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Kyarii stabbed the remaining mindflayer, who seemed a slight bit distraught about its dead companion, and was distracted, with an 'x' cross down its head with her sword and dagger. She took a bit of the mindflayer's clothing and cleaned the thing's brain matter off of her blades. Sliding them into their respective sheathes, Kyarii turned back and rejoined the others. She then noticed Drizzt on the ground and looked at Moore who was standing over him. She noticed the blood on the elf's forehead and reverted her eyes back to the normal spectrum of light to check his wounds in better detail.

Realizing that there was nothing she could do at the moment, she stood and turned to Catti-Brie. "Catti-Brie, it seems to me that the mindflayers have 'poisoned' Drizzt, I could be wrong, but were touched at all by one of their tentacles?" Kyarii asked, while her eyes widened as her gaze found a small red spot on her left arm.
Looking down, Catti noticed the red mark, and several companions to it on her arms. "It would appear so," she stated wearily. "But tend to Drizzt first please, his injuries are much worse. I can wait. Now what can i help with?"
"Catibre" drizzt moaned as his mind traveled the dark tunnals of its inner workings looking for the strength nessisary to deal with the fact that his brain had been touched by the power of an Illithoid.
Leaning up against the cave wall, Catti pulled Drizzt so that his head was in her lap and lightly stroked his hair with her good hand. "I'm here. Don't worry, you're goin' to be okay, I'm not going to leave ye, I promise." With that, Catti rested her head against the wall and closed her eyes in exhaustion, leaving her hand on Drizzt's head.
Kyarii slung her bag off her shoulders and began digging around inside. "Where is...there!" she pulled out a teardrop shaped amulet and then shook her head. "Not yet..." she mumbled. Turning to Moore, Kyarii said, "Thanks to your efforts in that last battle, you have almost proven to me that I can trust you," she looked back at Catti-Brie. "I can see your tired, but tell me, can you protect yourself and Drizzt for a few hours, while I go get the underground plant I need to cure him? And do you think Moore would aid you in case another battle were to occur?"
'I believe i can do what i can, you go' said Moore, looking up into her eyes, noticing that she was reluctant to move, so he shouted 'GO!!!!!! you havnt got much time'.

With that she left, her slow jog turned into a run and soon she was into the black leaving faint sounds of steps behind her.

Moore waited until he could hear the steps no more, then he turned and stood before the two exhausted warriors, hanging onto dear life as it seemed. Many thoughts came rushing through his mind, should he leave them??? Should he help them??? Or should he just take their weapons and attempt to fight his way through the tunnels??? But would he risk the danger and betray the only people that have ever helped him??? These people have been kind and in a way helpful to him, without them he would have cetainly die of torture.

He made his decision, he looked at both of them, and stooped down, he taken a long black jacket from one of the fallen warriors. He turned back to the two sleepful warriors and picked up their weapons, one in each hand and turned and slowly started to walk down into the black.

Then he stopped, remembering the memory that he saw in Cattie's eyes, he then proceeded to grapple in his mind what to do.

He stood as still as shadows in the dark...
Hearing a second set of footsteps leading away in the opposite direction as Kaoru, Catti opened her eyes and glanced around, then realised that her cloak was gone. Looking around, she realised that Loss had disappeared. Laying Drizzt's head down on the ground lightly, she stood and tried to figure out what to do. She couldn't leave Drizzt but Loss wouldn't survive alone in these tunnels if the past few encounters they'd had were any judge. Sighing, Catti stepped a couple more paces into the dark and then spoke quietly.

"Loss, are ye there? Come back, you can't do this on your own. I know ye don't trust us, but don't do this to yerself. Please come back."

Knowing that that was all she could do without endangering Drizzt, Catti turned back and settled into her former position, cradling Drizzt's head with one hand resting on her sword as she kept a watchful eye.
Loss going away in one direction left Cattie unaware of something aproaching from the other side of the tunnel. But soon she heard it.. Slow but steady, and increasing in loudness, heavy footsteps aproaching her and Drizzt. It sounded like something big...
Stood in the dark, Loss had his back to Cattie and Drizzt, still arguing with himself what to do. Then his ears pricked, he turned his head slightly to the right and heard Cattie faintly shout to him, he then heard the rumble. Suddenly he realised that he had taken their weapons, they are defensless and they are weary.

He then felt a renewed strength that he hadnt felt in a long time flow through his veins. He turned slowly with a red glow in his eyes, he looked at the ground and moved his eyes up, a growing black mist surrounded his feet and walked as if in slow motion back towards the rumble......
Sad as it is, for a little while there, I forgot my character's name.....

Kaoru's ears twitched as she barely heard the rumbling; thought she was too far away to do anything about. She continued her search for the underdark plant that would heal her companions. Belatedly, she realized that she should've been trying to keep quiet, else she may find herself the dinner of some unknown beast.
Slowing slightly, she changed her flatout run to silent sprint, and sensed an opening in the tunnel up ahead of her. She stopped right before it, and glanced back behind her; seeing nothing, she continued to the edge of the corridor.
The cavern before her was not too large, she could tell by using her infravision because she could still see the walls. It's ceiling however, was a mystery, as it was beyond even her sharp sight. There were no openings on the walls, and the floor was empty of stalagmites. The only other way out of the room was through a hole in the floor.
Glancing behind her once more, Kaoru dashed to the opening and looked down.
Im not playing Nym any more, but my old self. Here's some character bio for reminders..

Name: Etharion

Race: elf (gold, high)

Sex: male

Age: unknown

Looks: Long white robes with a golden colored vest, and a long silvery cloak on his shoulders, all in the style of a high mage... Fine leather boots, with little wings tucked at the back of them. Runed bracers are upon his wrists, and a silver circlet is upon his brow. Long light brown hair, prominent ears and a pleasant face he has. A silver staff, with a golden sun symbol at the top, he wields, but a long blade upon his belt hangs, if need be that it is unsheathed.

Background: A mage lord, with a past unknown to nearly all, nearly as if he just wasn’t from around here’but from really far away.. Seeking to broaden his knowledge on the arcane, and help good people on the way.

Companion: Not really a companion but a creation of his, a huge golem (a construction of some sorts, made through complicated enchantments and a finely made ’metal’ construction) that obeys his every command. Fashioned in the style of a large armored individual with a huge blade in one arm and a huge fist for pummeling at the end of the other, yet capable of gentle motions if needed.

Nearing Cattie and Drizzt, Etharion took note of the surroundings, to spot anyone else but the two on the floor. Slowing down he gestured the golem ’Whoa boy..stop for a moment. We have company..’ he said nodding towards the two and smiling. ’I belive this is not a ambush, for I see none of your friends nearby.. But nevermind. Excuse my behaviour.. my name is Etharion. Might I inquire yours? It seems you had some bad luck in the Night Below..and it is always good to have a friend nearby, expecially here..’
happens to the best of us Icey :P or maybe it just happens to me....oh and welcome aboard Eth!!!! *hugs*

Catti looked up at the stranger.
"Yes, a watchful guard would be helpful since i can barely keep my eyes open. That is assuming i can trust ye. But you look like a nice sort so if ye wouldn't mind, i would be most grateful if you could keep watch. I have several companions who might reappear, their names are Kaoru and Loss. Thank ye, sire."
"Not a problem fair maiden..I shall guard while you rest your eyes. Well, my friend here will do most of the guarding" he said with a smile pointing at the construction. And so while the golem standed guard, Etharion gazed at the fair Catti as she finally got her long needed sleep.
The first thing Kaoru caught sight of through the hole were the glowing plants she needed. She reached down towards them, and realized that the hole was merely a small cubby; if anything -she- might have been able hide in there, but that was all. There was also a small bubbling puddle in the center of the hole. Not quite sure what the puddle was of, and knowing she had to get back, Kaoru ignored it and stood.

As soon as she did, she ceiling came alive with monsterous flying creatures. She dropped to a crouch and ran at the entryway, whispering some words as she came through. Suddenly the stone doorway shuddered, and disappeared, leaving nothing more that a plain stone wall. She grinned to herself and ran back the way she had come, thinking, "Why, of all things in creation, did there have to be BATS in there?!"

As she neared where she had left Moore, Catti, and Drizzt, she slowed as heard a voice she did not recognize...and the small device that left a mixture of hot and cold signatures on infravision eyes that she had left on Moore was nowhere to be found...

Kaoru continued creeping closer, and suddenly became aware and large...thing...
As soon as Kaoru drew close to the place where the others were sitting, the golem turned with blinding speed towards the stranger and lifted its sword arm ready to strike.. Etharion was aware that someone was nearby, so he said "Who goes there? Friend or foe? State your buissnes or leave.. Otherwise you might not live another day.." he finished, moving his cloak aside to reveal his sword, and a nod towards the large golem.
Kaoru glanced around and noticed Drizzt's and Catti's slumped forms lying on the ground. She then saw the male elf standing there, along with his massive golem. She stood and walked out from hiding, her dagger out, and her other hand on the hilt of her sword. "Sir Elf, while you are no drow, I don't believe I can trust you to be around my fellows as they are. But, seeing as you are the one with the bodyguard-golem over twice MY size, I believe I shall answer your questions. I am Kaoru, and those are my companions," she said with her slight accent.

Her silver eyes twinkled as she looked at the golem. "And by the way, I don't know much in the way of magic, but this has wonderful craftsmanship..." she said wistfully.
Etharion straightened his cloak and said "Well then..i see no problem. My name is Etharion..and i have offered your tired friends to guard them while they rest. Oh yes..thank you..i did have some help in creating him.." he said looking at the golem that had now returned to its peacefull guarding state. "I didnt catch your name.." he said examining the newcomer..
Kaoru smiled slightly, she felt she could trust this elf, though she did not know why. Thinking, 'Is he deaf or is he staring at me,' she said, "My name is Kaoru, and I thank you for guarding my friends while they the golem wasn't entirely your work? Either way, it's very well put together," she added and grinned as she looked the creature up and down.
After walking around the thing once or twice, she stopped near Etharion and said, "Would happen to have a mortar and pestle with you? I did not bring mine, and I feel it would not be too good to contaminate-" she paused and pulled the plants from her pocket, "-these with whatever filth has layed upon these rocks." Her silver eyes never ceased to twinkle as she glanced back at the golem and then she frowned, her brow furrowing.
"Did you, by chance, see a smallish fellow, he goes by Moore, around here at all?"
"A pleasure to meet you.." he said with a slight bow. "Well i had a friend of mine, a dwarven smith, to help me make the acctual body, but i personally enchanted him.. Yes..he is a nice one, one of my best.." he said musing. "A mortar and pestle..hmm..Let me look." he rummaged in his cloak and produced something resembling a large black handkerchief. "Scuse me.." he layed the cloth on the floor and straightened it out. As he finished, the cloth seemed to stick to the floor and create..a hole! He then steped indside it entirely, dissapering from sight. Just as if he climbed into some hole in the ground. After some sounds of rummaging around he finally exclaimed "Ahah! here it is.." and then climbed back out. He handed her what she asked for and gathered up the cloth again to put it away. Seeing her slightly bemused expression, he explained "Sorry..its a Portable Hole. A magic device for storing a extra dimensional space that can be entered by spreading the "hole" out and creating a entrance. When your done with it, you just pack it back up, and anything you'v put in the room stays exactly like you leaved it. Very handy to storage stuff.." he said with smile. "Moore? No..i havent seen anyone recently except a mind flayer and some thralls..."
Kaoru shook her head sadly, murmuring, "I thought I could trust that fellow, next time I see him I shall show him what happens to those who dishonor my trust!" she ended loudly, her hands clenching in fists as her silver eyes suddenly showed an angry sheen. Her eyes widened slightly at Etharion's portable hole, and she said, "I'd like to know where you got that, as one would come in very handy for me..."
She took the items from him that she asked and kneeled on the ground. Putting each of the three reddish plants she had recovered in the small bowl, she stripped the leaves of the plants from the purple stems and set the stems aside. After grounding up the leaves for a few minutes, Kaoru pulled off her bag and rumaged through it, until she found two things: a small clear vial, and a corked bottle filled with water.
She then poured the water into the red paste in the bowl and took her dagger to skin the plant stems, then taking the skinned plant stems, she put them in the bowl, and ground them up as well. Adding more water, Kaoru, stirred the mixture until she seemed happy with it, and poured half the thick dark stuff into the vial, while pulling one more vial out of her bag, and emptying the bowl into it. She corked one vial and put it back in her bag, while she held the other in her hand.
Crossing over to where Drizzt and Catti-Brie lay sleeping, Kaoru, opened both their mouths, and poured some of her concoction inside. As she backed away from the two to wait for her medicine to work, she stumbled a bit, and leaned against the wall of the cave, to keep herself from falling down. "I hope I made enough for myself as well," she muttered, and turned her back to wall, while sliding down to the floor. She looked up at Etharion and said, "Let us hope I did, for I was trying to save the other vial in case this happens again."
Kaoru shuddered and began shaking, she hugged herself and set the vial on the floor. "This is new to me...I was not aware that I had been least not as bad as why do I act so? I did not know that mind flayer's stings affected me so...I guess I am allergic," she said and smiled sardonically. Steadying her hand, she picked up the vial and drank the last of it.

OOC: That's a rather long post, but I'm in the roleplaying mood right now, so I apologize Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Drizzt has flashbacks to his time spent in these same tunnals as a child and as a student at the fighters accadamy but trys in vain to push them aside with nothing working untill he brings a picture of his beloved catibree into his mind that drives out all the dark thoughts of his past slowly comming to he is on his feet as soon as he notices the newcommer and the golum ready for battle his blades seemingly apearing in his hands. "Who are you"
Etharion asked Kaoru "Mind flayer stings? What are you talking about?" he said confused. Just then Drizzt seemed to wake up so he turned to him "Hello dark one. Dont worry..i dont mean no harm, my name is Etharion and im here to help.." and at the same time he gestured the golem to relax. "But i dont know your name.. and id like to know exactly how many of you are there here. Just you three or.. Acctually..i know it seems like a lot of questions..but what are you all doing down here?"
Kaoru shook the fog that had settled in her head for a few moments and sighed. "Ah, I apologize for not telling you what ailed my friends. They were gotten my the stinging tentacles of mind flayers, and while some are not affected, at least not the way they were, some, like myself, it seems, are deathly allergic. I say deathly because I feel terrible, heh," she said. looking down at forearm where one of the whelps from the tentacles was. It had gotten slightly smaller.
"Well, at least I'm feeling better than I was a few moments ago," she added and put her head back against the wall, while taking a deep breath.
Stopping in the darkness, he listened intently, and poked his head round the corner, and seeing that the thumping was friend, the power he felt had fleed from his feet, the black mist swallowed into the ground. A feeling of jealousy came over him, he did make his decision to leave them, but then turned and went to go back to help them, only to realise that it was a waste of bravery, he wanted to be of use to them and wanted to be the victor and gain trust among them all.

Loss then turned and a new anger had risen againt their new 'friend'. The mist returned to his feet and the red glow came again into his eyes, he squeezed the handle of his sword and turned into the meaning of his name once more, Black Ice, then walked away from the corner, turned into a silent run down various passages.......
" must be mistaken..mind flayers dont have >stingers<. Their tentacles are used only to..extract their preys brain. I dont understand how you got poisoned.." He said examining Kaoru's hand. For a second, Etharion thought he heard something, but as the golem did not react, it probably wasnt of any threat. "I still didnt get my anwser...What are you all doing here, and exactly how much of you are there?" he asked suspiciusly.
Drizzt doesn't sheath his blades and doesn't drop his guard for even a second his lavender orbs glowing brightly in the darkness that envelopes him, "It is not your typical poison it is the poison of their dark minds touching yours they call it a magic known as psyonics." his tone seems to state even a child should know this fact.
"I know very well the psyonic powers of the ilithid, young drow." said Etharion calmly. "But your friend said they had >stinging< tentacles, which secreted acctual poison. That is what i asked about.. And now if you will kindly tell me...where are you all going? This is not a friendly place to be just wandering about..."
Kaoru sighs and slowly gets to her feet, saying, "I did not mean actual stingers, Etharion, I merely could not think of the correct term at the time..." She shook her head to clear the cobwebs and leans back against the wall, listening to Drizzt's and Etharion's conversation.
Drizzt gives a cold smile to the newcommer, "This may not be a kind place but this is where I am from and where I grew up The things here are nicer then I." And with that he checks on catibre before sliding into the darkness so compleatly that his lavender eyes are all that is seen of him.
Catti sits up groggily and glances around looking for Drizzt. Catching sight of his lavendar orbs, she gives a sigh of relief and stands up. She hugged Kaoru gratefully and murmured her thanks to the newcomer and his golem.
"Thank you kind sir for watching over us. I'm glad to see ye proved more dependable than our last watchman. Personally, I'm in favor of hunting him down and confronting him, how about ye, Kaoru?"
Catti paced to Drizzt's side and pulled him into the light, looking at him to make sure he was truly healed. She pulled him to the side, just out of earshot of the others.
"Did you notice any weapons missing? I swear i heard metal clanging right before Loss left but i don't want to alarm the others."
Kaoru nodded her agreement to Catti-Brie's suggestion of hunting down Moore, her hands clenching into fists. "Aye, that fellow needs a lesson taught to him," she said, and walked over to where her dagger lay discarded on the ground. "Mustn't leave things lying around like this..." she muttered, and picked it up. She stepped back over to the wall of the tunnel/cavern/cave (i'm not quite sure which, heh heh), and leaned against it once more, while cleaning her blade off with part of her cloak.
"Well, Etharion, it seems that those two have gone off talk about whatever, so I have some questions for you..." she said, looking up at the elf with her shining eyes.
Before anything else...i already asked 5 times where you were all going, and nobody's telling my anything, id really like to know that.

Etharion concentrated on Drizzt with his eyes for a few moments, as if trying to see more than his surface realy showed, and then turned back to the rest.
"Who is this unfortunate ex-friend of yours that you wish be hunted down? And, may i be of assistance?" asked Etharion. "Oh and, if blades you need, i have a couple you might use if needed."
Hearing then Kaoru's question he said "Of course my lady..feel free to ask..and i shall anwser if i can." he said with a smile.
Running down into the black for about 2 miles, looking behind with a look of sadness and anger, Loss came across a little passage way only small enough to just about fit his slim body into. Through it he saw a dim light, as if from a candle. Venturing forward, the light grew brighter, then, squeezing through he came into a small room, with glistening objects scattered around the floor, taking the candle form the wall, he moved it to the ground. Lying around was a mixture of bottles and blades, shields but most of all there were piles of flints and fire makers and miles of wire.

A small stool sat against a table, underneath a shelve with bottles of mutli-coloured liquids on it. He walked towards it and lay on the table to rest. Peering at the sword he taken from Cattie, he read the small inscription on the edge of the blade and with that he fell asleep wondering what it meant.
I don't know where we are going, it says so somewhere....but I don't even know...which is prolly kinda sad...

Kaoru smiled in return, saying, "While I do not know where we are going, I'd like to know where you came from. And where does one come across a portable hole, like yours? I'd really like to have one..." She finished with the dagger and twirled it once or twice around her fingers, finally flipping it into the air, catching it, and sliding it the blade back into its sheath at her waist.
"Where i come from?" smiled Etharion "That would really be a very long and complicated anwser. Suffice to say that i arrived here now from Waterdeep, and that i was searching for a certain metal here in the Underdark.. As for your second question, i didnt find the portable hole, i created it. You see..i specialize not only in practising the arcane art, but also in creating lasting artfacts that are imbued with the force. This is just one of my makings.. I have many more that you might one day see..if your lucky enough." he said with a slight wink.
**with a quick servay he notes that catibres sword has been stolen** Damn it yer blade has been stolen again the fool probaly beleaves that spiret in it.
"It doesn't matter what he believes. We need to get that sword back, Drizzt," Catti states, feeling her temper flare at the mysterious Loss. "Shall we?"Catti bowed extravagantly with one hand pointed towards the direction Loss had headed.
Waking suddenly from a disturbing dream, Loss jumped up with a start and banged his head on the nearby shelve, knocking down an open bottle of red liquid. He looked up and the dark red liquid flowed into his right eye and swilled around his socket. Screaming silently, Loss grapped his eye and rolled on the floor, then stopping in the middle of the room, he opened it and saw the room in a shade of dark red as if a thin film of plastic covered his eyeball.

After 5 seconds of opening his eye, he felt no pain, then raising himself up he taken his new sword and peered into its shiny blade. In it, he saw his eye enflamed with red with only a few lines of white to be seen. Looking along the edge, he saw the inscription, focusing on it he realised he could read what it said, 'He who beats the dark, builds light for others to follow'.

Looking around again, he sees the wire and fire makers, an idea spreads into his mind, influenced by the inscription. The others would want to find him, that 'imposter' would help, he is running from an inescapable doom. So, taking the fire makers and wire, he squeezes thorugh the passage and comes out into the open. He proceeded to hang the wire all over the tunnel walls and makes a sort of spider's web across the arch of the tunnel, making a blockade, to stop the others from getting to him. Taking the fire-lighters, he lit the wire and it soon was all engulfed in flame.

Chuckling to himself he chanted the inscription to himself 'Build lights for others to follow', and waited quietly just inside his tiny passageway.
Kaoru smiled grimly at Etharion and looked over at Catti-Brie. "So I guess we are to find the traitor then? Let us make haste, for he has already had quite a headstart..." she said, then blinked as smelt something odd. "Do any of you smell smoke?" she asked, glancing around, her shimmering gaze falling on each of her companions.
(Loss, i forgot...where are you from?)

Etharion listened to the conversation the others were having.. "Well..if i can help with this traitor of yours, i shall, so lets go." he then felt some smoke too.. "Hmm..yes. I can smell smoke.. But with all the cracks, crevices and tunnels down here, its hard to tell where its coming from..It could be a few minutes away or a mile..."
"Are ye sure?" Catti asked, and at Etharion's nod, she took off, sprinting lightly ahead of the others. After what seemed like ages, Catti began to smell the smoke and followed it to what appeared to be a blank wall. Looking closer, she discovered a small passage way, and after yelling to the others, she entered cautiously with her hand resting on Khazidhea.
Waiting and listening inside the passage way, Loss heard the faint footsteps of an upcoming being. Just peeking his head around the corner, Loss saw that it was Catti, then a slightly clever idea came into his head. He turned back and faced the wall of the passage way, camouflaged by his new long black coat. Feeling a regret for what he was about to do, he began to shake slightly, but composed himself and waited for her to come past the passage.

She came walking slowly, just coming past the opening, Loss saw his chance, the black mist started to rise again from his feet and moved along the floor, unnoticed by Catti, and spread around her, then leaping silently Loss grapped her by the neck and pulled her into the small tunnel into the room. The black mist had gotten hold of her legs, and buckled them so as they could not hold themselves up, he dragged her up to his eye level close enough for her to see his red eye in the dark and spoke in a borderline whisper to soft murmur voice, 'Does this remind you of something??? I believe that it does, you dragged me up to your eye level and squeezed my neck like this, even when i was completely defenseless, no look at the brave warrior, in my grasp and completely defenseless.'

Then he just looked into her eyes for a moment, and slowly a single red tear ran from his wounded eye down his cheek and dripped onto the floor and in the other a pure clear one ran down a moment later. Then trying to compose himself, without any more tears, he spoke trembling but roughly, 'Why did you treat me so badly??? All i wanted was someone to save me and look after me for a time, all those years of waiting for someone, but when the time came, i was treated almost the same as when i was imprisoned' he paused for breath and another tear ran down his face, red and clear, then continued, 'I was a good person, i tryed to endure the punishment of the non-existant crime that you and only you gave to me........ now look at me, i have been driven to steal, set traps, and forced to hurt you. The things that i would never wish to do in all my years of life.' Then slowly squeezed her throat in an angry moment of rage, enough to make a tear run down her cheek and make her squeal for air, and then let her drop unconscious at his feet, looked down for a moment and watched her shallow breath flow through her body. Then yet another red tear flowed down and landed on her hand.

He picked up his sword and a few bottles of powder and liquid and cut his way through the wire outside the passage and ran, looking back everynow and again in feelings of regret and just kept on running.

(Sorry that was long, but it makes the story abit more interesting. Now we have a baddy, but im not that mean in real life, honest!!!

Eth: Do you mean where i come from in the story or in real life???)
Sorry, i mean in real life?

Etharion said "Wait Catti.." but she already entered the passageway. "This is much to small for the golem to fit in.. Catti!? What's in there?" he yelled after her in the passage. "If it leads on, i'll shrink the golem so we can continue.."
Kaoru was close and silent a few yards behind Catti while she was running ahead. She shrank back around a corner as they neared where the smoke was coming from, and Catti-Brie ran past where Kaoru could sense the source of the smoke, though it appeared as a brick wall. She waited, her breath held, and she could not see what was going on. Then a smallish dark figure ran past her, not even noticing her. Suddenly Etharion was in front of her, and Kaoru followed him around the corner, where she found the elf kneeling in front of a smallish hole in the wall.
"Let me go in first, before we see if you need to shrink the golem, alright?" she said, and without waiting for a reply, drew her dagger and dove through the hole.
"Catti-Brie!" Kaoru yelled as she found the woman unconcious on the ground. She inspected the red marks around her neck, surmising that she had been nearly strangled. "Get in here, Etharion! But do not worry about the golem, it is only a small chamber," she yelled, turning back near the entrance and sheathing her blade.
Etharion entered the small chamber and saw Catti lying on the floor. "What happened here? Did you see who did it?" he kneeled as well to see what was wrong with Catti. "Why would someone try to strangle her and then just leave her like this?"
sry i was gone for so long!! and happy bday Loss!!!!!! ( and i can't believe i forgot sowwie.)

Catti sat up groggily, and after shaking her head to clear it, looked around frantically.
"Where is he?!" she asked, as a red tears leaked out of her eye and joined the dried one on her hand. "I need to find him, now. Did he pass ye?"
She gestured for the others to help her up.
Etharion anwsered "No, he hasnt passed us. He must have taken some other route. But first tell us what happened, and if you could tell me something more about this man we'r chasing."
im from England, Gloucester, on a big hill Elf With a Big Grin Smilie why???

Leaving Cattie, Loss sprinted down another small passageway, red tears falling from his face and staining the ground, little voices screaming in his mind, driving him to sprint even faster and shout back, then realising the loud echos bouncing down back from whence he came, he threw his arms up to his head and ran nearly blind down the passages and BANG!!! he flew right into a 8ft wooden double door and bounced back a few feet, sword fell clanging at the foot of the door, bottles falling out of his pockets, luckily not breaking, and he lay unconcious for a minute or two.

He woke, turned his head and listened about him, he heard nothing, not even the voices screaming at him. Silence beheld his troubled self and slowly he fell into an easy sleep, one which he had not had in a long long time

I hope that my part is doing well, its very hard you know to make up a story and keep it going with a character who is alone and running around in the dark Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Nothin..just wonderin.. Orc Smiling Smilie What's with the red tears?? Yea, good job so far mate.

Etharion waited for Cattie to regain her composure. He made a qucik check of his equipment, and brought the golem inside. "We should hurry...not that im rushing..just advising.."
Thanks Disturbed Smilie The Red Tears; I thought that my character needed some sort of identity to show that it is him, but i suppose a more logical explanation would be that, he once was a good person, hence why he lets tears fall, but he has become corrupted by the way he was treated and wants revenge, hence why it is red Orc Smiling Smilie
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