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Thread: Paste the last thing you copied here!!! Pointless but fun.

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Ballock Dagger
#KKBA - $75
One of the most popular dagger designs of the Middle Ages, the Ballock Dagger was also called the "kidney dagger". Our version has an 8" double edge blade with fuller, and an ebony handle. The octagonal grip is 4 7/8" long, and flares to a pommel with brass cap. It comes with a simple leather sheath which you will likely want to replace - the dagger is absolutely top quality, but the sheath is not designed for regular use. Quantities are limited. $75

Angel SmilieWell,I was thinking about buying a Bollock Dagger so I pasted this on to a notepad to show my dad and ask him if I could get it,I dont know what I was thinking!Oh yea,and he said "NO"...
Never ask your parents to let you buy weapons. Tongue Smilie
Thxs for telling me ealier,Ross Tongue Smilie
Amarantha Sandyman from Sackville

My hobbit name according to the Barrowdowns.
Lossenlot or Vyniaharma - my names from Barrowdowns!

Cool Smilie

I think my sister has been scanning the forums.

My nickname I am using for messenger,means 'little bird' in either Sindarin or Quenya.
Northern Vermont is really scenic. But, it's also far away *cough*

I was using this for a reply at the tread "Where are you all from?????"
Dear,I am wearing sweatpants right now,that is not cute.

Conversation in chat. Smile Smilie
Libert’, Egalit’, Fratnit’

convo with a guy about revolutions Tongue Smilie
She's so vulnerable, like china in my hands
She's so vulnerable and I don't understand
I could never hurt the one I love
She's all I've got
But she's so vulnerable
Oh so vulnerable.

[17:38:24] everyone seems happy tonight Smile Smilie

Something from chat
Asato ma sad gamaya... Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya... Mrtyor mamrtam gamaya....

Something that accidentally popped up in Chat; I took it as my new signature (no, this time I actually know what it means Big Laugh Smilie )

A nick I use in chat that Aires given me,it's a tad hard for me to spell with out messing up so I just put it on my copy and paste. Smile Smilie

Yeah, that was when I was "flattering" Pere as he put it. I thought if I copied it in bold font, it would stay bold, but no such luck. I'm to lazy to just highlight and click a button, I guess Big Smile Smilie .
Phoenix down says:
Nate's in trouble.hehehe
Phoenix down says:
yippppeeeeeeeeee,means im outta the dog house!
Erynhir says:
Phoenix down says:
He was talking about the part in Ghost Ship where them idiots go and eat maggots(hmm,yummy) at the dinner table.
Phoenix down says:
He did this in front of guests,too
Phoenix down says:
or as the fancy pants like to say "Company"
Erynhir says:

I tried to make it as intresting as possable.
oh, where Aman would've been if Eru hadn't taken it from our world!

Pointless, but fun, indeed! Tongue Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

Pary Smilie Birthday Smile Smilie Birthday Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Smoke Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie Happy Elf Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Wiggle Smilie

The Party Tree Big Smile Smilie
A conversation with Barliman, our local 'bot:
(I'm 'reeking_meatloaf')

Barliman: are you male or female?
reeking_meatloaf: I am a female robot. Are you a man or a woman?
I am a man, Barliman
reeking_meatloaf: Thanks for telling me your gender,. You are a " he".
yes, Barliman
reeking_meatloaf: Thanks for telling me your gender,. You are a " he".
Barliman: who is reeking_meatloaf
reeking_meatloaf: Is that one of your friends? Have you tried another program?
I am Reeking_meatloaf
Barliman: are you known by any other names?
reeking_meatloaf: I don't know whether or not I am known by any other names.I am a robot.
Barliman, who am I?
reeking_meatloaf: You are, seeker.
Barliman: am I reeking_meatloaf?
reeking_meatloaf: I think you've improved a great deal.
* Reeking_meatloaf is now known as Arcoroastbeef

Wink Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

I still haven't learned to spell your name,Arco. Smile Smilie
fate! Morgoth I cried it’s my oath! So don’t fear the eyes of the dar

Something from Aule in chat Very Big Grin Smilie

void main()
int n=random(15);
int x=random(80)+1;
int y=random(25)+1;
int x1=random(80)+1;
int y1=random(25)+1;
int x2=random(80)+1;
int y2=random(25)+1;
int x3=random(80)+1;
int y3=random(25)+1;
int x4=random(80)+1;
int y4=random(25)+1;
int x5=random(80)+1; // Repeat this code the no. of characters want
int y5=random(25)+1; //no. of characters u want
gotoxy(x5,y5); //2 display on the screen
cout<<'T'; //at a time. Better use a function.
gotoxy(x,y); //2 erase previous character.
cout<<' ';
cout<<' ';
cout<<' ';
cout<<' ';
cout<<' ';
cout<<' ';
cout<<"Press any key to continue......"; //Can't get this 2 work.

//Will look flashier if colors are added 2 individuual characters.

I was trying to work on the intro to my C++ project. Well, I think it works. Haven't checked it though. I was just copying it to my main program!
Of course you do Peredhil. In fact ,most of the people disagree with me. But again, i can't see any "Happy" couples around.
Quoting Vampyr in the 'Stupid Things' thread.
Quote:’n izindi bat’n t’id’ ayadda: ’d’ k’tha bat’na l’kh’...

A line of Ad’naic from my new signature. Tongue Smilie

I was too lazy to type my friend's screen name out.
Ad astra per aspera.

Latin for "To the stars by hard ways." Not sure why I had it on my c&p.
when I work here
This is work? I thought it was suposed to be fun! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
So please don't needlessly embarrass yourself or any other person.

Ahh! sumthing from Grondy, I must say!
My PT password.

NOTE: That up there is not actually my password.
it says my screen name is not a valid screen name or in use

I don' remember, but I think I was having trouble getting on AIM
OK! This thread is in honour to the "Name the game" Thread which was here before which I liked very much (Though many others didn't) and I want to continue that thread seeing that it had been deleted.
So all u have to do here is to describe the person who's posted in this thread before u. Simple, aint it?

Ah yes! I was starting a new thread in the Ivy Bush called "Describe the person above u!" so I took a little precaution aboutposting twice in case the first post of the thread gets deleted! And plz post at the thread!
Tool -
Mind-numbingly interesting.
Wow you all come from cool places.
I, unfortunately, reside in the farming capital of England: Norfolk. Its the most flat and boring place in the world.

Copying something from one of the other members. Norfolk, by the way is far better than Lincolnshire.
The Silmarils

A star from above
A sparkling of wet
A flaming ember
From the air,sea and earth
Like a long lost love
In Valinor they met
Elves Remember
Two trees accepting
Three lights recepting
Give forth their splendour
And thus will render
All evil asunder
And the elves will wonder
As love bursts like thunder
And the world is set free
By the lights of the tree
Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie
Just some thumbs for Cathol-linn's award winning poetry; you should be thankful that it wasn't the lengthy continuation of the news article I posted today on the front page. Orc Grinning Smilie
Septem causa Gnomorum Dominorum

I have no clue; I think it's Latin.

hm, I was seeing if it was actually a web site...not so...
A nice Tengwar site.
It sure is Pere!


Braging about the vampire-avatar I made for Vampyr, gave a link to where it could be seen. Wink Smilie

Ok! I did paste the last thing I copied here but it turned out to be my new poem which I can't reveal to anyone just yet! U have to wait for my journal!!! Wink Smilie
I was making a new member welcome.
Members Online: 242
Quite a few.
but let no one ever forget that the real praise forever belongs to JRRT, because without his masterpiece there is nothing.
I copied something Elfstone said yesterday under ROTK: Review - SPOILERS

Uh... don't know, don't care to know...
He-Man is a show which I grew up with and its advice at the end each show was helpful in my youthful days. And now with the new series we our finding new insight into the characters and there history. So please do not cancel the MOTU mercandising as some reports state. As a older generation is coming back to the franchise and a younger generation has just discovered it.
Keep Masters of The Universe alive.

My comments on a petetion to keep He_man and The Masters of the Universe franchise alive.
I am passionate about it.
what is intelligence?
intelligence is a term referring to general mental capabilities such as reasoning,understanding abstractions,profitting from personal and vicarious experiences,learning and understanding new material.

Something from an essay my brother is writing. I almost deleted the whole thing.
"Sie liebt dich" ("She loves You") and "Komm gib mir deine Hand"
Ignoranus: A person who's both stupid and an a*!hole.

From bothering Amari’ on MSN. Smile Smilie Nono! She is not one! :O

Ich glaube Vee ist deutsch...
Alda ar Lass’

I think it's a name of a tavern... somewhere... I think... *not sure*

o ok

My friend kept saying that so I copy and pasted it and did the same to her.
" 'And how it (the palant’r) draws one to itself! Have I (Gandalf) not felt it? Even now my heart desires to test my will upon it, to see if I could not wrench it from him (Sauron) and turn it where I would - to look across the wide seas of water and of time to Tirion the Fair, and perceive the unimaginable hand and mind of F’anor at their work, while both the White Tree and the Golden were in flower!' He sighed and fell silent."
- The Two Towers, Chapter XI: The Palant’r

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