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If you wish to retain the use of your limbs, please refrain from letting them dangle beyond the confines of the conveyance. We appreciate your custom, so have a nice day.

Mind the Gap!
Please notice that void and take care so as not to fall down its length.

Would you like some tea or coffee?
Chaa or java, which do you prefer to drink at the moment?

Lest I confuse you, would you like your question answered truthfully, with minor obscuration to protect the innocent, or with an out right lie so that no one is damaged?
You really want the truth, the hole truth, and nothing but the truth? Or, should I just plead guilty...

Use your inside voices, please.
Shut your loud Mouth!

I fought the Law, and the Law won.
You can't beat City Hall.

When the log rolls over we will drown.
When the large stick has made a revolution we will be deluged with water.

America Online 9.0 Optimized SE provided by Dell - [Error: Can't fing web site]
Sorry. You may think this computer is new, but it has so many bugs, that it's unable to gain access to just about any web site on the internet. (my computer is well known for this)

Caution: Wet Floors!
be advised that you might come to harm. the bottom wal of this room is currently soaked in a substance that gives a feeling of wetness

youve seen guy on guy, girl on girl, and now, i think its time for hobbit on hobbit oh yeah! "Frodo and Sam is the next big hit! so, what do you say PJ?
Frodo and Sam are a little too close in your movie, PJ.

"Amusement is the happiness of those who cannot think."-- Alexander Pope
entertainment is the cheerfulness that only people without brains can enjoy. ???

A Traffic Sign:

Note: This sign does not mean "GIVE UP!!!".

When merging with moving wagons, carts, horses, travellers, and livestock on the other road, remember they have the right-of-way. You must slow down and wait for a gap and then speed up into it, melding with the flow, so as not to slow it down. Do not cause traffic on either road to stop.

Unscrew the cap from the barrel. Set the cap aside. Pull the old refill out of the barrel and discard. Insert the new refill, writing point first, making sure it rides freely in the spring. Screw the cap and barrel back together.
Directions for refilling a reusable pen:
Unfasten the removable end by turning it counter-clockwise and withdrawing it. Station the cap to the side. Extract the previously expended refill from the vessel and dispose of it. Fit in an unused ink cartidge, composition tip first, being positive that is sets freely on the circular projectile. Turn the cap clockwise on the vessel, in order to complete the process.

Turn left at the next stop-light.
If you approach a traffic signal and are going north redirect your automobile so you are going west.
If you approach a traffic signal and are going west redirect your automobile so you are going south.
If you approach a traffic signal and are going south redirect your automobile so you are going east.
If you approach a traffic signal and are going east redirect your automobile so you are going north.
roads only run n,w,s,e where i am from

and what is another word for left. Dunce Smilie

The street is not wide enough to accommodate parking on both sides.
the road used for cars is narrow. it is so narrow that you can only pull over and stop your vehicle on half of the edges

The wisard had a cold. when he woke up he had the flu. then he went to the hospital
The magic-bearing man recieved a chill. At the time of his waking, he had influenza. After that occurance, he proceeded to the institution for the treatment of the sick or injured.

Be sure that the power supply is firmly attached to the printer and an electrical outlet.
Check both ends of the power cord stupid! You did remember to connect them didn't you? Well if not, do so now.

Advance token to Boardwalk, if owned pay twice the rent owed.
Move your piece forward to the spot that has been designated a name similar to that of a sea side shopping strip. Pay the person that it belongs to two times the normal rate.

Made in China
Its a fake!

Please follow the stairs on your right to reach the restaurant.
If you would like, use the pieces of wood, marble, cement, or other hard substance arranged in a fashion in which one would have to step up onto each, which is on the side that is not your left, to be directed to an eating facility.

In case of fire or emergency, do not use elevators. Use stairs.
In the event of conflagration, or some other life threatening occurance, leave the building using the flights of steps, for the lifts may become disabled trapping you between floors thus causing the loss of your life.

I am having trouble coming up with some words for the next player to twist. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I am not as verbose as our friend, Morambar, who is never at a lack for words. Smile Smilie (I hope you know I'm just kidding around, Morambar; we like your verbosity.)

"The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom." -- William Blake (See...excess words can lead to the palace of wisdom. Smile Smilie)
follow the yellow brick road

reply in thread
Post a message coresponding with the one(s) listed above.

Use these tools to format your message.
To make the text of your dispatch more eye pleasing, these utilities should come in handy.

Continuing care is an important part of your health.
Keeping up on healthy things is a key part of your well-being.

To be, or not to be. That is the question. (-William Shakespeare)
Should I or shouldn't I? Boy, that is a hard one; I think I like my multiple-guess quizes to have a larger selection of possible answers.

"From the fan favorite Frodo to Legolas, we have them all!" - from a Google ad near the top of the page.
From Hottie #1 to Hottie #2, we've kidnapped them all! Wait. Did I just say that? What I meant to say is, uh..... they're here visiting family! Yes! That's what I meant. Anyway - we do have them!

From a Samsung Mobel Phone Users Manual:
"Turn on the Phone :
1) Fully extend the antenna for the clearest reception, then open the flip.
2) Press and hold the end button for two or more seconds."
To Use your Cell:

a. Pull out the whip (the better to hear you my dear), next pop the lid.
b. Activate the quit pad keeping your digit firmly on it for at least a three count.

"We would like to thank you, our many contributing listeners. Thanks a lot!" - just heard on my local NPR radio station.
Hey yall homies out there who like to shake an ear or two wid us everyday, we would like to wish yall some peace, man. Peace!

You should never underestimate the predictibility of stupidity.
Let's face it, no matter how many safety features we design into our products, someone will always come up with a new way of abusing those products, rendering all our endeavours for nil.

"Quarrels would not last long if the fault were on one side only." - Duc de La Rochefoucauld
Because both parties made mistakes, fights continue.

Avoid the Wait! Reserve your Fall Textbooks TODAY.

dodge the bog of waitland! preorder the automs school books in the next 24 hours!
The wheel Weaves as the weal Wills-Wheel of time saying thing
@#$@ happens, especially to ta'veren. Now hie thee to the thread; I'm having trouble giving Miruvor a reason why Lews Therin is "reborn" in Rand, but both personalities are present (i.e. not like Mats memories.)

Continuing in that vein,

"The truth an Aes Sedai [or whomever, for non WoTers] speaks is not the truth you think you hear."
Wow! that was a conversation stopper.
But, in response...

Things aren't how they sound.

Youth is fleeting. Immaturity, however, can last forever! (from a birthday card by Avanti(R))

I didn't knock on wood.
We soon get old, but it may take us all eternity to gain wisdom.

From out of the far north comes the cry of the K-K-Bird, "K-K-Krimeney it's C-C-Cold up here!".
Traveling into the southern hemisphere is the call of a flying specimen. Fridged it is above you.

Normal Payroll processing is scheduled for this Labor Day holiday, therefore there will be no delay as there may have been with past holidays. All checks and direct deposits will take place following the normal weekly distribution schedule. Thank you!!

Good luck
Satisfaction will be Guaranteed!

Would you rather die by hanging or by being electrocuted?
Would you rather die by dangling off a little rope which is tied around your neck or by sticking your finger in a socket?

"This masterpiece should be mandatory reading, Brown solidifies his reputation as one of the most skilled thriller writers on the planet with his best book yet, a compelling blend of history and page-turning suspense." - Library Journal

(Just wondering, can you guess what book the review above is written on?)
The davinci code

This particular author writes a good book, that gets the reader interested, and it gives the reader a ride.

|Little Debbie Snacks| Unwrap a Smile. TM

Has anybody seen the Little Debbie Logo before?
If you squint and blur your eyes it kinda looks like it.
Funny edible stuff.

Media has its influence in every sphere of life which is a responsibility which the media is apparantly finding a bit hard to cater to.
Music, movies, television, and etc. has an effect on all the aspects of life. Well, it did, but now it really isn't.

WAL*MART - Always Low Prices. Always.
BUY OUR GOODS - PAY YOUR TAXES! So your Government Welfare Department can subsidize our business expenses by paying for all our employees' benefits. This will result in undercutting our competition, taking more money out of the local economy, and sending even more jobs to China.

What's good for WAL*MART is good for WHOM Question Smilie

(It used to be, "What's good for General Motors is good for the USA.")
The question of a store's profitability, may arise, in relation to the economy's profitability.

I just got a brand new laptop for free through my school. Hip Hip Hurray!!!
or by sticking your finger in a socket?

I've done that by accident once, not as painful as you would imagine.
Today my school provided me at no personal expense, an unused, state-of-the-art notebook computer. Hot Diggity Dog!!!

So long as one could unlock himself out of that iron door lying up at the further end of Old Cell Block, well under the overhanging second-tier balcony, it would be "dung pie," at any time when the lousy night screw up there went to the "nicky"’and he always went by way of the connecting corridor, visible from Rudy's cell’it would be dung pie to slip out of Cell 76, pad quietly down the cell-walk’the cons would all be snoring, heads toward the gateside wall, as was necessary because of the way those un-prison-like ancient bunks had been constructed’and thence to that riveted door.
This lengthy sentence was from The Case of the Transposed Legs by Harry Stephan Keeler Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
"A whole bunch of stuff about men in jail trying to escape, that no one wanted to twist, because it is entirely too long for this game."

Hehe he

You must use version 4 and you will be required to hand-in a print out of your design.

From an assignment sheet, from my civil engineering perspectives class.
The assignment is a paper copy of the graphic results based on the fourth example in the quide.

This little piggy went to market; this little piggy stayed home.
One finger took a trip to the store, and the other finger remained at the domestic abode.

Observe that the sum, difference and product of two integers is always an integer.
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