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Hello weary traveler I am Iesseus Reyndous care to have a drink? or maybe you'd like some fine pipeweed.Weve got plenty of rooms here so stay as long as you want.Friday night is karaoke night so come and sing with me.If you would like to learn more about me you can post a message here and Ill tell you Very Evil Smilie
OOC: Apparently you know me or were playing a prank. Which one?

Name-Rue Auburn
Clothes- Brown leggings under short brown skirt, black knee high boots and black tunic
Appearence- Green eyes, long blood-red hair, fair skin, ,slightly pointed ears.
Weapons- Broadsword called Diresong, throwing knives,daggers,quarter staff.

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Suddenly, a chubby little Hobbit burst through the door. "Afternoon, gents!" he called to the two at the bar. "The names Bogeffor, and I'm new in town. How about a drink?" he said now approaching the bar for himself. "What have you got for pints of ale?" he asked the bartender.

Name: Bogeffor
Age: 42
Appearance: about 3'5"; chubby; sandy, dirty blond hair; wearing a bright green vest over a white dressshirt , which is rolled up to his elbows, with a pair of brown trousers that came to his mid-shins; sticking out of the pocket of the left side of his vest is a long pipe, and on his right, a package of fine pipeweed.
Weve got the finest ale here at the Crouching Hobbit the first drinks on me Smile Smilie
The bartender was a cheery fellow named Iesseus Reyndous he was standing on the bar singing karaoke and everyone was clapping and laughing.

Name:Iesseus Reyndous
Race:ManBig Smile Smilieunedain
Currently living in:Osgiliath
Description:A young brave warrior and bartender.He inherited the Crouching Hobbit Inn after his father Reagous Reyndous died courageously fighting off orcs near osgiliath.He hasBlond hair mixed with black hair.His weapons are the sword his father gave him and a long bow.He will do anything for his friends and family.He never gives up.He is very recognizable with his black armor and long hair.When he works in the bar he wears black leather pant and a White short-sleeve shirt under a leather vest.
sorry about the smiley face in the description its supposed to be Dunedain
Rue glanced up from her book and waved the bartenders attention, "An ale, please", she called over the music, trying to focus on her reading.

I didn't expect you to come on this fast.
"1 ale comin up my lady"shouted Iesseus with a grin on his face.He had to shout because some drunk hobbits were singin a song on the mics that was so loud people were covering their ears in agony.

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"Thanks, mate!" said Bogeffor with a smile to the bartender. "You run a fine place, here! You know, I've traveled miles around and not found a place like this in weeks!" He took a gulp of his ale, "You have fine drinks, too!" the jolly fellow laughed. Bogeffor turned, found a seat at a nearby table, and sat alone listening to the music happily while he tapped his big, hairy feet. This was truly the place for him...
Iesseus noticed Bogeffor sitting alone so he went over and sat down next to him."I heard you say you traveled,have you ever been to Aglarond?Ive heard its amazing...."said Iesseus with a look of anticipation on his face."Well, must be gettin back to work."
A hobbit walked over to where Bogeffor was sitting. "May I drink with you?" She asked, before sitting herself down anyways, and ordering a pint("It comes in pints!") of ale. "Lily Brushes." She extended her hand for him to shake, expecting his name in return.

Name: Lily Brushes
Age: 30
Race: Hobbit
Description: Lily wears a blue skirt, white shirt, and a blue jacket type garment. Her eyes are light gray and Lily's hair is dark brown. She carries herself proudly, and moves gracefully for a hobbit. Lily is of normal height and size around the middle, she loves singing, sewing, dancing, flowers, and black smithing.
Occupation: Seamstress
Current Residence: Bree
Family: Mother: Rose, Father: Harry, Sister: Gloria
He replied to her extended hand by standing up and giving her a deep bow while saying, "Bogeffor Maison at your service, sweet maiden, of the golden ale." He looked up at her with a smile, "Of course you may drink with me. It would be my pleasure." He took his seat once again at the table with the newcomer.
He looked up to her and smirked, and then looked to Iesseus. "No, I'm sorry but I've never been to Aglarond. But, I have heard that it is quite pretty. Although, it seems that my travels have brought me across something even more beautiful." Bogeffor glanced slightly at Lily with this compliment, then looked back towards the bar, taking a sip of his ale. "I have traveled far and wide, and I have found that the Elves are very pleasant folk, don't you agree?"
"Yes I do agree Elves are very kind.I am very friendly with an Elf named Rue Aubern.Maybe you know her?"said Iesseus very blankly."She was here a while ago."The crowd was chanting Iesseus' name,so he went and started to sing an old elvish hymn....
"Do you really expect me to leave so quickly?" taunted Rue from behind the bartender as he finished his song, she appeared out of the crowd sipping her drink slowly. "Hmm... do you have anything a bit stronger?" she asked rather absently, "Perhaps aqivi or Vashni ale?"
Suddenly there was a disturbence outside of the inn.Iesseus immediatly grabbed his sword which he called Alsouda Katana.Outside there was a huge orc that was knocking down buildings with its mighty club.Iesseus knew he couldn't fight it alone without getting seriously injured so he called out,"Who would be willing to risk their lives to save this town????"
As Bogeffor was sipping his ale, he didn't realize the disturbance at once. After he heard the commotion, he stood up from his table and made his way through the crowd toward the door. When he peered out into the dark night barley lightened by laterns, he saw a hideous creature swinging a large club. Bogeffor gasped and took a step back. He heard Iesseus's question shouted over the loud bustling around him.
No longer having feelings of being drunk, Bogeffor's mind raced. What should I do, he asked himself, as he looked at the terrified faces around him. Then, before he could stop himself, he ran to Iesseus's side and drew out a Hobbit-sized sword, which was actually a large dagger. "I'll risk it! he shouted up at him, and looked bravely toward the creature destroying the town outside.
Rue moved off to one side and unstrapped her cwellen (Crossbow thingy described in boi). "Need a distraction?" she asked glancing from the hobbit to the large mass tearing through the town. She'd loaded the disks and cocked it as she waited for an answer.

Hey, Iess,how was JJ's play? Did she do well?
Lily just blushed at his comment, and returned to her ale for the time being, waiting for the color in her cheeks to fade. Right as she was taking a breath to speak however, there was a disturbance outside. Lily hesitated slightly, but after she heard the screams and a building crumble, she raced outside.

At Rue's call to action, Lily thought. "Bogeffor, if you need a distraction, I could be a distraction." Her voice was quiet, but her eyes glinted, and her fists were clenched. "I want to help." Lily had a yearning in her face, and in the way she held herself right now. The hobbit fingered her sleeve, wondering if she would have a chance to use her slingshot.
"Thank you all",Iesseus said some how managing a grin."Ok heres the plan,Lily you take this axe and run around the orc swinging it." Iesseus handed her a rusty axe that was probably used for chopping wood."Rue shoot your crossbow thing and try to hit the beast in it's neck.That should weaken it temporaily,then Bogeffor and I shall attack head on with our swords Rue I need you to keep shooting disks while we charge......."
Rue nodded, "Cool, it's been a long time since this got some action. On your word then, and everyone be careful", she spoke eagerly awaiting the chance to fire her weapon. The massive beast was advancing quickly on the tavern they had been in just moments ago, and already, a large number of buildings damaged or outrightly destroyed.
Bogeffor looked around at the other brave folks about him as he thought to himself, Oh, Bogeffor, old chap. What have you gotten yourself into now? Then, (once again he couldn't help himself) he called to his collegues, "Steady yourselves everyone!"
After he realized how dangerous it really would be, he said little quieter, "Lily - please take care of yourself..."
Lily took the axe, carressing it's rusted head in one hand, and it's wooden handle in the other. It wasn't the best weapon, but it would certainly get his attention, especially with what else she was to do. Lily tied the hair out of her face, before lifting the axe, once more in the ready position, waiting for Isseus' word.

Lily warmed at Bogeffor's words of caution. "You have no need to worry, Bogeffor. I know what I'm doing. Regardless, I promise I'll be careful." She whispered back before concentrating solely on the task at hand.
AS the folks of the tavern were setting up a soldier rode into town, he had heard the screams and was checking out the situation. When he saw the mighty orc he drew his sword and put on his shield. He ran up to the group. "Do you require my assitance?" He asked.

Name: Freyr
Appearence: A ruged soldier who is a commander of a battalion of Trebuechets.
Weapons: He has a typical gondor shield, a Sword, and a dagger.
Bio: His father was a tower gaurd and was well known. He was given a choice of which part of the army to join and he joined the trebeuchets. He now commands the trebeuchets in osgiliaths first line of defence.
"Yes,I would like your assistance." "On my mark.....CHARGE!
Rue immeditly began shooting disks as a cover for the others, as they made impact, the large beast swung around to the group.

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Lily ran at his command, yelling and screeching to get his attention. She darted around him, brandishing her axe, and even managed a little nip on his toe, but she wasn't sure how much damage she'd inflicted. The hobbit danced just out of his reach, twirling around, trying to get him to fall.

I'm not going to be able to role play until the 22nd. Just assume she gets hurt or something, and doesn't get better until I come back. Or make up your own scenario. :P Wisconsin! Here I come!
As Iesseus was charging at the beast he saw Lily get hit head on with the orcs club.Iesseus couldn't stop to help her because he was five feet away from the orc he jumped up and slashed it in its stomach.It wailed in pain and went ballistic Iesseus ran beside Bogeffor and said,"You hit him from the front and ill hit him from the back ok?"
When Freyr saw the orc hit lily, he ran to her side and was ready to protect her. One of the other fighters ran up and slashed the beast which caused it to go ballistic. It almost hit lily and Freyr. Freyr grabed lily and draged her away from the battle and took her place.
Im going to join if it is fine with people.

Appearence: A tired looking elf whose clothes look worn with many adventures. They seem to have once been blue and brown but have long since been stained. He has a bow and two swords that both look to be well used.

An elf passing by hears a commotion and immediatley suts down the two back orcs and then gets into a fight with 3 more as the orcs in back turn on him and their friends that were out front also attack him. he then yells a little help would be nice as he gets a small cut on his left shoulder and on his left thigh.
Wait i thought there was only on large orc, but ok i don't know

Freyr realized that these guys could probably handle to orc. He caraged straight into the group and started swingng his sword. He smashed one orc with his shield and proceeded to kill more. It was a brutal fight.
Iesseus heard Calin call for help and ran over immeadiately.The orcs were very strong but very stupid.All you had to do was be very swift.Iesseus and Calin charged at the orc and as they were running Iesseus shouted,"THANKS!"
Bogeffor charged at the ugly beast, beside his new found colleague, preparing to stab it with his sword.
The nearest orc twisted and twirled around attempting to startle the crowd forming around him. They were closing him off from the others. Everyone knows Orcs are helpless alone - they are only significantly strong in numbers.

OOC: Sorry I was gone so long! The county fair was in town and I couldn't resist... Smile Smilie
If tey cornered each orc it would be helpless,so Iesseus told everyone to surround each orc.He then charged at one and sliced it,s head off with a high jump sword attack....
"Good one!" yelled Bogeffor to Iesseus. "Now go for that one over there!" he was now pointing to another one nearby.
"Ok,Bogeffor.This one is for you!!!",yelled Iesseus as he threw a dagger into the beasts neck and puled it out.He then stabbed his Alsouda Katana right through the orcs heart."YYAAAAA baby!!!"
Freyr blocked a blow from an orc and stabed it with his sword. He knocked another one over the head witht he butt of his sword. Then out of no where an orc dove on freyr and bit into his shoulder! Freyr cryed out in pain and knocked the beast of his back with his shield and stabed it while it was on the ground. This incondent made freyr mad and he started killing more beasts.
I'll post later.... you said queer again.
Bogeffor saw what happened to Feyr. "Hold steady, mate! This battle is coming to a rest." He looked around and saw that there weren't many Orcs left standing. Then, Bogeffor turned around just in time to stab his dagger into the stomach of an oncoming Orc. "Well done men!" He peered over to Lilly nearby, "And highly honored women!" He continued fighting the Orcs beside his new friends, experiencing a feeling of extreme purpose.
I'm going to join, if you all don't mind. Smile Smilie

Name: Garet Jax
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Race: Human
Height: tall
Description: A Weapons Master, Garet Jax dresses in all black, with flint grey eyes. He isn't very talkative, but is (usually) unmatched in battle, and carries numerous weapons.
Weapons: Many daggers, knives, a short sword, and a long sword

Garet took a seat near the fireplace (assuming there is one) and glanced around at all the ruckus in the inn, observing and noting everything.
There was one orc left and he was running off.Iesseus told everyone to go inside the inn.Everyone sat down and Iesseus took a deep breath..."Lets CELABRATE!!!!!!!!!!!"
Rue lingered outside for a while and began retrieving her disks from the orc bodies, stuffing them in her bag to clean later. As she entered she made her way to Iess, "Hey, could I get into the kitchen? My disks wont work crusted with blood, need to clean 'em off".

Welcome Adreia!
Freyr went to his where his horse was and opened a bag. He pulled out a bag with verious medical items. He had to clean his shoulder before it got infected. Freyr walked into the tavern. It was a comfortable place. He went up to the bartender. "Would it be possible for me to wash off the wound in the kitchen?" He asked.
"Yes Rue wash off your disks in the kitchen and you wash your shoulder up it looks infected."said Iesseus cheerfully.He started singing a song and before he knew it he was on the groud laughing for no reason.What a celebration.

Garet hadn't paid attention to the orcs, but did notice that there was talk of wounded people. Curious, he decided to investigate. He slipped toward Rue quietly.
"Pardon, miss, but do they need help with healing?"
Rue looked up to the man, "Uh, yes, Freyr over there, his shoulders kinda torn up", she glanced to Iess, "But apparently he's fine. And I think there are bandages on the shelves there, so if they ask", she motioned to a series of shelves and cupboards running up the walls before pulling out her disks to wash.
Garet nodded a bit and stalked off toward Freyr quietly, and cleared his throat.
"Pardon me, but do you need any help?"
Iesseus passed out because he had a little to much ale but the celebrations continued all through the night Iesseus woke up and celebrated some more.It was a good day.
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