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if (a : Z,b : Z) then ((a+b) : Z, (a-b) : Z,a*b : Z)
where Z is field of integers and ":" means "belongs to"

A priest had a dog, he loved it.
It ate a piece of meat, he killed it.
Buried and wrote:
"A priest had a dog, he loved it.
It ate a piece of meat, he killed it.
Buried and wrote:
"A priest had a dog, he loved it...
Juggling Smilie
The priest was very repetitive.

How now brown cow
You too blue moo?

On the third floor you'll find a huge maze of magic gates that appear and disappear. That's where my computer really bogs down. Sad Smilie
on the ryhmes with bird low floor you will run across a group of non-existent-then aexistent big doorways that might contain properties of Gandalfnes...

I don't have, need, or want a cell phone. I once had to replace one of my two short range portable phones because I dropped it into the loo right after flushing. I dried it out and it worked, but it finally gave up the ghost after about a month. I assume this was due to corrosion of its contacts.
guees who said that? and when you twist it, make it make more sense k?
I hate mobile phones.... Mad Smilie

Grondy said this.......

Sorry this is the best my poor brain could do - it's late and I'm getting tired!!!!!
If anyone can do better - please feel free

We wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry cristmas, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year Merry Christmas Smilie
Standing Up Santa Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Season's Greetings!!! Christmas Tree Smilie Standing Up Santa Smilie

Is it better to sling stones or barbed words at the dwellers of glass houses?
is it worse to hurl solid dirty or clean things at the ppl in a dwelling made out of transparent fragile matirial or yell mean things at the ppl mentioned.

Mer Her, the first time i posted I forgot to add something for the next person.
Mis His, due to a lax memory, my initial post left-out the words to be acted on by the following poster.

Following her advice for this battle is actually a good idea.

Mondays child is fair of face,
Tuesdays child is full of grace,
Wednesdays child is full of woe,
Thursdays child has far to go,
Fridays child is loving and giving,
Saturdays child works hard for his living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.
Each time unit of 24 hrs. has a specific and corresponding characteristics for the babies birthed on that increment of time.

Leave books on tables for reshelving.
Do not try to place a book on the shelf yourself, because you are not able to understand how and where it should be put.

A is the first letter of the Latin alphabet.
Alf is in position number one in the list of ancient Roman characters used for writing text.

Should one be required to pay to read a newspaper online?
Do people have to give their money for being able to get some bad news from the Internet? Tongue Smilie

Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away...
One day ago, I was far removed from the multiple problems that just snuck up and reared their ugly heads at me.

One, two, buckle my shoe
Three, four, shut the door.
OK, I've learnt to count, sorted my shoes and I've close the door - now what...

Shake your groove thing
Shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah
Show ’em how we do it now
Shake your groove thing
Shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah
Show ’em how we do it now
Show ’em how we do it now
I'll give another......

I shot the sheriff but I did not shoot no deputy......
Okay, I did 'em both in, though I may quibble about the lower ranked lawman.

"I," said the fly," with my little bone-error."
"Richard" voiced Richard the annoying buzzy insect "accompinied by Richards miniscule....ummmm Bone-error...snot slang is it?
Ugh! I don't usually keep in mind my obligation to write here any different thought.

Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.
if it is the first and only time an event occurs, this event will never repeat itself.
tho if an event occurs doubly, then it would be able to occur thrice.

(if that at all makes sense...)

Never say never....
Always leave your self some wiggle-room!

Existance or non-existance, now that's a conundrum.
Hamlet has given a great puzzle to all of us Happy Elf Smilie

Do not trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.
No matter where you run or hide IT will find you

If it's not broke don't fix it
You should not try to repair something until you have killed that certain something beyond working

I hate it when people say that dobby is anything like Gollum/Sméagol.
Rivendellelf1977 strongly dislikes the habit of persons who compare Harry Potter's House Elf friend to Tolkien's ancient hobbit-type protatgenist, who took down Sauron by taking himself and the One Ring down into the flaming fires of Ordruin.

Capitalisim's only virtue is that it works.
"Democracy is a terrible, terrible form of government - however we haven't come up with anything better yet."
For me, a person born in USSR, this statement is very lively.

...and he lived happily afterwards till the end of his days.
... and they all settled down and grew old together with much satisfaction.

Do you hear what I hear; do you see what I see?
I wonder if your sound and visual feelings are similar to those of mine?

He can swim in the "butterfly" style.
He floats gracefully over the water like a beautiful insect.

I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

J. R. R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring
Who the hell are you?

The door cracks open, but there's no Sun shining through.
The rays from the great yellow orb in the sky can't quite make it past the slightly ajar gate into the entryway.

"Side effects may include addictive behavior, loss of sleep, and an overwhelming desire to play all 230+ games at one sitting."
Welcome to PT,my friend!!! Wink Smilie

O tempora,O mores!
I dislike this era and all the rudeness we are experiencing in it.

Where are you going wearing that red hood, my dear little one?
hey! mini! y the hood? its colored like blood!

hey! u! ya im talking to u! wots with the hair??
Erm..Are those snakes growing out of your head?

Which word dont you understand?
Is there a part of that sentence that bypassed your cognizance,:confused: if so maybe this hammer can help? Orc Grinning Smilie

Which part of No! don't you understand?
Dost mine denial of your incessant idiocy elude your comprehension and what segment therein is at the heart of your ignorance?

Your highly grammatical conjections are far too copious for my diminishing comprehprehensions and therefore, if you illucidate so emphatically, I'll be forced to horizontalize your irregularities!
I'm going senile and may embarrass you one day very soon.

I wonder what fool it was that first invented kissing.
-- Jonathan Swift
During times when my thoughts run amok, I like to think about the identity of the character with an unstable mind who had thought up the method and procedure of the display of affection through contact using the lips.

The bug is the result of a systematic anamoly in the inherrent programming of the code.
The cause of the glitch is a stemic error in the way the program was originally assembled.

"Go down here to the third light and turn left; go two blocks and turn right; go three blocks and turn left. There will be a gas station on the far corner; pull in there and ask, 'How do I get to Fourth and Pike?"
I'm sorry. I don't know the location of "Fourth and Pike". But you might wanna ask someone else.

There are always two types of people: One who like to divide other people into types and those who don't.
There are always two types of people: One who like to divide other people into types and those who don't.

Some wags like to pigeon-hole their aquaintences into different classes, while some would rather let each person fill their own unique niche.

I find the latter method is more conducive to better relationships.

personally, the way of thinking i put after the fist, is much better when involved in any kind of association.

Grondy forgot to delete wot he pasted into his thread.
Grondmaster failed to remember to remove the extra material that is present in his text.

Who disturbs my slumber?
What's the name of that dirty pig who dared to wake me up?

In reality monkeys hate bananas, but they never confess to it
Monkeys are big liars.

Maybe you could be a bit more persuasive the next time.
I don't agree with you. Try your tirade again tomorrow.

Shall we dance?
Would you like to run around in each others arms looking like idiots?

"Bah Humbug. I think every man who goes around with a merry Christmas on his lips should be drowned in his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through his heart."
"I don't keep Christmas!!!" is what old Ebenezer Scrooge meant, when he made the afore mentioned statement.

Be it so humble, there's no place like home.
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