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What's the limit date, Mellie, to send in your answertsq?

I still have one or two to go, which I really don't know, including Durin's bbirthdate. Cool Smilie
Feb 20th Tommie
And you were sure that 34) is IbEl, not IbAl, right?

I'm still at a loss on 52 and 64 though. :search:
Heh! Thanks a lot Perwing! I'm just too lazy to look for those kinds of things. Silly me, maybe I should be looking for those. Tongue Smilie

Ok, that leaves only one unanswered then I guess.
I can't believe that everyone is having such a hard time. I thought it was going to be too easy. Especially since Perwing sent in his answers so quickly.
BTW, I was expecting a perfect score from you Val...
I'm as fallible as the next person, I'm afraid. The awakening place of Durin had me stumped. I'm sure I'd read it somewhere, but when it came to answering the quiz, I just couldn't find it.

The honours for top spot should go to Sam though. Rednell had to point me in the right direction before I was able to find the answer to the Snowthorn question.

I've almost completed my next quiz. I'll try to have it posted by the weekend if possible.
I've just PM'd you my answers Mellie.... I'm not happy with my answer for 64, and know doubt I've made a few mistakes that I'll kick myself about later, but it's too late now.
Hey Everyone. Just wanted to send my greetings as the 2,145 member to grace this site. I anticipate Val,Mellie's next quiz installment. As i plan to shock the planet-tolkien world with my voluminious knowledge of Middle Earth. If i sound like im boasting then i probably am. Smoke Smilie

I anticipate Val,Mellie's next quiz installment. As i plan to shock the planet-tolkien world with my voluminious knowledge of Middle Earth. If i sound like im boasting then i probably am.
Hi Komosot. Welcome to Planet Tolkien. If you hurry, there is still time for you to complete this month's quiz. You have until the 20th of this month.
Hi there Komosot! Waving Hello Smilie

Yeah, 64 was a hard one wasn't it. Don't know for sure either. And the only other one that I really don't know is 52. Where the h did you find that Mellie?? I've looked all over the place but I couldn't find anything!

And this quiz was definitely the hardest one so far I think. As far as I can remember that is... But they're getting harder every time, so I think the next one will be impossible. Tongue Smilie
I haven't finished this quiz was fun though. I can't wait to see how everyone else did and look forward to participating in the next one. Big Smile Smilie
I found there were too many questions for which I had nary a mackrel of an idea where to look for their answers, so gave up on Mellie's Quiz. :elfembar: It was just too good for me as was she to me also. After all, she has also ranked at the top of the class on all of Val's quizes. Maybe when I finishmy first reading of The Unfinished Tales, which she kindly sent me for my birthday, I will have a better knowledge of Tolkien Trivia and be able to tackle her next quiz.

Anyway, well done Mellie. Happy Elf Smilie

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Hello PT, I have some good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I am out of town and not able to post the results of my quiz.

The good news is that you have till I get back in town to finish it.

So far I have answers from Remi, Tommie, Val and Namo. Are there any others????

I should either be back on Sunday or the following Friday.

Great Mellie! Now I will have another go at it! Can't wait to see you when you get back. Big Smile Smilie
Well, 1, im stumped and 2, im stupid, and 3, i am clueless and 4, i have a god-awful memory Smile Smilie!!!!!!
Have a go at our quizzes then, Delidia. I'm sure you'll do fine. Big Laugh Smilie I have all four as well, and I don't think I did all that bad. Big Smile Smilie

God Mellie you are really keeping the tension up! Can't wait... Juggling Smilie
thanx TomBombadillo. not very good at quizzes.
The Answers to Mellie’s First Quiz

What do the Wild Men call orcs?
1) Gorg’n

Who were two sons of Bregor of the first House of Edain?
2) Bregolas and Barahir

What name did the orcs give Rohirrim?
3) Whiteskins

Who was White Socks?
4) One of the ponies Merry got for the Hobbits.

Name one of Farmer Maggot’s dogs.
5) Grip, Fang or Wolf

After attacking Helm’s Deep in the Hornburg who surprised Wulf and killed him?
6) Fr’al’f

What did Gollum call the sun?
7) Yellowface

Who or what were the Ulairi?
8) Nazg’l or Ringwraiths

Who got on a table with belles in their hands and began to dance The Springle-Ring?
9) Miss Melliot Brandybuck
10) Master Everard Took

Name the chief lore master and minstrel of King Thingol.
11) Daeron

What does Engwar mean?
12) Man

Who was Mim’s son?
13) Kh’m or Ibun

What is Coimas, in Quenya?
14) Lembas

What did the Dwarves call Aul’?
15) Mahal

Where is the Valley of Dreadful Death located?
16) Nan Dungortheb is what I was looking for, however I accepted several answers. Only Tommie and Sam said Nan Dungortheb.

Which daughter of a Mahtan Smith was called the wise?
17) Nerdanel

What is a region of mists near Helcaraxe called?
18) Oiom’r’, I also accepted Araman.

What is another name of the High Faroth?
19) Taur-en-Faroth

Who or what is V’sa?
20) The sun

What was Snowthorn?
21) I accepted two answers here. 1) A white flowered gorse, which grew on the lower slopes of Amon Rudh. (I wanted this one.) 2) Gil-Galad’s spear (they both have the same name. I am sorry for the confusion.)

What was the name of the river flowing down from the Iron Hills to join the River Running?
22) River Carnen

What was Farmer Cotton’s first name?
23) Tolman

Who was the first to find the One Ring after it betrayed Isildur?
24) D’agol

What is an eket?
25) A short stabbing sword with a broad blade

Name the Jewel smith of Gondolin
26) Enerdhil

What was the word for an ’after-name’ received by one of the Eldar in addition to the given names?
27) Epess’

What was the Land of Holly founded by Galadriel and Celeborn and destroyed by Sauron?
28) Eregion

What is the name of the cleft in which the Mering Stream rose?
29) Firien-dale

What was the name of Galador’s sister?
30) Gilmith

What is another name for the ’Caves of Radiance’ with the same name of Aglarond?
31) Gl’mscrafu is what I was looking for, however not one person put that. Therefore, I accepted the answers as well.

Who was Hildifons Took?
32) He was the sixth son of Gerontius Took that went on a journey and never returned.

Where was Luthien imprisoned?
33) Hirilorn

Who was ’bal?
34) The son of the mariner, Ulbar (one of Tar Aldarion’s sailors)

What were the Ithryn Luin?
35) They were the two Blue Istari: Alatar and Pallando.

What was Turin’s name in childhood for Sador that was translated Hopafoot?
36) Labadal

What were Kirinki?
37) Small scarlet feathered birds from Numenor.

Who was called the Accursed and was a leader of the Easterlings?
38) Uldor

’rim’ is/are what?
39) The Eighth month of the year in the King’s Reckoning

What is the first day of the elven solar year?
40) Yestare

Who was the slayer of Feanor, Fingon and Ecthelion?
41) Gothmog

Who was Galadriel father?
42) Finarfin

Gandalf was speaking to whom when he said, ’The rule of no realm is mine, neither of Gondor or any other, great or small?’ And what things did he say were in his care?
43) Denethor
44) All worth things that are in peril

What was the name of Shelob’s lair?
45) Torech Ungol

Which river was dammed by the watcher in the water?
46) Sirannon

What was the capitol of Angmar?
47) Carn Dum

Who dwelt at the feet of Manw’ and became the high king of the elves?
48) Ingwe

What name did Eomer give to Merry?
49) Holdwine

Name the inland sea in Southern Mordor.
50) Sea of Nurnen

Who was the father of Gelmir and Gwindor?
51) Guilin

Name the Nightingales that always accompanied Melian.
52) Lomelindi

Name the Uncle of Samwise that taught him about making rope?
53) Andwise (Andy) Roper

What kind of wood were the staffs made of that Faramir gave to Frodo and Sam?
54) Lebethron

What was the original Noldorin (Quenya) name of Gondolin?
55) Ondolinde

What was the name of Farmer Maggot’s Farm?
56) Bamfurlong

Who was the orc of Cirith Ungol who’s eyes were squeezed out by Shagrat?
57) Radbug

Which Dwarf helped Bilbo into the tree to escape the wargs?
58) Dori

By what other name was Laurelin the Golden known?
59) Calurien, Malinalda

What year did Balin, Lord of Moria meet his end?
60) TA 2994

Who of the Eldar first appeared to the Edain?
61) Finrod Felagund

Who was the Gaffer’s eldest son?
62) Hamson Gamgee

The horn of Boromir was made of what type of horn?
63) The horn of Boromir was made of a large white ox called a Kine of Araw.

Where was the birthplace of Durin?
64) Mt. Gundabad

What was Radagast’s name in Aman?
65) Aiwendil

What was Saruman’s name in Aman?
66) Curumo or Curunir Lan

What was Theoden’s sword called?
67) Herugrim

In the council at Imladris, who came from Mithlond?
68) Galdor

What is Mithlond more commonly known as?
69) The Grey Havens

Who was the 31st Thain of the Shire?
70) Paladin II

Who was the youngest member of the fellowship?
71) Peregrin Took

What was Sting’s special feature?
72) Sting would shine with a blue light, when orc were near

What two eagles went with Gwaihir when he rescued the hobbits from Mount of Doom?
73) Landroval
74) Meneldor the Swift

What was located at the mouth of the River Nenning and besieged by the armies of Morgoth in 474 of the First Age?
75) Eglarest

Ok here are the answers and the results
Val - 74
Sam - 74
Remi - 72
Tommie - 72

Namo gets an honorable mention because he attempted the quiz. Namo was not able to finish and only answered 60 questions, however he got 55 correct.

Congratulations to everyone that tried the quiz.
Well, 1, im stumped and 2, im stupid, and 3, i am clueless and 4, i have a god-awful memory Smile Smilie!!!!!!

Well, 1. If you are stumped try looking up some of the things in the index of the books or go to the Enclopedia of Arda on line. That can really help.

2. You can change that. I don't believe that anyone is stupid unless they have true medical problem. I was told all my life that i was stupid and I proved everyone wrong. There is no reason to be stupid

3. See the answer to #2

4. I have an awful memory too, that is why I look everything up.

Quote: not very good at quizzes.

This is not like the quizzes in school you can look up the answers. I do. even when I was making the quz.
The honours for top spot should go to Sam though. Rednell had to point me in the right direction before I was able to find the answer to the Snowthorn question.

Thanks a lot Val! Big Smile Smilie This is a first for me, getting this many right, it was a fun quiz Mellie, thanks a lot! Congratulations to everyone: Val with 74 (the Durin one stumped me also), Remi with 72 and Tommie with 72 as well! And congratulations to Namo for getting the 55 he did correct, I'm sure you'll do just as great on the next quiz! Thumbs Up Smilie Happy Elf Smilie
End of March? 1 month!?!

Does anyone really need that long to complete 50 questions? I can't wait that long to get my results. You ask too much of me. Bad! Smilie
But Komosot that will give me time to take this quiz and come up with another one.
You need a month for that Mellie? Well, i suppose you must have a life then. But what about the ones of us that don't have a life?
Komosot, I guess I do have a life, and I do enjoy it. I have a husband, an 8 1/2 year old son, 10 cats, 3 dogs, 2 hamsters, 3 frogs, and a snake to take care of. That is not counting talking to you and Perwing and Nell in chat till the weeee hours of the morning, and trying to read all the posts in this forum, even if I don't respond to all of them, I do read about 90% of them.

You seem to have a life to me. You are a living, breathing being, and you seem to be quite intelligent. I have really enjoyed talking to you. Perhaps you don't consider yourself as having a life because you spend so much time here. To me that would be the best kind of life to have. hehehehehheheheehe
Love your avatar, by the way, Namo! Where is it, if I may ask?

It is from a casttle located in Spain, in front of the coast.
Big Smile Smilie
I take it back Mel, you don't have a life. Smoke Smilie
lol thanks a lot Komosot. I have a very enjoyable life living in my little zoo.
Great zoo you have Mellie, myselves I always wanted to have a lot of pets, but I guess it takes a lot of time to teke care of all, and a lot of money to feed them, but anyway, Komost I belive a lot of people in here need that much of time to finish the quiz, for me one month is okay, I guess you'll just have to wait. Big Laugh Smilie
Thanks for the new quiz Val, I am printing it out right now! Big Smile Smilie
Just did that myself too. Congrats to everyone who completed Mellie's quiz, and to Namo as well! Pity you weren't able to finish it though.

Love your avatar, by the way, Namo! Big Smile Smilie Where is it, if I may ask?
Does anyone really need that long to complete 50 questions?
You obviously didn't Komosot, I've received your answers already Big Smile Smilie .

I'm afraid you'll have to wait a month now to find out how well you've done Sad Smilie
Well, it really is beautiful Namo
It is from a castle located in Spain, in front of the coast.
Looks sort of like area of Cadiz, of course I haven't been there since 1972, but that is the flavor of the sunsets I remember as seen from across the bay looking toward the city. Cool Elf Smilie

I got through half of Val's quiz in one sitting last night.

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Castle in Spain? Makes me wanna be there right now. Big Laugh Smilie

Val's is a tough one, I can't believe Komosot already send in his answers! Super Wow Smilie (or is it her? Here we go again! Disturbed Smilie )

I haven't tried really hard yet, but I found only 6 or 7 in Robert Fosters. *sigh* Smoke Smilie
Im a HE Smile Smilie

Forgive me, but who is Robert Foster? i don't recognize the name.
Robert Foster is the postAuthorID of a book entitled The Complete Guide to Middle Earth. It's an A to Z of the places and names in LotR, the Hobbit and the Silmarillion. A really useful reference book.
Sorry Komosot! My humblest apologies. I'll try to remember! Big Smile Smilie

Robert Foster's the Complete Guide to Middle-Earth is indeed a great reference book, but for questions like: "Who said this to whom and why?" it's no good at all of course. Big Smile Smilie It has an index with gynealogical tables though, which is very very useful. And it's quite complete I must say. Tongue Smilie

Right got about 10 questions left unsolved, I hope to find them in UT or LOTR so I'll be able to send in my answers. Soon. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Val, I am pulling my hair out looking for one answer. What really stinks is while doing something the night before you placed your quiz, I came across it. But I just noticed it because I thought it was interesting, unfortunately I did not write it down. Now, I can't remember where or anything. That makes it soooo frustrating. That is the only one I don't have.
Val, I am pulling my hair out looking for one answer.
They are the ones that give you the most satisfaction when you finally discover the answer though, Mellie.
Keep on looking Mellie, I'm sure you'll find it. Thumbs Up Smilie

This quiz really was a hard one. But I did my best. I'll PM you my answers today, Val.

And I've made a quiz of my own as well! Orc Grinning Smilie Can I post it sometime? Sometime after this one's over, of course. But Mellie's just said she's making one as well, so... I don't know. Let me know. Big Smile Smilie
I got your answers Tommie. I'm really struggling for time at the moment so feel free to add a quiz of your own. Probably be best to work it out with Mellie when you each post them.
Numenorians were Men, and as Elros chose the Gift of Man, I view him as being one too, even though he was peredhil.
Tommie, with everything that has been going on at my house, I have not had time to even think of my quiz. So, go ahead and post yours. I will post mine afterwards.
Ok I'll do mine after Val's then. Be prepared folks! Cool Smilie

I hope the goings-on at your house are not too seriously problematic, Mellie, and I hope everything turns out ok.

Yeah, Val, in #27, I wondered if you meant "riders" literally. I have submitted my answers already so it's too late, but maybe others are confused as well. You never know...
Heck of a quiz here Val. I took that first one (although i didn't send it to you) and did pretty darn well on my own without looking anything up. This one is going to pick at my brain just a bit more though...
Yeah, Val, in #27, I wondered if you meant "riders" literally. I have submitted my answers already so it's too late, but maybe others are confused as well. You never know...
With hindsight you learn that almost any question can be interpreted differently by different people. What I meant by The Grey Riders was actually the number who came from the North and met up with Aragorn and co. prior to going through the Paths of the Dead. Most people have sent explainations of their answers with this one, so anyone who has done so will not be marked wrong if they have included other people in with this group, provided they have got the right answer for those who came from the North.
Hey Val, do these questions encompass anything beyond Hobbitt, LOTR, Silmarillion, and Unfinished Tales? I've never even heard of Bill the Butcher, let alone his dog or of anyone/thing called a Tark. Are we in the realm of Roverrandom or Adventures of Tom Bombadil? Don't let on anything, I just want to make sure I'm not stupid.
You're not stupid uruk_slayer. Bill the Butcher is not from the first four books that you mentioned.
But what about Tark? Not there either?
But what about Tark? Not there either?
It is mentioned in one of the first four.
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