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Rumil chuckled, "Good shot Rue, we pinned him to the wall. I think he'll be more aware of himself and awake now. Good job with the orc bodies whoever did it." He called into the trapdoor, "Iess, have you gotten over that hangover of yours? Or do you want me to find a better cure?"
Rue grinned and put a hand on Rumils shoulder, "I think he's had enough, maybe next time he'll learn to hold his drink better, or at all". She turned back to the table and reached for her aqivi, "Strongest in the south, but I haven't acted out of character yet".
"I better not, seeing that hobbit just jumped in." Rumil then looked around the inn, "This place is a mess, and all those orc bodies aren't helping either." he looked puzzled at Rue, "Why you let Iess order you around I don't know."
Rue looked up, an equal expression on her own face, "What do you mean? Sure, I've watched the bar once, but only cause I wanted to, if I hadn't I'd be in bed". She set down her drink, "Why did that even cross your mind?"
Lets let Iess pick up the bodies. says calin as he sits back listening to the siblings argue.
Rumil grinned, "Yeah sorry, guess I was wrong about what I said, I should know better than you listening to orders." He turned back to the trapdoor, "Is Iess more often drunk or not?"
Yes i would say so. He has something about making free drinks and celebration, and i dont know how he keeps this in running when he always has at least half a barrel of ale himself in one day.
Rue walked over and elbowed Rumil in the ribs, "That's right, I'll try anything else before resorting to following commands. Don't see the point unless...well, yeah, just don't see the point".
Rumil shook his head, "How can he look after an inn like that?" turning to Rue he added in disbelief, "How can you stand such a person? he's not responsible. I thought that it was just this time he got drunk, but from what I have heard from Calin here, I was wrong then."
Rue's face became expressionless, "Well, I was able to put up with Hunter, Algernon, and you, wasn't I? A cocky drunk isn't much worse once you think about it", she pulled up a chair to a table and sat down, aqivi in hand.
Rumil's expression became sad, "You're right, you did put up with me, a murderer." Rumil slowly sat down, and put his bow on the table, "This place doesn't seem so bad after all." He took a sip of the ale , "And this place hs nice ale."
"Rumil, you know I didn't mean it like that", Rue sighed, "It's really fine, just forget it". She set down her drink, "You know it can't be changed, we went through this that night in the clearing and all you can do is move on".
Iesseus was still pinned against the wall wide awake eyes open so wide the looked like marbles."Why I oughta get you!but.......I WONT!HAHAHAHAHA!"said Iesseus laughing."Get me down would ya?"he said still laughing."No really get me down."
"I can't and wont. I've spent a century fighting wars because of it. My father has rejeceted me, one brother has died, the other disapeared because of me. I haven't seen lord Celeborn's face in 20 years. I have learned to accept it, however hard it is to, but I will never forget it, it will haunt my conscience for the est of my misearble life. And now, I suppose," rumil sighed shaking his head, "We better get poor Iess out."
Rue frowned and crossed her arms, "At least you have seen your fathers face, I don't even know mine! How can you be so moody about something you'll never be able to change, get over it, jeez..." She walked over to the wall and began pulling the arrows out of Iess's clothing.
"Its something that no one understands, lets not talk about it." Rumil then helped Rue pull the arrows off Iess, nad piled some of the orc bodiesout of the way. "You know, maybe we shouldn't release him yet."
"Thancks alot guys.For getting me down and pinning me against the wall.Im gonna start controlling my drinking problem."said Iesseus to Rue and Rumil.
"You'd better, or next time it'll be more than your clothing pinning you to the wall", said Rue walking back to the table she'd previously been sitting at. She opened her bag, pulled out a book, and grabbed her bota.
"Yes, if you don't control your drinking, then your business here in this inn won't go so well." Rumil shook his head, and then stopped, "However, you do have good ale however, but nonetheless, you ashould fix that problem, because if you don't, when Rue pins you to the wall, I'll finnish you by using you for target practise. Its for your own good anyway."
"Ya I know.Im not gonna drink as much.It gets tiring haveing hangovers every single morning."said Iesseus painfully.
OOC: Everyone- I'm so sorry I've been gone so long! The first week of school kept my really busy! Can I have an update on the story, please? I know I've missed a lot. BTW- if I seem to be gone for more that 2 days, someone can keep up my character if they would like. As long if it's within reason. I've got a lot of advanced classes at school this year, and I have a lot of homework.. thanks
well, Lily(the hobbit) just danced wih Bofeger, Calin's been piling dead orcs against whoever seems too drunk or scary, especially IEss. Rue and Rumil just pinned Iess cloths to the wall. thats about all.
and they pulled him down

So iess do you need mediciune for that hangover?
Rumil grinned, "Oh he wont need medicine, It is a just punishment for irresponsibility for this fellow." He loaded his bow, "Cheer up Iess, Or I'll use you as target practise." Quickly raising his bow and he loosed his arrow, watching it thud to one of the orcs Calin had scattered about. He laughed, "I'm just joking Iess, but if you want to have a good business, less drink would help. But I can see, you did defend your inn bravely, I must say that you fought well, considering the number of orcs attacking."
Freyr looked at all the people. 'They are going crazy" He thought to himself. He got up fro, his seat and went up to a room and closed the door.
"Ya well im gonna go rest.And calin take down those ugly orcs,Ill lose all my business with those up."Iesseus chuckled as he said this.
And why do you say i did this with the orc bodies.
"Because right before i was knocked unconcious the first time i saw u pinning one up to the wall."said Iesseus in a ha ha kind of way.
not to say i did do it but you were long asleep... and you fell unconsious before they were everywhere.
"Why don't you both clean up the bodies and get this place back on it's feet?" muttered Rue with a smirk. "It's not like dead orcs bring business in, unless I missed something".
Calin starts pulling bodies down and throwing them as hard as he can at Iess. while he is doing this he accidentily picks up bofeger and sends him sailing at iess who dodges, and the bofeger goes sailing at the wall behind him.

I think someone should rescue their character or mack a really funny impact or i may just do it with a splat with no injurys besides a lump on the head and a headache.
Rue let out a giggle, "Nice one, I thought it might be Iess, but now, I'm thinking you're the one that's gonna bring this place down in a pile of wood, orcs, and beer barrels".
I am making sure to not cause damage except for dents... and your arrows did cause some damage too.
"Oh, yes, a few nicks in the wall really stands up there with, the smell of orcs, the furniture knocked over by all these drunks,"dents", and your game of catch", she tilted her head and raised brow before going back to her book.
Rumil grinned and loaded his bow again, "Archery time," He shot an arrow seemingly at Iess, but it hit one of the orcs he was carrying, "Scared u didn't I."
"not really."said Iess to Rumil as he threw the orc body he had at calin."Take that you slimy orc you!"said Iesseus playfully to Calin.
Calin dodges the orc thrown at him, and then reaslizes that it was gonna hit Rue... He then went back to throwing orcs at iess because he didnt throw the orc.
Rue ducked as the orc flew at her, spilling her aqivi all over her book, "Oh jeez!" she muttered to herself, "That was my last bota!" She grinned, now having an excuse for her next action, and stalked over to Iess, grabbing an orc for herself and throwing it heavily into him. "Catch", she said with a smirk.
when Calin let go of an orc, Rue went up to Iess and hit him with an orc...he realized the orc was gonna hit her. Rue watch out he said as he turned his next throw aside, it then landed at rumils feet, where it almost bowled him over. Sorry yelled calin, I didnt want to accidentaly hit your sister.
"Oh!" exclaimed Rue, ducking and falling onto the floor, letting it hit Iess. She let out a giggle before getting back up and turning to Calin, "It's fine, it wouldn't have been the first time one of us had been it with an orc, would it?" She smiled and turned back to Iess, pulling the body off him, "You've got some pretty bad luck, huh?" She tilted her head and made her way back to her table, where she began cleaning it up along with her book.
"Yeah, you wouldn't want to hurt my sister," Rumil muttered, loosing an arrow at an orc on the ground. "stop throwing those vile bodies around. All that orc blood is making this place a mess." He picked an orc body up and threw it at Iess, "And one thing you shall learn about me is, at times I can be a real big hypocrite."
"Uhhhh"said Iesseus as he through a body off of him."Is orc meat edible or is it poisoness.?Because I could have a lot of food to serve to people if it is."
why dont we find out says calin as he takes an orc hand and shoves it in Iess's mouth. He hears mumbling and takes it as an its good. he then shoves more orc pieces into iess mputh eat up. we wouldnt want the owner to starve now would we. he then stops as Iess's mouth is stuffed and then starts throwing the bodies into the kitchen.
Rumil turns around and rubs his eyes, " I seen worse but I can't take this when its happennign in aan inn." He notches an arrow and shoots it, narrowly missing Rue, skimming her hair. Rumil grinned notching another arrow, "Guess it did'nt scare you did it?"
She smiled, loosing one of her own, and letting it pass through the his bow before he could fire. "Nope, I've been shot at too many times to get scared now".
Can you both stop this arguing over arrows and firing them everywhere says calin as he turns around firing two arrows, making one's fletching brusing rumil, the other touching rue. He then turns back around and continues to throw orcs into the kitchen.
Rue turned around and gave him a childish frown, loosing an arrow once more, and pinning his sleeve to the wall. "Don't be such a spoil-sport, you two got to have your little game of catch, we're just playing around".
yes well i am done with catch and your arrow shooting has been going on longer says calin as he pulls the arrow out of his sleeve.
"So?" she asked pulling out another arrow from her quiver. "I'm sorry, I just don't see your point", she grabbed her bag and pulled a small, flat piece of wood. Then walking over to the wall she mouted it up high with a little spell, "There, only the target then, alright?"
okay fine with me as he pulls his bow out and strings it. he then notches and fires and arrow dead center in the target. okay i will end now he says. he pulls out his arrow, finishes with the orc throwing, and then throws Iess into the kitchen with the orcs. he then helps himself to a drink and sits back.
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