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"Alright, thanks, though I don't get why couldn't have told us that at the beginning."

Cal smiled at Bradly, just to show she wasn't mad at him, then started moving again.
Bradly smiles back at Cal. He then looks up at the trols in the trees. They were asleep.
Corath shrugged at the trolls asleep in the trees. He figured they weren't going to wake up any time soon so he handed his daggers back to Ice and whispered, "There's a lizard about to jump out of the bush at your right." He kept his voice down so that Bradly wouldn't get mad at him for disobeying his orders. Oh well. I don't take orders from anyone but myself anyway. He watched Ice as she chucked the dagger at the poor, unaware, little creature.
The dagger flew from her fingers with deadly accuracy and pinned the lizard to a branch of the bush by its tail. Ice kneeled, plucked up the dagger and lizard and handed them both to Corath. She moved her cloak to the side, revealing her own belt of daggers, and nodded in direction of a tree on Corath's left, where a small hiss had just issued.

Bradly looks back to see what Ice and Corath is doing. But he sees a troll looking down at them. he yells back "You fools you weak up the trolls now we have to fight." Bradly pulls out his sword. Then runs to one of the trolls.
Cal's face twists as she holds in her laughter at Bradly's reaction, then she snaps her whip out of its coil and gets ready to fight.
Corath looked up just in time to see a large hunk of...something coming at him. He ducked to avoid it then dove out of the way as another one came flying down on the point where he used to be standing. He managed to see that the trolls were hurling brances at the group and that the rest of the group didn't appear to be to happy with him or Ice at that moment. He yanked out the remainder of the daggers from his belt and started chucking them at the trolls yelling insults like: "C'mon you fat,ugly, hairy pieces of Mumakil dung! Let's see what you can really do!" After he had finished his supply of daggers he pulled out his glaive and with giant sweeping arcs chaged at the creatures. As he was running toward them, one of the branches caught him off guard and slammed into his shoulder. Pain and shock shot all through him and he found himself lying on the floor, his shoulder appearing to be smashed in. He tried to ignore the intense fire that consumed his arm and torso but only managed to grunt and roll himself half way up. "I sure hope one of you people is a healer," Corath yelled. "Cuz I'm gonna need some serious surgery soon."
Ice leapt up out of the trolls firing range. She backflipped and flung her daggers at the trolls. When they were all gone, Ice pulled out her golden sword and jumped up into a tree with a troll. She spared with the beast, who could do little clinging to limb of the tree, and eventually knocked off the tree, where he fell to the ground and broke his neck. She jumped from her current spot to another tree and fought with another troll. This one, however, learned from the other's mistakes. It didn't care if it fell and swung its club in powerful arcs in front of her. Ice ducked under one swing and went to stab the troll. It noticed and swung the club at her. She almost made it out of the way, then troll suddenly sped up the swing and the club contacted her right side. The impact of the club flung her out of the tree, into the ground three meters away, where she slid another good meter in the dirt, her face firmly planted in the ground. She pulled herself out of the ground, yelping with pain. She jumped up, and fell back to the earth immediately as she realized that some of her ribs had been cracked. She stumbled across the ground toward Corath, clutching her side and ducking under flying branches.
Cal doged the nearest troll, then cracked her whip around its neck, snapping it. Looking around, she found Bradly and turned so they were back to back.

"I'm gonna watch your back, unless someone else needs my help."

Cal watched Corath fall, and decided it was cause enough to leave Bradly and runs to help him, forgetting his past remarks momentarily. In the middle of a fight with one, its club rammed into her whip arm and searing pain raced through it as the bone cracked. Fighting the impulse to grab her arm and collapse, Cal ducked the trolls next blow and snatched the whip in her right hand, and catching the troll offguard, snapped it's neck.
O.C.C.- Trolls in trees?? Thats a new one.....

A dark shape flickers past nearby....
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Bradly pulls his sword out throwing it at the troll hurting Cal. He then runs to her side pulling her out before a troll hit the ground with a stone mace.
He picks up his sword then cuts the trolls head off. He looks at Cal and askes "Are you alright Cal?"
"Yes, I'm fine, it's only a broken arm. It's Corath and Ice that need help right now not me."
Ice, holding side tightly, starts hurling rocks at the trolls, so fast, actually, that some fall out of the trees, killing themselves. She manages to find one of her throwing daggers embedded in one of the dead trolls, which she plucks up and hurls at the last troll in the tree.

It lands in his neck and she leapts up to him, somersaults into the tree, and hangs on, waiting for a wave of nausea to pass. She stands and swings her sword with all her might, which the troll dodges, and falls out of the tree.

He dies and Ice falls down, landing on her back on the ground, where she, still holding her side, just lays there, trying to catch her breath.

Bradly looks over to Ice. He sees the troll jump at her again. He throws his sword like a spear at the troll hiting it in his back killing him. He then runs to Ice and askes"Are you ok?"
After helping Bradly and Ice dispose of the last of the trolls, Cal walks over to Corath.

"What did you do to your shoulder? Let Ice take a look at it, she's better at this sort of stuff than I am, hopefully she'll be able to do something for it."

Cal walked a little ways away from the others, and made a rough splint on her arm and made a makeshift sling out of her cloak. Now that's taken care of, let's go see how the others fared.
Corath quietly watched the battle from where he sat. He figured the group was doing well so he just sat the battle out. When he saw Ice crawl over near him he said sarcastically,"Come to join the club. It's a free membership as long as you've broken one thing or another." When she raced back into the fray, he rubbed his arm with an amused smile on his face. Wow first battle, only 5 minutes in and I'm already out.....this should fun. At least I get to enjoy the scenery. As Cal walked up to him he tried looking nonchalant. "I'm good. I can get some help on my own," he told her. He poked at his shoulder again and winced a little. "Give me a couple days!" Corath yelled to her. "I'll be even better by then! Just bring those trolls back for another beating! I'll get 'em!" He glanced over at Ice as she gave him a look that said quite blatantly "Yeah right" "HEY you didn't have to be so CRUEL about it!" Corath yelled to her. "I'm such a loser....." He continued rubbing his arm.
Bradly puts the bodys of the trolls in a hole he made. He then puts them on fire. "We will camp here for the night." He gets same meat and cooks it.
Ice stumbles to her feet and, clutching her side, walks over to Corath. "Let me see your shoulder, Corath, things like that don't mend by themselves..." she says, looking him over from where she stands. "And I wouldn't go so far as to say that you're a loser, just incapacitated," she says, grinning.

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Name: Nimrael, or Nim
Race: Of men
Sex: Female
Age: Looks in her min-twenties
Weapons: Long sword and a bow with arrows
Height: Fairly tall for that of men, around 6'4''
Description: Brown hair, which appears to be reddish in sunlight, and sparkling blue eyes. Clothes are a brown skirt, with breeches on underneath of the same color. Her shirt is the color of green when sunlight shines through the leaves. She wears light brown shoes. She has a clear face.

Nim quietly looks around at all the fallen trolls with glee, then sees some injured and frowns.
Welcome Nim and you can join.
Bradly looks at Nim. Then finishes cooking the meat.
(Thank ya Bradly!)

Nim looks about curiously and gives the person a little wave.
Bradly takes the meats and puts them on a metal plate. "Come and Get it!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Not really feeling hungry, Calenia stepped outside the firelight and sat down with her back against the tree. After a couple of minutes she was completely lost in her thoughts.
Nim sat silently under a tree, just watching the others she didn't know about their business, thoughts flowing swiftly through her flower pot head.

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(Flower pot head?)

Ice smiles at Nim. "I am Icefangs, Ice, if you will, and what is your name, new companion of mine," she asks, while bandaging Corath's arm, whether he likes it or not.

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Nim looked up at Ice and blinked, silent for a moment before remembering to speak.
"Oh, hello, I'm Nim. And you're Spring? No...Water? Snow? Something like that....oh yes! Ice! Nice to meet you Ice. I'm Nim, Nimrael for short. No, the other way around!"
Bradly gets up and walks over to Cal. He looks down at her "You ok Cal? You same like you are sad about same thing."
Hmmm. I was really amused by the oddly soft, frightened tree dwelling trolls that you just slaughtered with no trouble Elf With a Big Grin Smilie . This is truely a new page in the ents list of living beings. I cant wait to see what youll annihilate...umm i next!! No, seriusly now gnomes and gota work on your roleplaying skills. Other than describing a 101 ways to kill a troll with a potato pealer....
yeah, um, good point Eth...didn't think of that...

Startled, Cal looks up at Bradly.
" No, I'm not worried. Just lost in thoughts and memories from the past. Today reminded me of them, I guess I got a little lost in them."

She smiles at him to show she's okay, at least outwardly.
Bradly sets down beside her. "Thats good to here"
Forcing back the memories, Cal turned and faced Bradly.

"What have you been doing, since I saw you last? Anymore adventures?"
Ice sits silently, after bandaging up Corath, and stares into the fire, thinking over the past few months of her life.

Bradly looks up to the sky. "Yes i have had advertures. Same i wish never happen. But they do happen. I have been training alot. You?" Takes off his coat and puts it on Cal. For he feels the wind begin to blow cold.
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Corath glared at Ice as she wrapped the bandages on his shoulder. "OW! Devil-lady get away from me!!!!" he yelled. "Get back you WITCH!!!!! it HURTS!!!!!!" While he was screaming all this he rolled away from her and gave her the evil-eye from the corner in which he sat. Eventually he calmed down and allowed her to heal him but even after she finished he gave Ice evil stares. He shoved her sulkily as she sat near the fire in thought. "I hope you know how painful that was," he muttered to her. "Evil fox....woman.....thingyabob...." he grumbled to himself. Then he sullenly began eating some of the food that was served.
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NIm looked at the screaming man in awe, then stared off into space again.

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Cal nestled gratefully into Bradly's coat, and laughed quietly at Corath's yells. Ice was definitely having her hands full with that one...

"I've been wandering the land again, doing random deeds and jobs here and there whenever I felt like it."
Bradly looks at Cal. "That sounds nice did you see alot of places?"
Corath glared at the two that were in quiet conversation. "Yeah you guys have it easy," he said a bit loudly. "You don't have witch-lady trying to murder you instead of help, the key word here is help, you." This last comment was directed toward Ice. He said to Ice in a quieter tone, "Have those two known each other for awhile? Both of them look so comfortable talking to each other. I know I could never be that sociable....." He waited patiently for Ice's reply.
"Yes, it was a nice break. I just traveled around, doing random "services" of different sorts when I felt like it, visited Mirkwood and several other places. I'm glad to be back with my friends though. I've missed you all terribly. Now I'd better go save Ice's poor patient, and possibly snatch something to eat, if I can regain my appetite."
Bradly,"Ok, ill stay here for a while then get samething to eat." He looks back up at the stars. Then begins to pray for the protect and strength he and his group needs to gets though this. He stays there for a long time.
"Anyone here?" a voice was heard from somewhere close.
As Bradly and Cal were talking, Icey leaned near Corath. "Yes, they have know each other a long while. In fact, those two, me, and a few others had an adventure together," she whispered. "I did not mean to hurt you, but if you insult me once more by calling me a fox, next time you get hurt, I shall perform an operation. And I warn you, I get nervous around needles, so imagine how you'll look," she said cryptically, while smiling.

She glanced up from the fire at the trees. When the voice called out, Ice replied, "Depends on who's asking."

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Bradly follows with his eyes and ears of the sound around him. He watches for it as will.
And from the opposite side from where the voice came from, another voice was heard. "Its just someone looking for some old friends."
Ice stares at the surrounding trees, her ears flicking in the direction of the sound. "Who might you be looking for, o' mysterious voice?" she asks, with a slight hint of sarcasm.

Bradly still seting down. Listens for who it is.
"Just a old traveler, looking for some company. Am i right to asume that you all are decent folk?" and with that Etharion stepped into the fire light smiling. "Well, i see that you dont even recognize a old friend when you see him."
Bradly throws a rock at Eth hiting him in a head. "Who said that now?"
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