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Cal plopped down next to Lightfoot and notising her uneasiness made sure she was between her friend and the wolf.
"We have more men now, how much longer before we fight? It must be getting soon, are you sure we have enough men to withstand the attack?"
Lightfoot narrowed her eyes slightly, scanning the group, then looked down to Cal.
"I'm sure we have plenty of men...and women...they've all seen danger. Enough, anyway."
She flexed her fingers a bit.
Hunter hears the yell of a barbarian. Then he knew it was a group of barbarians that were cameing.
Lightfoot looked into the forest deeply, hearing the disturbance. With a signal unseeen to the untrained eye, her and a group of Rangers went off (alone!) into the forest toward the oncoming group.

Mic tilted his head a bit, placing a hand on Eo's shoulder.
"You alright M'lady? You seem quiet."
Hunter is allready in the forest waiting.
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Rue propped herself up against a tree and began to fall asleep,the days events were finnaly getting to her and if they were to move out soon she would have to rest herself.She closed her eyes and listened to the others.
Mic sighed again, leaning back against the rock. He looked around again for something Eo might like.

Cal walked over to Rue when the others left.
"Hi Rue, how's it going?"
She smiled and hugged her old friend.
"Oh, um...fine...", she said hugging her back awkwardly and opening her eyes.She looked around at the others who didn't seem close to settling down yet.
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"Nothing's wrong, I'm just thinking." Eo scooted closer Mic. "It's getting chilly tonight isn't it?"
Mic grinned to himself, then took off his cloak, putting it around Eo.
"Here, M'lady, that should keep you warm."
He smiled, hesitantly laying an arm over her shoulders.
"Thankyou Mic." Eo smiled and instinctively moved closer and laid her head on his shoulder. They sat there for a couple minutes, and then Eo said, "You know, we shouldn't just be sitting here. We are supposed to be preparing ourselves for an attack or something of the sort." She didn't make an effort to get up though.
Hunter had came out of the woods seeing the barbarians had left. He walks over to Rue. He sets down beside here. Then says,"Its quiet tonight."
Mic nodded in agreement, but sat still as well.
"We are already prepared anyway, M'lady, and they'll just call for us when the time comes."
He smiled, resting his head on hers.

Lightfoot came back to where the others were. The Rangers went back to their business. Cal walked over to Lightfoot, and they went off in the forest, unnoticed, to talk.
"How much longer are we to wait?" Cal asked.
"As long as it takes the Uruks to come," Lightfoot answered. "I've sent out scouts to see how their progress comes. It won't be long until they come back."
"How are you sure of that? What if the scouts get killed?"
"We'll know."
"Oh really. How can you be so sure? They're miles off! We won't be able to hear them, Lightfoot. I should take your word for it though."
"Indeed. The animals will know what befalls the scouts, they will send word."
As if on que, a fox came into their view, making odd noises. Lightfoot's eyes widened as she listened, then wheeled around and ran back to the others. Cal was right behind her.
"They're approaching quickly! Come now, we don't have all day! Bowmen, and women, first! Resort to swords last! Mic, Eo, come!"
Lightfoot grabbed her things, fastening them on quickly. Mic and Eo rushed back as she called, helping each other get ready.
"Hunter, Rue, take a troop of men up around to the east, amubush them that way. But, I warn you, don't take on too many. We'll need some too. Eo and Mic, take troops around to the west, just track them a bit, take out a couple. Cal, you and I will stay here with some men as bait."
Lightfoot looked to Hunter, her gaze piercing into his.
"I warn you again Sir, resort to swords last!"
She turned and went off, organizing the troops into three parts.

It's fine Eo, family comes first, always!
Rue smiled to Lightfoot getting up,"We'll see to it,right Hunter? How many are we taking?" She looked over to the other rangers.
Lightfoot did a quick head-count, just to double-check.
"You've got twenty-five men under your orders. The others are with...the others."
Lightfoot turned on her heel, walking to Cal once more.
Hunter turns around. He dosent like this but he gos with it. He looks at his men. Then whispers into Rue's ear,"I dont like this very much. It same liek they dont want use to fight."
Lightfoot sighed some, all the men split up now. Cal looked at her questioningly.
"Lightfoot, why the order of no swords?" she asked.
"I don't want anyone to get carried away with the fighting," Lightfoot answered. "And I would hate so much to lose some of the men. Plus, arrows will take the Uruks more by suprise, and it's quicker to fight them that way. We will resort to swords last, and that's final."
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Eo stood up as Lightfoot called them. "There's that call." She grabbed her stuff and put them on while running over to Lightfoot. "West side. Track them. No swords.... No swords?" She asked, mostly to herself. Soon she had an answer to her question when Cal asked the same one. "Alright, Mic, you ready? Let's go." She headed off toward the west followed by a small army of rangers.
Mic stuck to Eo's side like glue, smiling.
"No swords, good call. Most of us are archers anyway. You see Eo, she's not one to resort to swordplay so quickly. It takes longer, and just leaves more of a mess and is much more harmful, not to mention loud. That's as she says, I don't know anymore."
Mic smiled, seeing Eo still had his cloak on. He readied his bow with an arrow, stroking the flight (i believe that's the term) gently.
Eo, Mic and the rangers ran for a while, then heard the Uruks and halted, readying their bows. Eo, as she was grabbing an arrow from the quiver on her back, she realized that she was still wearing Mic's cloak. Not wanting to waste anytime or be caught without a weapon, and also enjoying smelling his musky scent, she said to him, "Mic, do you want your cloak back now? If not I'll just keep it until we are done here."
Mic smiled, keeping still as the trees.
"No," he whispered back, "that's okay. You wear it, it'll get chillier as time progresses."
He smiled more to himself, accidentally letting his arrow go. It flew into the neck of a nearby Uruk. Mic furrowed his brows slightly, starting to shoot more arrows quickly, with careful aim.
While letting arrow after arrow fly, Eo whispered to Mic, "Do you know why Lightfoot didn't want us to kill to many? She did say something like that right?"
Mic glanced to Eo quickly.
"She just didn't want us to use swords first. She's a person for the element of suprise, and swords have a tendancy to give someone away, even in a dense forest."
He shot a couple more arrows, smiling a bit.
"And arrows kill faster."
"Ahh I see. Yes that's very true." While they had been firing their arrows, Eo, Mic, and the band of rangers had been working their way around to the back of the army of Uruks, and now stood almost directly behind them. The number of invadors had been reduced by at least half, but there were still a large amount of them, and Eo was slightly worried. "Mic, do you think Lightfoot and the couple rangers with her are okay? These guys havn't changed direction or come after any of us yet."
Mic sighed a bit, glancing to Eo.
"Truth is, I don't rightly know. She's a good fighter and all, but...she gets too..dramatic. She has a tendancy to get hurt a lot that way. Maybe it's because we're so young they haven't changed direction. We don't seem to be bothering them much."
Mic continued to fire freely.
I've got a question, how many arrows does or can a quiver hold? as of now i'm not sure we've been able to retrieve any of our own, but we have shot alot.
Hm...good question. Well, you are GM, so it's really up to you whether or not Eo and Mic, with their troop of Rangers, go to swords yet
Sounds good
Eo, having run out of arrows, started to pick up arrows that had not been broken on impact. She pulled an arrow out of a fallen horse and fixed it to her bow. Taking careful aim, she let it fly and it hit the neck of an Orc. A couple others turned around and saw Eo and Mic running towards them, though still a ways off. Letting out a loud roar, they lifted their weapons and started rushing back at them. Eo stopped short and ran into the forest as more Orcs turned and hurried toward them. "Hurry everyone, over here! Unsheathe your swords and prepare to fight! I seem to have hit someone important."
Mic followed Eo, staying right by her side.
"Eo," he whispered to her, "no matter what happens, stay by me."
He unsheathed his sword, looking around the tree, watching the Uruks come.
Eo grinned at him, "You don't have to tell me twice. I'll be right here."
Mic smiled, then yelled and started forward, sword in hand. The Rangers followed behind him as well, charging toward the oncoming Uruks. He ducked down and swung his blade, starting to fight.
Rue tugged on Hunters sleeve,"Shouldn't we go now?,we've been charged with twenty five rangers and the others have left".
Hunter looks at Rue,"Lets go." He picks up his cloak then puts it on. He jumps on his hose.
Rue stood and followed on foot,motioning for the rangers to do as followed. She pulled out her bow and notched an arrow.
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Cal stayed by Lightfoot's side, watching her Rangers dispose quickly of as many of the Uruks as possible. She rested her hand lightly on her whip, ready to attack as soon as Lightfoot gave the order for them too.
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Lightfoot glanced to the others, gritting her teeth a bit. Her quiver was now empty of it's previous load, and she was reluctant to go on. With a sigh, she gave the order to her men (and Cal.).
"Alright men, draw your swords!" she shouted, her blade in hand. "Charge!!!"
She led the charge on the Uruks, then started hacking away.
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Cal gave her whip a crack as she uncoiled it with her lefr and drew her sword with her right then moved forward, making sure to stay by Lightfoot's side, just in case she should need her for any reason.
Lightfoot glanced quickly to Cal and shouted to her.
"Just call me if you need help!"
She turned again and returned to fighting, taking a blow to her left arm, it not stopping her nonetheless.
Eo followed Mic swinging her sword, killing Orcs left and right. Then she saw something, ’Mic watch out! Behind you!’ While giving Mic the warning, she took her eyes off of the two orcs coming at her, and when she turned back, there were three, all with their axes raised at her. Swinging her sword in front of her, she deflected two of them, but the third one caught her in her left thigh. Letting out a cry she stumbled against a tree. It hurt to put weight on her left leg, but the cut wasn’t deep enough for her to worry about it. She used the tree as a crutch and pushed herself up so that she could continue fighting.
Cal rolled her eyes and continued to push forward slaying the uruks in her way.

"Somehow I don't think I'm going to be the one needing help, but maybe it's just me," she called back to Lightfoot, rolling her eyes.
Mic looked at Eo wide-eyed.
"No, don't fight!"
He gently shoved her behind a tree, then returned to fighting.

Lightfoot laughed.
"Hahaha indeed Cal!"
Eo grimaced as she sat down behind the tree. Maybe she should do as Mic said and not fight. She could atleast act as a lookout. First though, she had to tend to her leg and make sure that no infection spread. Taking her leather bag off of her shoulder she cleaned out the cut then wrapped it up as best as she could. Later she would have someone else help her, but for now she slung her bag over her shoulder, picked up her sword and stood, leaning on the side of the tree calling out warnings.
Mic pushed on further into the cloud of Uruks, sword moving quickly. He listened carefully to Eo, and watched her out of the corner of his eyes.
Mic got pushed deeper into the wave of the battle, overtaken by the swarm. Somehow, he managed to keep himself alive...

Lightfoot continued striking at the orcs, shouting as she did so.
"Twenty!...Twenty-one!...Twenty-two!....Twentty-three!..." and so on.
She laughed heartily, sword black with the blood.
Eo stood by the tree until she couldn't see Mic any longer, then she lifted her sword and pushed her way toward where she last saw Mic, all the while calling his name.
Mic turned his head towards the voice of Eo calling his name. His eyes gleamed angirly.
"I'm coming Eo! Hnag on!"
He, of course, was immediately panic-stricken, and fought desperately to get to Eo. He soon got to her.
"What are you doing fighting?! You're injured! Go hide!"
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