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"Ahhhhhhhh dont worry, i'm from the army i'm used to it. Thanks for the offer though, if i need help i would love you to help me. Thanks again" Freyr said and walked into the kitchen. Freyr took some water and got a cloth wet he started to clean the wound. After that he took some herbs he had on hand and use them on his cut. He knew it would be ok. "Just another scar". He told himself.
If nobody minds I'll join Big Smile Smilie

Name: Dairuis Curucam
Race: Noldor Elf
Gender: Male
Weapons: Sword (angnaur), longbow
Description: Shoulder length dark hair with unusual green eyes

Suddenly in burst a tall lithe elf. He stood and stared at the commotion in the inn."I am Curucam, I have trailed a large company of orcs for many leagues.What has become of them?" Silence struck the inn. "Well?"

Rue glanced up, "What? You didn't see the bodies laying outside?" She rolled her eyes and and began loading her newly cleaned disks in her cwellen, "Dead, the way they should be".
"That's right!" agreed Bogeffor. "Every last one of them." He looked up at the celebrating faces around him, while he cleaned the blood off of his dagger with a rag.
Lily woke up with a mighty pain in her head. She winced and sat up, wrinkling her nose against the smell of blood and dead orc. Lily carefully put her fingers to her head, and drew them away; they were coated in blood. The hobbit struggled to her feet, and made her way to the closest building; the Inn.

With her head clearing slightly, she stepped heavily into the kitchen, and asked, "Could someone help me? My head's bleeding." If only she could reach the sink and bandages! Lily waited for someone to help her clean her cut, and hoped that it wasn't too serious.

Of course her head's bleeding ... there's Captain Obvious for you. Big Smile Smilie All these guys ... and not too many girls ... not a lot of competition is there? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Lily is lucky.
"Thats too bad I was hoping to slice the leaders head off myself, him and his friends killed all my men and chopped off my left hand," he lifts up his stump of a wrist wrapped in bloody bandages."They thought I was dead but I followed them, and i would've killed them all!" He slammed the hilt of his sword on the table on this last part.
Iesseus hobbled over to Lily for he was half drunk."Lily zat you ohh come in the kitchen please come in."said Iess barely being able to speakHe took her into the kitchen and cleaned her cuts he then wrapped them in bandages and told her she could have a room upstairs if she wanted.
Bogeffor jumped up off of his stool and ran to Lily's side. "Are you alright?" He took off his cloak and wrapped it around her shoulders. How could I 'ave been so ignorant? he thought to himself, I should 'ave know when I didn't see her celebrating... He had figured she was on the other side of the inn, within the larger crowd. "Anythin' I could do to help?"
Iesseus was so drunk he saw Bogeffor and said"Bogge whend u get here mate here have a drink or two."
"Hello... what was the fuss here?" Anatea entered and saw the people on the floor and dead people outside... Being used to this sort of thing, she plopped down on a chair on the bar... "Good evening mr bartender, I'll have the strongest drink you have, and have a drink on me!" Anatea was exceptionally happy that night
"Hello... what was the fuss here?" Anatea entered and saw the people on the floor and dead people outside... Being used to this sort of thing, she plopped down on a chair on the bar... "Good evening mr bartender, I'll have the strongest drink you have, and have a drink on me!" Anatea was exceptionally happy that night.

Age:501(still young hehe) never quite grew up
"Why of coursse and thank you my lady.Weve got very fine aquvi.Here you are.Enjoy!!,said Iesseus happily and drunkly.He thought to himself I really gotta control my drinking.
Name: Etharion
Race: elf
Age: unknown
Appearence: A brown haired elf in a long dark blue robe and matching cloak. A polished staff in his hand (with a knob at the end) and a sword tucked in his belt (usually hid by his cloak).

Etharion strolled towards the tavenr nearby. Soon he was beside the bar, taking in the surroundings. "Greetings bartender! Spare me a moment and tell me what of intrest might i find in your fine country." he asked politely.
"Iesseus, you've really had to much to drink..." He looked to Lily, "Lily, why don't you go take a lie down upstairs, and Iesseus my friend, let me get that." He noticed that Iesseus had been fumbling with glasses, and was about to drop two or three onto the floor. (Was he the only one not too drunk?) He took the glasses from him and set them on the bar. Then he got a stool for Isseus to sit on. He looked at the newcomers, "What can I get for you?"
"Well, what do you suggest good man? Ill listen to your advice." said Etharion, squinting through the heavy alchohol fumes in the air. SOMEONE was going a bit hard on their liqour.
"Thank you Isseus." She replied graciously as he clumsily put the bandages on. 'He's gone a little too heavy on the drinking so early in the night.' Out of no where, Bogeffer appeared and asked if she was allright. "I'm fine Bogeffer." She waved him off. "It's just a scratch. Thanks for the concern."

"I was just about to do that actually, but it's just a cut." Lily smiled, then winced as the muscles near her 'cut' tightened. "On second thought, maybe it's more than a cut." The hobbit felt the oncoming of a headache. With a sigh, she grabbed a cup of water, and walked upstairs to the room(though she would have preferred ground floor), welcome to any that might accompany her, and lay down upon the bed after drinking her water.

Lily's last thought before falling asleep was, 'It's a shame I have to miss out on the celebrating ... I dearly hope that Isseus has medicine for the hangover he is going to get tomorrow...'

I've stopped trying to remember who and what everyone is, so if they'd casually mention both their name and their race in their post, it would be most appreciated. Example: "Now now, we're late aren't we?" The elf grimaced. "Sorry sir." Lord Snigglefritz apologized. Oh yes: please use grammar: I not i, The dog jumped. not the dog jumped. Please? It would look nicer if you wrote at least a paragraph as well, but you don't have to. I promise I won't be OOC this long anymore.
"This is a most excellent drink!" said Anatea. "What happened here that made the poor girl leave? Anyway, since I am quite chatty, tell me how things work around here... I'm from far away... hehe" She took her golden bow off her back and let it rest beside the bar table. She turned to the newcomer. "Hello sir, what's your story?"
Freyr finished cleaning his wound and walked out into the main room. It was full of activity. Freyr went up too the bar tender. "So what do you have that is strong? I want to have something that would ease the pain and take my mind off the pain." Freyr finished and waited for the bartenders answer.
Curucam had since calmed down and was having a very strong beer when he noticed a beautiful hobbit sleepong in the far corner while a man was tending to her. He had never seen a hobbit before and was amazed by how lovely she was. He was determined to pull her when she woke up.
"Uhhhhhh I just hi ohh bye uhhhh.",Iesseus could only mumble so he went to his room to lie down and he had very pleasant dreams.He was having a dream of him fighting orcs when someone burst in and woke him up."Wh-what is it?"said Iess."someones just come in lookin for you."said the young man."What are you talkin about..."
Bogeffor watched Lily go down the hall to the stairs and smiled, happy that she was okay. He then went over to the keg of fine ale and filled a pint for Etharion. He set it on the bar in front of the newcomer. "This here is the finest ale in all the land. This one's on me," said the now pretty sober Hobbit. "So, what brings you here?" he yelled over top of the loud music and laughing in the background...
"What brings me here? Nothing. What brings you to me?" he smiled. "I just happened to wander over to this lovely inn. Thanks for the ale!"
Rue glanced around for an empty booth and quickly snagged one in the corner. She pulled out one of her botas' and a book, drinking and reading as she listened to the celebration.
Curucam slowly paced up to the beautiful hobbit. She was having a conversation with another hobbit. He strolled up. "Hey, is this guy bothering you hunny?"
As the celebrations were starting to die out Iesseus woke up with a massive hangover."Anybody a healer in this place?"he yelled to get peoples attention."Well anybody??"
"Go back to bed, Iess", Rue called from across the room. She unclipped a second bota from her belt and continued her reading and sipping motions.
"Well I can heal, if there is a problem" Anatea drank the rest of her drink . "Who is serving around here? If i can please ask for another of whatever this was." Then she shouted across the room. "And hey, how bout a round for all of you? on me?" She smiled and took off her cloak, making herself comfortable. She was in quite the better of her moods.
"Can ya make me not have this pounding hangover headache Anatea.Its killin me."said Iesseus still sounding drunk and in pain.
Lily woke up suddenly at Isseus' roar. The hobbit felt much more rested, and nimble. 'Oh good, they're still celebrating.' She thought to herself. A dark haired Elf approached. Lily arched an eyebrow and replied sweetly, "No, I'm fine thanks."

She stuck her tongue out at Rue's order, and replied, "There'll be plenty of time for resting later, I feel better already." She looked back up at the Elf. "I'm Lily, Lily Brushes." She smiled at the tall Elf. "What's your name?"
Curucam knelt at the the hobbit (he came face-to-face with her). My name is Curucam but you can call me whatever you want. He took her hand and kissed it.
Quotes (" ") around speaking please. (Sorry, I'm one fo the people who has to have something resembling sentences and such). And sorry for the messed up timeline of what Lily's doing.

Lily's cheeks flushed slightly as Curucam's lips brushed her hand. 'He's smoothe.' The easy-to-blush hobbit thought. 'Oh good now I don't have to crane my neck.' "Well Curucam, fancy an ale?" Lily didn't want to miss out on the celebrations, not for Elves at least.

Anticipating a yes, she walked over to the bar and ordered another pint of ale. After all, no one could have just one on a fine night like this. Lily normally didn't drink as much, but she normally didn't flirt either. Whether it was something in the air, or something in the ale, though more likely the latter, she was very happy and adventrurous tonight.

Does anyone know where Virumor is, or what happened to him? I miss him.
Now Iesseus had gotten some painkillers and was feeling a lot better.He had a little thing for Rue and he was gonna sweet talk her into his arms.He walked over to her and said,"Hey rue wanna dance?Ill have the boys play a special song for me and you."said Iess sweetly.
Rue glanced up slowly and set her drink down a confused look on her face, "Uh, sure, this'll be interesting". She watched him a moment before speaking again, "Are you still drunk?"
The strong drink Freyr had helped numb the pain on his shoulder and he began to feel better. He looked at all the people around and watched as Iess walked over to rue. By the way Iess walked Freyr could tell that he was still pretty drunk.
"If you want me to be drunk hunny ill be drunk for you."said Iesseus.He was still pretty intoxicated but he was showing his true feelings.
Rue stood and moved away from the booth, pulling her bag with her, "Do you really think you're any more appealing like this?" She shook her head and made her way to the bar.
Doesn't anyone know what happened to Virumor?

Lily almost laughed at loud at Isseus's comment about being drunk for Rue, but knew if she so much as giggled, Rue would be on her like ugly on an orc. She returned to her ale, hoping against hope that no matter how unlikely it was, Isseus wouldn't do anything drastic. Or stupid, but I won't count on it...
He, he, good one.
Thanks, Rue Wiggle Smilie
Can I join? This looks like a great RP

Name: Rumi
Age: 630

\the door openned an elf in typical elvish armour walked in. "Best ale for me bartender," Rumil said grinning, "Give me the best while life's still good."
"Good day friend!, please have a seat and a drink on me! My name is Anatea." The elf said to the newcomer.
"Good day to you Anatea! Thank you." It hit him then, being in such a jovial mode he didn't notice until then, 'Dead orcs, what happenned here?' Rumil thought to himself, then shook his head, 'I start celebrating because of peace and then I see this.' He then looked around as he watched peopel celebrating. He realised the fight had been recent. "Had a bit of trouble round here lately?" Rumil asked with a hint of concern in his voice.
Curucam noticed the new elf. He suddenly jumped up. Not a good thing to do when you've had so much ale. He fell straight back down again. "W..W. Where r u frum elf. I fink i nos u"
"Hey Rue come on lets dance itll be fun he he!"Iesseus was obviously still drunk and he didnt realize what he was saying
Rue pulled up a seat to the bar and grabbed her unfinished bota from her bag, "You're drunk, you're not thinking strait, so why don't you ask someone else who's intoxicated?"
Lily giggled at Curucam, and stopped suddenly. 'I sound a bit tipsy myself...' At Rue's last comment, she had a funny thought. 'Curucam and Isseus dancing! Oh that would be so funny.' She drank the last dregs from her mug, before clearing her throat and asking, "Bogeffor would you care for a dance?"

After his answer, she suggested to Curucam, "Why don't you go dance with Isseus?" The hobbit giggled once more. 'Yeah, I shouldn't drink as much.' Lily's cut was acting up a little bit, but she just waved it off.
"Ahhh come on Rue stop layin hard to get.You know you want to..."said Iess sounding very idiotic.What Rue didnt know was that this was how Iesseus actually felt btu she thought he was just drunk.
Rue eyed him a moment, but agreed, "Fine, one dance, then I'm going to bed, deal?" She waited for his agreement before stepping off her stool.
Freyr looked around the room and observed all the people. Most of them seemed to be at least a bit intoxicated. Freyr thought. 'God is there anyone sober in this room besides me'.
Looking around thte room full of drunk and intoxicated people, he felt a kind of disgust, being an elf, but he remindeded himself of these people having fought orcs. A drunk elf had just come up to him and asked for his name. Ignoring him, he got and up sat down at the tables nearby. Then he spotted a human who didn't look drunk. "I've got to talk to someone before I get the urge to start drinkiing." Walking over to the human, he sat down grinning, "Hope you don't mind, not many sober people left are there?"
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