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Garet looked around for sober people. His eyes fell upon two men, seated at a table, not far from where he stood. Silent as the grave, he slid near the table like a shadow and seated himself with a brief nod.
"Good day friends."
"Yay lets go Rue!!!"said Iesseus cheerfully.He grabbed Rues hand and pulled her out to an open section in the bar that he called the dance floor.Rue and him started dancing and Iess was thinking 'Ya Iess your good you da man the ladies love you'He wondered what Rue was thinking.
Well, Rue was thinking that his breath smelled like stale Vashni ale, she smiled slightly to herself and continued to dance. "I thought a drunk couldn't dance without retching the first few steps", She commented.
"Im not all drunk you know just half of me."said Iesseus chuckling.He noticed some people were watching and making comments.He mouth to Bogeffor 'Ask Lily mate.'As Iesseus was dancing he looked into Rues eyes.They were beautiful he started to move closer to her then he felt his lips touch hers...
Rue frowned, realizing what had just happened, and immediately put her hands on his shoulders shoving him away, roughly. "Iess, come on, you have no idea what you just did".
Iesseus fell on the ground and hit his head off a chair and he was knocked unconcious 'Wow' he thought to himself.
Rue walked over and knelt beside him, and shook his shoulder slightly, "You really have no idea".
"Uhhh what Rue! What happened im sorry i didnt mean to it just..."Iesseus was a little shook up he did nt know what rue was gonna do.
"No", she said quickly, "You scared me, big time. It's been a while since, someone, it was kind of a reflex, knocking you out". She stood back up and shook her head, "I think I'll just go to bed".
"Well ok so much for that.Maybe some other time.I mean uhhhh."said Iesseus kinda sticking his foot in his mouth.
"Or not, but maybe sometime if we're both sober", said Rue. She turned around and grabbed her bag from the bar and headed upstairs for a room, planning to pay in the morning.
Iesseus stood up and yelled"I hate to stop the celebrations but i need to close the bar."Every body either left or got a room and Iesseus headed off to bed.
"Hello friend, I see you are still sober, come join us." Rumil watched as an elf walked away toward the inn rooms, 'hmmm, she looks familiar,' Rumil thought to himself shook his head, 'of course Rue!' Turnning back to Garet he grinned, " so, not planning to get drunk?" Then turning again, he yelled, trying to get Rue's attention.
Rue glanced back, hearing a familiar voice, and smiled, "Hey, Rumil, how are you?" She turned back slowly, and walked over to his table.

Hey are we still brother & sis?
i dunno

"Hi Rue, haven't seen you in a while." Glancing over her shoulder, he saw Iess, and then Raised an eyebrow, "Had a bit of trouble with him? You certainly gave him quite a push."
Rue chuckled slightly, "Yeah, uh, well it's been a while. I didn't expect what happened and you know how I am, after everything", she shrugged, "So what's up with you?"

Let's leave it.
So leave it as in, no or leave it as in yes?

"Its going great, for the first time in a long while, theres peace." Rumil glanced back outside at the dead uruk bodies and at all the drunk people, "You lot had a bit of a brawl with orcs?"
Rue smiled, "Yeah, none of us were about to let those things ruin a perfectly good bar, you know?" She laughed softly, "Well as for peace, whenever you find yourself a brief moment of it, that's when something big hits".

I hadn't really decided, I guess we are since it's after Division, but I dunno, so yeah.
"Iesseus went to his room which was actually a hidden door under the bar.He told Bogeffor and Rue to watch the bar because he need to sleep badly.He went to his room which was soundproof and hefell asleep immeadiately
"Thats true, thats true. A good example would be the war of the Ring. But of course father- I mean Lord Celeborn thinks that we have truly defeated the enemy this time" Rumil sadly thought of his rejection from his father, after having been held responsible for the death of a brother and the dissapearance of another brother, "So, what are you doing these days?"
Rue nodded solemnly at the mention of her brothers father and shrugged again, "Well nothing really, it's been nice and peaceful as you said, save the orcs. I'm just waiting for that big thing to hit". She smiled then, "I hate waiting for something, even if I don't know what it is. Unlike you, I could do without the down time, guess I'm weird that way", she shuffled through her bag and pulled out a refilled bota of aqivi.
Rumil nodded towards outside the door, "I suppose it kind of satisfied you when you slaughtered those orcs outside?" He grinned, "Always the same aren't you Rue? looking for trouble. I mean going to this inn, and meeting THose types of peopel. Like the fellow you just pushed down, he must have done something to you first before you pushed him. You don't do that without reason, we both know that."
Rue pulled the drink away from her lips and looked out the window, "Well, I was raised differently than you were, I was always getting into fights and bad situations, sometimes with the authorities, didn't help much". She lowered her head some, "It kinda just grew on me after a while. And as for Iess, the only reason I did what I did was because I was taken off guard, he probably only did it to mess with me". She put a hand to her forehead and sighed, "I do try to be civil, but when the line gets crossed you know I'm not the one to just take it, you might call it a downfall".
Rumil nodded understandingly, "So, it seems Iess has had a bit too much to drink? I'm surprised ur not celebrating along with the others." He glanced furiously at the bar, "IF I don't get my ale soon, I am going to show them just how accurate I am as an archer."
Issesus left Bogeffor and Rue in charge of the bar. So Rumil can blame Rue for not getting a drink. Lily wants to dance with Bogeffor. Anyone know where Celebrian went?
Well, the thing is, I just came in the bar, so my character doesn't know that
"I'll get it", she said nodding to the bar, "What would a dear brother like?" she asked in a sarcastic tone. "Considering that I don't think I've ever seen you touch more than a plain ale", she smiled and stuffed her aqivi back in her bag.

Yay, I'm not in trouble!
Rumil scowled, but ordered anyway "I'll have the best ale this place has got thanx." Then in a more friendly tone, "Thats because, dear sister, I don't want to drink so much to become like that fellow you just pushed down. Somehow, being intoxication and not thinking clearly does not really seem all too inticing for me."
Rue smirked and began turning away towards the bar, "Good to know, and can we please stop talking about me pushing drunk men?" she called over her shoulder. A few moments later she returned with a glass of the best plain ale she could find, "Banshee Blood", she said with a smile, "Just a name, in truth it's very good, and very plain".

Yeah, Banshee Blood, from a book...
""Thank you dear sister." Rumil knew it would annoy her, "So about this Iess, does he own the place? I'm guessing after I heard him order you and some other fellow to do something." he raised his eyebrows, "People ordering you around Rue, thats unheard of."
Rue made an irritated face and began leaning against the wall, "Yeah he owns it, gets drunk in here almost every night". She rolled her eyes then, "As for ordering me around, he'd better not get used to it, if you remember, my archery skills are almost as good as yours, and I don't usually hesitate to use them".
Iesseus woke up at about 3:30 in the morning and he here some racket,"What in bloody britches is goin on here!?Can you all just shut up?Leave or get a room the bar is closed."said Iesseus sounding angry an tired.
"True, your archery skills are great, but seeing this person, it wont be long before you draw that bowstring." Then Rumil heard shouting from Iess, "So is the inn really closed now? Or is he just yelling because he has a hangover? Or both?"
Rue laughed, "Well, he told that other fellow and me to watch the bar, we're doing our part. It could be the hangover, or he's just moody this morning, and seeing as his room is sound proof, he shouldn't mind the noise anyway".
Calin walked in from outside where he has been this whole time. He then starts tyinging and pinning dead orc bodies outside Iess's room. "You two can help if you want. I figure the only way to get him back to normal is to scare him out of his drink." He then continues to put dead orc bodies in front of doors that contain those customers who had a little to much drink.

sorry i havent posted, i have been in florida for a while so i have only been able to get on for a few minutes at a time.
Rumilblankly watched as the man coninued putting dead orc bodies around. "I don't know whether to say I'm happy or not, happy that he put dead orc bodies in front of that persons room, and not really happy, because somehow, dead orc bodies aren't a pleasant sight and don't smell very good either."He grinned nudging Rue, "Go on, help him out."
Garet Jax was seated alone at a table, away from the others. He smiled, finding solace in the silence. His feet were propped up on the table as he watched the action of this interesting little inn.
Curucam finally lifted himself up. "How long have I been asleep?" He went and found a mirror. "I look like that troll i slew the other day!" He stood on the bar. "NOW IM SURE EVERYONES HAVING A LOVELY TIME BUT CAN YOU TRY AND SHUT UP AS THE HANGOVER IVE GOT IS DEADLY. OK." He collapsed again from exhaustion.
Calin decided that Curucam was scary enough so he tied him right infront of the "secret" trapdoor thinking it would be the perfect wake up surprise. he then looked around for more people who were scary enough.
Rue laughed quietly, watching Calin continue with his project, then glancing over her shoulder to Rumil, "Why don't you? I want to watch this thing as it plays out."
Ieseus walked out of his room at about 5:00.He was in a pair of boxers and nothing else.He opened his eyes and screamed a terrible scream he backed up tripped over the bar and was knocked un conscious.
Calin grins and laughs. He then quickly stops figuring it will wake Iess up. He then moves Iess under the bar and tyhrows a few more things/bodies down there with him. He then mumbles to himself about how this will be fun to watch.
"Well, I'm not going to even touch those drunken bodies." then, when Iess screamed, Rumil stood up. "I can't stand it anymore." notching an arrow to his bow, but not drawing the bowstring yet he walked over to the trapdoor, "I'm teaching him a lesson."
"Rumil", said Rue, her own bow drawn and pointed at him, "I think lessons can wait until he's sober, or at least awake, right?"
Rumil grinned, "All the same, I'll give him a little scare." notching an arrow, walked a few paces from the trapdoor, pulled the bowstring and aimed at it, "Only a little scare. Don't worry Rue, you know I'm accurate enough not to hit anyone."
"Yeah, tell that to my shoulder", she said, lowering her bow some. She smiled then and leaned back against the wall, "And I'm not worried, maybe another shock will keep him up for good".
Rumil, Shooting down the trapdoor wont do any good. says Calin as he finishes making sure Iess will be scared out of his wits at least one more time. hes down there, says Calin pointing under ths pile of bodies under the bar. Calin then goes and washes off all traces of him moving the bodies.
Iesseus woke up again.'That was strange why is there..'He jumped at the sight of an orc body laying next to him with its arm around him.He got up and opened the door.Right when he got out 5 arrows came flying at him and pinned him to the wall."OH MY GOD!!!!"he exclaimed.
After dancing with Bogeffor, Lily went over to the bar and laid her head down for a little while. 'Wow, the room really does spin when you drink alcohol.' The hobbit mused, just resting for the time being. When she saw him binding up orc bodies and setting them around the Inn, she crinkled her nose in disgust.

"Why's he doing that?" She asked, mainly to herself, as she watched him bundle the orcs up. 'Oh! I get it! He's going to scare them...' She giggled at the thought of Isseus screaming his lungs out and running from the Inn. However, she was concerned when she saw Rue and that other guy ... what was his name ... over by the trapdoor, shooting arrows.

'I hope they're as good as they say, otherwise I have a bone to pick with them.' She concluded before noticing something. 'Oh good, that means the ale's running it's course. Lily could think much clearer now. When she heard Isseus scream however, she ran over to the door, and leapt inside to see if they actually did hit him.
Pick all the bones you want. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Rue laughed, having fired the same moment as her brother had and stepped forward, lowering her bow, "Hey, Iess are you awake for good now?"
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