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I missed you guys too Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Rue dove in and soon came up beside him, trying not to laugh in between strokes. "The last time I swam this fast, was when the boat I was on got run down by pirates, good memories". She took a deep breathe and dove under, finding it easier to swim and only a few yards from the shore did she pop back up for air.
Iess dove under too and he came up holding a golden necklace."I found this in the bottem of the pond and I want you to have it."
Rue made it to the shore and sat down, shaking her head, "That's really sweet Iess, but no. You found it, so you deserve to keep it". She smiled and closed her eyes, "We should probably head back now, make sure your inn is still standing".
"No Rue you keep it and youre right we should head back before people get worried."said Iess putting his shirt back on.
Rue walked over to him and closed his hand around the necklace, ’Like I said before, you found it, so you keep it’. She smiled, stepped away, and began walking back to the inn. ’Come on!’, she called, ’I beat you to shore, lets see if you can beat me this time’.
Iess took the necklace.'Maybe I could use this to propose to her.'He thought.He dashed after her and they ran through the dark forest.
They raced all they way up to the inn’s porch and stood just in front of the door. Rue laughed tiredly and turned to Iess, ’Go on in, I call forfeit on my part, it’s nicer out here’. She took a few steps forward and slumped into a vacant chair where she soon fell asleep.
When I , Pancakebeast came busting through the entrance of the inn roaring drunk and bust a wine flask off the wall and yell " have a cold one ye bastards "
Iess burst through the door of the inn dripping wet and said,"I'm back after my long absence and to all you hooligans in my inn....FREE BEER!!"Everyone cheered and shouted as Iess threw out bottles of his fameous Drunken Hobbit Ale.It would be a fun night..
Iess got up on the bar and yelled,"Next Person to walk through the door gets a free keg of my Pass-You-Out Fire Whiskey!"After saying this he fell off the bar and landed with a painful thud.
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