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Thread: Paste the last thing you copied here!!! Pointless but fun.

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... and NO! I do not, I never did... and as the song line goes... "and no I don't have a gun... no I don't have a gun..."

heehee Smile Smilie It's a part of a chat... I was asking a guy if his studiying is making some progress... he expressed a wish to visit the paintball court. Tongue Smilie




I was trying to un-anagram someone's nick. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Now let's see what we have here..
Seriously, great movie though...probaly didn't help that I was on a bit of a sugar rush during the Neo Vs. Multiple Agent Smiths scene

Ahh... I was quoting Halo_Black. Smile Smilie
Thur 2215 GMT Grondy
That is the time I posted in the Moderators Log as having finished reading the Guilds today . Sad Smilie

The address of a description of all the History of Middle Earth books.
Give me a call at 248-674-0903 if you need any further information

A nursing home I do pet therapy at.
I messed up Andrea's new thread in the Prancing Pony, so it is now there under my name
You know its not just you lucky people who are in-love.


Finally settling the Balrog Wings Argument.

The link that Asteroth put in the Any Italians? thread. I have to copy them into the URL thingy.
That's it for this month. Keep your mind in the middle and a leg on each side.
"I can't imagine life without horses." - Cherry Hill

Copying and pasting for a buddy,I was reading a Cherry Hill article.
we are already perfect

Quoting someone on another board.
Nina, here are some more groaners.
Big Laugh Smilie I sent her the current batch of Andrea's jokes found in The Pony.
Good night everyone,c ya later and take care*huggies*
saying goodnight to my friends in chat Smoke Smilie

A minute later, Gandalf shouted, "I've got it!" and stood up quickly from the moss-encrusted boulder he had been resting upon. His blue hat fell off in all the commotion, and he made a mad grab for it in vain; the hat came to rest on Sam's head, completely dwarfing him and covering him in shadow.
"You've got what?" asked Samwise, struggling to be freed from his ... prison. "A bruise on your noggin?"
"No, Fool of a Gamgee!" replied the wizard. "An answer to why this plotline has become so screwed up. It must me a film by Ralph Bakshi, since he was so hopelessly naive to details that he couldnt even get Celeborn's name right!"
"It doesn't feel like we're in a movie," Frodo said cautiously.
"How would you know?" Gandalf spake. "Have you ever had a dream so real that you were unable to tell the dream-world from the real world? What if you were unable to wake up? How would you know where you were? Consider this movie-world to be a dream-world."
Pippin shut his ears, saying "I'd rather be in a book."
Frodo says, "Hold on! Now this sounds like a Wachowski brothers movie! We've got Gonedaft as Morpheus...And I'm Neo (his smaller version). Look, there's Agent Smi-, oh, sorry, its just you, Elrond."
"Well, it's hard to tell them apart, since they're both played by Hugo Weaving in the movies." Gandalf said.
"Anyway," Gandalf said, "I remembered that those eagles are the fifteen Chieftains of the Eagle-lords, and they're good. So how can they be evil-acting? We must be in a movie." He calls for Legolamb to come back, and not to follow the script. The Elf sheepishly returns.
"But if that is true, Mithrandir" says Leggy, "whose movie are we in? It sounds like a movie by both Bakshi and the Wachowskis."
"I know!" said Merry, who had been following them for a while without saying a word. "It sounds exactly like a Peter Jackson movie! The low-budget, philosophy-enriched style, complete with a lack of attention for details sounds like our Kiwi friend!"
"Ah!" said Gandalf. "You have solved the riddle! Now let us enter the Mines of Moria."
The Fellowship looked at each other in disbelief, each silently saying to himself, what's he talking about??
"Oh! Sorry, wrong movie." amended Gandalf hastily. "Well, now that we know we're in a movie, let us be off! We must go to the TRUE Dark Tower, the place where the scripts and cameras are, stealthily recording our every action. To Wellington!"
The Company agreed, and went on the march to New Zealand (which happens to not exist yet in ME, but PJ doesnt concern himself with such details ), singing a song, deep and low:
To Wellington! Though Wellington be ringed and barred with doors of stone;
Though Wellington be strong and hard, as cold as stone and bare as bone,
We go, we go, we go to war, to hew the stone and break the door;
For bole and bough are burning now, the furnace roars - we go to war!
To land of gloom with tramp of doom, with roll of drum, we come, we come;
To Wellington with doom we come!
With doom we come, with doom we come!

Ok, this was the last thing I posted, in a storyboard forum in the Ivy Bush, and I copied it so I wouldn't lose it if I accidentally deleted it. Smile Smilie By the way, we'd appreciate your input in the Storyboard forum, called "Story Game." Only a bunch of the same people are posting, and it'd be more interesting if more people put in their two cents. Big Smile Smilie
mine was my password, so im not gonna paste it here! Wink Smilie
Pal’rien. is the bringer of Fruit, Queen of the Earth. She loves everything which lives in the ground, from her woom came the trees and the flowers and all there is growing in Arda, and from her came the two trees in Valinor, Telperion and Laurelin,
I have no idea what I was talking about,possably Yavanna? Shaking Head Smilie

Right then... I feel stupid! Tongue Smilie
Cool Elf Smilie
I just saw the LotR: RotK trailer that Gnampie posted the link to under the movie thread, A site that NewLines' lawyers missed getting shut down. Cool Elf Smilie
Wow, I haven't copied anything today!
"Love is in the air!!!!!!Dum di Dum!!!!LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!!"

Just teasing a buddy Big Smile Smilie

Hey fa la la lo, ho ro air fa la la lay
Hey fa la la lo, ho ro air fa la la lay
Hey fa la la lo, ho ro air fa la la lay
Fal dee fal o ho ro, air fa la la lay

Dum du dum... Tongue Smilie Posting in the role playing guilds.
I was giving our membership a glad hand for making this a fun site.
I would like to learn German and Welsh,being that is what I have running thru my blood.
Talking with a friend about different cultures,ect.

I must have done that on accident or something!
I needed an accent mark to turn "resume" in to "resume ", not finding one in my character map, I settled for that thingy. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I needed an accent mark to turn "resume" in to "resume’ ", not finding one in my character map, I settled for that thingy.
All you have to do to get ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ is press alt gr and the vowel together.

And that quote was the last thing I copied.
One day, a blonde left work early to go home ...

Posting a joke in the Prancing Pony.

- You are Maedhros. You think always of your people, and are always looking after your younger brothers, keeping them in check. Your skills at sword wielding are unsurpassed, and were it not for you, Beleriand would not have stood for so long. You are also very handsome, and many maidens are smitten with you; however, you have chosen to remain unmarried. You have committed suicide by throwing yourself into a fiery chasm after realizing that you had slain your kin thrice in the serving of an Oath that was void.

I did a Silm. quiz earlier.
LadyFeawen> air*
Lol, Love is in the Aire? ;-)
note vferywher
True that
tehree's ozon in the ari
ozon everywhere

A little conversation in chat.
Please wait while the setup wizard installs Windows messenger version 6.00...

I was downloading msn version 6.00,again.

Woaw!! I didn't copy anything!! That is so weird!
Or perhaps I did copied something, but it wasn't anything. You know? Or am I just confusing?
unless you want a refill,
I was helping out at the Khazad-dumish Inn. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Ntsi elli Ershili? Tsegh an Ersh? Elli eltli? Am tsul Khvent-tor tsas Elperts tsarkher. Am tsartsul ghas pelkh - tsa Pal-art?"

This was a representation of thousands of years of evolution to an Avarin Elvish speech; though it sounds almost like Sindarin and Orkish combined.
" The woman of this country learned long ago,those without swords can still die upon them.I fear neither death nor pain. "

Just been saying little clever Eowyn phrasesSmile Smilie

[Edited on 16/8/2003 by LadyFeawen]

Yup, you see it: zilch. I've copied nothing today. How did that happen?
A flaw, is an opinion.
What is without flaw is based on opinion.

A man could think his wife, his lover, is perfect in everyway.

Hence, your 'theory' is not a truth and is bound by the realm of opinions.
A quote from another board.

I have no idea why that was in there.

Too lazy to spell it out Wink Smilie
Thumbs Up Smilie

Congratulating Remmit on his Post of the Week.
I also am too lazy to spell it out as I updated his new email address and added a cross reference to his nickname from his non-nickname.
New email address from today.

I've been offline for a while so if anyone has sent me anything in the past ten days to my old address, it's likely I haven't received it.
Seems that was the last thing that I copied, too, Grondy Smile Smilie

Sending LadyBlue a link,I am really starting to appreciate the copy and past accessorie. Smile Smilie
*smiles sweetly*

Just smiling to a friend on msn messenger,I still have not put those cute little msn icons to use yet. Smile Smilie

Arcorma's email.
Wink Smilie

I still feel sorry for you
can you move your toes? :P
so do i, so do i^_~
man we went to golica and I was practicly dead
you're good

lol,funny conversation in chat.
Birthday Smilie
I wonder what that was about? Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Dear Aaron,
Words are not enough to express my feelings at a time like this, but I just wanted to say I love you, and I'll be by your side through the tough times ahead. I'm always here for you.
I'm thinking of you, and wishing you hope in the midst of sorrow and comfort in the midst of pain.
I'm so sorry about Aiden, we'll all miss him.
With heartfelt sympathy,
And my love always,
Your best friend Dizy

The first-draft to my best friend Aaron, who's little brother Aiden recently died of leukemia, may he rest in peace.
Very Sad Smilie
Really? I would be interested to be presented with a comprehensive study of the nature of this monumentous feat.

You probably could even obtain a government grant to make said study if you make your proposal strong enough.
Just me being my usual sarcy self.
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