the shadows by the fire, watching everything carefully.

Mic sighed to himself some, walking into the woods. He kept clenching his fists, angered by Lightfoot. He sat on a rock, above a small stream, and threw some pebbles into the water. Mic sang a lament to himself in elven, not caring who else heard.
Eo watched Mic walk into the forest by himself. Not really sure if she should, she followed him. She let him finish his song before tapping him on the shoulder and saying, "Mic? Are you ok? Do you want to talk to someone?"
Mic turned and smiled warmly to Eo.
"Nay, nothing is wrong M'lady, just, well, just burdens on the mind. It isn't anything at all."
He moved over some and made room for her to sit.
"Nice out here, eh?"
Cal hadn't notised Lightfoot before that, but when she did, she ran over to the side of her dear friend and hugged her.

"Lightfoot, my dear friend. How have you been since I saw you last?"
Lightfoot hugged back with a smile.
"Cal! How wonderful to see you again! I've been as well as can be expected, yourself? Goodness, how nice to see a familiar face!"
"I'm doing wonderfully. Haven't seen a Ranger in ages, not since I parted ways from your company. Tell me what brings you to these parts?"
Lightfoot smiled up at Cal, pulling back the hood of her cloak.
"Battle does, Cal. You know me, a hothead, especially for battle. I really enjoy fighting, especially those dratted Uruks!"
Cal grinned, Lightfoot's statement was quite true, she had fought alongside her in the past and seen her work.

"Hotheaded yes, but always in control and the perfect Uruk killing machine. Whoever sent you made the right choice, and if you'll permit it, I'll fight alongisde you once again."
Lightfoot grinned at Cal's words.
"I'd be honored to fight alongside you again friend."
She put her hand firmly on Cal's forearms with a grin to her.
"Very honored to."
Cal placed one of her hands over Lightfoot's and smiled.
"well, I guess that settles it then. I'll be staying here and fighting with you, until the Uruks are completely wiped out. I am honoured to be with you again. Shall we join the others or sit here reminiscing for the rest of the night?"
Lightfoot shrugged, a big smile lighting her face.
"That doesn't matter to me, but talking would be nice. It was been so long, we have so much catching up to do!"
She sat down with Cal by her fire.
"Tell me, what have you been up to these days?"
"Wandering around, doing random errands and seeing old comrades. I suppose one might call it idly wasting away my time for the sake of nothing better to do. And you?"
Lightfoot smiled and laughed.
"You have always been that way Cal. Oh, just getting into some scraps, wandering here and there disguised as a male, usual."
She laughed a bit, smiling.
Cal laughed, eyeing Lightfoot's current garb and appearance.

"Please don't tell me that all these poor people probably think you're a male?! Then again, it is rather amusing to watch how long it takes them to figure it out, so on second thougt, don't tell them and let's observe. I supose that it's rather cruel considering most of them are my friends, but oh well."
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