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Thread: Paste the last thing you copied here!!! Pointless but fun.

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Your distinct personality, The White Knight, might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. Don Quixote was a White Knight as was Joan of Arc, the Lone Ranger and Crusader Rabbit. As a White Knight you expect nothing in return for your good deeds. You are one of the true "Givers" of the world. You are the anonymous philanthropist who shares your wealth, your time and your life with others. To give, is its own reward and as a White Knight you seek no other. On the positive side you are merciful, sympathetic, helpful, giving and heroic. On the negative side you may be impulsively decisive, sentimental and misdirected. Interestingly, your preference is just as applicable in today's corporate kingdoms.

Hum.. It's from a careertest. "Find your medieval work" or something.. Bah, Humbug. I'm not very giving and helpful at all, infact, I'm rather selfish.
We discussed this problem in Was Tolkien Prejudiced or What? under Author as it had been bugging me too. We decided I believe, that he tried to follow the rules of the style manuals; however, he messed up occasionally and many of these slipped by his editor, leaving us with the quandary.

While I understand why 'a hobbit' isn't capitalized, I still haven't figured out why 'all Hobbits' aren't.
I copied my post to Outlook Express so I could use its spellchecker and then pasted it in the Writers' Guild.

I was feeling rather joyful.
Drums: Steven Adler
Bass: Duff
Lead and Rhythm Guitars/ Acoustic Guitar: Slash
Vocals: Axl
Piano: Dizzy Reed
Background Vocals: Duff, Dizzy

Searching for Guns N' Roses lyrics on the net...
water detonators

I guess I was just to lazy to spell it out!
Table Magic
February 26th, 2001

On the subject of Style Sheets and dynamic color changes, here is a way to make entire table cells change on mouseover and mouseout. First, let's create some global definitions for our tables, so here is a style sheet that defines the text color and background color for each cell.

Now, within the table itself, we can define the mouse activity like this:

Note that we have coded the onmouseout value to the original background color (C9C9C9) that we scripted in the stylesheet. This of course could be different, but what this does is set a bgcolor value, change it on mouse hover, then return to our original color. Note also we set a background color for the table (CC0000), which, because we are defining the cell color, acts as a dark red border around our cell. As always, play around with these parameters to get the effect which best suits your site. You can also combine this with the Rollover styles shown in the first section of this newsletter for some really wacky and fun color changes!

Image Maps
August 14th, 2000

Image maps are one of the most-used and least-understood display functions used in Web development. Although they have been around for ages, very few people understand the concept and the creation of image maps. In short, image maps are navigation tools that allow hyperlinking from within an image environment. A good example is actually a map, where you could click a city to take you to a page about that city. Here's how it works. The image is really a coordinate of cells, with a block of cells designated to hyperlink to a particular page. To create an image map, your best bet is to get an image map editor, but you can code them by hand. Here's how:

The above code cuts up the image into 4 pieces for different links. The "coords" are the pixels of the image (the cells) X-start, Y-start, X-end, Y-end So our first link starts at pixel 1 width and 1 height and ends at 100 width and 50 height. (Remember width starts at left and height at top.)

Oh right, interesting stuff I thought, might actually already know it, but i pasted it in notepad for later, in case i didn't...
NIVELLEMENT Sted: Borgundgavlen Dato: 01.04.03
Baksikt Instr.h’yde Framsikt Terrengh’yde Punkt nr. Avik
24,5 568,5 544 PP4036
199 389,6 377,9 190,6 BP1
310,8 393,4 307 82,6 PP4035 Avik p’ 0,4
390,5 766,8 17,1 376,6 BP2
194,7 766,8 194,7 572,1 E
285,3 1035,7 16,4 750,4 BP3
336,5 1358,9 13,3 1022,4 BP4
398,9 1754,2 3,6 1355,3 BP5
379 2127,5 5,7 1748,5 BP6
250,3 2375,6 2,2 2125,3 BP7
240 2455,4 160,2 2215,4 D
163,5 2460,1 158,8 2296,6 C
262,5 2563,1 159,5 2300,6 BP8
124,8 2626,6 61,3 2501,8 B
31,5 2260,6 397,5 2229,1 BP9
241,4 2260,5 241,5 2019,1 A
26,35 1921,05 365,8 1894,7 BP10
21,3 1544,05 398,3 1522,75 BP11
3 1168,85 378,2 1165,85 BP12
20,5 833,85 355,5 813,35 BP13
289,4 544,45 PP4036
3904,35 3903,9 Avik p’ 0,45

Been out levelling...
I'm 13, and i'm 5"2 , 157 1/2 cm , so what's that in meters? -1m 57 1/2 cm ? he he

Just being boring!
You're welcome. Big Laugh Smilie

Something about a Pseudo-Silmaril and a trivia question.

how unexciting, copying links from one browser to another...
I think that we tend to think a lot of people gained talent unaturally.

Another boring one.

Wow! wasn't that exciting. I copied it from Charmap.exe which I use to get all the funny pronunciation marks Tolkien used in his writings. I often have this program running while I'm writing on P-T.
ROFLMAO! Thanks Rednell! That was soooo cool, I laughed till there were tears in my eyes Big Smile Smilie And please say hi to Mellie from me and bring her my best wishes Smile Smilie Good night! *hugs* *still laughing*

I start laughing just by thinking of it Big Smile Smilie
well here it goes

i had to save it for pics bc in our english class we had to have a map for the hobbit so i printed one and my teacher wanted a source


Wow! wasn't that exciting. I copied it from Charmap.exe which I use to get all the funny pronunciation marks Tolkien used in his writings. I often have this program running while I'm writing on P-T.

Oh, but don't you have a little button that makes the little thingies over the vocals?
That's it, that was the last thing I copied. It's one of my vocabualry words this week in English, so I think I was getting the definition... or something... I don't remember, that's gonna bug me now! Mad Smilie
Planet Tolkien.- A site that I help to manage as part of the council. I think I work too hard....

A quote from Squirrelworld's Links page (that I was going to update, but didn't)
Shaking Head Smilie
where are the docs for this third powergen payment ’1126.28

Making bank payments, sorry!
And yes Ross you can delet you post so I can look smart!!

Just having a joke with Stony!
By the way Sheryl and Stony, did you get my PM's yet? Boooooring.
How to give a cat a bath
I was searching for the thread where that funny cat story had previously been told. Couldn't find it. Didn't matter anyway. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Nice link... was I nominating myself for something? Surely not...
Quote something from Tolkien
this is a thread I moved.
Nice people of Torc:

[B]Gurtholfin[/B] and [B]Amarie[/B]: Who helped me through one of the darkest and most frightening times of my life. Who sent me 'Tootsie Rolls and cards, and letters' Smile Smilie and helped me to smile when physical pain reigned.

[B]Axordil[/B] and [B]Gimli_axe_wielder[/B] and [B]Enderawiggen[/B] and [B]Lady_of_Rohan[/B] who all were my support when I was at my lowest. For believing in me and helping me to stay strong. And for fulfilling my trust in them.

For other members (left) who have been a support when I've lost my bounce and when the [I]*Star*[/I] in me has had its light dimmed, I thank you. You know who you are. IF more of Torc was as kind and had the integrity you have it would be an even nicer place. Smile Smilie

gosh... ummm from another board, 'the nice people of'...topic

Anyone want to search the BMI achives?

T'was about a beautiful cactus photo.

i'm hunting wabbit

Dunno where i wrote this

You wrote it in the chat when you were speaking to me. Smile Smilie Don't you remember?
APR ---------- A ------ B ----- C
Part of the moderators' schedule, which it now being MAY, got relegated to the bottom of the listing.
Re: An Fan has sent you an email!

Email subject headers, very exciting...
OK Thingol, here's my attempt at answering your questions.

I can't really help you on the first one, as the verb 'to be' is irregular, and is mentioned in lesson 18 or so of Helge Fauskanger's course; I am currently re-reading 13 to 17. Your conjugation seems fine to me; I will be able to confirm soon.

For grow (here comes one of my approximations) I would use alatya, because tiuca = fat and tiuya = grow fat. If alat = large, then alatya seems logical for grow large. Alternatively, and just as questionably, loa = shout; rules for abstract nouns in Quenya are somewhat insubstantiated, but they could be interpreted like that.

Rama = shout, but I can't find anything for scream.

Run is surprisingly absent from all my resources.

I hope this helps, and is not too confusing. Smile Smilie
I was giving some advice on Quenya. You lesser folks wouldn't understand.
in the LotR
If 'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee' were to be made into an acronym, it would be FLABSLAB.

LOL! another gem from an MSN conversation.
Aire...! Where are you?

Hum. I quoted Sheryl in the waterfight in the thread "mumble grumble gergle hi"

The password to my e-mail...doesn't work now though, it was a one time password.
Well, I really wonder what will appear now?

During an act of forward gaster flexing toward the seed the ant may also mark it with some abdominal secretion.

OK - This is a part of a review paper I'm writing...

Hum.. I was trying to remember what number to start with when downloading pics from the camera... Big Smile Smilie

It's a link I just got given, no idea what it's about yet though...

This is something my three year old nephew Filip wrote in an ICQ conversation, just to write someyhing. He's so good, he ca write is name himself already!! Big Smile Smilie
*Aire is so proud*
speak to ye later

Well i must have been saying goodbye to someone
Ohh yes, I copied this for my enjoyment. It’s Nightcrawler’s (The X-Men) Bio that I found on some webpage

Powers: Mutant power to teletransport, to stick to walls and to hide in the shadows. Also have great sword fighting abilities and agility.

First Appearance: Giant Sized X-Men #1

Creators: Len Wein, Dave Cockrum and Chris Claremont.

Pro-File: Kurt Wagner is the son of the mutant Mystique, half brother of the now dead Graydon Creed. When he was born in Germany, his mother left him with gypsy parents. His foster mother was Margali Szardos and he grew up by the side of Amanda Sefton, the woman that would be her girlfriend in coming years. Later, he joined a circus and thanks to his acrobatic abilities became a star. But when the circus went to Berlin, the people of the town tried to kill him. He was saved by Charles Xavier, who was forming the New X-Men. He joined the team, forging many friendships there, mostly with Wolverine, Colossus and Kitty Pryde. When Storm lost her powers, Kurt was designed the leader of the X-Men, even if for a short time. He just left when was severely injured in a battle against the Marauders. This injuries damaged his teleportation powers, but that didn't stop him to save Rachel Summers, forming the Excalibur, after his fellow X-Men "died" in Texas. He stayed with the team, and came to lead it. Kurt was a brilliant leader and friend, making him one of the greatest assets to Excalibur.

But to all must come an end. As Captain Britain and Meggan married, Shadowcat, Colossus and Kurt began to have wishes of going back to America. As the group disbanded, Nightcrawler returned to the X-Men and, after a battle with Cerebro, is once again a member of his original group.

[Edited on 10/5/2003 by pesi]
Question Smilie
I must have just written the new daily trivia question.
Jaa, underbart!

Hum. That one I don't recognize at all!! I have no idea where it comes from!! It's swedish anyway.

[Edited on 11/5/2003 by Airecristiel]
This is probably be why Tom Bombadil didn't disappear when he wore the One Ring.
Part of my deleted answer to an unasked question. Again, I had read the question wrongly. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hmmmm I have no clue what this is going to be. lol


lol I remember now, I was responding to a Ringfacwen's comment in some thread and and I am awful at spelling names so I pasted her name in.

Hmmm. It had something to do with the quiz. lol Big Laugh Smilie
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