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NP thanks for stepping in for me and no hugs people also arwen drizzt and catibre are more then friends in the later books.
**Drizzt sets a demanding pace as he moves silently accrossed the rock floor of the caves. His lavender eyes senceing every bit of heat around them and several movving shapes up ahead.** We have company people,**he whispers**
Calin nocks his bow and gets ready to attack whatever it is out there.
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Catti-brie took out her famed bow and knocked, moving slightly to Drizzt's flank and listening carefully, while glancing around.
Drawing her sword and dagger, Kaoru slows a bit and glances left and right. As she tuckes a stray strand of green bangs behind one ear, she sighs, thinking, 'I'm not sure how I could help these people. I know that's what I'm here for, but what can I do?'

**drizzt apears to tilt his head to the side to listen and then says "Sounds like 15 or so goblins" before charging in his twin scimitars flickering in the blue light of twinkle.
Catti-Brie began loosing silver arrows from Taumaril, covering Drizzt and the other's backs. SHe continued to look around for any sort of larger force that might appear.
CAlin runs forward with his sword, killing one immeadietly, and then falling under attack from another 5.
Noticing Calin's plight, Catti shifted her aim and the goblins started dropping. She smiled at calin then started looking around at the others.
Calin thanked cattibrie and then jumped at the next group with his sword flashing.
Kaoru grins to herself as her mind screams, 'Battle!' She jumps at one goblin as he decides the companions are too much for his kin, and hides her dagger behind her back. The boblin swings his flimsy sword and she blocks it with her own.

Grinning at the poor creature, and holding its sword and sword arm high, Kaoru jabs the dagger into the creature so quickly that it is not sure that it's there. The cruel dagger slices neatly through goblin flesh and bone and comes out once more, flung over the dying goblin to land smack in the middle of another goblin's head, who had come to help its kin.

Scarcely waiting for the creature to fall, the elf yanks her dagger out and turns, her eyes glinting silver as they search for more prey.

I love writing fight scenes!!! Smile Smilie

CAlin dispatches 2 more goblins and then goes and joins karou.
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Drizzt continues fighting hard wondering in the back of his mind how the others are doing but not letting that get in the way of the task at hand.
Catti-brie watched her companions finish off the last of the goblins and then makes her way to Drizzt's side. She wipes a smear of blood off his cheek as she looks around to see if anyone suffered casualties.
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Kaoru sheathes her sword while twirling the dagger around and around in her hand. Its hilt is of purest onyx, while the blade looks as though it is made of silver. A few diamonds are inlaid in the curved blade, and tip of it looks like ruby, so the overall effect of the dagger is that is permanently scarred with the blood of others. She smiled as she looked it over, remembering how she came to posess this most lovely of deathbringers....

Glancing up and noticing the others were gathering in one corner of the cave, Kaoru stood, slid the dagger into its sheathe and walked silently over to them.
Drizzt sheaths his blades his lavender eyes flickering over the carnage infront of them. "I knew comming down here again was a bad idea I just hope we don't run into any mind fliers." he looks into catibries eyes then heads off down the tunnal.
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Catti promptly follows Drizzt down the tunnel, not bothering to resheathe K'hazidhea (sp?) Her eyes dart around, constantly on the alert for any sudden dangers.
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**drizzt continues leading everyone deeper into the dark caves his blades sheathed and his lavender eyes glowing as brightly as torches to those without night vission.** Keep up people if someone gets lost we are not comming back for them, **he says as he steps around a boulder and his body tences hearing the nearly silent steps of a drow patrole gauging it to be thirteen highly trained drow fighters and two drow priestesses.**
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Seeing Drizzt tense, Catti stops and drops into a fighting crouch.
"What do you think we're up against now, Drizzt?" she asks, glancing into the darkness as if trying to make it part.
Kaoru silently her sword and dagger from their sheathes and fell into a crouch. With her perceptive ears, she just barely caught the sound of the approaching drow. Still unaware of her place in this group, Kaoru turned and inched backward, her boots making no noise whatsoever on the floor of the caves, while her eyes scanned the passage behind for even quieter enemies...

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**Drizzt looks over his shoulder his lavender eyes glowing in the darkness and simply says "Drow." before dropping into a crouch and moving silently forward twinkle glowing blue in the darkness as he moves.** "Everyone be ready." he says as he leaps over a boulder and cuts one of the priestesses down.
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The tiny shreek of the priestess was heard faintly by the the dark figure in the corner, and turning on the cold hard floor, his chains scraped along the stone, and saw a light of hope that he could be rid of the pain in his leg, through the pale image flying through the air.
Drizzt moves quickly the enchanted anklets adding considerably to his speed as his blades slice through the drow. He remains silent as the drow priestess that remains screams for the soldiers to kill the renagade but his blade quickly silences her as it slides through her throat with ease as the other flies through the chest of one of the soldier drow.
Catti-brie glances around, carefully watching Drizzt's back. As she whirls to kill a drow solider coming up behind Drizzt, she notices a dark blur. After dispatching the solider, she quietly makes her way toward it and gasps in surprise. She drops to her knees and examines the thick chains bound to his wrists and ankles.
"Who are you?" She snaps, immediately on her guard. She presses the blade of Khazid'hea to his throat, letting a thin trickle of blood make its way down his throat. "Drizzt, over here now! And the rest of you be on your guard," Catti yells over the battle din, motioning to her companion.
Lifting his throat as the blade advances towards him, the dark figure, said, 'as you can see i am no match for such power that you behold, for i am weak, unarmed and chained to the wall and floor, do you really think that i would be still be here if i had the strength to get out and harm anyone in my path? I am unable to walk, let alone attack you?'

Looking into her eyes, he recognised a distant memory of some kind, far beyond his memories of the dark inprisonment he had endured for long years, and shaking his head remembering where he was, he spoke gently, 'I am Loss, i have been here for many long years which i have forgotten the number of, as you can see i am not much to look at, but once i was a respected member of a group dedicated to wiping out the secret groups of the Drow, but i was caught when with my company and they left me to die, as you have killed two of them then i guessed that you are similar to myself, thats why i brightened up when i saw you kill them.'
Drizzt continues fighting knowing better then to turn and check the progress of the others in a battle against the drow their is no room for error or weakness and the lavender eyed ranger knows that well as his blades dance a beautiful ballet around and through dropping one enimie after another.
Kaoru allowed herself to blend into the inky blackness of the caves, drawing her cloak up about her to shield her from heat-viewing eyes; she then remembered that drow can see heat no matter what, mentally gave herself a slap in the face and waited quietly, hoping the drow were focused on the other members of the group so she slip past them. She waited until a couple of the drow fighters were creeping past her to get to others, then leaped from her spot on the wall, ramming her dagger in the throat of one drow and quickly drawing it back out to spar with the second; drow are not surprised for long. She parried the drow's lightning-esque moves for while, then decided that, since there were still others around, she could not afford to practice her skills on this one. Kaoru parried the drow's dirk with her own dagger, throwing it wide and then flung its sword back with her own. She angled her dagger back in and slid it up the drow's chest, spilling his insides across the ground. Glancing up the others, herself slightly winded, Kaoru noticed the second priestess was in the midst of spellcasting. Seeing no one else heading toward her, she charged the drow female...
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*Edit-I fixed it, happy now? I just thought that if the cloth was thick enough, they would not be able to see body heat. I know its a sad comparison, but it worked for Drizzt in the book, I believe it might have been the second in the Legacy of the Drow series. I figured that since there were other things that their attention needed to be focused on, and the cloth would have masked Kaoru's body heat somewhat, they might have missed her, that's all.
OOC: Drow can all see body heat so fading from site doesn't work now for the OC
Drizzt makes quick work of the few remaining drow fighters slidding on his knees and cutting the legs out from under his oppenents then bringing the blades down lightning fast on their throats.
"Hurry and finnish up with your fights all if the patroles are in this area we arn't to far from our destination." He called ovver his shoulder as he moved to make sure no more drow slipped up unnoticed.
Cattibrie scowled at Drizzt's retreating back, then promptly grabbed Loss by the scruff of his neck and began roughly dragged him to eyelevel, wielding her sword with the other hand, as she watched the others retreat.
"Make a sound i will cut your throat out. Do i make myself clear?" Catti said, glaring at the prisoner. "Drizzt, I'm going to stay here. Come back when you've found all of them, understand?"
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how about u post? considering my question/statement was directed at u in the last post. and Loss should be back in the next couple of weeks, but i can cover for him if i need to.
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Being grapped by the neck and dragged, Loss quickly looked back at his chains and let out a small cry as the chains were still attached to the wall, but the strenth of Catti easily pulled the chains right out, and even before the dust settled he was dragged eye to eye to Catti, staring deeply into her eyes, Loss replyed slowly to her question 'yes i am at your command, but where are they going??? How long are we to stay and wait for them???

Then realising that he just questioned an already angry person, who had a sword in her hand, Loss slowly shut his eyes and awaited a final blow that would end his misery......

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Catti glared at the man then simply hoisted him to his feet and pushed him ahead of her down the tunnel without bothering to answer him. They were behind the group but catching up quick even with the prisoner's apparent exhaustion.

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Kaoru finished off the drow priestess and wiped her sword and dagger on the drow's cloak. She stood, and stretched, wincing as she realized she'd been nicked in the side during the drow encounter. Shaking it off, she rejoined the rest of the group, ready to continue the quest.

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Catti finally catches up to the rest of the group, still dragging her captive along behind her. She walked up to Kaoru and tapped her on the shoulder.
"Would you mind keeping an eye on him? I've got to find Drizzt and find out what he wants me to do with the thing."

Wb Icey!! we've missed you. its good to have ya back!
Kaoru nods and grabs hold of the back of his collar. She smiles grimly at him and plucks her dagger out of its sheath, twirling it around in her hand. "And what might your name be?" she asks, looking down at her eyes twinkling with strange light.
In reply, he answered 'Im Loss, and i mean you no harm please put your knife away, as you can see, im not cowering in fear, so please keep it in its sheath and do to me what you will, i am not afraid.' Then waited..........waited for some sort of shouting or violence, and kept still in the darkness
Kaoru glanced around and then smiled at Loss. She respected his fearlessness, for his eyes shone with an intelligent light, not the fearlessness of the ignorant. She idly twirled the dagger round her fingers, then looked back at him saying, "How did you get down here, and why?"

Drizzt lets out a gurgled scream from just out of site as a mind fliers tenticals dig into his face trying to get at his brain wich it would like nothing more than to eat.
Catti, hearing Drizzt's screams, rushes past the others drawing Khazidhea as she goes. Coming to his side, she begins slicing at the tentacles of the creature in front of them trying to free him as she shouts for the others to come to their aid.
Looking up at the dagger twirling, he answered, 'I was captured in an attempt to flee with the rest of my fellowship, but they left me as my legs gave way and they captured me, ive been down here for many years, wating for someone, anyone to come and help me, i do not know what to do now, i have longed for freedom but i do not know what is to become of me now as you have taken me captive as well. It seems that you are needed to help your friends. Do you trust me to stay here or will you send me to battle???'

Then looking into her eyes, he held a strong stare awaiting her answer.
Wordlessly, Kyarii snatched a piece of rope off the ground, and tied it to the waist of her captive, and then to a nearby stalactmite. She said softly, leaning close, so close her bright silver eyes took up most of his view, "I trust you'll not move from here, until I or one of the others comes to free you?"

Without waiting for an answer, Kyarii pulls out a circlet that was behind her back, attached to her belt. Yanking three similar circlets from her bag, she puts one on her head, hands one to her 'captive' and slides the others up her wrist. Drawing her sword, Kyarii dashes to where the mind flayer is attacking her group. She flings both circlets to Catti-Brie, catches the woman's eye and motions to her head. She then draws her dagger, intending to hold the Ilithid off until Catti could free Drizzt and give him the other circlet.
Catti reaches out in a fluid motion, catching the circlets and sliding one around her brow while still slashing w/ her sword. Finally, she managed to slice the remaining tentacles away and slipped the remaining circlet on his head as Drizzt collapsed backwards. Catching him, she dragged him back til they were next to the mysterious prisioner. Untying the prisoner, Catti beckoned him to her side.
"I need you to help me, understand? Make the slightest move to escape and i swear i will kill ye. What is your name?"
**drizzt attempts to catch his breath his body limp as a wet noodle and his swords resting on the ground but he forces himself back to his feet before he has a chance and plunges his sword strait up bringing a dead mindflier down on top of him from where it had just appeared over his head through a demsion door.
'I will help you, you seem to have a great bond between eachother, i will do my best and my name is Moore Loss, it means 'Black Ice'.

Then bending down to Drizzt, he lifted the mindflier off of him and it slowly dissolved in his hands. Laying Drizzt back down to the floor he taken a rag from the floor and proceeded to wipe his brow, removing the rag, bllod and sweat dripped from it. Drizzt looked up and uttered something so quiet no-one could hear it and then fainted.

By the way, Moore Loss actually means 'Black Ice' in Quenya Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
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