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A long time a go in the glittering caves, there was a family of the drow they look like elves but with black skin and white hair. One day they had a great fight with the dwarfs who also lived in those caves, unfortunately the dwarfs lost and the caves belong only to de Drow right now...
The matron of the drow called Silvaghar 'tel Zaughym was a very mighty wizard she is one of oldest drow there is on middle-earth and nobody will ever win of her...
Welcome to PT!!! Hope you have a good time here. The drow eh... good story material.
Welcome to PT! This looks like it could be an interesting RPG, cya around!
Ooh, yeah! Welcome to PT! R. A. Salvatore's writing, eh? Great stuff!!!! I just love Drizzt!

thanks a lot i hope i would be a good RPG.. yeah R.A. Salvatore has made the story about the drow Smile Smilie i dont really like Drizzt, Dinin is much cooler Wink Smilie
Well i know something about Drizzt and nothing about Dinin, but im familiar with the drow alltogether. So....shall we start this RPG? You should beter write a good begining so we can all join in Silvaghar tel' zaughym. And could you.......please chose or assign a shorter name for us to call you? This one is just to complicated. Thanks Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
i have no idea what the heck a drow is, but I'll get the books and join in when i figure it out.
Arwen, a drow is a race of dark elves from some of the Dungeon&Dragons adventures. They have a cool past, starting with their rebellion for what they were banished under the earth. Because of that their skin turned dark and their hair white. They are maybe the most hated races on the world(expecialy by normal elves). They now live in great cities in the Underdark( a neverending complex of caves that stretches under the entire surface of the world) and are in constant battles with the dark dwarves, illithids(mind flayers and similar creatures) and other subterrenean races.They have a special affinity towards spiders because of their greatest and most frequent diety, Lolth. They also live with highly developed magics that they have mastered and their societies are nearly all ruled by the females ( here from the matriarch this thread maker was reffering too). Read more about D&D and youll find more great and exciting facts about the dark subterrenean race, knows as .....the Drow.
I hope thats good enough for now.
lol, thanx Ethy...and thought it was a book, oh well, thanx, i'll read up.
Big Smile Smilie
Wow you know a lot about D&D, Eth! I want to learn how to play it!!!!! Very Sad Smilie I'd better look up some of these things too! Want to be educated I do! Wiggle Smilie
Heh.Thanks Acheron. Iv been playin for some time, but it seems ill have to stop for some time, cause my friends dont have the time Orc Sad Smilie . But all you need are a few good friends and someone with some knowleadge already about D&D. I had the luck of becoming friends with a older guy that was playing it for years and he taught us all. If you want to read D&D books, well theyr pretty expensive so you might want to find some CD with all the books on it, scaned books. Not really legit, but im just telling you whats out there.
So is this story going to begin??
Good question. And if you want to learn all about and Drow and Drizzt and Forgotten Realms(TM), just read the books! I love 'em!

Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well, I have absoloutly no idea what you're talking about but it sounds cool so I'm in. I'll check in later to see if anything has gotten started. Another adventure is always good!

Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hm yahyah I'll join soon as it starts...oO
I dont think this should be a LOTR related adventure/thread......And i dont think its gona start. Unless......i start it.....
Gah, Ethy, I'll change it if needed! Smile Smilie Well, if anyone's going to start the thread, it's you. You're da expert so fire it up!
Where do we start....Lets see.....
Ill wait for a few more people and then ill try and come up with something.
I would join, but seeing as I have no idea what any of this Drow, D&D stuff is...I think it migt be better if I didn't :P
Read Smilie

Oh come on.I've never heard of it, but this is where I'm gonna learn.Besides, I'm sure the majority of the players don't know what this Drow is either...

Most likely none of us will know what we're talking about when you think realisticly...
I dunno, I might, but I think I'm gonna wait a bit and learn a lil bit more before I join.
Name Drizzt
Race: Elven
Apearance: haggerd looking with brown hair dull eyes and a haunted look.
Clothes black pants black shirt black boots and a black cloak.
Weapons: Broadsword w/ protective spells interwoven and an anti magic spell to deflect the attacks of mages (chance of working 50% (I flip a coin))
Abilities: lesser healing spells and crafting of swords.
History: has fought against nameless evils and a dragon but has often lost his temper. He lost his family to a nameless evil many years ago and has been wandering the relm searching for the path he should be on.
Anyone else wish to join? Come on people!!
Count me in, as an elf of course. I'll post a profile as soon as I come up with one...
Me as well. I'm in the same position as Arwen (unless I already posted a profile o.O) and I'll post it when I think of everything! Very Mad Smilie
I've posted on the previous page if thats alright...

Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
OKay, I finally got it!

Name: Alat’ri’l S’regon (Alar for short)
Race: Elven
Homeland: None
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Physical Appearence: Long dark brown hair in a braid going down her back, grey-green eyes with a light to them and yet pink circles around them, a flawless face (besides scratches, toughness, and such...), clothes alike to that of a Ranger (specifically of Gondor...), dark green cloak
Skills: Anything dealing with what knights do, as well as household chores
Special Items/Weapons: A long sword, along with her charger Sam
Backround/History: Unknown
Alliegence: Unsure, but mostly on the side of good
I don't know anything about the books, but if you can tell me there author i think i may read them they sound interesting. I make up a character. ~Irima-Arwen

Name- Alavandea (last name not known)
Race- half-elf
Homeland-not known
Age-not young but not old
Homeland-not known
Physical apperance- pale, black long hair, black eyes, Tall about 6.1, thin. Hardly seen because she wears a black cloak that dosen't show her face.
Skill-good with a sword, excellent with a bow.
Weapons-Sword, bow, daggers.

What's with all the elves? Where are the drows? I guess I'll going to be a sub-terranian creature then. If I am a dwarve, I'll be killed very soon. If I'll be a drow, then I don't know who I am, because I don't know anything about them. Ah, what the... I'll be a drow.
But seeing there are so many elves already, there is going to be a big war between us, and I will be killed also. Doesn't matter.
Oh yeah, I should notice, this is my first RPG, so please be a bit gentle on me.

Name: Nerthis
race: Drow
gender: male
Appereance: Tall, blackskinned, white hair over his shoulders. Radiant eyes to see good in the dark.
Skills: he can se quite good in the dark, even for a Drow. He is normally a hunter, but since the skirmishes with the dwarves began te be more frequent he helps fighting them. He sometimes is a bit clumsy, but not very often.
Weapons: A longbow with blackfeathered arrows and a large (and very sharp) hunting dagger.
I'm going to repost my bio here with the others,if thats alright...

Name-Aspen Boh
Age -21
Race-Elven Druid
Appearence- Waist lenght brown hair w/ copper'ish streaks and braids running all through it,green eyes,pale skin,blind in right eye
Weapons-Throwing knives,,quarter staff,bow'n arrows,various weapons hidden on her person
Clothing- Entirely in grey elven garb and robes much too big for her
Back ground/History-Daughter of Walker Boh, cousin of Bek, and aunt of Penndirrin Ohmsford,She is short tempered and quick witted but doesn't always think before making an action...

I just realized,this one like one of the first times I've played some-one other than Rue,interesting...
Name: S’rem’la Telemnar (Mela for short)
Race: elven
Allegiance: Good
Age: looks about 18-19ish
Appearance: about 5'6", loosely curled reddish brown hair, pulled back, falls to mid back. Heart shaped face, and dark brown eyes. She has a rather sharp temper, and is very stubborn.
Weapons: two short swords that look rather like katanas, and daggers secreted on her person, she can also use a bow and arrow fairly accurately.
History: unknown
Should we post if we're good or bad in our boi's?
Hm...sounds like a good plan!
Since it would be a good idea to say our allegiance.
Hm...we need a dwarf! It'll be exciting. And yes, I'll do two people, long as you all don't mind...

Name: Bronkt (called Red)
Race: Dwarven
Homeland: Where the dwarves are from ( I dunno anything about the drow, so I'll edit when I learn!)
Gender: Male
Age: 70's
Physical Appearence: Reddish hair and beard, clothes similar to that of his companion Alar
Skills: Good at digging and finding treasure, also good with an axe
Special Items/Weapons: A couple of axes, one double-bladed
Background/History: Unknown
Alliegence: Good
Anyone who does not know anything about the DROW, please read my third post in this thread (page 1). If any more questions arise, i shall be happy to anwser them (at least ill try).
I see we have a lot of elves here and only one drow. So ill be a drow as well...

Race: DROW
Gender: MALE
Name: NYM
Age: unknown
Looks: normal for a Drow. Black skin, white hair, and fair looks (for a drow that is). Dressed in black travelling clothes and a black cloak.
Weapons: 2 longswords, their hilts are decorated with a range of spider motives.
Alingment: NEUTRAL
Past: not much known. He comes from a smaller drow city in the Underdark. He has spent some time on the surface, so he isnt so affected by daylight any more.
Ah,wonderful,when do we start?

And if the need be I can trasnfer to a Drow to even out the elves...
eth is not the only one who knows of the drow if you need information ask me and I will tell also if anyone wishes I will delete the drizzt I created and go with the real Drizzt Do'Urden so that you can all learn of him as I roleplay him as he is in the book.
Yes, when do we start?
And I'll switch to a drow if needed
yes when do we begin?
Arrghh!! Lets just begin!! Ill post a start soon enough....
What do you say to this........

We all start in a pub in Baldurs Gate (a nice big city, from the Forgotten Realms(aD&D campaign world)).
Everyone who is a drow is covered in a dark cloak, so they dont attract unwanted attention to their skin color. We all wind up at the same table because its happy hour, and its crowded.
(what do you think?)
sounds good to me Eth...Let's get this thing started! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Drizzt sits at the table sipping an ale and looking at the others at the table. His eyes glitter softly as if there is a joke that only he sees. "Greetings everyone." He slurs as he speeks making it seem that he has had a few too many ales.
Nerthis looks ad Drizzt, nods as a greeting, and then all of a sudden asks: "What's so funny? You are laughing I can see it in your eyes."
Awating the reply of Drizzt, he empties his ale with a sigh.
Aspen smirked under her hood at the laughing man and took another sip of wine. It was certianly crowded and any conversation seemed interesting.She set her glass down and listened.
Nym watched the people sitting with him at the table. "Well well...iv never seen so much drows in one place other than the Underdark. What are you guys doing here anyway?" he asked the other drows at the table. He himself wore a large dark cloak to hide himself. Drows were not so welcome in the above world. Seeing that nobody wanted to go first, he spoke "I myself am just passing by. Im on my way to visit someone, some kind of a buissnes meeting, if you know what i mean."
Alar was sitting quietly, head bowed down so her face couldn't be seen. Next to her sat a hungry dwarf, shouting for some food.
"Is the service here always this slow?!" he shouted. "Certainly there's gotta be-"
He was cut off by a patron bonking him on the head with an empty bottle. The dwarf, Bronkt, fell backwards out of his chair. Alar picked him up quickly and sighed lightly, eyes still downcast. She kept her companion up, sipping some ale quietly.
"We are just passing through," she said softly, the others barely able to hear her.
"Whats so funny you ask? well I'll tell you it's that if half the people in this tavern knew what some of the people at this table were I would be havving to fight." He sounds hammered with the slurring of his speech. He leans back sipping his ale but those who have been keeping track will notice that he has only had the one ale all afternoon and he has been acting like he is sipping at it.
Nym nodded to Drizzt. And with a grin he said "I agree. Make sure nobod shouts "bar fight", because then we just might be revealed." he said with a wink.
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