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(Adriea, Etharion, and Deathmc have'nt been on for quite a while...)
(I'd like to join this RP, simply because it says "drow" and "Drizzt", but I have no idea what's going on... Could someone fill me in?)

We met in a bar, had a fight, went with Etharion to search for a treasures and what not, got attcked in the tunnel things by really big bugs, Robbin brought Drizzt back to life (He died), there was a big company but now only the three of us remain and we're headed to attack a school of magic.
(Dude, let me thing of someway to come in, and somewho....)
(now it's two lines...)

Drow were origionally albino according to the first Dungeons and Dragons books that contained them, the term Dark Elves was eventually misconstrued as their appearance actually being dark, instead of being taken in the context of their natures being dark. As were their red eyes, albinos' eyes are colored by blood vessels making them appear red or pink. Eventually, this too was taken out of context and now drow have red glowing eyes. Other than this, may I ask what Drow have to do with Tolkien's world of Middle Earth? Drow are a D&D creation and have nothing to do with the world of Middle Earth. I find it rather indignifying that someone would put Drow on Middle Earth as the world already has more than enough very interesting races included in Tolkien's writings. Dungeons and Dragons did begin as a Tolkien-based game, but, as they ran out of money, they began to take things from his writings without buying them and in this way they changed, ever so slightly. Silvan became Sylvan, and so forth, which does at times lead to confusion when a person has not read Tolkein's works, but I, as a fan of Tolkein's books, find it unsuitable for such a merger between D&D and Middle Earth to be made. My piece said, I would ask fans of D&D and Tolkein to keep these two planes separate.
The drow are not on Middle Earth, as far as I can tell; its just a story based in Faerun, about the Drow, not based in Middle Earth. In fact, the company in this are about to attack the Academy, I believe, adn that is in Menzoberranzan, in the Underdark, not in Middle Earth.
Oh, and by the way: Very interesting first post, but, if you had read perhaps more of the posts in this thread, you'd see that Drizzt Do'Urden, one of R. A. Salvatore's characters, is in the plot, which proves what I said before about this being based in the Forgotten Realms. This may be a Tolkien site, but there have been roleplays before based on other mediums than Middle Earth.

Are we going or arn't we people? Drizzt looks over the ragtag band that is there with him. "Oh i should warn you do not take a drows weapons they will be useless once we get back to the surface after our little adventure down here if we do manage to get back to the surfacce.
Aspen looked up from her book, "Why wouldn't we go on? We came to get something, we're going to get it, simple". She closed her book and replaced it with another one from inside her cloak before turning away again.
I am ready to get started the only thing is I was told that once you were brought back to life that someone was going to come and help us. i was given no more information besides that. ( I gave you a reason to come in icefangs so whenever you want just appear and you are in)
I"m back and when I get a chance I'll be re-entering. I had to start seeing a "therapist" in order to get it back, but it's all good. *hugglez all* ttyl, Arwy
Yay! Welcome back!
Calin opens a piece of paper that pikel slipped to him. It looks like there will also be someone ahead to help us out along with the other person i was told would join up.

whenever either of you are ready you can just hop right in.
I"m gonna do a new profile, if no one minds seeing as I can't remember which one I had in this RP, but I'm stuck going camping, like roughing it, til Fri.
While I sympathize with the objections to D&D (having clicked on this thinking, essentially, "What the heck are the drow doing here?") I'm assuming this is some kind of "alternate reality" Frealms where Elves can be resurrected Wink Smilie. Middle Earth has evil Elves; they're called "Orcs." What ever happened to M.E.R.P.?

In response to an earlier question, yes, I did the PC Baldurs Gate thing, and even did the first one twice so I could spec in scimitar and take full advantage of mugging Drizzt and Co. in II. This being my first post, I'd appreciate it if anyone could PM me a way to preview posts, since I don't see one here. Think I'll just spectate the RPG for a bit; I loathe (or Llolth) the Underdark.
All I know is that PT is not strictly Tolkien, but based and focased on it. We've had other RPG's with various themes from other fantasy books.
i think we should start up this rp soon and drizzt are you going to take up your job again?
Greeting there. I have not seen you all in a long time. I wont be back for another period of time, im afraid. But just to put some things straight. I didnt start this thread, but i sure did start the current story or RP. So...


There, i hope thats enough. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
lets see.. profile:

name: Kaoru
race: half surface elf
gender female
age: 69
appearance: Short, black hair that just barely brushes her shoulders; two little twigs of hair stick out from the middle of her forehead and jut out, angling towards her cheeks. There are glazed a bright green and one is usually pushed up above her ear with a crescent moon-shaped pin. She has silver eyes. Her black cloak is a bit ripped up in places, as are her brown pants. She wears a dark grey tunic, with a few holes around her stomach. A pure black bow hangs off of one shoulder and a black and silver quiver is strapped to her back. A dagger and sword are sheathed at her belt.


Suddenly, a little glowing blue line appears on wall of the tunnel. The line splits into two and they go up and down, respectively. Two more vertical lines appear where the first line was and spread out left and right, leaving a three foot blue opening.

A shadowy figure steps through and the door closes beneath it. One hand reaches up and pulls back the cowl of the black cloak; red-glowing, slightly silvery eyes are revealed and Kaoru puts a hand to her forehead, her eyes a little glazed. "I will never get used to using wizard doors," she says and looks up at everyone, and grins.

I agree with you there. But one thing you should never try is a druids traveling through roots. No offense meant but it is really uncomfertable. Now I think we should move on.

Since you haven't responded Drizzt I will take over control for right now but if you or anyone else wants to take over just let me know and it is all yours.
does anyone care if I be Cattie-brie from the books series by RA Salvatore? Cuz I'm still lost on this whole drow thing, tho I am working on it.
go ahead... i actualy thought it might be cool to bring in a catti-brie. you will still need to post a bio and drizzt and myself could probably help out if you are having trouble. And feel free to come in at anytime.

Calin gets up from where he was sitting and picks up his sword and bow. He then heads down the passage. Someone should be right up here. once we meet up with this person we can go on to our original destination.
Let us be off people we have far to go and many dangers ahead. *Drizzt walks forward into the darkness his hands on the hilts of his swords and his lavender eyes burrning into the darkness.
Kaoru shrugs and follows. She pulls up the hood of cloak and pulls the bow from her shoulder, fitting an arrow and holding it to the ground.

My guess is we're waiting for Arwen to post as Catti-Brie? I hope this thread hasn't died, too....

Listening intently to the walls, Kaoru thought she heard the echo of a footstep far behind them. She glances back and tries to discern the sound from the faint dripping of water once more. -There- she heard it again! The half-elf pulls her bowstring taut and turns around, expecting to see a massive hook horror or umber hulk or some other giant insect coming for them, but there was nothing.
Turning back to face the group, Kaoru lowers her bow and realizes they left her behind. Using the particular toe-heel footstep common to elves of all kinds, she quickly caught with the group, who seemed to have not noticed she'd left.

Etharion very good revue on the drow but there is just one missunderstanding-the drow lived in the southern forests of Faerun and they were blak with white hair long before they go to the Underdark.Also Loth and the other gods of the drow were woreshiped by them many years before there dark jorney to the Underdark and there was a great war between theLight elfs,dwarves,mans and the other good races against the Dark elfs and that was becaus dark elfs were attacking and killing every living think which passes throw theyr dark forests.
Alright, here's my profile, sry it took so long...i've been out of town. Another thanx to Ice for making sure I got my info right.

Name: Catti-Brie
Age: 29 (almost 30)
History: After she was orphaned at the age of 7, Bruenor Battlehammer took her under his wing. She was raised among the dwarves of Clan Battlehammer. She first met Drizzt when she was seven. She, Drizzt, Wulfgar, Bruenor, Guen, and Regis are close friends and have been together through many adventures.
Weapons: Taulmaril ,a bow which never runs out of arrows(nickname: Heartseeker) and Khazid`hea, a red sword which can slice through anything (Khazid'hea stands for The Cutter in Drow).
Good point Ellesar the elf stone. Animated Wink Smilie I just didnt want to get over complicated. Or...did i....? Orc Going Huh Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie You do know your drow, dont you? Good job. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Yes i have been gone too, and i have no intention of letting this thread die again. so if Arwen would like to join us now that her bio is up we will start.
Alright, peeps, here I go! Tell me if i need to make any corrections.

Catti-brie watched Kaoru stop and listen then catch up and repeat the process and laughed silently, then caught up to the group making her way to the front, laughing outloud at the wary looks on their faces.
"Drizzt, surely ye weren't thinking I wouldn't find ye, were you? Though I'll admit it took me a hwile to find ye. Yer location was rather hard to get."
Kaoru just stared as the human walked past her; how a human could move so quietly was beyond her. She just shrugged and slung her bow over her shoulder.

Now that we are all here i figure we should head out and finish our mission. Be very watchful because there are many more strange underdark creatures out ther that we have not encountered yet.
Me guessing that this thing's been abandoned...
nah, Ice, i think we're all just sort of at a loss about what to do next, or what we should do.
thats about right...
Well, Drizzt is AWOL, if he'd not back soon, I'll try and lead the group, okay? I know alot about the books, so I could help.
You might as well start then, cuz when D goes awol, it's likely to be at least a month if not more before he decides to get his butt back on and participate again. If I get any news of him returning, I'll let you know.
so are you leading or am I leading. I have also read the books, but i am confused as t who is leading as i was confused if drizzt was leading when he came back. It is up to you who leads though., do you think Drizzt should be killed off again; he's not here to RP himself. Then again, I could be him and drop Kaoru, she's not doing anything anyway.

i think you should play both just done get Drizzt killed and he can take over whenever he is here.
Okay, I'll try... I think of a good post and add it in a little while.
sorry bout the one word post Got The Blues Smilie
Horray, I got one:

The drow sighed and shook his head. What were they doing in the middle of the underdark, about to storm the drow academy? He shook his head harder, his wild white hair fluttering about his face. 'What could have possessed me to drag these people down here, in this dangerous realm?' he thought and sighed deeper. He grinned at Catti-brie, then grimaced as he realized that his foolhardiness had brought her down here, too.
Turning around, Drizzt looked at each of the group in turn, pausing at Kaoru, whom he did not remember seeing here; she grinned and he shrugged. "Alright everyone, suffice it to say that this mission is suicide, and utterly useless. All we will do is bring the wrath of thousands, no, tens of thousands of angry drow down upon our heads. And while normally, I do not necessarily mind killilng drow, now is not the time. It seems as though I'm the leader of this band, and as leader, I say we abort this pointless thing, and head off to somewhere else," he said, and finished with resting his arms across his chest, in close reach of his scimitars.
"By the way," he said suddenly, "if a bit more incentive will sway you to leave, I hear that there is a human wizard living down here, and he has been capturing gnomes and changing them into an army of hook horrors. I've also heard that he has amassed quite a treasure," the drow ranger finished, his lavender eyes alight with a bright flame as he remembered Clacker.


alright, now we can start once more...

and now this is two lines, 4 if you count the spaces....
lol nice...

thats fine with me... i am going with whatever mission there is because right now i am free to do whatever i want.
Catti-brie faced Drizzt and the others with arms crossed. "Oh no, yer not walking out now. Since when have ye, Drizzt Do'urden walked out, especially when other are at risk?"

Sry i haven't been on much!!!! Life is horrid atm, and parents mad yet again...cut my hair a lil too punk for their liking apparently...
**He shakes his head.** I will not back down lets do this thing **and with that he takes the lead. He moves swiftly his lavender eyes a glowing beacon to anyone in front of them and a deffinite sign that he was not a normal person from the underdark.**
ok whatever you say. CAlin then runs after Drizzt.
Welcome back, Drizzt! and Sorry if I changed your plot too much.... it was all i could think of.

Kaoru draws her sword and follows the rest of the group, shrugging the whole time. 'Geez, that guy must be bipolar...' she thought. She sprinted to catch up with the group; she'd been left behind as they headed out once more, and as she ran, she tucked one stray strand of green bangs behind her ear.

*tacklehugs Drizzt* Nice to have ya back at last!!!

Catti makes her way to the front, striding alongside her friend. Occasionally, she looks back adn studies her companions in interest. "So, how have ye been?"
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