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After a few minutes of skirmishing, the golem, Etharion and the rest forced the drow back with some offencive spells, the golem's crushing blows and their battle skills. Temporarily or for good, the drow retreated, and the company rushed back to see what happened to Drizzt and the driders...
Common people!! What's the huge hold up? Orc Sad Smilie Iv been waiting for a reply for days now..
Loss, who had been standing around for a while now, grew bored of the fighting that seemed to last for a while now, he looked around for something to keep his mind occupied, then smiled, to his own amazement. He was thinking back to the time where he was at his peak in combat. Not many people know of Loss, but he was once upon a time a great handler of weapons, swift and quick were his moves, none could match for a time. Then his mind went black once more and the smile had gone into a look of sadness. He looked along the floor and saw a long piece of wood, he gripped it hard, and taken a deep breath and began slowly going over his basic moves that he developed from his years of experience, and none had seen it, save him. But he blanked his mind, he saw nearly nothing, as he was partially blind anyway, and paced around far from battle, letting his 'blade' cut through the air without a sound. In his own world he put himself, he was in a trance.
Catti noticed that Loss seemed to be acting strange. Calling to Drizzt and telling him she was going after Loss, she jumped after him. Catching up to Loss, she grasped the log in his hand and turned him face her. Concern flashed across her face as she noticed the faraway look in his eyes and she desperately tried to think of something to snap him out of hit. Checking over her shoulder to make sure their companions had the fighting under control, she turned back to him, the wheels in her head runing furiously as she searched for something to snap him out of it.
(looksie, they all start with 'C'...i'm brilliant, well, bored, but same diff.)
Inside his mind, Loss could see foes around him, he moved on from his basic defense moves to his offensive ones and stabbed and sliced through the air. Then, something outside his mind had touched him, Loss was still in his offensive state and reacted with an across the body slice, but stopped as Cattie had grabbed his 'blade'. He opened his eyes slowly and faintly saw Cattie staring at him. Loss sighed and let go of the wood, he said to Cattie, "It is good to see you have your reflexes, or you would have a nasty bruise on you. I'm sorry if I seem very 'out-of-this-world' but I was just reminiscing on my old days of fighting. I have indeed a deep history, but tell me, have they won the fight?" and looked behind Cattie, then back at her.

Love the C's, accident or full of purpose???
The end of the fight finds Drizzt leaning against a wall of the cavern his skin covvered in a layer of sweat and his breathing sounding harsh and forced while he is only holding one of his two swords and the other lays about five feet from him and he doesn't have the strength to get it. He suddenly leans to the side and vomits.

sorry it took me so long I was looking something up and I knew it was in one of my books but I couldn't find it because I was looking in the wrong books of course so now we know that dryders tend to coat their weapons in poison which I couldn't remember the specifics of the poisons they used which is what was taking so long.
it was accidently on purpose loss. D, don't worry bout it, its no biggie, just so long as you don't leave us for that long again *angry pout*
"It would appear so, Loss," Catti said, then took off without another word as she watched Drizzt fall. She ran hurriedly to his side, motioning urgentl for Loss to follow her. Dropping to her kness, she helped support Drizzt's head as he vomited.
"What's wrong, Drizzt? Did ye get nicked by one of the dryder's blades? Its been said they use poison. Answer me," Catti pleaded desperately, as she was forced to watch him become worse for wear for the second time in less than 3 days.
Aproaching the rest Etharion saw that something was wrong with Drizzt. "What's going on? Your sick? Hmm...yes i heard that dryders sometimes use poisoned blades...but usualy their bite is poisonous..a debilitating poison that weakens the must have bit you.." he said with a frown. "I think i have a antidote in my stock.. If you will ill find it for you..?" he asked.
Drizzt definetly looks worse for the wear with small nicks and cuts covvering most of the skin that can be seen. He looks at catibre and tries to recall information dealing with dryders though he has never been forced to fight them before and he realises that he has to do something before he passes out so he sends gwen home to the astral relm before allowing the poison to weaken him further muttering, "Damn you lloth."
Slightly startled by the once sudden mighty warrior being reduced to what looks like death's door, Loss came and stood next to Cattie. He then delved into his pockets and taken out some phials from where he got the small room he hid in and waved his hands down to Cattie, as he could not see her properly, and said, "Take these, I have no idea what thay contain, but maybe you can analyse them or someone else can. Amongst them, there are mostly liquids I presume, but I would advise you not to use the one that looks like the chemical that fell into my face, I have a nasty feeling about others using it" and feeled for Cattie's hand or anyone elses that would take the phials from him
Catti took the phials, and held them up close to her eyes, trying to decipher the contents as she worriedly kept glancing at Drizzt.
"Etharion, ye mentioned something about being able to help him. Can ye do it please?" she asked desperately. "Would someone else like a go at these? I'm afraid I can't tell what they are."
Catti continued to study the phials, hoping that one of them would be the right thing to save Drizzt.
"Really now...your overreacting..dryders poison isnt really that deadly. Yes yes.. i said i have the antidote..i'll get it now.." and then spoting the vials in Cattie's hands he said "Let me have a look. As a mage you have to know your alchemy..Hmm.." he peered at the vials, opening the top and sniffing it "Nope..this wont do you any's alchemist's fire,burns very hot, and the other's extracted spider poison." he slipped them in his robe's pocket. Unfolding the dark cloth on the cavern wall, he produced the hole and stepping inside he said "I'll just go fetch the antidote.." and after a few moments of rummaging he exited "Ah here we go! This should stop the poison from progressing. But for a full recovery i suggest you visit a cleric. Do you know of any Elistrae's worshipers close by?"
Suddenly from beneath the mounds of dead driders, one of the body's twitched and a tiny sound that was reminiscent of glass breaking was heard, and then that same body quickly expanded, exploding into thousands of pieces of drider-flesh that scattered across the cavern floor and walls. From out the hole created when the drider corpse burst, Kaoru crawled out, her breath heavy, her skin pale, and her body weak. Both her blades had been returned to their sheathes, their fires long extinguished, while she began to think of a way to get out of the her prison built of drider carcasses.
After heaving herself from the mess, Kaoru drew her sword and planted it's tip in the cavern floor, using it as leverage to pull herself to her feet. Moving slowly and unsteadily, her normally bright silver eyes, which had faded to a dull gray while she used she used her blades' magic, had lightened and the irises of them seemed to blend with the whites of her eyes. Her whites eyes glazed over, gaining a glassy tint, and she feel down, making not a sound, than the dull thump of her head impacting the stone cavern floor.

Sorry I haven't popped up in awhile guys, I've just had alot goin on, a WHOLE lot...and I'm not trying to kill Kaoru off, or try and make her the center of attention, but it does bother me a bit that while I know Drizzt is the center of this, it's HIS RP, but nobody even thought about her, which means nobody even thought about me, granted we weren't REALLY in a fight to death with mindless driders, but still, the point is, nobody thought about her, or said anything about her, while your all trying to help Drizzt, and by all means, help him, help him, but it'd be nice if someone even thought of me...So you either let her die, or try to save her, either way, I've felt like she didn't really belong is the RP, but if you guys decide to save her, by all means save her, and I'll keep playing her, but if you let her die, it's okay.
Aw, sorry Ice, i really didnt remember Kaoru. Iv been having a lot on my mind too..and im not on PT as much as i wish i could be.. Orc Sad Smilie

Etharion swayed as the explosion rang the cavern. As it subsided he lowered his cloak with which he shielded himself and saw Kaoru crawling out from under the corpses. "Kaoru! I didnt even notice you were missing! Its hard to keep an eye on every one of you.." he throw the vial to Cattie "Catch! I'll check if she's ok.." he came to Kaoru and sat her up against the cavern wall. He examined her a moment and concluded "Hmm..she dosent seem hurt badly. But she's beaten up a little." he gave her a healing potion and then said "Ill make her a comfortable place to lie down..and for Drizzt too." he said with a sudden idea in his eye's. He ordered his golem to form a cradle with his armske when your cradling a baby), and then he set two sleeping bags on his arms to make a bedding. Then with some help if the others he lifted Drizzt and Kaoru up and nestled them in the golems arms, so that their heads were resting just beneath his shoulders, were the armpits were, and their legs met up front of the golems belly. "There..not they are secure and fairly comfortable, and we can move further.. This isnt a good place to stay..the drow and their pets could be back any moment.. We shall find a safer place to >hide< and gather our strenght. Does everyone agree?!" he asked loudly the rest.

P.S. Where's that necromancer guy? And the elf i think..Havent seen them for a while.. Should we exclude them from the story? Or just continue on without them, pretend they have wandered of or something..?
sowwie icey!!!!!!!!!! I knew i was forgetting someone, we'll make sure to remember you *writes on forehead in disgrace* and um dunno what happened to Haldir, but necromancer i shall talk to today..i just left him to go to class so no biggie. i shall PM haldir as well and see what's going on with him, that is the elf you are refering to is it not, Ethy?
Yep..carry on then.
so sorry ice didn't mean to forget you I'm a bit on the fly right now because i'm havving housing troubles... blast it all I'm going to be without a home soon so don't mind if I seem a bit away for a while please all eth you know as much as me if I drop off you know how drizzt is so try and run him as I do and keep us alive.
I apologise for not telling you earlier, but once again, school work is taking a heavy toll on my time, as well as other new commitments eg Cricket and thus I am finding it difficult to find time to do anything on PT. PLease continue without me for the time being at least, again, sorry for not mentioning beforehand.
Well i kinda feel stupid posting anything now when i know nobody's gonna anwser me for ages.. So i wont..for some time..until ye others find some time again.
Aww Eth, I'm sorry I can't check in here as often as I used to, but with work and school, and World of Warcraft, lol I just can't find the time, but I promise I'm not going anywhere, you guys just might hafta wait a little while for me to post a few replies, that's all. And its okay, I am a forgetted person, especially when I don't post anything for a while, heh heh. Either way, whenever you all are ready to continue, count me in once again. That last post of mine was also on a bad day...I still have the same feelings, but with a better attitude. Anyway, love you all, and please come back so we continue to RP!!!!!!!
yes let's do try and keep this alive, it gives me something to do during study hall other than annoying Loss and Gildor.
How on Earth could you annoy me??? But..... if that's the case, I like you annoying me......

Sorry Icey...... I did think of you, but chose to shush up

I will post tomorrow, or tonight if I can find something better to do with my character, except being partially blind...... but I promise I will post....
Okay, as this is going nowhere and no-one is making any decisions, I'll just reason about different paths and go from there Orc Smiling Smilie

Apart from seeing constant deep red everywhere he looked, Loss twitched his ears at the sound of the sudden explosion on his far right, it continued to echo down from whence they came. All sorts of thoughts came to his mind, they were racing through his one ear and out the other, then around and in again like an endless merry-go-round. As the last of the echo settled, he heard a rumble, only faint but clear enough to stir his mind. Remembering the wooden doors from before the Driders attacked, Loss tryed to look down the seemingly darkening tunnel, Loss put it down to his own imagination and put them in his pile of other strange things that had happened to him. He softly sang a slow rhyme to pass the thoughts of the darkness growing and fading down the tunnel.

As the talk was going on with the higher folk, Loss sat down on his legs and faced the darkness and listened intently for any signs of life, for if there were, they would be taken by surprise again and no-one would want that. So he just sat there for a while, he looked up every now and again and stared down and pictured the wooden doors. Picturing the doors, he made them open, and saw what was behind, doors are built for an opening for things to pass through and out of and doors can be opened from the outside as well as the in. He felt for his stick that he was holding, and spoke aloud to the rest of the company, "I have a sincere feeling that we are going to have a shining darkness on us, be ready, I hear a faint rumbling and I do not wish to leave it, I would like a second oppinion" and closed his eyes and listened
Thorin walked on, as it seemed to him, in an endless dark passage. He had been in their for almost two days now and was weary. At last it seemed to him, dwarf of the great realm of khazad Dum that he could sense a door or something blocking the passageway. He stumbled forward rapidly, hoped rekindling in him. When he reached the Door, he paused and listened. It semmed to him that he could hear a voice speaking but the only word he could hear was 'shinning evil.

As he heard those word, he took his great battle axe from his back and burst upon the door crying
"Baruk Khazad! Khazad Ai menu" with the hope of knocking of some heads....
Just to let you know, this isn't a Tolkien based RP, it is of The "Drow" the dark elves, I think it is with D&D, you'd have to talk to Etharion about it. No worries friend, you'll get used to it, read back a few pages, it has been quite dormant for about a month now, our members have ceased to post. I would like it to continue Orc Smiling Smilie
Sorry loss i was trying to take back from where you left. with the door thing. But i read the 1st post and saw the action was taking place in the glittering caves, so sorry about my errors.

don't worry about it, Thorin. He was just trying to point u in the right direction. ^_^
Drizzt rests his eyes for a moment feeling weak still. He slowly makes his way over to his dropped sword and picks it up tucking the highly magical blade into it's sheath he looks over the worn and tattered group he is travailing with spending extra time making sure his beloved is unharmed before he sits with his back to the wall speaking softly. "We rest here for the night."
id like to join but im not sure whats going on if its ok can some one get me up to speed?
Well it would apear that this thread has died my friend.
mybe we can keep it going?
good luck getting us all back together. most people *cough*D!*cough* don't get on that often anymore
Arwen is correct most of us no longer get on the site in many cases it is just that we no longer have the time to spend online or maybe we lost internet or one of many different problems could have occured.
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