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Rumil notches an arrow and then looses it at the target, the arrow narrowly missing the middle. "Curses, usually I get it in the middle," says Rumil notching another arrow. He looses another arrow and this time it somewhow bounces of and shatters the drink Calin's drinking. "sorry," muttered Rumil notching another arrow, "Usully I'm better than this."
You guys had an orc pillow fight! Big Laugh Smilie

Lily got herself out of Iessus's room, and sat down at a table for a little while. They threw orcs at one another, and shot of arrows, a few times, Lily had to duck, but when they started shoving orc in each other's mouths, Lily excused herself and went someplace to vomit, and then lay down someplace else.
"Hey", said Rue sitting down across from Rumil, "What's going on? I've never seen you miss before, it's...odd". She let her own arrow go and hit the target again, "Tired, maybe?"
"Tired? I don't think so," this time Rumil notched three arrows, loosed them, all thtree hit the targe in a perfect line, the middle one in the centre of the target. "There we go, that was a warm up, this is real. But I suppose, I am a bit tired, or you could say for some stupid reason, I'm kinda restless, I need to do something," Rumil notched another arrow, "I thought I would enjoy peace but theres nothing I can really do now."
I know how you feel. I am more of the adventurous type but some fun at and inn is always fun. I say we start a contest or mabye we should work to upgrade this inn to have things like tournaments or something else that could keep patrons entertained or something else. but of course that is up to Iess says calin, making sure to yell loud enough for iess to hear in the kitchen.
"You didn't throw Iess too hard did you?" Rumil over to where IEss was amongb the pile of Orc bodies, "I think I just saw a hobbit un away before, hmmm oh well." Rumil fired his arrow, watching the arrow satisfied as it hit the centre.
Yes i saw that too. i guess she didnt want Iess to be quiet as much is i did at the time. anyways what do you think of upgrading the inn.
Iess got up yelling and cursing at Calin."Pull one more move like that and l will throw you out of this fine establishment!"
what you asked if it was poisoness would you have made one of your customers try it... what if they got sick and sued you. then you would lose a lot of money.
Rue drew her sword and gestured to the others, "Are any of you boys up for a quick bit of fun?" she asked. "We're all bored, and I'll even give two starting points to my opponant in the honour of fair swordplay".
Rumil smiled, leanign back and crossing his arms. Looking to Iess and Calin he nodded towards Rue, "Go on, have a go against her. Might as well lose and get it over with."
"rue you know were pretty evenly matched."said Iess haughtily to Rue."Ill fight you but youre goin down."and with that he drew his sword and charged at Rue.
"Oh yes, evenly matched, of course", Rue smiled in satisfaction and moved aside with a quick parry, letting him pass by. "You know what Iess? You fight worse than you kiss". She moved forward and wacked the flat side of her sword across his stomach, "And the only way I'm going down is if it's to pull you back up after I win".
Rumil raised his eyebrows, "This should be interesting." he went over to a table, grabbed his ale and went back to leaning against the wall to watch the fight.
"Oh ya!"he exclaimed as he hit her in the leg with a dull sword he had hangin on the wall."Take that Rue!"
The leg that had gotten hit came up and kicked his good sword away, leaving him with a blunt blade. She brought her own sword in quickly and locked her blade with the top of his hilt, she turned it and cut his hand slightly, "First blood, yeild or call?" she asked, stepping back again.

First blood- Whoever draws first wins, Yeild- whoever calls it loses, call- Haldir or Robbin tells us to stop & declares victor. Pick one to later end the fight.
technically rue has won call with the stomach hit and first blood with the hand hit, and iess will never give up, so the only way to end that is to knock him unconsious or get him drunk. says calin as he goes over to join rumil.
Rue laughed, moving around to the other side of a table, "I think he can do both on his own. Come on Iess, beat me, you don't want to lose to a girl, do you?"
"I know I wont lose."He said as he pulled out throwing stars and threw them at her.They stuck into her legs and hands.A little blood trickled out He chuckled to himself.
Rue dropped her sword and winced visably, "Jeez, way to play dirty, Iess". She unwillingly lowered herself to the ground and tried pulling the blades from her legs and hands, the duel leaving her mind. "Ugh!" she managed, watching the bloodflow increase as the first star left her hand. "Thanks, this'll keep me out of the sword circle longer than I'd perfer", she said painfully.
Rumil watched, alook of concern passing him as Rue pulled the stars out of her leg, "Rue, maybe you sohuld just fight a rematch next time." But he knew she wouldn't listen.
"Sorry Rue but a wins a win and a loss is a loss it all depends on how you look at it.Here let me help you with those."he said pulling one out of her leg.He grabbed a cloth and tied it around her.
Rumil started forward, watching with growing concern the blood flowing from her. touching the hilt of his sword, he glared at Iess, "Iess, What kind of cheap fighting was that? Its a sword duel, you can't use stars."
"Iess", said Rue stiffly, "Get away from me before I decide your cockiness makes you worth killing". She moved back and continued pulling the stars out, "Rumil, it'll be fine" she said noting his hand edge closer to his sword. She pulled one from her hand and tossed it aside, then ripping the cuff of her sleeve, she began wiping off the other wounds.
You can't control other characters actions.
My b
Rue stood up slowly, having finished bandaging herself, and turned to Iess, "I want a rematch, now that I know anything goes, it's a fair game". She bent down carefully and retrieved her sword, "So are you up for another round?" she asked, her anger vanishing.
"Ya Ill fight you again sometime.I just hope your ready to lose again."said Iess he heard something outside.He saw a figure pop up and shoot an arrow at Rue."Rue look out!!"he screamed.He tackled her out of the way and the arrow went through his stomach.He moaned and told Rumil to chase him and shoot him.He wait for his reply.
"Rumil...don't go", said Rue, "It'll be fine, whoever it was is gone now". She pulled herself up and helped Iess into a chair, "We can't break the arrow out", she said recognizing the markings, and running her hand over it, "It's hollow, there's poison inside, deadly poison".
"Uhh crap I can feel it AAAHHHHH!"said Iess he was about to go into shock."Theres and a bottle under the bar it sayd number 506 aquvi its actually antidote.Someone get it please."
"Wait one moment I'll be right back." Rumil notched an arrow and ran outside, aiming at the fleeing figure. Letting it loose, he watched satisfied as it hit the figure in the head. Running back inside he fetched the bottle and gave it to Rue.
Rue stared in disbelief, "You killed him, ugh! Rumil, how could you kill him?" She sighed and roughly passed the bottle to Iess, "Drink it, once you finish, it'll be safe to break the arrow out, I'm going outside". She turned around, drew her bow, and headed out the door.
Iess chugged the bottle so there wasnt even a drop left."Here take the arrow out im keeping the contents just in case."he said to one of the men in the bar.After the man pulled the arrow out he hobbled out the door.He walked over to Rue and Rumil.He saw the figures face."Ahh!"he shuddered."It-its m-my brother.I thought he was dead but now I know he is."Iess said.He sounded very shook up.
Rue spun around angrily, pointing her bow at Iess, "Your brother knows my father then, because only my father's mercenaries have those poison arrows". She let out a frustrated breath and turned to Rumil, speaking softly, "My father, not yours".
"Youd think so wouldnt you."said Iess drawing his sword faster than the blink of and eye."You let go I thrust forward."And when my father was alive he made those same kind of arrows.Is your father still alive by any chance?"
Rue's eyes snapped up, "Yeah, he is, and you know what? He's been trying to kill me for almost thirteen years, we've got some friction. He invented those arrows, those are his marks, apparently your brother and father knew him". She pulled her bow tighter, "Your brother shot at me, I guess your not so different, it must be true when things run in the family".
"What are you implying that I am gonna kill you!?"yelled Iess He stabbed his sword through her lower stomach in an area he knew wouldnt kill her immeadiately or soon for that matter.
Rue let out a cry and fell to the ground, dropping her bow, she looked up sadly, "Well, I'd hoped not, but hey, now I don't know". Her breathing was heavy as she spoke, "You should talk to my father sometime, when you finish this, he might praise you and let you take your brother's place as an assassin, hmm? You'd like that wouldn't you?" she closed her eyes.
"No No what have I done!!!"he screamed.He grabed his sword and held it up high."May me terrible deeds be forgiven and let Rue live."he said as he stabbed the sword through himself."R-Rue I-Im so-sorry.Pl-please f-forgive m-me."he said as he lay his head on the ground.Was he dead or not.
Rumil was horrified a the events rolled out in front of him. He was absolutely shocked when Rue mentioned a seperate father, and horrified as the sudden stabbing of Rue and Iess. He closed his eyes, breathing deeply, emotions running wild. "For this, surely Celeborn will banish me forever." Thinking them dead, he simply knelt in disbelief, unable to say a word, as his last family member that actually talked to him, looked dead.
"Rumil", said Rue softly, "If anyone even thinks about trying to banish you, I'll kick thier butt..." She opened her eyes and tried to smile, "Jeez, this actually...actually feels worse than I expected..." she laughed spitting up blood, "Eew...".
ya hi can someone do something about iess cause hes layin there unconsionse and he might die so ya
Well, if he hadn't stabbed himself, he'd have a better chance of living, wouldn't he? You'll have to wait for Haldir to post, cause he's the only one that can move at the moment...
how could you forget me Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie

CAlin runs over to what has happened. he quickly binds the wounds of both people makes sure they both ingest a potion he caries, dumps a bucket of water on Rumil and then kicks him to wake him up, then he starts casting a spell. to the passerbys it looks like a swirling stream of fire water air and earth are flowing into rue and Iess. stopping the blood pouring out, keeping them alive and breathing, and healing them partly so neither one will die and they both will get up in a very short time. he then says desperate times call for desperate measures. both of his rings meanwhile are glowing fiercly. they finally flash once and then he falls over from exhaustion sure that they will get up but not knowing how his body will recover. All of this happened within 15 seconds. so the passerbys just see water and a lot of light and then one guy just fall over one waking up and two that were dieing now living.

there you go your saved. but now all thats left is to save me...
"I-I am sorry Rue I acted on my anger.IF you can ever forgive me I would be forever in debt."said Iess bowing deeply tears swelling to his eyes.
Rue shook her head and stepped back, "I never even considered letting my arrow go, but you've almost killed me twice tonight". She kelt beside Calins body and tried shaking him awake, "It felt weird, to fall be a 'friends' blade, I must admit, I never expected it".

Sorry Robbin Very Sad Smilie
Iess picked up a rope outside and got up and ran into the woods.It sounded almost as if he were crying."He yelled I deserve to DIIIIIEEEEE!"
Rue grabbed her bow and shot him in the leg before he got too far, as he fell to the ground she walked forward. "What's your problem, Iess?" she yelled. "Hurting others isn't good enough? Now you're gonna go hurt yourself?" She drew another arrow, "Get over it already! It's done, we're alive, get yourself together and stop acting like a child!"
Calin is still on the ground getting weaker...
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