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Long ago a man name Maximoe a barbarian fell deeply in love with a elf name Angle Gray. They were in love deeply but there kings dont like it. So the barbarian and elf ran off together and got married. They had a son name Bradly. Who had a tattoo put on him of a beast barbarian king elf. The tattoo was to protect him from the barbarians and elves who wanted him died. That was 80 years ago. Bradly is now 26 and his father and mother was kill for the actions that take to portect him and for geting married. Bradly is now in search for the barbarian village and elf villages to see if he can kill the kings and peolpe who kill his family.

Bradly is walking by a river in the woods. He is wearing a red and black coat that gos to his knees.Under his coat he is wearing chest armor. He is carrying by his side a sword called barbarian sword. On his back he is carrying a battle axe call Dragon's soul. He is also carrying a bag fill of stuff he may need on his jourey. He has scars all over his body and his eyes are a dark red his hair is a midnight black that gos to his shoulders. He has it tied up.
Sorry - but isn't this almost identical to your character in Treasures?
(yea im just telling the story. Plus on treasures thats it i dont know the rest but on this one i know the kings.)
Hmmmm....a quest of revenge. Sounds coolio! Can I join? Big Smile Smilie Here's my character:

Name: Corath
Race: Man (from the Haradwaith)
Gender: Male
Weapons: a long staff with 2 sweeping blades at the ends, and daggers that wrap around his fingers so he can either keep them on his hand and slash at ppl, or throw them at his enemies.
Description: Tall, thin, average size face with high cheekbones. He has a little longer than shoulder-length hair and he is very dark skinned. He looks to be about 28 years old. His eyes are green-gold and he wears light black leather pants with a loose red-gold cloak. He wears no shirt and his hair is tied with a thin black rope. He has several tatoos on his chest and one on the side of his face made in the likeness of a mumakil.

Is this O.K.? I dunno what he should be doing but here he is for now. Big Smile Smilie
Count me in too Bradly. Smile Smilie I'll post my description and stuff's midnight here so I'll do it tomorrow.
Bradly nods to the new camers.He then saids "Yall know when we get attack we get attack with power beon us knowing."
Hmm, sounds cool, dude! Can I join?

Bradly saids of cause. Bradly begins to walk to a river in the woods. He stops and gets him a drink.
alright, sorry i didn't post it's my profile.
Name: Calenia
Weapon: whip and short sword
copper colored hair, gold-flecked green eyes, about 5'4", looks about 19-20, pale skinned

Calenia sneaks up behind Bradly and pushes him in the river, and laughs as he comes up spluttering.
"Sorry...couldn't resist"

Name: (I won't tell you)
Race: Elf?
Gender: Female?
Age: Can't tell
Weapon: A long, golden sword, with the name Tathelis engraved in the blade.
Appearance: Just a shadowy figure cloaked totally in black.

The figure walks quietly through the forest and hears a loud splash. It runs to the sound, straining its ears for any more sounds. When it reached the spot, it sees an elf girl laughing at a man she apparently just shoved into the water. It couldn't help itself and busted out laughing. "Hello, fellow travelers. I was wondering where you might be going," it said in an odd-sounding voice between the laughs, which sounded feminine.

Bradly laughs and pulls Cal into the river also.
name: Bradly Maxiemo Chsim.
race:half human/ half elf
weapons:beast sword and dragons axe
desc: look at the begin.
age:begin elf age unkown
Bradly is still lughing as he gets out of the water. "Hello nice to have you with us."
A shine is seen from under the folds of the cloak's hood, like a smile. "Where might you two be traveling to, I mean, once you get out of the water?" the figure asks, in its deep, odd voice.

Bradly looks at her. "m traveling to two villages one of barbarians and one of elfs to find the ones who kill my mother and father."
A soggy, laughing Cal jumps out onto the river bank.

"I'm sorry Bradly, it was the perfect oppurtunity though and i couldn't help myself. oh, hello, i don't believe i know you, I'm Calenia and this is Bradly."
Ices eye catches a glimpse of some shape on the other side of the river, but it slips away to quickly.
The figure smiled. "Of course you know me!" it slung the cloak off. "Ice is here!" she yelled, grinning. "So, how are you guys?" She watches something moving across the river.

Bradly hears the sound and knows who it is. "Were doing good and you? And oh Eth came on out of the woods." Bradly turn and hands Cal a cothe to drowe off with.
nice story. is it ok if i join a little later? Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Down Smilie
(yea you can join now if u want to )
Corath happened to be watching this with a definate air of disgust. He only followed Bradly because he thought there would be some sort of fighting to look forward to. As an assasin, the only thing that Corath found particularyl entertaining was killing and as such he rarely partook in other activities. Occasionally he showed somes signs of humanity like laughing (which was actually quite frightining seeing as it sounded somewhat cold and wolfish) or joking around (most of the jokes he told were death jokes anyway.....). This was one of those times where he showed a little bit of his human side.
When Cal emerged from the water and began to dry herself off, he walked behind her and shoved her back into the river. "Oops." he said innocently. "I guess you were closer to the bank than I thought, Cal." He grinned. "I'll try and be more careful next time."
Bradly laughs as Cal falls into the water. Bradly walks over to the river and helps her up.
"Thank you Bradly. As for you," Cal said, turning to face the one who had pushed her into the water,.
"I'd be careful that you're not closer than u think to the edge of a cliff anytime soon, at least until i decide to forgive you."

Cal stuck her toungue out at him and then wrung her cloak out, muttering.
Bradly is laughing about it all.
Corath grinned in the most innocent way posssible (which actually wasn't very convincing) and began twiddling with his daggers. He stayed as far away from Cal and the river so that the next one dripping wet wouldn't be him. "Well then missy, how do you know that the one falling off the cliff won't be you next time?" he bragged. "After all I am the faster and more aware of the 2 of us. One of us is always lost in thought. What's the word for ppl like you......" He paused. "Airheads. Yes, I think that's you." He grinned mischeivously at her again and then prepared to duck from any oncoming blows from the elf.
Ice watched this little argument, her eyes twinkling, as she thought that all this was very funny... "Eth, like Bradly said, I know you're over there, you can come out now!" she yelled across the river.

ok thanks. ill join. but not right now, im going to wait a little bit first.
Cal just glares at the idiot who seems to think she's always lost in her thoughts and fingerst the handle of her whip. She pulls it out and hits Corath on the cheek with it, just hard enough to sting for a while before he can react.

" You know, for being the slow one, I appear to have caught you off your guard."

Still fuming, Cal walks over and pokes Bradly for laughing then turns and waits for Ethy, keeping a watchful eye on Corath, just in case.
"Aww, Cal, I'm sure he was just kidding. Anyway, when's Eth going to get over here, I 'm sure he could just -poof- himself over here, if he wanted..." she said, smiling.

"Good point, all the same I am still mad at him."

Cal tapped her foot impatiently, as they waited for Ethy.

"um, I know this is going to sound funny, but wouldn't Eth have joined us by now?"

[posted edited by me after Eth's post.]
O.C.C. that wasnt Ethy. Just though you should know....
OOC: Oh, okay. I just figured it would be, since you said that it caught -Ice's- eye. I didn't want to let it be known that Ice was Ice until later, but, that's okay! Big Smile Smilie

[Edited because I first posted OCC (orange county choppers! Woohoo!!!!) instead of OOC, heh...]
Corath glared at Cal. "Women," he said forcefully, rubbing the blood off his cheek. "They always have to be right don't they?" He took some water from the river and washed his cut off. "So Bradly, where we headed to?"
Bradly pokes Cal back. Then he said "Frist were headed for the village of barbarians. Then to the village of elfs."Bradly looks around. He then begins to walk. He stops at the edge of the woods. Then howls. A pack of wolves came to his side with food.
"Alright Bradly, let's head out, we can eat on the way. If we hurry we should be able to make it to the village before nightfall."
"Yes we chould but we need to go pass the warlocks village frist for i need to talk to the master fo the tower there." Bradly throws Cal a bag with a coat and same colths in it. "The warlocks dont like peolpe we used whips so you need to hidden the whip. Are we ready to go yall?" Bradly puts his coat on then ties his hair up in a pony tail.
"Ready as they'll ever be," Corath muttered. He put his game face on and started to hide his weapons in his cloak and boots. He had all sorts of hidden places to put his killing devices which were easily accessible should they run across some trouble. With all the weapons everyone had on them, Corath doubted trouble would come their way.
Ice swung the straps that held her sword sheath off her back, shortened the straps, and then put it back on. She slung her bag onto her shoulders, and the sword's handle was hidden entirely by her cloak and pack. She turned her belt of daggers around, so only one or two was visible, and held her cloak close about her. "Alright, I suppose we're all ready, so, which way do we go, Bradly?"

Bradly turns to the team. "We are heading north frist to the warlock tower. From there we go east to the barbarian village. Then we go southeast to the elf village." He makes sure his battle ax can not be seen. Then he begins to walk north.
Cal shrugged into the cloak, hiding her whip in the shadows it created. She followed Bradly silently as the company headed out, then decided she might as well ask him.

"Bradly, um, why don't they like people with whips?"
Bradly turns to Cal. Then says, "A whip like yours can kill them because it is use for both ranged and hand to hand. Plus the warlock were going to go see is in a orb and a woman with a whip built for killing warlocks." He turn his head looking at the sunsetting. "The whip is the one you have now but you dont have it fully built yet." He turns back looking even more worred.
Nodding in agreement and understanding, Cal arranged the cloak until it completely hid the whip from sight in an unsuspicious way.

"Alright, I'm ready. Let's go."
Bradly turns and hands Cal a ring just in cased. "This ring will let you not get attack by warlocks as long as im there." He smiles at her.
Cal slid the ring onto her finger and smiled back.

"Thanks Bradly. Now we'd better get going."
Bradly nods. Then begins to walk.
Corath kept to himself pretty much the whole time only occasionally fiddling with his weapons. He followed the group silently in the back and would sometimes see a rabbit or lizard dart out from a bush and peg it with his throwing knives. He'd then pick up the dead animal and start skinning it with his knives. Though this appeared to gross out pretty much everyone, Corath continued to do it and collect the meat in his leather pouch.
Ice grinned as Corath killed a rather pretty little squirrel. "I used to do that," she said, gesturing towards the dead squirrel pinned to the tree. "Although I don't see how it would help are not like me, so how could dead animal meat, specially lizards, they're terribly stringy, help you do something?" she asked him.

Bradly stops." Yall keep walking but keep down." He watches them to see if they can do this.
Ice glares at Bradly, but shuts her mouth and falls into step behind Corath, to serve as the rear guard.

After a while of walking and "keeping down", Cal stopped and turned to face bradly.

"Um, Bradly...What are we doing this for, and when are we gonna stop doing it?" Cal said quietly.
Bradly looks at Cal. "We are doing this becuase there is a group of trols in the trees. And when we get out of there range we will stop for food and rest for the night."
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