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Alar listened quietly, some of her hair falling into her face as she kept her head lowered. She managed a smile a couple of times at their words. All the while, she kept an eye on her dwarven companion.
"I wouldn't mind a bar fight," Nerthis replied. "My hands are itching for another good fight. But you are right, we shouldn't raise too much suspicion."
Nerthis stood up from his chair: "I'm getting some more to drink. Anyone care for another drink?" Without waiting for any replies he walks to the bar and orders another round for the whole table.

On his return to the table he looks at Drizzt and makes him known he should hurry up with his ale because the next one is coming.
"Oh yeah, you wanted to know what I was doing here," he says with a lowered voice. "I was just passing by, returning home. I have been on a sort of hunting camp. There is this race of swines, living in the forest beneath those big mountains. They say it are the fastest swines nowadays. I've been trying to improve my skills and catch such a beast."
He carefully fails to mention if he did succeed in catching one.

Another round of drinks is brought to the table where they were all sitting.
"That sounds quite interesting,There are so many training technique's these days I'm not surprised to here this one",Said Aspen,She reached for another ale and sipped it slowly, amazed she wasn't drunk yet.
Mela sat silently, sipping her ale and observing the others, listening closely. She tapped her fingers on the table, not in an impatient manner, just as a way to pass the time, and because she was bored and itching to do something more exciting.
Drizzt notices a thug and his friends walking toward the table his shrewd eyes flickering over their almost hidden weapons. He takes another sip of his ale as they get to the table. They look directly at the drow at the table, "We dont want your kind here," the aparent leader says. Drizzt still takeing care to pull of the part of a drunk elf slurs, "We are all peacefull here don't yall come starting trouble. His hand slides unnoticed to the hilt of the sword on his hip.
Nerthis noticed the others at the table all moving their hands towards their weapons, ready for some action if it came to that. Of course he did the same.
"So you don't want us here?" Nerthis said without looking up. "I didn't read a sign on the door saying we weren't welcome here. I don't want to be rude, but can you just leave us alone for a while. I for certain wasn't planning on staying here that long. Just passing by, getting something to drink and then I'm off."
Apperantly this didn't quite satisfy the group standing at their table. "I said: we don't want your kind here," said the one who spoke earlier with a slightly angry voice. It seemed that if this continued to go on they would get the barfight after all.
Nerthis slowely leaned back in his chair, and looked up to the group standing there. His hand, almost unnoticable, went further to his hunting knife.
"Cool it", Said Aspen moving her hand to her sword,"Don't any of you start something you're going to regret". She tightened her grip on the hilt and frowned under her hood. "I'm as happy as anyone else who wants to scrap,but take it outside."
The thug glares at the one that joined the conversation univited and then swings at Drizzt with a knife in his hand. Drizzt himself seems to blur as his hand shoots out and grabs the mans wrist and twists it back. He leans close to the thug, "Leave us be and I will spare your life," he says quietly so no one else notices he is not sluring. As a matter of fact he is not even feeling a buzz he is pretending so he can gather information around the tavern.
Aspen stood and smiled under her hood,"Why don't you just sit down and close your mouth,it would do many a favor".
Looking out from under her black cloak. She watched the thugs, they too where just itching for a fight. The thug who was talking tried to stab one of the others sitting at the table. Here it goes, picking up her cup of ale she took one last slip, and drawing her sword from its shelath she walked over to the fight.
Aspen looked to the new addition of the argument, "I trust you're bent to settle this as well?" She lowered her throwing knife for a moment.
Drizzt isn't looking worried and all the thugs are stareing at him and ignoring the rest of you. "I said Leave us be or didn't yall hear me," drizzt slurs drunkenly as he sways slightly. He lets go of the guys wrist and the thug leader backs off and so does his crew.
Nym grabed hold of his sword as soon as the thugs started aproaching, but he was hesitant to use it, for a fight would certanily mean that they would be exposed as drows, and that wouldnt be good...
As the thugs backed off, he settled down and spoke to Nerthis. "Ah but if you enjoy good hunting, you should come with me and join me when im after displacer beasts, or maybe even some dryders." he said with a smile. "Now that my friend, is real hunting. By the way.." he said to the whole table, "i think we should get going. Out of here i mean. If you want to speak more, or maybe join me on my travels, you can find me in a cave east of the city gates. Just pass the old oak." And with that he droped his ale, and exited the Inn in a subtle way.

By the way, did any of you ever play Baldurs Gate 1 or 2, Icewind dale or Never Winter Nights?
Standing a little farther than her chair. Alavandea stood. Nothing was going to happens so she walked back over to her chair and sat down. She didn't take her eyes of the thugs, they could still try to make a fight again.
Aspen sheathed her weapons and finished her wine. "I don't know about anyone else,but the man sounded promising". She stood, tossed a few coins on the table and headed out the door.
I have read all the icewind dale books and a good many of salvator's works on the underdark and baulders gate as well as havving played baldersgate because drizzt was a secret char.
Drizzt gets to his feet as well seeming to have problems with his balance as he follows the people out the door. His sences are on high alert as they always are when he is near large gatherings of people and he anticipates an attack but it doesn't come and even that doesn't make him lower his gaurd or stop playing drunk untill he is out of the bar where he straitens up and walks after the others.
Noticing the others' rather hasty departures, Mela stood silently and followed after them, not bothering to leave monney or speak. She eyed their figures ahead of her, then lost in thought, continued walking.
Alar watched the figure who kept on walking. Curious, she dragged Red after her to catch up to the receding figure.
"Hello, my name is Alar...this is Red."
"I'm S’rem’la, Mela for short. It's nice to meet you. Whereabouts are you from?"

Mela looked cautiously at the strangers, deciding whether to trust them or not.
"Nice to meet you, Mela. I don't know where I'm from....and I definately don't know about Red!"
She smiled.
Mela nodded and returned the smile, then faded back into her trance as she began to put different facts she'd learned at the gathering together.
Drizzt is tight lipped and somber looking his dark eyes sparkle with an inner light that many find disturbing his sword rests comfortably on his hip like it has been there a long long time. He seems on edge but at the same time slightly relaxed.
Aspen smiled under her hood at the others as they continued on. After a bit she pulled out a dagger and began playing with it, randomly tossing it from hand to hand.

Nerthis looked around in the bar. The table was now empty, except for him. With a sigh he emptied his ale and went for the door.
"Maybe I can get hold of that guy who mentioned the displacer beasts and the dryders," he murmerd to himself. "That sounded quite interesting."

Nerthis looked around and saw a few of the Drows that were there at the table the other minute. He hastened to them to ask where the guy who mentioned the hunting went to.

After a while Nerthis catched up with Nym.
"So who are you?" He asked. "You made me curious talking about the dryders. Tell some more about yourself."
Nerthis was fast enough to reach Nym before he was out of sight. When he joined him he sped up. Sliping out of the city, Nym turned to Nerthis and said "Ah, you catched me. There is hope for you yet. Me? I am nobody....Just a lonely walker, looking for adventures and riches....And yet....i long for peace. But enough of that!! I am glad that you are interested! Do you perchance know what a dryder is my friend? Being a drow, you must have surely heard or even seen one. So?"
As they talked they headed towards Nym's encampment outside of the city.

If the rest of you want to find us, then just follow my instructions and you shall reach the encampment. It is not hard to find for a drow.

P.S. Drizzt, in this RPG are you the real Drizzt, or just a drow with his name? Cause if you are THE Drizzt, i was thinking you could roleplay him before he became a famous hero. You know, so you dont make yourself to powerful. Ok?
I am not even playing a drow but I could if you wished all you need do is say so.
Drizzt reaches the encampment quickly behind the first to staying slightly to the shadows not knowing wether or not he trust any of these people yet but he is interested none the less.
As Aspen entered the camp she sheathed her dagger and slumped against a tree a few feet off. After eyeing the others around for a moment, she pulled out a leather bound book and read patiently.
Mela had silently separated herself from the group when the camp had come into view and slipped off to do some exploring. She was much lmore lively now that she was away from the others, she had never been very social, and felt much better off by herself.
What ever you feel like Drizzt.

Nym threw a few more branches into the fire and sat down. While talking with Nerthis, some of the others arrived.
"Ah! So you come. So...make yourselfs at home, and then we can talk. What im interested in is where do you plan to go now? Are you interested in joining me and exploring the Sword Coast, or maybe even deeper inland?" he asked.
Aspen looked up,"Anything that qualifies as a challenge seems well enough". She then looked back to her studies.
"Count me in as well," Mela stated, sliding into the shadows made by the campfire, hood drawn over her head, hiding her face.
I guess I will play as Drizzt Do'Urden I will do him up as right after the darkelf trillogy. before the icewind dale.

Drizzt stands in the shadows his scimitars tucked neatly against his sides his battered underdark cloak givving off traces of tarnished magic. "Why don't you tell us what you are playing at before we agree to anything. I know you must have something on your mind," he says in his soft musical voice. He crosses his arms over his chest in a move of what some would say was defiance but he is just getting his hands in position for his own defence should an attack occur.
Aspen rolled her eyes beneath her hood and began casting quiet spells under her breath,"Not everyone is out to kill, you know,loosen up",she said in an annoyed tone, and resumed to reading her book.
Like I said, I'm not that familiar with roleplaying. Actually this is the first time I do it.
Everyones had a first time don't worry!
Yo eth if I'm playing as drizzt do'urden does that mean I can bring in the cat when there is trouble? and man being new may be hard but it gets easyer. the first few times I roleplayed My chars got creamed.

Drizzt looks somber. I know not everyone is out to kill me but there is no reason for me to trust everyone here. I do not know you all and I do not know if you are trust worthy I mean some of us are Drow and Drow are for the most part untrustworthy they would kill you as soon as look at you.
Nym nodded at his guests. "True, not everyone is out to kill you, me at least. I have nothing to hide." He saidspreading his hands. "I was planing on visiting some places that i heard could be quite....profitable. But i need companions, for i canot go alone. There are certain dangers, but hey! Where there are no dangers, there are no rewards! Now, i was to go first back to the Underdark, and use a short cut to the place we'r going. are going." he said looking expectantly at them.

Drizzt, thats ok, but i think you should leave the cat for now. We could enter it in the game when you'r in a really tight spot, somewhere later in the story. Ok?
Ok no cat.....
Drizzt nods gently. "I will go" his eyes gitter "but if any priesteses of lloth show up They belong to me agreed?" His body seems tence from the idea of returning to the underdark.
"Profitable you say," Nerthis said thoughtfully. "Sounds tempting, but not quite my stuff. However you mentioned some hunting, which is more my cup of tea. But even though I wouldn't go because of some treasure, I woudn't mind my share." Nerthis chuckled softly.
"So when do we start?" he asked.
"Tell me, what sort of 'profitable' do you speak of? Magic and books of lore or treasure of riches and that sort of thing?"
Mela relaxed slightly, seeing as everyone seemed to be lowering their guards somewhat.
Drizzt laughs softly, "If we go into the underdark comming out again with your life is profitable but there is much magic and jewls and alot of good metal and gold down there but if you go around with torches your making yourself a target." He laughs softly but he is verry uncomfortable because of the fire makeing it hard for his eyes to scan what is out around the camp.
Nym nodded. "Drizzt speaks the truth. Also, if lore is what you seek, there are many lost tomes that can be found if you are lucky. But some are best left alone. Nerthis, there are elusive beasts to hunt in the Underdark, and a lot of them will hunt you." he said with a grin, winking to Drizzt. "We may go when ever you want. I shall be ready shortly."
"Sounds like my type of profitable, high possibility of death and lots of treasure. When do we leave?"

Mela folded her arms and continued to exmaine everyone from under her hood.

btw, happy valentine's day everyone...rather late, but better late than never. *hugs everyone*
Drizzt speaks softly. "I am ready to depart but we stear clear of Menzoberranzan. Am I understood?" His eyes glitter softly as his hands rub the hilts of the scimitars he had receaved from Montolio the blind ranger. He looks around the group and states, "It may mean less profits but it also increases our chances of survival if we go there we are all dead." His eyes were flat as he said that and he managed to keep his shudder from showing. He knew better then any what it ment to go there havving grown up there he knew he would be killed as soon as he was seen for havving angered the goddess of the drow Lloth.
"Yes..i have no interest in going near to Menzoberranzan myself. Well go nowhere near it. You have my word. Now...lets get some rest, and then we can leave."
Drizzt jumps up into a tree and calls down softly, "I will take the watch you all get some rest." he looks mornfully at the fire and mutters "that thing will make seeing things comming harder but I have my ears I should be fine." He leans back and listens to the sounds of the night around him.
Well, I leave for Mexico tomorrow, so keep me in plz, and no dumb actions with my characters. =P
After listening to the agreement, Aspen closed her book and walked into the forest a little off from the fire's reach. She slid down against a tree and closed her eyes.

Have fun Arwen!
Nerthis found himself a nice place to sleep, somewhere in a tree. You had to find some place safe if you were alone out hunting. So Nerthis learned to sleep in trees, because it was a bit safer than on the ground.
His eyes were closed, but his ears were focused on every sound. But still he managed to get some sleep.
Next morning Nym woke up early. He roused the others from their sleep, and they joined for breakfast. "I think its the right time to start our journey. Everyone ready? Then let's go!" he said louder. And so they began.
They headed off towards the South-East. They moved over the land for nearly a week, when Nym leaded them down a ravine of some long gone river.
"We're close. The entrance to Underdark is nearby. Follow me." he said seriusly.
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