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We have missed you Bain_Diamondhands (good excuse, though). Glad to have you around again.
I, too, am looking forward to doing the quiz. I have more time on my hands at the moment so maybe, just maybe, I will get this one finished. Wink Smilie
Juggling Smilie

Yay! A new quiz! Thanks Val! Printing it now. I only have my copy of the Sil here now, and I won't get my other copies back until 6th of January, so I'll have to be a bit more patient with this one.
Val, question here, is it possible that you made a mistake in #27? Question Smilie
Val did not make a mistake on # 27. Check your private postBodys. I told you where to find it.
You were right, Mellie, thanks for the tip! Sorry Val, got a bit confused, but Mellie sorted it out for me. Thumbs Up Smilie

Only have to find #7 now. Know where to find it, just need my copy and I don't have it here, so I'll have to wait another week to send my answers in. Big Smile Smilie
Well, I finally finished it, thanks to some people in chat telling me where to find 1 answer and Tommie telling me where to find the other one. Thanks for the help.

Now, I just need to send in my answers.
You were right, Mellie, thanks for the tip! Mellie sorted it out for me.
Well, I finally finished it, thanks to some people in chat telling me where to find 1 answer and Tommie telling me where to find the other one. Thanks for the help
Smile Smilie

What is this? Quizmaster Val vs Planet Tolkien. Wink Smilie

Now, I just need to send in my answers
Don't forget folks that my email address changed a short while ago and my old account is no longer active.

The new address is

I don't tell anyone the answers and no one has told me the answers. We just help each other find where the answers are.
Val, you do realize that you put one of the answers to your quiz in another thread, don't you? As matther of fact it was place 10 days after the quiz was put out. The funny thing is, I just saw it. lol

Thanks for confirmig my answer was correct.

Hey Mellie, don't let him know that, he might hold back some of his neatly researched knowledge, and then we'd never learn such things as the story about someone's family heirloom that was pieced together from snippetts found in the multiple volumes of Tolkien's work. Cool Elf Smilie
Grondy, you are the one that gave him the clue which question was answered. I was afraid that I we said that he might delete the tread or something. I mean it is going to be hard for people to go through over evevty eleven posts and find it. lol

I was aware of it actually Mellie. I wrote the question a good while before writing the actual thread, but the question reminded me that the subject was something I had wanted to bring up for a while.

Just shows what a wealth of information we are compiling here. I received your answers by the way, Mellie, but I haven't had time to go through them yet.
Val, I think you were just being nice and trying to make the quiz easier on us. Thanks

Now we shall see how many stupid mistakes I made this time.

[Edited on 1/11/2003 by MelliotSandybanks]
And me... Big Smile Smilie Though this time I think I should have done ok. Did more research now.

Val, I pmed you my answers (email's still off Mad Smilie silly computer), is that ok? Otherwise I have a problem. Disturbed Smilie

Anyway, I had lots of fun in solving it again, and I had some troubles over a question or two, which Mellie kindly sorted out for me. Thanks! Thumbs Up Smilie
Mellie/Tommie...Received and marked them both Smile Smilie My lips are sealed for another week though Smoke Smilie
Yee-hah!!! A new Quiz! I just saw this Val. I've been away for a while 'cause i've been reallly busy. My band is coming together and I'm working on a script to a film short that I'll be the lead actor in. And with the holidays things have been just crazy.

I'll hop in this and get you my answers pronto.

Yee-hah!!! ... Hmmm... Perhaps it would be more apropriate to say "By Durin's beard!" Big Laugh Smilie
Well, I am not giving my quiz until Val gives us the answers to this one.
Just two more days to get your answers to me folks. Closing date is Midnight GMT on Sunday.
Okay folks, here are the answers to Quiz 3.

Who was the Steward of King Minardil?
1) Hurin of Emyn Arnen
Which Dwarven companion of Thror's witnessed his mutilation and was sent back as a messenger to the other Dwarves?
2) Nar
Which king of Numenor defied the Ban of the Valar and set foot upon Aman?
3) Ar-Pharazon the Golden
Which king of Gondor accepted the challenge from the Witch-King for a contest of single combat?
4) Earnur
What was the name of the great mountain in the center of Numenor?
5) The Meneltarma
What was the Orcish name for the Druedain?
6) Oghor-hai
Which Druedain healer left a watch-stone to guard over the dwelling of the forester Barach and his family?
7) Aghan
What was the name of the knife with which Beren cut a Silmaril from Morgoth’s iron crown and from whom had he taken it?
8) Angrist
9) Curufin
Which captured elf was mutilated before the elven lines prior to the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, thus prompting a mad charge by his brother?
10) Gelmir
Who sang a song of staying, Resisting, battling against power, Of secrets kept, strength like a tower?
11) Finrod Felagund
Which six feet diameter, black stone was brought to Middle-Earth from Numenor by Isildur?
12) The Stone of Erech
Who was the first of the exiles to enter Doriath?
13) Angrod
What was the name of the lower Withywindle between Grindwall and the Withy-weir?
14) Windle-Reach
Which document, begun in TA 2000, was the most ancient document in the Shire by the end of the Third Age?
15) The Year-book of Tookborough (Yellowskin)
What was the name of a Quenya year, which equated to approximately 144 solar years?
16) Yen
What was the name of Feanor’s father-in-law?
17) Mahtan
What was the name of Tuor’s axe?
18) Dramborleg (Thudder-Sharp)
What were the names of Elros Tar-Minyatur’s four children?
19)Vardamir Nolimon
20) Tindomiel
21) Manwendil
22) Atanalcar
What was the name of King Thingol’s Sword that later became an heirloom of the Numenorian kings?
23) Aranruth
What was the name of Orome’s horn?
24) Valaroma
What was Gabilgathol better known as?
25) Belegost
Where was Rath Celerdain?
26) The First level of Minas Tirith (aka The Lampwrights Street)
Who was Sauron’s messenger in Tol-in Gaurhoth who took the form of a vampire bat?
27) Thuringwethil
Which city was known as the Citadel of the Stars?
28) Osgiliath
From which elf did Imrahil get his elven blood?
29) Mithrellas
Who was the father of Grima Wormtongue?
30) Galmod
What was the name given to the nectar of the Valar, gathered from the gardens of Yavanna and served at the festivals of the Valar?
31) Miruvore
Who brought the postBody of the defeat of the Fords of Isen to Gandalf and Theoden as they rode to reinforce the forces there?
32) Ceorl
Aragorn wears an ancient ring fashioned in the design of two serpents with emerald eyes, one devouring and the other supporting a crown of golden flowers. What is the name of this ring and who was its original owner?
33) Ring of Barahir (ring of Felagund)
34) Finrod Felagund
What was the name of the door on the sixth level of Minas Tirith which led to the Hallows?
35) Fen Hollen
Which king of Rohan vowed to hunt no wild beasts while there was an Orc left in Rohan?
36) King Folca
What eventually killed (36)?
37) The Great Boar of Everholt
Who was Gil-galad’s herald during the War of the Last Alliance?
38) Elrond
What was the birth name of Gil-galad?
39) Ereinion
What were the names of Numenore’s five peninsular promontories?
40) Forostar (Northlands)
41) Andustar (Westlands)
42) Hyarnustar (Southwestlands)
43) Hyarrostar (Southeastlands)
44) Orrostar (Eastlands)
Who built the West-gate of Moria and who placed the opening spell upon it?
45) Narvi the Dwarf
46) Celebrimbor
Which elf was brother of Thingol and grandfather to Celeborn?
47) Elmo
Which young Hobbit did Frodo have to evict from Bag End after he was discovered excavating the pantry?
48) Sancho Proudfoot
Which Hobbit did Bilbo give a waste paper basket to at his birthday party?
49) Dora Baggins
Which red-flowered plant grew on the rocky summit of Amon Rudh?
50) Seregon

Read Smilie The Hall of Fame for Quiz 3 Read Smilie

MelliotSandybanks (again Smile Smilie ) 50
Samwise Gamgee 48
Grondmaster 48
Tom Bombadill 47
Rednell 45
Remi 40

Well done to all of you, and another holiday to Texas for Mellie (you'll be living there at this rate)

Well done to Mellie, Remi and Rednell for answering 47 correctly. I'd have wagered most people would have answered Olwe.

I believe Mellie has completed a quiz for the rest of us to attempt next. Over to you, Mellie.
Ok, I will get it typed in today, and you will have your next quiz tomorrow. I just hope mine is as good as all three of your quizzes have been Val.

Well done everybody. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Mellie: Since you have made the next quiz, I don't think it will be fair to provide any hints. If you do, you should make them here and not in chat. Happy Elf Smilie
Congratulations Mellie, Grondy, Remi, Tommy, and Nell! It was a great quiz, thanks a lot Val! Big Smile Smilie
Grondy, this time I am keeping my big mouth shut. lol I am still typing since I can't sit at the computer for very long still. I hope the delay is not too long. There also may be 2 questions that are duplicated from one of Val's quizzes, but I am not sure. If there are, please let me know and I will change them, or add extra bonus questions. lol
Mellie’s First Quiz

Ok, Planet-Tolkien, here is my quiz. It is 75 questions and has the same rules that Val’s quizzes did. Do NOT put your answers here in the forums, but email me at either or or private postBody me here at PT under My Account.

What do the Wild Men call orcs?
Who were 2 sons of Bregor of the first House of Edain?
What name did the orcs give Rohirrim?
Who was White Socks?
Name one of Farmer Maggot’s dogs.
After attacking Helm’s Deep in the Hornburg who surprised Wulf and killed him?
What did Gollum call the sun?
Who or what were the Ulairi?
Who got on a table with belles in their hands and began to dance The Springle-Ring?
Name the chief lore master and minstrel of King Thingol.
What does Engwar mean?
Who was Mim’s son?
What is Coimas, in Quenya?
What did the Dwarves call Aul’?
Where is the Valley of Dreadful Death located?
Which daughter of a Mahtan Smith was called the wise?
What is a region of mists near Helcaraxe called?

What is another name of the High Faroth?
Who or what is V’sa?
What was Snowthorn?
What was the name of the river flowing down from the Iron Hills to join the River Running?
What was Farmer Cotton’s first name?
Who was the first to find the One Ring after it betrayed Isildur?
What is an eket?
Name the Jewel smith of Gondolin
What was the word for an ’after-name’ received by one of the Eldar in addition to the given names?
What was the Land of Holly founded by Galadriel and Celeborn and destroyed by Sauron?
What is the name of the cleft in which the Mering Stream rose?
What was the name of Galador’s sister?
What is another name for the ’Caves of Radiance’ with the same name of Aglarond?
Who was Hildifons Took?
Where was Luthien imprisoned?
Who was ’bel?
What were the Ithryn Luin?
What was Turin’s name in childhood for Sador that was translated Hopafoot?
What were Kirinki?
Who was called the Accursed and was a leader of the Easterlings?
’rim’ is/are what?
What is the first day of the elven solar year?
Who was the slayer of Feanor, Fingon and Ecthelion?

Who was Galadriel father?
Gandalf was speaking to whom when he said, ’the rule of no realm is mine, neither of Gondor or any other, great or small?’ And what things did he say were in his care?
What was the name of Shelob’s lair?
Which river was damned by the watcher in the water?
What was the capitol of Angmar?
Who dwelt at the feet of Manw’ and became the high king of the elves?
What name did Eomer give to Merry?
Name the inland sea in Southern Mordor.
Who was the father of Gelmir and Gwindor?
Name the Nightingales that always accompanied Melian.
Name the Uncle of Samwise that taught him about making rope?
What kind of wood were the staffs made of that Faramir gave to Frodo and Sam?
What was the original Noldorin (Quenya) name of Gondolin?
What was the name of Farmer Maggot’s Farm?
Who was the orc of Cirith Ungol who’s eyes were squeezed out by Shagrat?
Which Dwarf helped Bilbo into the tree to escape the wargs?
By what other name was Laurelin the Golden known?
What year did Balin, Lord of Moria meet his end?
Who of the Eldar first appeared to the Edain?
Who was the Gaffer’s eldest son?
The horn of Boromir was made of what type of horn?
Where was the birthplace of Durin?
What was Radagast’s name in Aman?
What was Saruman’s name in Aman?
What was Theoden’s sword called?
In the council at Imladris, who came from Mithlond?
What is Mithlond more commonly known as?
Who was the 31st Thain of the Shire?
Who was the youngest member of the fellowship?
What was Sting’s special feature?
What two eagles went with Gwaihir when he rescued the hobbits from Mount of Doom?
What was located at the mouth of the River Nenning and besieged by the armies of Morgoth in 474 of the First Age?

I wish everyone the best of luck. I would love to have any feedback that you could offer me, so that I can improve my quiz, if I decide to make another one.


[Edited on 1/24/2003 by MelliotSandybanks]
OMG! I just noticed I got all 50 correct. That is a first! On the first quiz I missed 4 and on the 2nd one I missed 2.

Congrats everyone on doing so well on the 3rd one.

Samwise Gamgee 48
Grondmaster 48
Tom Bombadill 47
Rednell 45
Remi 40


oh, btw I had to delete Question #2 because a duplicate of one of Val's. So, mine only has 74 instead of 75.

Can someone please tell me how this quizing thing works?
If you go back to the very first post in this Thread, Namo, it will give you instructions (but rather than sending your answers to me this time, send them to Mellie instead).

Basically don't answer the questions here, like in Grondy's general knowledge questions, but write them in a document and either email or private postBody them to Mellie. I usually give a month for a set of questions to be answered, but as Mellie has forgotten to tell us when she wants them in by, we'll have to wait to find out.
Nice quiz so far Mellie. I finished all but four of the questions last night, but will probably take a while locating the answers to those four as I'm away a bit in the coming week. Number 21's got me stumped, though. I cannot find a reference to it anywhere.
Number 21's got me stumped, though. I cannot find a reference to it anywhere.
Good, nice to know the shoe is on the other foot now. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I found that answer in thirty seconds and Rednell might even locate it in less. Happy Elf Smilie
Actually, thanks to that new book that I purchased yesterday, Grondmaster, I found the answer in less than 10 seconds. Wink Smilie
I wish I had this book when I attempted Val's quiz. Very Sad Smilie
OH!!!! Btw, I edited the quiz and it now has a questsion #2. So, there are 75 questions, after all!!!!

Sounds like my quiz is way tooooo easy. I will have to try harder next time.

ummm, lets give the quiz until Feb. 20. unless that is too long? When you finish, let me know, and either private postBody me here or email me at or

OH!!!! Btw, I edited the quiz and it now has a questsion #2. So, there are 75 questions, after all!!!!

remi, I am glad you are having fun. Some of the questions I made up, and some I have taken from other quizzes on other websites.

ehehehhe, I am glad I was able to stump Val on #21. YIPPPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!

Good luck everyone. Sorry it is so easy.

OH!!!! Btw, I edited the quiz and it now has a questsion #2. So, there are 75 questions, after all!!!!

[Edited on 1/25/2003 by MelliotSandybanks]
Actually, thanks to that new book that I purchased yesterday, Grondmaster, I found the answer in less than 10 seconds
All's I've got to do is find out what book Rednell bought yesterday and I'll be okay then. I can find a lot of references for Snowbourn but nothing for Snowthorn. I was hoping it was perhaps a typo but if Nell and Grondy have already found it, I'd better keep looking. Read Smilie
Well, my latest purchase is The Atlas of Middle Earth by Karen Wynn Fonstad. Ohhhhh, and I love it sooo. In Love Smilie
But I also found the same answer in UT, which I also love. Especially since it is a gift from a very special friend. Big Smile Smilie
Oops, I haven't done the quiz yet and have messed up royaly: When I went to see what question #21 was, my eyes glombed on to #22 instead, so at the present time I am also worried about Snowthorn being a typo.

Sorry Val, you don't have to look so hard now. :elfembar:

Mellie, we need a confirmation that #21 is spelled correctly. Please. Happy Elf Smilie
Nell, found it in the same book I did. Sorry, Val, Snowthorn is not a typo.
Well, my latest purchase is The Atlas of Middle Earth by Karen Wynn Fonstad.
I'll have to look harder. That's one of the books I looked in, but I didn't find it in there. Nor did I find it in UT, but there are a lot of hiding places in there.
Originally, I made the same mistake as Grondy in mistaking #22 for #21. Dunce Smilie
However, I did find snowthorn in UT.Big Smile Smilie
Super Wow Smilie So much that I missed!!! Yay! I actually outscored Nell on the last quiz! Juggling Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie
Congrats to everyone, and esp. to Remi! (hi there btw) Big Smile Smilie

Gonna try my hand at Mellie's now. I have some time on my hands, so... Cool Smilie
Wow another quiz! I am printing it right now... Big Smile Smilie
Ok, there is a typo in my Quiz. You need to thank remi for pointing it out to me. Thanks, remi I do appreciate it.

The typo is in #34 it is suppose to be ’bal not ’bel. Sorry folks. I wish I could say that I did not make mistakes, but I am not perfect. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Ok, I got your answers remi. I am checking them now. lol
Just got two to go. I've spent longer looking for Snowthorn than all the other questions put together, and cannot find the birthplace of Durin either (except that it's not where I always thought it was).

No doubt I've managed to make a few silly mistakes as well which I will really kick myself for later. Very Sad Smilie
Smile Smilie Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Found it at last (with just a slight pointer from Nell). Now I've just got to find where Durin was born. Serching Smilie
Remi, you did very well. Don't worry. But I am not telling how many you got right yet. hehehehehe. Val did this to me as well.

It is so nice to see Val struggling on 1 or 2. I remember having that problem on his quizzes, and he would not help me. HEHEHEHEHHE. Sorry, that I am picking on you Val. I just can't help myself.
Oh shucks. Didn't want to make it too easy. Sad Smilie Sorry uruk_slayer. But you found it now. Maybe you can send in your answers on time now. Big Smile Smilie Cool Smilie May I ask what the other 3 questions you're struggling on are? Just curious to know what kinds of questions are the hardest to find. Orc Grinning Smilie
Wicked, mean, Mellie.

Mind you, I'm quite enjoying having a taste of my own medicine. I'll let you have the answers once I've found Durin's birthplace.
So, who is making the next quiz? You or me Val? I can do another one, if you want to continue having a break, or we can arternate. which ever is fine by me. Just let me know.
I have one which I've started Mellie. By the middle of the month it will hopefully be ready, but if you want to start another one yourself, it can go either before or after mine.
I haven't even copied your quiz yet Mellie, but I intend on giving it a go. :elfembar: (Oops, and I wrote that after I chastised Tommie and Sheryl for making similar posts too. Oh well. Do what I say, don't do what I do. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well, Val, I have to admit that I like remi's suggeestion of alernating. I have not even started another quiz yet.

Well, Grondy, you only have 17 days left, if you are going to give it a go, you need to get started. Good luck.

Looking forward to getting everyone's answers.
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