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*drum roll* Tah-daaah! Here we are then, the official answers to Tommie's brainteaser quiz thingie!!! Tongue Smilie

Who got caught in a spray of some liquid fire?
1) Beechbone
What dwarf was once transported in a cask that had previously been filled with apples?
2) Fili
Who said: ’Harrowdale at last! Our journey is almost at an end.’?
3) Eomer
What did the air near Rivendell smell like, according to Bilbo?
4) I was actually looking for "Elves", but only Val answered that, and it did smell like pine-trees too. So yes, you all got it right. Animated Wink Smilie
In what chapter does Sam recite the poem ’Oliphaunt’?
5) The Black Gate is closed
What were Smaug’s first words in "The Hobbit"?
6) "Well, thief! I smell you and I feel your air! I hear your breath. Come along! Help yourself again, there is plenty to spare!" But as Grondy cleverly remarked, Smaug thought to himself earlier on, with no quote marks: There was a breath of strange air in this cave. Could there be a draught from that little hole? But I was looking for the previous one, anyway, thanks Grondy!
Who said to Gandalf: ’Die now and curse in vain!’?
7) The Lord of the Nazg’l, Witch King of Angmar
In English, the only correct plural of ’dwarf’ is ’dwarfs’ and the adjective is ’dwarfish’. You may have noticed though, that professor Tolkien sometimes uses the (incorrect) ’dwarves’ and ’dwarvish’. In what case only does he use these incorrect forms?
8) Ok in the introduction to "The Hobbit", it says this: "Only when speaking of the ancient people to whom Thorin Oakenshield and his companions belonged." But I don't think anyone got this, but all your answers looked quite plausible, so I counted them all as correct.
What was the name of the Elvenking of Mirkwood’s butler?
9) Galion
Who said: ’Now we had better have it again.’?
10) Lindir
What was the colour of Dwalin’s beard?
11) Blue
Who said: ’Yes, whichever side wins, his outlook is poor.’?
12) Merry (on Saruman, btw)
Who was the last king at Fornost?
13) Arvedui
How were the soldiers in the army of Dain clad?
14) They wore a hauberk of steel mail down to their knees, their legs were covered with a hose of a fine and flexible metal mesh. They also had caps of iron and their shoes were shod with iron as well, their beards were tucked in their belts. And to make it complete they also carried with them heavy two-handed mattocks, a short broad sword and a roundshield.
What did Gandalf answer to the question: ’What did the Men of old use them for?’ and who asked this question?
15) "To see far off and to converse in thought with one another." (about the palantiri)
16) Pippin
Who murmured: ’Cold be hand and heart and bone, and cold be sleep under stone.’?
17) the Barrow-Wight
Who was Ro’c’s father?
18) Carc
What chapter begins with the words: ’They rode on through sunset, and slow dusk, and gathering night.’?
19) The King of the Golden Hall
In what year did Sam Gamgee marry Rosie Cotton?
20) Shire Reckoning 1420 or Third Age 3020
Of what was Bilbo so terrified when he managed to get outside the Elvenking’s palace?
21) of losing himself in the forest
Who said: ’Wizards are always troubled about the future.’?
22) Treebeard
What was Gollum talking about when he ’sang’: ’Alive without breath, as cold as death; never thirsting, ever drinking; clad in mail, never clinking.’?
23) fish
Who said: ’I drew it forth, and staunched the wound.’?
24) Imrahil
Name one of the three trolls Bilbo and the dwarves encountered.
25) William (Bill), Bert, Tom
Of whom did Frodo speak when he said: ’Miserable fool, but I am sorry for him.’?
26) Lotho Sackville-Baggins (no, not Gollum Wink Smilie )
What was it that Bilbo couldn’t find when he wanted to smoke a pipe down under the Misty Mountains?
27) matches
Who said: ’A pawn did Gandalf say? Perhaps, but on the wrong chessboard.’, and to whom do these lines refer?
28) Pippin
29) to himself
Who said: ’I count many things: stars in sky, leaves on trees, men in the dark.’?
30) Gh’n-buri-Gh’n
Who sang he/she was in a hurry?
31) Tom Bombadil
Balin expected the halls within the Lonely Mountain to be filled with what?
32) Smaug's foul reek
Who was Beregond’s father?
33) I meant Beregond, the Gondor soldier, and his father would be Baranor
What was the first name of the Appledore Butterbur spoke of?
34) Rowlie
Of whom do harpers sadly sing?
35) Gil-Galad (was an Elven king, of him the harpers sadly sing)
What is it that no dragon can resist? (part from a mountain of gold and all the other obvious things, the answer I’m looking for is clearly mentioned in these words somewhere)
36) the fascination of riddling talk and of wasting time trying to understand it
What were Faramir’s first words in The Lord of the Rings?
37) "Nay! Not Elves! Elves do not walk in Ithilien these days. And Elves are wondrous fair to look upon, or so 'tis said."
How was the game of golf invented according to a tale by Tolkien?
38) Bullroarer Took charged the ranks of the goblins of Mount Gram in the Battle of the Green Fields, and knocked the head of their King Golfimbul off with a wooded club. It went straight down a rabbit hole. The battle was won and the game of golf invented at the same time.
Who stammered: ’Well, er, yes, I suppose so’?
39) Bilbo
Who was the leader of the D’nadan that came riding south in search of Aragorn?
40) Halbarad
Gandalf said to Bilbo on their first meeting: ’To think that I should have lived to be good-morninged by Belladonna Took’s son as if he was what?’
41) selling buttons at the door
What was the Hobbits’ name for the Plough or Great Bear?
42) the Sickle, the Wain
Who said: ’Not well. That would be the study of many lives. But I come here now and again.’?
43) Gandalf (the White)
What was Gollum’s answer to the riddle: ’A box without hinges, key, or lid; yet golden treasure inside is hid.’? (I want you to put down Gollum’s exact words here!)
44) "Eggses! Eggses it is!"
Who died in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, and would therefore never return to Pinnath Gelin?
45) Hirluin the Fair
Who laughed amid his tears at the Grey Havens?
46) Pippin
What was the colour of the handkerchief Bilbo borrowed from Elrond?
47) red
Who said: ’Nay, time does not tarry ever, but change and growth is not in all places alike.’?
48) Legolas
Who was Bombur’s cousin?
49) Bifur (Bofur was his brother)
Before they had supper, Beorn clapped in his hands and in trotted what?
50) four white ponies and several large, long-bodied grey dogs
How many times does Tolkien mention in The Hobbit that Bilbo wished he was back home in his own Hobbit-hole? (Only count the ones where he literally says he WISHES or WANTS to be back home, in his own Hobbit-hole, or in some part of it!)
51) five (p. 31, 44, 57, 163, 271)
In what year did Tolkien get married and what was the name of his wife?
52) 1916
53) Edith (Mary) Bratt
Who chanted: ’O’er stony mountains cold and grey; trough halls of iron and darkling door.’?
54) Aragorn
With who did Tolkien write the book "The road goes ever on and on"?
55) Donald Swann
How many bearers has the One Ring had ( including its Master, counting only the ones who had it for a longer period)?
56) 6 (Sauron, Isildur, Gollum, Bilbo, Frodo, Sam)
In what year was Priscilla Tolkien born?
57) 1929
When did Tolkien retire? (the year will do)
58) 1959
When was professor Tolkien born and when did he die?
59) 3 January 1892
60) 2 September 1973

Hall of fame

uruk_slayer 57,5
Grondmaster 52
Samwisegamgee 50,5
Valedhelgwath 38,5

Thanks to everyone for playing, especially to Val for sending in his answers because he was having some troubles with his house (selling and buying and stuff, if I remember well), and he didn't have time to look it all up.
I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did. Big Smile Smilie

I'll be sending you a mail soon in which I tell you how I counted the points because otherwise I don't think you'll understand where you lost points and why. Big Smile Smilie Animated Wink Smilie

I'll be looking forward to the next quiz, I think Mellie was working on one though I don't know if she had the time to finish it. Or maybe Val has one? Or someone else? Cool Smilie
Well done uruk_slayer, Grondy and Samwisegamgee Read Smilie

Thanks for the quiz Tommie.

You've all put me to shame on this one Dunce Smilie Wink Smilie

I'll be looking forward to the next quiz, I think Mellie was working on one though I don't know if she had the time to finish it. Or maybe Val has one?
Sorry, I've been too busy with one thing and another of late to be able to make one. I'll try to make one for next month if anyone else has one ready for now.
Way to go uruk_slayer, Samwisegamgee, Val, and especially Tommie Bombadillo whose quiz weeded out we users of the indices and the 'Encyclopedia of Arda'.
Samwise, I was planning to mail you but your address doesn't seem to be working (the tolkienmail one)... Orc Going Huh Smilie Could you PM another address (if you have one) or can I pm you? Mail would be a lot easier for me... Anyway, thanks!! Big Smile Smilie
I was wondering if I could post a set-amount of say 30 quiz questions like the one at the start of the post? Though be warned they will be HARD, and I will use all the books ,from 'the Hobbit' to 'HoME 12; Peoples of M-E'.
Go for it Findekanu. Having seen the references you regularly quote, I don't doubt it truely will be a hard one. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
Sure, do it Findekano. But don't be surprised if some of us get less than 21 correct, not having read or even having access to the H.O.M.E. volumes. All we can do is try. I own the first five, but have only read Lost Tales I (many moons ago) and am still working my way through Unfinished Tales.
That sounds like a great idea to me. I look forward to attempting to complete it. I have all except for the last 2 books. This ought to be interesting. I am going to try to get another quiz up soon as well. Congratulations to everyone that finished Tommie's quiz. I wish I could have. I am still trying to work on it, but things are going very slowly around here lately.
I could do a quiz too, when Mellie's and Findekano's are finished. Smile Smilie
i've got one in the works too and i hope everyone will like it when i get done with it. this is great, i think we're stepping it up a notch by pushing ourselves and the limits of our knowledge.
That's really great! Looking forward to it all (though it will be very hard for me indeed, not having access to the HOME books and the other stuff), but I'll give it a try once my exams are over (on the 23rd). Orc Grinning Smilie
Dear Valedhelgwath,
could you email that quiz to me That would be great.

- moonstar
Sorry, Moonstar, you've lost me a bit. Which one are you referring to?
wow tommie, where are you going to school? is it summer school or are you a grad student? if you're still in the regular session, that's got to be a downer.
Sorry about that Val,
It's the one that was posted on 31/8/2002. I would also like the one posted on 6/10/2002. I thought they were awesome and even though everyone sent there answers in already I'd still like to try them and see how well i know middle-earth.

Also Mellie I would love to try your first quiz as well.

thank you both.

- moonstar
p.s. my email address again is
Moonstar : By the time you read this, you should have got all four of mine.
wow tommie, where are you going to school? is it summer school or are you a grad student? if you're still in the regular session, that's got to be a downer.

Orc Going Huh Smilie No actually. I'm in the regular session (undergraduate, first year). And we actually finish quite early. I know people who start when I finish (which is on the 23rd) and who end on the 3rd of July. Now that's what I call a downtoner. At secondary school we finished somewhere near the 20th to get our report card some week later. So here in Belgium it's quite normal. Do you finish earlier, or later, or whatever?

Moonstar: would you like my quiz too?

[Edited on 16/6/2003 by TomBombadillo]
Dear Val,
thank you for your quizes, I really appreciate it.

Tom I'd love to have your quiz as well.

i'm an undergraduate in the States. school ended for me in the first week of May. that's why i was shocked!
i'm an undergraduate in the States. school ended for me in the first week of May. that's why i was shocked!
Does your school year start in August to get out so early in May? Back in the bad old days, we started third week in September and went to the end of May with no time out for snow, floods, or mud.

Of course where I went to Uni was the only place on earth (we thought at the time) that you could be standing ankle deep in mud and still have dust blowing in your face. Elk Grinning Smilie When I started it was a still 'Cow College'; however, by the time I got my degree, it had changed to the 'Udder U'. Animated Wink Smilie

Oops, this was supposed to about the history of Middle-earth, not 45 year old ancient. You can move me to a tavern if you wish. Look Around Smilie
If it's any comfort Grondy, I have a few friends who are well in to their 50's and 60's. Nothing wrong with old-timers, you guys know all the best places to eat! But alas, yes my school year begins in late August. In addition to this, my school only goes for 16 week semesters instead of the 18 of most schools. We even get a fall break to even out our spring break. Everyone else hates us!!!
Tom I'd love to have your quiz as well.

Sorry for the delay, Moonstar, the quiz is coming your way now! Big Smile Smilie

i'm an undergraduate in the States. school ended for me in the first week of May. that's why i was shocked!

Super Wow Smilie That really is a short school period! Even if you do start in August, with the fall break and the other holidays, your schoolyear is very short compared to ours over here. Secondary school starts on the first of September here. They get one week off in November, two weeks for the Christmas Holidays, one week in February and two weeks around Easter. Oh yes, some occasional official days off as well. Secondary schools end the schoolyear on the 30th of June (which is officially a day off).

Higher education schools start at the end of September (normally last week) and most end differently. We get our results tomorrow, while in other schools they don't get them until next week. That's all very different. But as for holidays: two weeks around Christmas, two weeks around Easter and then the occasional official day off.
Anybody working on another Trivia Quiz for us? Do we have to wait until school starts again when many won't have the time to participate in a new quiz? Just wondering? One Eye Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I think Mellie, Findekanu, Peredhil and Uruk_Slayer were all working on some. I'm afraid I've been a bit rushed at work over the past few weeks to be getting on with one myself.
I don't have time to do one now either, I'll be gone until the beginning of August, but I thought Findekano and Uruk_slayer had one ready? Question Smilie

I can start working on one somewhere in September, I think. Meanwhile, enjoy the other quizzes all, and if you have one ready yourself, I think you're free to post one, right council? Tongue Smilie
I'll have a short quiz up and ready for you all in less than a week. That is a promise!
Mine will be some time yet.
I'll have a short quiz up and ready for you all in less than a week. That is a promise!

Great! Oh drat, I'll be on holiday next week. But I'll be sure to check here when I get back. Thumbs Up Smilie

Just as with any other quiz, I'll give everyone up to a month to complete it. Unfortunately, since my computer isn't working and I only use my girlfriend's computer, I do my best to get back to everyone on answers and corrections.
Okay everyone, here it is. It's short (20 questions) and is taken from Sil and UT. Just thought that that might be a little help. Big Smile Smilie

Remember to please private postBody me the answers or email them to me at The cutoff date for this quiz is going to be August 7th. Any responses after that won't be guaranteed an answer!

Which two men accompanied Turin to kill Glaurung?

What is the Annon-in-Geldh?

Which king built Minas Tirith and on what isle was it built on?

Whose name means "Sharp Glance"?

What hill was also known as the Hill of Spies?

Which tributary of Gelion originates from Mount Rerir?

Who was the father of Voronwe?

Who said, "Their swords and their counsels shall have two edges"?

Who was it that Finrod loved that did not go into exile?

Explain how Brandir was related to Turin by blood and marriage.

Finish this quote: "Doubtless Morgoth, since he can make no living thing, bred Orcs from various kinds of Men, but the _______ must have escaped his Shadow"

Who was "strong of body, mind, and will, a match for both the loremasters and the atheletes of the Eldar in the days of their youth"?

What were Turin's words that Tuor heard when the two kinsmen crossed paths for the first and only time?

Who was "the mightiest of the warriors of motal men"?

Who said "Half-brother in blood, full brother in heart will I be" and to whom?

Who claimed that "Dwarves delved the halls of Nulukkizdin"?

Who was "the greatest of Eldar surviving in Middle-earth, was potent mainly in wisdom and goodness, as a director or counsellor in the struggle, unconquerable in resistance but incapable of punitive action"?

[Edited on 17/7/2003 by uruk_slayer]
Good one Uruk Slayer, I look forward to taking it. Happy Elf Smilie

You may wish to edit it to include a request: That members shouldn't post their answers in the forum, but to PM or email them to you, (if you can check your email at your friends address, and to also post the cutoff date that you want all entries returned.

Thanks Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Uruk Slayer your quiz is wonderful. I began working on it this afternoon and I only have 4 1/2 questions left. The questions with quotes in them are tough, however, that is great. Working on your quiz has given me the incentive to start my own quiz. I only have a few questions completed so far, although it is coming along quite nicely.

Hahahaahaa! At last, another quiz! Thanks very much, Uruk_slayer! I'll know what to do in my holidays now. Big Smile Smilie I'll start working on it right now. Smile Smilie
I'm glad everyone likes the quiz. I know i appreciate it when others take the time to come up with a great challenge for me and i'm glad to reciprocate. And thanks to Grondy for reminding me about editing my post for policy stuff!
What is the Annon-in-Geldh?

If you mean the Annon-in-Gelydh, I'd be most glad, but if you mean the Annon-in-Geldh, I'm utterly and thorougly lost. Orc Going Huh Smilie

For all the rest I only have #15 left to solve, but that's a hard one, man!
I really enjoyed that quiz, Uruk_slayer. I'm glad you made one up. (I finally find a site with good quizzes! Big Smile Smilie ) By the way, to everyone, I finished making a quiz (75 questions), and might post it after the cutoff for this current quiz. Smile Smilie Though if people want a short, er... intermission between quizzes they can p-m me. Or if someone else already has dibs on quizmaking...etc. Either way, let me know what I should do (post it after August 7, or not).

[Edited on 7/24/2003 by Arcormacolind’va]
Personally, Arcormacolindova, I wouldn't mind if you posted your quiz on here at the same time. Some people (like me) enjoy the challenge.
Well, I'm back from camp with a 75-question quiz, so here it is. Same rules; please private postBody me the answers, do not post your answers here! . The cutoff date is September 2nd; any responses after that will not be counted.

In what chapter of LotR was the phrase "Abidath cuman uncuthe!" used? By whom? What does it mean?

Where and what is ’rensaga?

What is another name for the Bridge of Khazad-d’m?

How old was Tar-M’riel (Ar-Zimraphel) when she died?

Who said, "Yet the One was lost, and while it still lies hid, we can master the Enemy..."?

How many steps led up to the threshold of Orthanc?

Tolkien once wrote in a letter concerning LotR, "I wisely started with a ___, and made the story fit."

Who were the grandsons of L’thien Tin’viel?

What tongue did the Olog-hai speak?

Who was Komosot?

"Komosot" was slain how many years after the Noldor came back to Middle-Earth?

What is another name for Mar-nu-Falmar?

Mount Dolmed was nearest to which Dwarf-cities?

The Birchwoods of Nimbrethil were in what land?

What flower bloomed in Doriath when Tin’viel was born?

Who was Kalimac Brandagamba?

What was Samwise Gamgee's birthday rumored to be?

What was the birthday (month, number, and year) of Elessar Telcontar?

Which twin brothers were buried in Haudh-in-Gwanur?

Who were #s 24 and 25 sons of?

Who was called B’ma by Men?

What tongue did the Stone-trolls use?

What was the name of Thorin II Oakenshield's wife?

In the lore of Rohan, what was Th’oden's surname?

What was ’omer's surname?

Who was Helm Hammerhand's sister?

Did Eldarion have any sisters?

What was absent in the night sky of Lothl’rien?

What emblem did the Orcs of Minas Morgul use?

Who used the phrase " hopeless as a frost in spring?"

Which stream sung about by the Silvan Elves once had golden flowers floating in its foam, and a rainbow on its falls?

What color swans did the Fellowship encounter in the Brown Lands?

Frodo first beheld Weathertop how many years after the destruction of its tower?

Which hobbit in the Fellowship was born one year prior to ’omer?

Who was older, Pippin or Merry, and by how many years?

Who was said to look more like an Elven-maid than a hobbit?

The hobbit that #43 married had the same first name as that of a son of which King of Rohan?

How many children with Rosie did Sam have?

Who made the lament called "Noldolant’"?

Who / what was Gil-Estel?

Who prepared a secret way out of Gondolin?

What is e’ruil’?

What are two other names of as’a aranion?

Which one does not belong in this group, and why?
Aeglos, alfirin, coimas, elanor, lissuin, mallos, niphredil, seregon, simbelmyn’, and uilos.

What is the Quenya name of Ar-Abatt’rik?

Who was master of Telchar of Nogrod?

What do "laireloss’, laurinqu’, malinorn’, oiolair’, nessamelda, taniquelass’, vardarianna, and yavannam’r’" have in common?

What color were the fruits of yavannam’r’?

Where did the things mentioned in #56 exist?

What was Cirion's Oath (write the words)?

What was Elendil's badge?

What was a sandastan (thangail)?

What was a nernehta (d’rnaith)?

A l’r was about how many miles?

What color were the flowers of aeglos?

Which Gate of Gondolin was the last wrought by Turgon before the Nirnaeth Arnoediad?

An Elf of which people wrote the Aldud’ni’?

The Lord of the Falathrim was whom?

Alcarinqu’, Carnil, Elemm’r’, Helluin, Luinil, Lumbar, Morwinyon, and N’nar are all _____.

In what ship did the first N’men’rean to reach Middle-Earth travel?

Who was the 3rd son of Brego? Who claimed descent from him?

Where would you find Anarr’ma, Menelmacar, Soron’m’, Telumendil, Valacirca, and Wilwarin? (Be very specific)

Which does not belong?
Belthil, Cul’rien, Laurelin, and Malinalda.

Who is the Vala and Arata that is the sister of N’mo and Irmo?

What is the Rohirric (and Westron) name for a talan (like found in Lothl’rien?

Bonus: How many miles east of the gorge of Nargothrond were the falls of Sirion?
Wow this certainly looks like a hard one, but I'm going to give it a try. Thanks Arcormacolind’va! Thumbs Up Smilie
Thanks, Tom. I've been paranoid for a couple days because no one was posting any comments or sending me pms about it. I knew it'd take time, but it felt like no one knew it existed! Love your sig. Big Smile Smilie
Arcormacolind’va, I was still trying to finish Uruk_slayer's quiz, which I had to send in with three unanswered and one guess. It was a good quiz, but I have trouble remembering who said what, especially if it is from the SIL or UT.

REMEMBER TODAY IS THE DEADLINE TO GET URUK_SLAYER'S QUIZ BACK TO HIM VIA PM. However, if you send it to him tomorrow, I doubt if you would be penalized.
Love your sig.

Thanks Arcomacolind’va! Big Smile Smilie

Ok some questions for you:

# 14: Can't find this one, but I'm sure he exists because we have/had a member by that name. Driving me crazy this one, and the next one too of course.
# 29: Are you sure about this one? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Every source I find states: no record of any wife or children.
# 52: Ok I have a problem here. There are two things there that don't fit the general line. I don't know what to do here really, I think I'll pm you about this one.
#14: Yes, he exists, but only in a premature version of Tolkien's writings. He was soon writen over. If you have BoLT 1, it might be advantageous to check Smile Smilie
#29: The way I wrote the question might happen to be...misleading.
#52: Recheck the definitions of those two you mentioned in the pm. One has multiple meanings.
Hope I helped. Wink Smilie
BoLT 1

What's that? I'm sure it's some book I don't have. Tongue Smilie

Yes you certainly helped a lot, Arcomacolindova, but I'm still in the dark about #29. I know you can't say more though. Smile Smilie

I was thinking maybe it would be a big help to the others if you told them what you've told me in your pm about the first question. Because I'm not so sure everyone will get that one the way it is. And a hint about the language would be very welcome there. If you're willing of course. Smile Smilie I know you gave me a lot of hints already, but it *is* a very hard quiz. Cool Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Sorry, I just solved part of my own questions. Big Smile Smilie I'm better than I thought. lol

Yeah, I solved #14 and #15, found those in where you said I'd find them. Figured out what BoLT means, thanks a lot! Smile Smilie *happy now* Juggling Smilie
All right, I'll give everyone a hint on #1. First of all, you MUST do #3 before you attempt the first one. It is found in LotR, but you'll not find it looking in LotR. (Huh?)
Example: If I asked you to find a phrase (which is in LotR),
"A Galad ven i reniar," you would not see those words anywhere in LotR, though they're in LotR.
Explanation: It says Gildor Inglorion sang "O Light to us who wander here" in Sindarin. Basically, it WAS in there, Tolkien just didn't give the actual Sind. words; and put it into English instead. Not that #1 is Sindarin or anything Ha Ha Ha Smilie Na-na-na-na-na Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie
Oh, and about the language #1 is in? Read Smilie Teacher Smilie
It is a slow tongue, with a strong music to it. It is rich and rolling; and also hard and stern, laden with sadness.
And I guess I'll give you all an example of the language.


Unfortunately, Tolkien usually represented this language by another, because of its analogy to Westron like to another language to English. Therefore the phrase mentioned is in the "other language," not the real language it was in. I.e. if Tolkien translated the Red Book from Westron, this phrase "Abidath..." would be in the new, translated version, not the old version. In the Red Book it would be in the language it was beforehand; but this example (abidath) is in the translated version, an analogy to English like the orig. lang. was 2 Westron.

All right, if you don't understand now, my explanations are hopeless. If you TRULY read this and go "huh?," pm me and I'll tell u what lang "Abidath" is in. OK?
Or, instead of pming me, just read my journal.
Fer’u h’l!
Hey everyone! I'm back and i've got the results of my quiz. Unfortunately, only three people submitted answers but they all did well. If there are any requests for extensions, i'd be more than happy to accomodate them. In the meantime, i'm going to try to work on Arcormacolind’va's quiz. Good luck to the rest of you who are doing the same!
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