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At least you don't have as many as Tommy.
And I've you biting at my heels too. At the beginning of this month I estimated you would overtake me by the end of the month at around the 700 post mark. I've had a few breakdowns with the boats at work, however, so I've been here a bit more than normal this month.

I just suggested you cross referencing my past posts to slow you down a little Smile Smilie
Hellooooo? Orc Going Huh Smilie Orc Going Huh Smilie Orc Going Huh Smilie

Are you guys so busy working on my quiz you forgot to tell me? Limit's tomorrow, and I've only had one answer in so far?? Tell me what's going on please?

Should I give you some more time (again)? Tongue Smilie
What! Grondy doesn't make up those questions on his own? Shocked Elf Smilie Nope, oh maybe just once in a while when skiming through the text looking for something else, I will find something obscure and use it for a the daily quiz. Cool Elf Smilie

Our almost daily quiz (sometimes it takes longer to find the answer) can be found as Trivia: Barad-dur under General Discussion under J.R.R. Tolkien.
Mellie: I stopped looking when I didn't find the answer to 26 in any of my books. Guess I'm not *that* enthousiastic. Big Smile Smilie

Errm. Question: why does Mramm's avatar keeps changing. Once it's Plastic's, then it's mine. It says: unregistered. Could this have sth to do with the fact that Taz changed his username? So all his old posts are now unregistered ones? Question Smilie
That is very weird. I had not noticed it until you said it Tom.

There were some peculiarity when Taz changed my username. I thought the change would go back and change my mramm's to Bain_Diamondhead, but I guess that they will not.

The last time I talked to Taz, he said that he deleted on of my username's and replaced the mramm with Bain. That could be part of the problem.

Val, I actually emailed you my answers. did you get it? If not, I will PM them to you.

Nope, it will be a while before I can get to over 700 posts Val. Matthew has been on vacation, and I have not been in as much as usuall. I am only here when he is asleep. But he goes back to work tomorrow. Mellie pouts. T

Your quiz was great. Do you have another one in mind after this one is over?
Pm them Mellie, I haven't had an e-mail from you.
Just a few more days to get your answers to me. The deadline is midnight on 31/10/02.
Ahhh! Oh the humanity!! It's 2:36 am and I'm banging my head against the wall over two freakin' questions on this freakin' quiz!! Woe is me!!! Very Sad Smilie

You are one cruel elf Valedhelgwath!

Very Big Grin Smilie
I'v still got five to do, of which two I havent tried to find yet. It is as hard as last time, but at least it is shorter. Good quiz Val. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Ok Val, I PMed you with my answers.
I just emailed mine. Couldn't find the answers to three of them, but took wild guesses, and probably was wrong on some of the others because I read their questions wrong. You darn near waylaid me on 27, but I found it. I know I have read 14 and 15 but couldn't find where. 26 was a lost cause from the get-go.
But did you find #34, Grondy?
But did you find #34, Grondy?
Yes, in The Silmarillion. Look Around Smilie
Okay Val, I PM'd you my answers tonight, Hallloween, and I hope they're not to late. I couldn't find the answers to two, but think I did okay on some of them. Thanks for the quiz, it was a lot of fun. Big Smile Smilie
Well the hall of fame will be more extensive than last time! Big Smile Smilie

Super Wow Smilie Even Grondy had to struggle through some questions! You really did a hard one this time, Val! Big Smile Smilie Still I'm curious to know how we all did... Cool Smilie
Well, here we are folks. Time for the answers, where you can all go, "aw yer, I knew that one," or words to that effect. We had double the turn out for this one, and considering the questions, you all did really well.
Read Smilie Well done to all of you who participated. Read Smilie

How many men did Eomer command in his Eored?
1) 120 was normal (but I will accept 120... 120 men plus Eomer, or 104 or 105 - the number he had when he met Aragorn)
Which dragon, slain by Earendil, was said to be the greatest of the winged dragons?
2) Ancalagon the Black
What was a Mumakil?
3) Oliphaunt
Which river flowed from the Barrowdowns, through the Old Forest and into the Brandywine?
4) The Withywindle
Who commanded Sauron's army at the Battle of Pelennor Fields after the fall of the Witch-king?
5) Gothmog
Who was King Theoden's son?
6) Prince Theodred
Which three Kingdoms arose in TA 861 after the sundering of Arnor between the three sons of King Earendur?
7) Arthedain
8) Cardolan
9) Rhudaur
Who was the mother of the Dwarven brothers, Fili and Kili?
10) Dis
Who slew the Petty-Dwarf, Khim?
11) Androg
Which of the Entwives was the beloved of Fangorn?
12) Fimbrethil (Wandlimb)
Who prophesied that the Witch-king would not fall by the hand of a man?
13) Glorfindel
Which Rohirrim Marshal arrived with four companies towards the end of the First Battle of the Fords of Isen and thus prevented the Isengarders from crossing the river?
14) Elfhelm
At the above battle, which Marshal defended the body of the fallen Prince until (14) arrived?
15) Grimbold
Which esquire of Isildur survived the Battle of Gladden Fields and brought the shards of Narsil back to Arnor?
16) Ohtar
Which three sons did Isildur lose at the battle of Gladden Fields?
17) Aratan
18) Ciryon
19) Elendur
Who was the spouse of Osse, revered by the Numenorians?
20) Uinen
What was the name King Elessar took for his house, and that of his successors?
21) Telcontar
Who forged the sword, Narsil, and the knife, Angrist?
22) Telchar of Nogrod
Where did the King of the Mountains swear his allegiance to Isildur and during the War of the Ring was summoned by Aragorn to fulfil his oath?
23) The Stone of Erech
What village did Gildor Inglorion's camp overlook the night he met Frodo?
24) Woodhall
What was Galadriel's gift to Legolas when the Fellowship left Lorien?
25) A longbow and a quiver of arrows
Which great jewel was found hidden in a secret cupboard in Isengard after Saruman had been defeated?
26) The original Elendilmir (Star of Elendil, Star of the Dunedain, Star of the North). This is the same jewel Aldarion gave to Erendis and was eventually lost by Isildur.
What was the name given to the burial mound of Finduilas?
27) Haudh-en-Elleth (mound of the elf-maid)
What was the name of the horse that Aragorn borrowed from Eomer?
28) Hasufel
What is the name of the Shire inn located at the west end of the Brandywine Bridge that later became a guardhouse?
29) Bridge Inn
What was the highest tower of Tirion in which a great silver lamp was set?
30) Mindon Eldalieva (Tower of Ingwe)
What was the last battle of the War of the Ring?
31) Battle of Bywater
What was traditionally sent to Rohan to indicate that Gondor needed its aid?
32) The Red Arrow
When was the only time that the secret door to Erebor could be opened?
33) When the setting sun of Durin's Day shone upon it
What is the name of Manwe and Varda's mansion and upon which mountain is it built?
34) Ilmarin
35) Taniquetil (Oiolosse, Amon Uilos, Mount Everwhite, the Holy Mountain, Elerrina)
Who was banished from Minas Tirith for leaving his post during the Siege of Gondor but was then made the first Captain of the Guard of Faramir?
36) Beregrond
Who led the scouts of the Army of the West?
37) Mablung
Who was the old wise woman who treated Faramir and the other wounded in the House of Healing during the War of the Ring?
38) Ioreth
In what year did Men awaken?
39) FA 1
Which Captain of the Guard was the first to meet Tuor and Voronwe as they entered the secret passage into Gondolin?
40) Elemmakil
What was the name given to the grotesque statues that lined the road between Edoras and Dunharrow?
41) Pukel-men
Which three mariners accompanied Earendil and Elwing on their voyage to Valinor?
42) Falathar
43) Erellont
44) Aerandir
Who led the Laiquendi into Beleriand and from which group of elves did they belong before this journey?
45) Denethor
46) The Nandor
What was the name of the pony that King Theoden gave to Merry?
47) Stybba
Who was the Usurper king who stole the Crown of Gondor in TA 1437?
48) Castamir
At the end of who's reign as Steward of Gondor did the White Tree die with no sapling to replace it?
49) Belecthor II
Which Gondorian King married a Northman woman thus sparking the Kin-strife civil war?
50) Valacar

Read Smilie The Hall of Fame Read Smilie

1) Melliot Sandybanks retains the title with 48
2) ProgHead777 47
3) Grondmaster 45
4) SamwiseGamgee 43
5=) Tom Bombadill 41
Mramm (Bain) 41

Well done to you all.
I'll post another when I find some more questions. I'm having to root a bit now to find areas I haven't covered.
Congratulations Mell! Pary Smilie

These are the ones I got wrong:

11- I just had "One of Turin's men." I kinda figured that was wrong Big Laugh Smilie

29- I had "The Floating Log." Laziness on my part. I should have just read the chapter but instead relied on a web search.

I'm curious about the third one, Val. My guess is number 33 where I had just simply "Sunset", which, of course is wrong. But I noticed some others that could be counted... If you want to be nitpicky about spelling Wink Smilie

Anyway, it was great fun and I look forward to the next one. Thanks!

Way to go Mellie, Prog, Sammie, Tommie, and Bain, and my special thanks to Val for another great quiz. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Yeah, thanks for all the fun Val! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie I didn't do that bad at all... I gotta take some more time next time... Tongue Smilie
Congratulations, Mellie, Grondmaster, Prog777 and Tom Bombadil and Bain! And thanks Val for the great quiz. Big Smile Smilie
ok, after the quiz is over Val, I wanna know where you found question #26. I can not find the answer anywhere
It's in UT, page 277. I don't know whether you inteded it to be so, but your answer actually contained the answer as the last line of the reference you gave me. You therefore got it right, Mellie Smile Smilie
In an earlier post I suggested the answer to this one might be a little contentious. That was obviously due to there being two Elendilmirs. The original was made from a gem that Aldarion brought back on one of his voyages and gave to Erendis. This became a heirloom until it was lost by Isildur at Gladden Fields. The gem must have held a lot of power, because it still glowed even when Isisdur tried to escape the battle with the Ring on. He was forced to cover its light with the hood of his cloak (although how covering a light with an invisible hood stops it from shining, Tolkien never mentioned).
I'm curious about the third one, Val. My guess is number 33 where I had just simply "Sunset", which, of course is wrong. But I noticed some others that could be counted... If you want to be nitpicky about spelling
That's the one I counted as wrong for you Prog. I wasn't being nitpicky with the spellings.
my special thanks to Val for another great quiz.
No problem, folks. I'll post another one once I get time to research some more questions.

Read Smilie Congratulations to all of you... If I were to lose my answer sheet, I'd have a problem answering some of them myself. Read Smilie
Congratulations everyone!!!!!! Thanks for the quiz Val!!!!!!
These are the ones I missed.
#11 Who slew the Petty-Dwarf, Khum? I just said he was slain by an arrow shot by one of Turin's outlaws. I did not put a name. oh, well.

#28 What was the name of the horse that Aragorn borrowed from Eomer?
I answered this one off the top of my head and forgot to go check the answer. I should know better than to rely on my memory. I put Firefoot.

This really was a lot of fun.
Lol! Big Laugh Smilie

Oh well. Guess we'll all have to wait patiently for a next brainteaser. I don't know where you keep finding those questions...
I should know better than to rely on my memory.

And I learned from that too, Mellie. Silly me put Green Dragon under 29. Disturbed Smilie
Tommie, that is funny, I almost put Green Dragon Inn too on #29, but something made me look it up. It just did not sound right, but that was my first choice. See we think alike at times. lol
And you couldn't possibly tell me, could you? Tongue Smilie

Orc Going Huh Smilie
lol, Grondy, I won't use any of your questions from your book. I promise. oh, btw I found a copy of the book you are using and I bought it. I was shipped to me on the 19th although I have not gotten it yet. I am waiting very impatiently. lol.
Mellie, feel free to use some of my old Trivia questions, just don't use them in consecutive order, and for heaven's sake don't use any of my future ones. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Ok, I will start trying to figure one out. lol. I have to make sure I don't use any of Grondy's triva questions, or any of your Brainteaser questions or any from the quizzes lol. Hopefully will have it completed in January.
Ooops Sorry Tommie, next time I will know better. lol.

So, ummmm Val, are you going to do another quiz? I really had a lot of fun doing the first 2.
Feel free to post one if you wish Mellie. It'd give me something to sink my teeth into too. I will get another one done. January sounds good for me too.
I've been working on another one for a while, Mellie, but I've been a little pressed for time recently. I've got about halfway through the next one, but I am running out of good questions that will have you searching your books for the answers.
Ok, I was just wondering. Take your time, with the Holidays coming up, I won't have a lot of time to work on it anyhow. January would be a great time to start a new one. Thanks for doing this. It has really been a lot of fun. Maybe someone else should do one and give you a break. If you want I can try, but it won't be until after the New Year. We have a lot going on starting next week.
Ok, I am taking a poll. Do you want one that is 50 or 100 questions? I can do both. It is up to those of you interested in taking it. Let me know.
If you can do 100 I'd prefer 100. Big Smile Smilie I mean, it's more fun. If it's not too much work. Cool Smilie
Either is fine. If you do a 50 question one, we and you will have to spend less time on it and a 100 question one is rather daunting; however, that doesn't mean as much as how easy it is for you to come up with the larger number of questions and still leave some for future quizes next year. Happy Elf Smilie
Either is fine by me Mellie. Having set 150 questions over two quizzes, however, I am struggling to find questions for the next one now.
Awww, man! I missed another quiz! Drat! I want to show off my geekdom. Well, I'm up for any number of questions for a quiz. I just hope that I can get in on the next one. Do you all post on the main page one one comes up?

Oh, I have an idea for another trivial-like game. Eyespy of Middle Earth. You state the Area and the era and lettter of the person, place or thing that is found with in. I think you get 20 questions to try to figure it out.

What do you all think?
Oh, I have an idea for another trivial-like game. Eyespy of Middle Earth. You state the Area and the era and lettter of the person, place or thing that is found with in. I think you get 20 questions to try to figure it out.

What do you all think?
Glorfinel: Sounds like fun. Why don't you start a new thread in one of the taverns and call it Eyespy in Middle-earth. With your above rules plus some more like: The starter of the game starts it out, checks the email notification block, and says 'Yes' or 'No' after each following guess or narrowing question. The winner has to start the next game. After twenty narrowing questions or incorrect guesses, the starter gives the correct answer and starts another game. Don't forget to go back to the previous game and uncheck the email notification block so you only receive the notifications for your game.

(Glorinal, if you don't want to start it, let me know if my rules agree with yours and I will start it. You can send me a private Message (PM) about this if you wish.)
Ok, I went ahead and did that and set it up as Eyespy in Middle Earth in the Golden Perch. Thanks for the suggestions and support Grondy!
That sounds like fun. I will check out the Golden Perch, Glorfinel.

How about I comprimise and make a 75 question Quiz?
OK, so how I found you all is kind cool. And it all has to do with Val's big Quizz.

I was having it out in a friendly manner with another Tolkien Geek on who was the bigger geek on an email list and people started sending postBodys egging us on and choosing sides. One excellent fellow through out the quizz which he had found here. My buddy and I made a deal to answer it only from our heads. No references. He got 40 right. I answered 81 and got 78 right. So, now I feel appropriately Ultra-Geeky.

Anyway, I also rated what I felt the difficulty of each question was. So here are my answers.

Which two kings did the giant statues of the Argonath depict?
1. Books: Isildur and Anarion ’ the sons of Elendil

2. Movie: Isildur and Elendil

What are the Hithaeglir better known as?
Big Toughy
3. there are actually some things that I don’t know

Which Dwarven king led the dwarves and lost an eye in the Battle of
Azanulbizar? Medium
4. Thrain II

Who was the Elven king of the Mirkwood Elves at the time of The Hobbit?
5. Thranduil (the father of Legolas

By what name does Fangorn refer to Fangorn Forest?
Oooh really tough!
6. I don’t know but I bet it was a long name!

What was the name of the part of Gondor given to the Eotheod in TA 2510?
Tough, but I know it.
7. Calenardhon

Which grandson of Feanor forged the Elven Rings of Power?
8. Celebrimbor, Leader of the elven folk of Eregion AKA Hollin

Who became king of Lorien in SA 3434?
Trick question
9. Celeborn was only Lord of Lorien Galadriel was the queen, she was the last of the line of Finwe, the king of the Noldor, on Middle earth

Name the five Istari?
Easy to pretty hard
10. Gandalf the Gray, aka Mithrandir, aka Olorin, resurrected as Gandalf the White (easy)
11. Saruman the White, aka Curunir, aka Sharkey (Easy)
12. Radagast the Brown (easy)
13. Alatar (hard
14. Palando (hard)

Who slew Mim the Dwarf?
15. Hurin

Which outlaw did Turin slay to become leader of the outlaw band after
leaving Doriath? Ooh, really hard
16. I don’t know, must have been a bit part.

Which Elf guided Tuor to Gondolin after being the sole survivor of a
shipwreck? hard
17. Voronwe

In what year was Bilbo Baggins born? Easy!
18. 2890 September 22nd

Which orc led the orcs and wargs at the Battle of Five Armies?
19. Bolg

Who was the fifteenth Chieftain of the Dunedain of the North? Medium
20. Arathorn II, Strider’s daddy.

Which two Hobbit brothers were given permission by the king of Arthedain
to first settle the Shire? Hard
21. Marcho
22. Blanco

What were the names of the two Lamps of the Valar?
Hard. By the Valar, I suck at the first age
23. Nope, don’t know

What were the names of the Two Trees of Valinor?
25. Laurelin
26. Telperion

Who were the first three keepers of Vilya, Narya and Nenya?
27. Gil Galad - Vilya
28. Galadriel - Nenya
29. Cirdan - Narya

Who was Elronds Mother-in-law?
30. Galadriel, mother of Celebrian who was the wife of Elrond and mother of Elladan, Elrohir and Arwen

Which city was home to Turgon prior to Gondolin?
31. Nope, don’t’ know

What was the name of Turins sister who died of pestilence when only three
years old? Hard
32. nope

Who was queen of Numenor at the time of its destruction?
33. Tar-Miriel

What is the dwarven name for Moria?
34. Khazad-Dum

What was the name of the great wolf that bit off Berens hand and swallowed
a Silmaril?
35. Carcharoth

What was the name of the lawn running from Nen Hithoel to the slopes of
Amon Hen? Damn hard
36. Don’t know

What was the name of Morgoths mace?
37. Grond, the Hammer of the Underworld. The Great ram used on the gates of Minas Tirith was named after it.

At what place did the Elves first awake?
38. on the shores of Cuivienen,

Who said, you were a man foresighted. Yet twice blessed is help unlooked for, and
never was a meeting of friends more joyful.>
39. Eomer

What was the maiden name of Samwise Gamgees mother?
Wow, toughy but I searched this out after it was asked last time
40. Her name was Bell Goodchild

What was the name of the twenty mile long hedge protecting Buckland from
the Old Forest? hard
41. The High Hay

Who led the Hobbits at the Battle of Greenfields?
42. Bandobras (Bullroarer) Took, at 4’5’ he was the tallest Hobbit until Pippin and Merry

What was the name of the watchtower on Weathertop where Frodo was attacked
by the witchking?
43. Amon Sul

Who was Gollums cousin?
44. Deagol

Who was the Black Sword of Nargothrond?
45. Turin

What slew King Folca of Rohan in TA 2864?
Real hard
46. don’t know

Who did Frodo buy Bill the pony from?
Improperly asked or trick question.
47. The pony Bill was purchased by Barliman Butterbur for 12 silver pennies from Bill Ferny (a wretched fellow). Barliman gave it to Frodo and gave Merry 18 more silver pennies

Where were the locations of the seven Palantiri that Elendil brought to
Middle Earth? Easy to hard,
48. Minas Anor, later Minas Tirith
49. Minas Ithil
50. Osgiliath
51. Orthanc
52. Annuminas
53. The Tower Hills of Elostirion
54. Amon Sul

At what fords did Boromir lose his horse when travelling to Rivendell?
55. No clue

What was the name of the Numenorian harbour at the mouth of the River
Gwathlo? Hard
56. No clue

Who was Dernhelm?
57. Eowyn

What name was given to Sauron by the Sindar of Beleriand?
58. Gorthaur the Cruel

Who was named Iarwain Ben-adar by the Elves?
59. Tom Bombadil

Who were the Eorlingas?
60. The Rohirrim, Descendants of the House Eorl

Whos cats were proverbial for their ability to find their way home?
61. I knew this, damn.

Who was the owner of the Prancing Pony Inn in Bree at the time of the War
of the Ring?
62. Barliman Butterbur

What was the name of Aragorns sword after it was reforged?
63. The Shards of Narsil were reforged into Anduril, the Flame of the West by elvish smiths of Rivendell who were probably original smiths of Eregion

What was the name of the sword that Thorin Oakenshield took from the
trolls and was later buried with him?
64. Orcrist, the Goblin Cleaver

Who was the original owner of Gandalfs sword, Glamdring?
65. Turgon, the high king of Gondolin

What substance did the Elves of Eregion make from Mithril that could only
be seen in starlight or moonlight?
66. Ithildin

Under which three mountains was Khazad-dum built?
67. Baranzinbar, aka Caradhras, aka Redhorn
68. Zirak-zigil, aka Celebdil, aka the Silvertine
69. I don’t rememer the 3rd

What name was given to the language of the Dwarves?
70. Kuzdul

Who took command of Minas Tirith after the death of Denethor II?
71. Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth, one of my favorite characters.

Who were the three ambassadors chosen by Orome to visit Valinor prior to
the Great Journey?
72. Finwe
73. Elwe
74. Olwe

What was the name of Earendils ship?
75. Vingilot

Who drained the Wells of Varda?
76. Ungoliant

What was the name of the valley at the feet of the Ered Gorgoroth that was
infested with evil, giant spiders?
77. Don’t know

What was Oromes horse called?
78. Nahar, Possibly the father of Rohan’s great horses the Mearas

Which of Barahirs last twelve outlaws was tricked into betraying him?
79. Gorlim

What were the Valaraukar?
Hard (Unless you know a bit of Quenya, like me. then it’s easy)
80. They were the Balrogs. Valaraukar means Demons of Might

What was Khamul the Easterling?
Easy (though this is actually a guess)
81. he was a Man, Easterings are men

What was Karningul better known as?
Wow, hard.
82. Rivendell, aka Imladris

On what island did Beren and Luthien dwell after their return from the
Houses of the Dead?
83. Tol Galen

Who became High King of the Noldor after the fall of Gondolin?
84. Gil Galad, he was the son of Fingon who was brother Turgon

Who was the chieftain of the Woses at the time of the War of the Ring?
85. Ghan Buri Ghan, and he rocked, man!

What Elf haven was built close to Dol Amroth at the mouth of the
86. Don’t know

Who slew Gothmog, Lord of the Balrogs?
87. Ecthelion, the elf, not the man that was Steward of Gondor and father of Denethor II. Ecthelion died in killing Gothmog

Who were the sons of Dior?
88. Elured
89. Elurin

Which Elf fell to his death while fleeing from Turin in Doriath?
90. Don’t know

Who was Aragorns standard bearer during the Battle of the Pelinnor Fields?
91. Halbarad the Dunedan, he did in the battle

Who carved the steps and seat in the rock at Carrock?
92. Beorn

Which Elf escaped from 14 years of thralldom in Morgoths mines and was
found at Taur-nu-Fuin by Beleg Strongbow?
93. Don’t know

Which member of Thorins company was Gimlis uncle?
94. Oin, he was Gloin’s brother, Gloin being Gimli’s dad

Who was Aragorns mother?
95. Gilraen

Who said,
Hard (have to guess again)
96. Legolas

How many Nazgul attacked Frodo and his companions at Weathertop?
97. five

Which Marshal of Rohan commanded the third Eored in the Battle of Pelennor
Hard (again a guess)
98. Elfhelm

Which Dwarven Lord was slain by Glaurung during the Battle of Unnumbered
99. Azaghal, but he was a bad ass. He beat up Glaurung bad enough that he had to retreat before Azaghal died.

Who was Lieutenant of the Tower of Barad-dur at the time of the War of the
100. The Mouth of Sauron

Who did Frodo sell Bag End to in TA 3018?
101. the Sackville-Baggins

One excellent fellow through out the quizz which he had found here. My buddy and I made a deal to answer it only from our heads. No references. He got 40 right. I answered 81 and got 78 right. So, now I feel appropriately Ultra-Geeky
I remember recieving an email from someone not long after I first posted the quiz asking me for the answers. He explained he was setting up a quiz to determine who was the geekiest out of two of his friends and had decided my quiz was an ideal way of deciding. As I did not recognise his name at the time, I made him wait for the answers, but it seems we have come full circle now.

By the way, Glorfinel, how well did you do in the second quiz?
Oh, I have an idea for another trivial-like game. Eyespy of Middle Earth. You state the Area and the era and lettter of the person, place or thing that is found with in. I think you get 20 questions to try to figure it out.

What do you all think?

It sure sounds like fun. Me is gonna have a look in the Golden Perch. Big Smile Smilie
Actually, Ringfacwen, it was Glorfinel who came up with this wonderful idea, and it is currently running in the tavern The Golden Perch. Go and check it out! Cool Smilie
For convenient one stop shopping,Eyespy in Middle Earth has been moved to The Ivy Bush and topped along with all the other games.
Okay, I've finally finished the third Brainteaser. Remember the rules, Don't write your answers below but send them directly to me.

You can either send them by email to (please note this address is new to the one used in previous quizzes) or by Private Message in My Account.

Here you are then.....

Who was the Steward of King Minardil?
Which Dwarven companion of Thror’s witnessed his mutilation and was sent back as a messenger to the other Dwarves?
Which king of Numenor defied the Ban of the Valar and set foot upon Aman?
Which king of Gondor accepted the challenge from the Witch-King for a contest of single combat?
What was the name of the great mountain in the center of Numenor?
What was the Orcish name for the Druedain?
Which Druedain healer left a watch-stone to guard over the dwelling of the forester Barach and his family?
What was the name of the knife with which Beren cut a Silmaril from Morgoth’s iron crown and from whom had he taken it?
Which captured elf was mutilated before the elven lines prior to the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, thus prompting a mad charge by his brother?
Who sang a song of staying, Resisting, battling against power, Of secrets kept, strength like a tower?
Which six feet diameter, black stone was brought to Middle-Earth from Numenor by Isildur?
Who was the first of the exiles to enter Doriath?
What was the name of the lower Withywindle between Grindwall and the Withy-weir?
Which document, begun in TA 2000, was the most ancient document in the Shire by the end of the Third Age?
What was the name of a Quenya year, which equated to approximately 144 solar years?
What was the name of Feanor’s father-in-law?
What was the name of Tuor’s axe?
18) What were the names of Elros Tar-Minyatur’s four children?
What was the name of King Thingol’s Sword that later became an heirloom of the Numenorian kings?
What was the name of Orome’s horn?
What was Gabilgathol better known as?
Where was Rath Celerdain?
Who was Sauron’s messenger in Tol-in Gaurhoth who took the form of a vampire bat?
Which city was known as the Citadel of the Stars?
From which elf did Imrahil get his elven blood?
Who was the father of Grima Wormtongue?
What was the name given to the nectar of the Valar, gathered from the gardens of Yavanna and served at the festivals of the Valar?
Who brought the postBody of the defeat of the Fords of Isen to Gandalf and Theoden as they rode to reinforce the forces there?
Aragorn wears an ancient ring fashioned in the design of two serpents with emerald eyes, one devouring and the other supporting a crown of golden flowers. What is the name of this ring and who was its original owner?
What was the name of the door on the sixth level of Minas Tirith which led to the Hallows?
Which king of Rohan vowed to hunt no wild beasts while there was an Orc left in Rohan?
What eventually killed (36)?
Who was Gil-galad’s herald during the War of the Last Alliance?
What was the birth name of Gil-galad?
What were the names of Numenore’s five peninsular promontories?
Who built the West-gate of Moria and who placed the opening spell upon it?
Which elf was brother of Thingol and grandfather to Celeborn?
Which young Hobbit did Frodo have to evict from Bag End after he was discovered excavating the pantry?
Which Hobbit did Bilbo give a waste paper basket to at his birthday party?
Which red-flowered plant grew on the rocky summit of Amon Rudh?

I shall run this quiz until midnight GMT on the 19th January, by which time, hopefully, Mellie will have one of her own ready.
Remember... send your answers to me rather than posting them here.
Great, another quiz! Thanks Val, I look forward to answering this one. Big Smile Smilie
Great, I love the challenge of Val's quizzes.

I have been away fro awhile, learning all that is needed to raise a child in this place. But I think that we are getting it done rather well (my son, Jacob, has been sleeping through the night since 7 weeks old (he is now 15 weeks today)).

So maybe I will be able to get back into PT a little more.

Just got back from seeing the movie...Overall GREAT...didn't like Frodo going to Osgiliath with Faramir...but otherwaise AWESOME!!

Look forward to starting the quiz...tomorrow!


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