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But Etharion spoke to Belthar again "There are easier ways to transport him home... I can take care of that. And i will..for i shall not just stand back and let you continue paraiding this mockery of a being..." he said sternly.
Kaoru shook her head fiercely, "I did not mean I was interested in the act, but I am fascinated that creatures can be brought back to a...well...I guess its like being brought back to a mockery of life...or death, I am not certain. But either way, I do not enjoy being lectured to like a small child. I know what necromancy is, I've met a few necromancers-" she paused and looked away...then continued after clearing her throat. "I've met a few necromancers, I know that it is terrible or looked down least by most elves...but you have to understand that...I...was not raised like most elves..." she said slowly and softly, adding the last part as an afterthought, almost.
Etharion looked at Kaoru and said "Im not lecturing you as a child.. You simply have no idea about the dark secrets of necromancy..the hideous things that necromancers create and do..
Iv seen dozens of young ones like you, full of themselves and sure that nothing could daunt them, and yet sooner or later they faced something they were not up to..and they have fallen.. And others yet themselves turned to necromancy, and it consumed them.. For there is no life or light in the dark arts of death, and so it must acquire them from within you...and that eventually will consume you.." he finished, with a dark look towards Belthar.
Belthar returned with an almost impassive glare. "Etharion, when one makes an oath, one keeps it. I told him I would escort him myself, and here I stand." He cleared his throat. "Yes, many necromancers have created abominations, true aversions from nature's paths. I do not intend to do so. Do you think I enjoy watching my friend's corpse, lifeless as it is, walk aimlessly through the Underdark with only me as its companion? You don't think I realize that he is dead?" Belthar growled.

He quickly regained composure. "I apologize, young miss, for my temper," he said, facing Kaoru with a smile. "I'm glad you're cultured enough to accept the little oddities of life... or death, as it were." He bowed deeply.

He turned back to Etharion. "Sir, I do not hold you in contempt. I know full well once I reach his home I will stand trial for my heinous crimes against nature. However, it is not your place to judge. You may feel uncomfortable, but he was once of your kind, and though dead, he is not forgotten to me, or to his family," Belthar said, knowingly. "Besides, you and I could learn a great deal from each other. I have a great respect for elvish magic, and have always been meaning to give it a try."
Rumil looked on with contempt. He was an elf of noble birth, and saw necromancers as the destroyer of the delicate balance in nature. He found the excuse of the necromancer unjustafiable. ' To raise the dead to this half-life is absolutely horrific. Let his body be rested, instead of being created into this, this abomination' Rumil thought with disgust. However, he held his peace and politely didn't voice his thoughts, but he held an expression of slight disgust.
Etharion anwsered Belthar "I understand that you gave a oath, but you dont have to >transport< him like this. I can show you a diffrent way.. And i have nothing to learn from you.. I know everything i want to know about necromancy.. No, i would never show you anything of the templa eldalie.. Firstly you are not one of the firstborn, and you have done nothing in favour for my people." he finished.
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Catti nodded her agreement to Loss' conditions and pulled him after her towards the other bickering companions.
"Stop fighting already. Leave the old man alone about his ways. We need to stick together not argue like little children. Ye will bring something else upon us and that's the last thing we need," Catti stated, then continued after Drizzt with Loss at her side, staying alert for any dangers.
Smiling as he was pulled back with her, Loss stayed almost motionless beside her, looking at the floor, looking up at the many company of people. He shifted his eyes at Rumil, seeing that he was suspicious of him, he didnt blink at him, just looked then went back to looking on at the talk of the rest
"Oh, then we're finally leaving," Belthar said, leaning slightly on his staff. He smiled at Kaoru lightheartedly, and offered her his arm, "Shall we?"

He faced Catti with an indignant glare, "And I'm not THAT old..."
Etharion asked Kaoru "Your not going with him are you Kaoru?" he said suprised. "He seems old because the evil force drained him of his life force..that's all.."
"We are done with this stupidity," Catti called over her shoulder. "Come along, and if you have to fight can ye do it quietly?"
Catti laughed at her companions' arguing behind her, her mouth twisted into a smile of relief and the welcome sight of everyone relaxing slightly.
Whilst the others relaxed, Rumil did not. Out of all the people in the new group of people he was with, only Etharion, to Rumil, was the most decent person. "Of all beings on this world, I had to land with a necromancer," muttered Rumil, tapping lightly on his blue blade, shifting his feet slightly.
Loss smiled slightly at Catti's comment and followed her to the other side of the company, he looked at everyone's feet as he passed them, but raised his eyes at Rumil again, he squinted his right eye to show the red in his other eye, then stood still the other side and rubbed his neck
Seeing Loss stop and rub his neck, Catti paused by his side.
"Is something wrong? Premonition? Are ye going to try to leave again?" Catti asked worriedly. Glancing around, Catti tried to see if there was a danger she had missed. Finding nothing, she gave Loss a confused look as she waited for him to reply.
"Nay, tis only the ache of the many falls and strains, I made a promise to stay with you... and I will keep it, but......" Loss stopped in his words and froze still as the zombified elf, he seemed to stiffen up, his back arched to the right and teeth slowly clenched. To everyone else he was just standing still on an angle but pain could be clearly seen in his eyes, a spell of some sort had stricken him, once again he focused on the vision of his infected eye, and slowly it went black, his face spasmed in shock. He still was imobilized, his eye welled up with the red and dripped. His face kept spasming, he manged to close both of his eyes tight, he opened his clean eye, it too went deep red, but vision still remained. He managed to let out a few shreaks of pain, then silence, but still looked like he was just standing still.
"L-loss?! What's happening? Do ye need help? Loss, answer me," Catti pleaded, trying to snap the elf out of his trance and figure out what was going on. She grasped him firmly by the shoulder, trying to stop his spasms as Loss shrieked in pain.
Etharion said "Bah.." waving away the whole necromancer bother.. "I dont care..sooner or later you shall perish.. Either by the hand of some holy paladin of Helm or by the hand of your own abominations.." He nodded towards Rumil "And where shall you go friend?" just then he noticed Loss spasming.. "Oh suffering Illmater..what's wrong with him now..he's more of a burden than anything else.." he mumbled as he headed over to him to see what was wrong..
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Loss was just shaking now, the spasms had calmed. He shuddered, then pointed his head in the drirection of the Zombified Elf, he whispered "Necroman.....Necroman........." then stopped and straightened up, but the pain still appeared in his face, still a little arched. "I can't see" he whispered, "my eyes have gone into darkness" he looked up at Etharion thinking "oh no not again, it's always me who causes problems" and looked at Etharion in shame. Put forever thinking of the Necromancer.
Belthar looked cautiously over at the spasming man. His eyes were quite peculiar, bleeding red and causing him to scream. "Poor spirit," he whispered to nobody in particular. "His is not an affliction of the body... rather, he has an affliction of the soul."

The rest of the group, save for Catti, looked back at him. "It's quite apparent... The eyes, the darkness... the madness..." Belthar nodded to himself absently. "This man has tread where none should ever set foot, and seen the outside of sanity as we know it."

He strode up to Loss, eying him carefully. He inspected him thouroughly, then nodded again. "He's a good man. Not corrupt, like they normally are. He can pull through it, or so I think. But it will take time. Time and effort. I hope we can get through this accursed tunnel soon. I can feel the Dark so strongly here.... And, perhaps, he can too," thought Belthar, as he pulled away from Loss.
Rumil had stared eye to eye with the strange man(with strange eyes). He had never looked eye to eye with anyone like that, a strange being whom Rumil had been brought to be known as 'the lower kind'. "The poor soul." Rumil whispered half pitifully as he watched the man subject to some kind of suffering. He remained still, not knowing what to do. Etharian had briefly said something to him, but had hurried off, and had not caught his words. "Just as well." Rumil continued continueing his tapping on his sword hilt, "this bit of action may give me better insight into these people's motives."
As the Necromancer brushed past him mutterering, Loss's face relaxed and tightness fled, he straightened up, pain was gone, vision came back to one of his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he tryed to look about for the Necromancer and appeared to be fine "I apologise for that, something seemed to have taken over me, please let us move on, before anything else happens". Rubbed his neck once more and walked slowly with the company, it seemed that what happened ceased nearly as quickly as it has occured......
Loss..i was talking with my dont really annoy me.. do what you want with your character..

Etharion looked at Loss "He has nothing wrong with his soul..His mind is what's warped.." he said examining him "He has gotten some kind of chemical into his eyes..possibly drow-created..or svifernlib..hmm. I cant tell more now.. So Rumil, do you wish to come with us?" he asked the elf. He then signaled the golem that was waiting by the wall to follow, and he prepared to head off.
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Satisfied that everything was okay, Catti turned and began to follow Etharion and his golem as they trotted away. As she walked, Catti thought about her new companions and what secrets they might be hiding about their lives, especially Loss and the necromancer. She decided to investigate the strange necromancer as soon as they were out of the caves.
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"Well Etharion, I was under the impression that we were all going to the same place, so yes, I am going with him, but so are you, Catti, and everyone else," Kaoru said, with a slight smile. She took Belthar arms and returned the his smile.
She too was very happy that the arguing had stopped at least for the moment.

Kaoru overheard Rumil's muttered statement, saying, "I do not appreciate being called indecent, but since you don't really know me, you are forgiven, this time. At least after awhile, the next time you call me indecent, or insane, you will have good grounds to base that upon," she finished, grinning at him.

Kaoru jumped slightly, as Loss began to shake and spasm, then could barely stifle a laugh at Etharion's comment on the situation. She turned to Catti saying, "I believe your friend there might have a small problem...."

Kaoru watched as Belthar strode over to Loss to...inspect him? It seemed. She found herself nodding with his assessment of the affliction, then stopped, realizing that she was not very versed in the arcane arts, at least not enough to recognize those kinds of problems...

She looked sideways at Rumil and shrugged, if the elf were a traitor or a murderer, he'd have done something already, she thought.

Her silver eyes followed Etharion as he made his assessment of Loss, and she was now not sure what to think of what had happened to the poor fellow, though she recognized the symptoms of the red eyes, having seen most of the chemicals in the small supply room before. She chose not the say anything just yet, until she was more certain of her thoughts.

Kaoru, her arm in Belthar's, walked off after Etharion and the golem, though her silver eyes were alight as she watched the creature move. Then she caught sight of the Belthar's companion, and she involuntarily shivered slightly, just the think that the thing was mindless, doing exactly as it was told, and it was told by Belthar.

Okay, to solve the confusion, I replied to everyone's posts, that came after my last, and they each got a paragraph. So they are in the same order as the posts on the thread's page, just all combined into one post. I hope that helps...heh heh ^_^
"My apologies Kaora, its just that I have never in my life travelled with such diverse range of company." Rumil bowed slightly, but inside hated himself doing it. It was taking all his willpower to remain polite, 'I, a prince bowing to a drow (Thats what you are right Icefangs?) ' he thought. Then he shook his head, "I mustn't be proud" he told himself quietly but then quickly composed himself.

He nodded in reply to Etharion, and stretched his arms slightly, before following him. "Well at least now I can get out of this cursed place." he murmered, and he kept his hand near his sword.
Etharion headed on through the tunnel and spoke to Rumil " friend..Leave this cursed place? This is but a part of the Underdark..there are far more worse places.. I fear you shall not feel comfortable until you see the surface again.." but then he stoped in his tracks as he caught sight of Belthar walking alongside Kaoru "And were do you think your going..? Your kind is not welcomed in this company.." he said with a steady voice..
"Etharion, please. I don't wish to argue. This is getting us nowhere. I mean none of you any harm, and I certainly want to get through just as eagerly as you. I swear on my honor as a necromancer, and a member of the Kasmulvedin house."

Belthar turned to Kaoru. "I'm sorry if all this bother about the arcane has been a littkle confusing. It's mostly because my motives come into question on a constant basis..." He watched her shiver at his zombified friend. "Is he bothering you, my dear?"
Etharion posted:

Etharion anwsered with a slight smile "What do you mean you want to get out of here as much as we do? I can get out of here whenever i wish..and i can take some passengers with me. Im here for the sole purpose of exploration and adventuring. And so i wish not your company..necromancer.." he finished grimly.

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Loss stepped along with the company quietly, but following Catti the whole time. Then wondered if anyone actually knew where they were going, it seemed that no-one knew where any passage lead to or started from. All the time that he thought this, he kept thinking back to the tall, wooden double doors that he flew into. Maybe that was the way out and the company havn't even considered that option he kept thinking to himself, turned his head back down the tunnel now and again to where the doors stood

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Catti noticed that Loss had stopped and paused as well. "What are you thinking of?" she asked curiously.
"Tis nothing, although I can not escape the thought of what lies behind those wooden doors that you last found me at and although this 'High Elf' Etharion has become suddenly the leader and is choosing the way out, does he or anyone else know for certain where we are going?" Loss answered quietly but solemn
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Kaoru nodded along as Etharion mentioned worse places than the Underdark, though, she, herself, had only been to maybe one of those places. She turned back as Etharion questioned Belthar yet again, and sighed, her gaze finding the ceiling in a nearly invisible roll of her eyes. She chose to say nothing at the moment, while listening to Belthar's rebuttle of the comment.
She then glanced back at the zombie-thing, and looked at Belthar, saying, "It...he...he's not really bothering me, but its a tad disconcerting."
Her eyes widened slightly as Etharion mentioned he could get out of there when he wished...but he really did not like traveling with the necromancer, why did he not just leave him and the rest of the party down there...but perhaps his honor wouldn't let him...or maybe...Kaoru shrugged not sure where that train of thought was leading, and not sure whether or not she wished to follow it...(My train of thought often leaves without me Big Smile Smilie ) She shook her head, thinking that Etharion had to have more morals than to leave a bunch of adventurers, or questers, what have you, down in the depths of the Underdark, when he was a powerful wizard...
She sighed and waited to see what else would happen...
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Catti nodded in agreement with Loss' comments, her face suddenly looking slightly troubled.
"Yes, tis a bit odd. Maybe ye should tell the others before we get too far away from the trail," Catti murmured back, glancing at the rest of the party. "I give you permission, so that ye can have no excuse for not interacting with them, if that is what is necessary."
Drizzt wonders what is going on with the strange new gathering that the crew has aquired but doesn't stop to check on them leaving the work to catibre because he knows that their are many dangers quickly approaching the group and that they are headded strait toward many more with this trying to steal tomes of lore from the school of magic in the dreded drow city of Mesabarrosan and that they will have time to deal with everything later for now his abuilities are better used to keep track of the dispacer Beasts that he spotted circleing the group for a while now though they keep fading from sight and he has to summon gwen to keep track of them better by setting the small onyx figurine on the ground and calling the giant cats name. once the cat has come forth he pockets the figurine again and continues leading the way confident that the cat will protect his back while he deals with everything else that is going on and more importantly that gwen will protect his beloved catibre as well as the rest of the party so that he can focus on the task of making sure everyone makes it out of this hellish place alive and with all of thier limbs still attached firmly and without the need of healing magic since he does not believe that we have a healer travaling with us.
Ok...i dont know where to star.. Drizzt..your post's are very confusing because of your grammatic errors and its composition.. But its also the meaning itself.. You want us to go to Menzoberenzan to steal a tome right under the nose of a city full of drow's?? Why? What's the story? Next..displacer beasts? Those are monsters for low level characters..we just proved that we can wipe out a whole spider layer in a few seconds..
Perhaps they are just REALLY BIG displacer beasts... lol
Drizzt himself had trouble with one dispacer beast at level sixteen I have quite a few of them up my sleaves and eth when we began the whole thing it was on the basis of trying to get some items and tomes from the magic school of the city of the drow. I am sorry if my grammer is upsetting to you but you must understand I never have time to proof read let alone fix the errors before posting and I am doing this in between shifts at the moment as I am busting my rump trying to get things done so that I may move on with my life. Now if their are no further arguments from the newcommers May I say that this game is some thing that has been well thought out from the start and I am doing my best seeing as the one that originaly started the game is no longer involved in it. I am working with what I know and though I may know quite abit about the drow and Drizzt in particular I do not know everything though I do know enough to know that their are dangers in the underdark that would kill every charactor we have assembled here the deep gnomes for instance the only ones that would stand a chance of livving would be Drizzt and catibre and that is because they are known to the deep gnomes of this area The displacer beasts by the way are something for me to use to push the story to the place in the underdark where I wish to see the party go next for the next big bad.

I DM in real life and know what I am doing to a point and even have a few books that I am cross referencing for this storyline you will see soon enough that displacer beasts are the least of our troubles since we are spitting in Lloths eye.

Drizzt spots what he is looking for in his scouting and heads the way into a large cavern with a lake of green liquid. This is the spot he has chosen for his stand against the displacer beasts and this is the spot where he himself killed the resurected body of his own father. The dark elf turns and looks out toward the direction that he has just entered from and waits for the rest of the party to arrive as well as the beasts and wonders what else Lloth has instore for them. He knows full well that the dark goddess of chaos knows what they are planning at this point and will try everything in her power to stop them. He just hopes that Lloth doesn't decided to send the army of dryders that he once saw against them but he knows that Lloth wishes him dead and will stop at nothing to see it happen so this is the best he could come up with for a base camp for the raid on the school of magic.
Drizzt..your spelling dosent bother me, its just that cause of it i didnt understand some bits so i wanted you to clarify. So..your a DM? Me too.. im currently running a campaign in Faerun, and i have runned adventures in the Underdark, so i know very well the dangers of it.. And i know that displacer beasts are a joke to characters of our level (because i think that the average level of the characters here is around 18). If only i could show you the sheet of my character, Etharion, he was my character before i started DMing. And i know Driztt's statistics, he is not so powerfull..But ok, lets put that point aside for now.
If Lolth somehow "knows" that "we" want to raid Menzoberranzan wouldnt she just alert her priestesses to fortify the city or tighten the watch, or even to just send out a small army to deal with us? After all, she is a god.. a intermediate deity..
Okay, I'm rather confuzzled now. Where are we going??? Plus, this is just turning into an argument of DM knowledge, let's just continue with the thread.

Nodding in agreement to Catti, Loss walked slowly up to Etharion and lightly tapped his shoulder and said shyly "Excuse me, I was wondering, where are we going, it does seem that not many people know what or where each tunnel leads to. You may know and wish not to share with the rest of the company, but I was also wondering, merely wondering, where those big wooden doors lead to, as you were all talking with the newcomers, we were all together by them doors as that was were you found me again." Then looked at the floor and scratched his leg with the other.
sorri for not posting people, i got a little confused by Dritzz posts. I also hav a bad case of writers block Sad Smilie
Okay, let me just say, that while I don't know much about D&D, I know a bit about the drow and the underdark, so, as far as Lloth not telling her priestesses to fortify Menzoberranzen, or the magic school, perhaps she wishes to sow more chaos...remember she thrives in chaos, and loves it, along with irony and other things...
okay, i'm having some issues. i'm so confused... what is this stuff w/ levels and what is a DM?! i'll post as soon as i manage to figure out what is going on.....
Heh..sorry people.. But the Underdark, where you all now are, is located underneath the surface of Toril, a.k.a. Faerun. Faerun is a world that was created out of D&D, Dungeon's & Dragon's, a roleplaying game, where each has his own character (just like here) and he roleplays him, but there are rules to follow, to set things in order for a better gaming expirience, in a few books. The number of players in a group varies, but there's always a DM a Dungeon Master, the person who leads the game.. He's something like the storyteller, and he tells you where your character is situated, describes the world around you and roleplays every other person in that world except for your characters. Now i could tell you more about D&D, but that's better left for a special thread, that i can open if anybody is interested in learning more about D&D.
All in all... Lolth does like chaos, but she also hates elves.. In fact, she hates everything and everyone, but elves have a special hatered just for them.. So that's why i thought she would try her best to help destroy us, not her people..the drow, and in her capital, Menzoberranzan.

Etharion turned towards Loss "Wooden doors? Ah.. I belive it is a outpost of some kind.. (i cant tell you more, because i dont know who first mentioned them, and so i dont know what they'r original intention was..) But as to where are we headed you should ask Drizzt.. For as i belive, he wishes us to accompany him into Menzoberranzan, one of the greatest drow cities (if not the greatest) to steal a tome from the Arcane University..." he said calmly.
"The drow city? I suppose it's on the way to my friend's home. I'll accompany you there." Belthar looked around, "Stealing a magic tome, eh?" He stroked his chin. "Sounds interesting, but are you sure it's worth it, Drizzt? Magical books are not easily captured."
Drizzt fails to reply as he hears the words but at the same time he hears a whisper soft sound from above and realizes that he was lured into a trap in trying to get away from havving to kill the displacer beasts he has walked into a room where the spider queen has left a few of her more nasty creatures. Driders. A drider drops down on the momentarily stuned drow and though the drow manages to spin into an onslaught of an attack he is already wounded by the thing and can't remember if they carry a venom but is willing to bet they do. He fends off the beast as several others drop from the roof of the cavern as back up for the first. And if that were not enough their is the feather soft sound of drow boots comming from outside the enterance of the cave.

Okay for those who do not know a dryder is a half spider half drow and their are about twenty at best count though the things keep moving making a count dificult as well as a drow hunting party approaching from behind.
Etharion followed Drizzt as he entered the drider infested cave. "Blast!! Driders! And drows! A ambush!! Quick someone go and help Drizzt inside and the rest follow me and the golem..we'll deal with the cursed drows.." he said with a hatefull expression as he odrered the golem to charge at the drows arriving around the corner, as he prepared a fireball.
Kaoru nodded wordlessly in agreement to Etharion's battle decisions, and drew her blades, whispering those same words she had muttered earlier. As before her skin tone lightened a few shades, and now her eyes gained a slightly yellow tinge around the irises, while the blades of the sword and dagger, became engulfed in flame.
Holding her blades low, Kaoru sprinted to where Drizzt stood in the middle of the beasts, surrounded, she rolled beneath one, while thrusting her dagger into its belly. The drider's hot entrails gushed over her, and she continued beneath the creature, meeting up with Drizzt on the other side.
Loss was about to answer Etharion when a cry came and everyone took up arms to defend. So, he just slinked away to the back of them and shook his head as he felt such a burden to everyone and of no use at all.
Drizzt was a blur of motion his lightning fast blades slicing and blocking the attacks thrown at him twinkle glowing blue fircely as the lavender eyes of the dark elf burned with an inner fire. he took another glancing blow but kept his feet as he dashed his enchanted anklets givving him lightning fast speed and he kept fighting his body showing signs of tireing though.
Drawing Khazidhea, Catti jumped into the fray, fighting her way to where the others were. Khazidhea sliced hungrily into her prey. Reaching them, Catti tried to keep near Drizzt and aid him as he began to show signs of tiring. She searched for Loss, trying to make sure he was holding his own as well.
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